4347 Wisteria Lane, Commonly called the Greenberg House is a Blue Cottage Style house on Wisteria Lane, home of Ida Greenberg from before the series to mid season 4 when she was killed in the tornado. It is unknown if before the series, she had a husband living with her. After Ida passed away, Karen McCluskey stayed in her house until the end of season 4 while her house was being rebuilt. In season 6, the house was occupied by cranky neighbor, Mitzi Kinsky.


Seasons 1-Mid Season 4

Wisteria Lane resident Ida Greenberg lived in this house from before the series began up until the tornado mid way through season four when she died after being crushed by a house.

Mid Season 4

After the tornado, Wisteria Lane resident Karen McCluskey moved into the house while hers was being rebuilt.

Seasons 6-8

Wisteria Lane resident Mitzi Kinsky lived in this house from the start of season six. Mitzi lives alone and is still currently living there.

Current Residents -

Previous Residents -

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