Wiksteria Lane

4347 Wisteria Lane, Commonly called the Greenberg House is a Blue Cottage Style house on Wisteria Lane, home of Ida Greenberg from before the series to mid season 4 when she was killed in the tornado. It is unknown if before the series, she had a husband living with her. After Ida passed away, Karen McCluskey stayed in her house until the end of season 4 while her house was being rebuilt. In season 6, the house was occupied by cranky neighbor, Mitzi Kinsky.


Seasons 1-Mid Season 4[]

Wisteria Lane resident Ida Greenberg lived in this house from before the series began up until the tornado mid way through season four when she died after being crushed in Karen's basement when the house collapsed from the storm, hiding out with Tom Scavo and his children while Karen and Lynette were in the Scavo home.

Mid Season 4[]

After the tornado, Wisteria Lane resident Karen McCluskey moved into the house while hers was being rebuilt.

Seasons 6-8[]

Wisteria Lane resident Mitzi Kinsky lived in this house from the start of season six. Mitzi lives alone and is still currently living there.

Current Residents -

Previous Residents -


  • The house is dubbed "Delta House" (originally the "Keller House") on Universal's back lot.
  • Was constructed for filming in 1950.