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He's not your son. He's not your husband. He's not your employee. He doesn't have to listen to you.
Andrew Van de Kamp to Bree Van de Kamp

Alex Cominis was Andrew Van de Kamp's ex-husband.


Early life[]

Coming from a low-income household, Alex struggled to finance himself through med school. In order to continue his education, Alex agreed to star in a gay pornographic movie, Rear Deployment, after being approached by a director who offered him a large payment. Alex later came to regret his decision and thought of it as the biggest mistake of his life.

Season 5[]

Alex was Orson's doctor after the nightclub fire, who performed the procedure necessary for him to stop snoring. When Bree went to put a thank you note on Alex's desk she found a photo with Andrew and Alex embracing, and discovered that they are partners.

Bree later invites Alex over for dinner, where she learns from Bob and Lee about his porn-history. Initially applauded, Bree eventually comes to accept Alex once she learns of Andrew's love for him.

Bree later does not get along with Alex's immature mother and in order to stop her from making Andrew closer to her, Bree announces shes brought Alex and Andrew the Adam's house.

Bree and Alex later feud when Alex disagrees with the way Bree talks to Orson. The two argue but soon make up when Bree tells him she would like somebody to tell her if she ever does go too far with how she speaks to her husband.

Season 7[]

Alex later helps Bree try to overcome Andrew's alcohol addiction. But it all becomes too much for him to handle, and he breaks up with Andrew and leaves him.


  • Alex's speciality is Plastic Surgery.