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I have spent the past few weeks trying to get you to like me, and I just realized something... I don't like you.
Susan Delfino

Andre Zeller is an egotistical art teacher with lots of fame who tries to force art out of Susan by allowing her to shed her inhibitions.


Season 8[]

Susan Delfino decides to start taking an art class for the famous painter, Andre Zeller. Susan shows Andre her portfolio but he doesn't think any of Susan's paintings are worth a second look. Andre criticizes Susan's paintings saying it's not real art. Susan later comes back with a lonesome tree painting but Andre doesn't find it original at all. Susan shows her wrath and destroys one of the paintings. The following day, Susan returns to class and Andre wants his class to paint 100 bad paintings. ("School of Hard Knocks") Andre chooses Susan as his new intern, much to her pleasure and the shock of everyone else in the art class. When Susan arrives to start her new position, she realizes that Andre only chose Susan because he needed a babysitter for his son, Jasper. He leaves Jasper in the care of Susan for the whole weekend and during Halloween. After caring for Jasper, Susan discovers that Andre acts cold and repressively towards his son, so she kidnaps one of his paintings to force the two to bond. Andre still seems uninterested in his son, and reveals to Susan that he thinks Jasper gets in the way of his work. After being made to feel guilty by Susan, Andre decides to become more involved in his son's life. ("Witch's Lament")


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.