Wiksteria Lane

4346 Wisteria Lane, is an address of Wisteria Lane.


Season 2

Wisteria Lane resident, Sharon Shesin and her son lived in this house as seen in an episode where Lynette Scavo's children were forbidden to play with her son anymore after injuring him.

Seasons 5-6[]

Wisteria Lane resident Mona Clarke, Mr. Clarke, and their children lived in this house. They eventually moved out midway through season six when Mona was killed by the wing of a plane that crashed onto the street. Mr. Clarke and his children also left out of sadness.

Previous Residents

  • Sharon Shesin (season 2)
  • Unnamed Sharon's kid (season 2)
  • Mr. Clarke (seasons 5-6)
  • Unnamed Mona's kid (seasons 5-6)


  • Dubbed "Corner House" on Universal's back lot.
  • Originally constructed in 1936 for filming.
  • The house was used as the main street access for security purposes on Colonial Street.