Wiksteria Lane

4351 Wisteria Lane, is an address of Wisteria Lane.


House Description[]

It is a lilac-purple weatherboard house with a Gambrel-style roof and features a hexagonal "tower-style" room.

Season 1[]

Wisteria Lane residents Edwin Mullins and his wife, Mrs. Mullins. Edwin and his wife lived on the lane since before the series began and to the second to last episode of season one. Edwin and his wife move away because in the past year there was so much chaos going on - Adultery, Arson, and Murder!

End of Season 1-Season 2[]

Wisteria Lane residents Betty Applewhite and her son's Matthew and Caleb Applewhite live on the lane from the end of season one and the entire second season. The Applewhites leave the house at the end of the season when Betty's son Matthew is shot and killed by a police sharp shooter when he nearly shot Bree and Danielle Van de Kamp.

Season 3[]

Wisteria Lane resident Alma Hodge lived on the lane for several episodes in the third season when trying to win back her ex-husband, Orson Hodge who is now married to Bree Hodge. Orson's mother Gloria Hodge locks Alma in the attic because she wants to tell the police about Gloria murdering Orson's former mistress. Alma breaks out of the attic but falls off the roof and to her death so the house is put up for sale.

Seasons 4-8[]

Wisteria Lane residents Bob Hunter and Lee McDermott live in this house from episode four of season four and throughout rest of the show. Bob and Lee are a gay couple who are engaged. After moving in, Bob and Lee added a controversial fountain commissioned from Finland to the front yard, which was destroyed by the tornado. Towards the end of season six, Lee moves out because him and Bob have a fight but he moves back in in early season seven. Bob and Lee adopt a ten year old daughter named Jenny at the end of season seven.

Current Residents -

Previous Residents -

Behind The Scenes[]

  • This house has an actual first floor interior (Kitchen & Dining-room), all other inside shots (Family-rooms, Formal Dining, Bedrooms, Bathrooms) are filmed in a soundstage on the studio.
  • Originally built for the 1946 movie So Goes My Love, it was known as the "Maxim House"
  • It was used as 1313 Mockingbird Lane in The Munsters (1964-1966)
  • The house strictly avoided by the Desperate Housewives crew during Season 1, because it was considered to be too recognizable as the house of The Munsters. The house was therefore completely remodeled for Season 2 following the decision to introduce the Applewhite's.
  • Because of the Desperate Housewives remodel for Season 2, preservationists and film buffs alike have wished to the see the home restored to the façade it was known for from The Munsters.