Wiksteria Lane

You're here, you're queer...and I'm used to it.
Bree Van de Kamp

Andrew Van de Kamp, Bree and Rex's son, is just as clever, stubborn, and wicked as his mother, which perhaps is why they’ve always had such a stormy relationship.

Along the way, Andrew ran down Carlos Solis's mother in a drunk driving accident but was never punished. And, Bree absolutely flipped out when he told her that he is gay. Things got so bad between them that he even seduced Bree’s boyfriend, which led to her abandoning him on the side of the road.

After living on the streets and turning to tricks, Andrew returned to Wisteria Lane and gradually became close with Bree again. Clearly, he’s no saint. But, over time, Andrew has grown from a spoiled child of privilege into a talented young man whose keen business sense has helped his mother build her catering empire. But, with so much history between these two, tension could flare up at any moment.


Season 1[]

She's an old lady, okay?! She had her life! And now mine might be screwed up!

Andrew is present for the wake of Mary Alice Young with his mother, sister and father. Later, Andrew sits at the dinner table with the same three people and Bree asks him how he like his dinner, he says it's alright and she is insulted as she slaved over the meal for three hours. He asks her who told her to spend three hours on dinner and Danielle begs him to apologise and get it over with. Andrew wonders why they always have to have cuisine and can't just have regular food, like pork and beans. ("Pilot")

Bree spoils Andrews time by embarrassing him. ("Who's That Woman?")

Andrew goes to a strip club and Bree gets Danielle to call him, asking where he is, he immediately knows that Bree made her call and Danielle passes the phone over. Bree goes down to the strip club which makes all of Andrew's friends leave. She sits with him as they watch the stripper dance and she explains how she is somebody's daughter and that her parents probably had expectations for her and how her life must have been. The guy next to Andrew tells him to get Bree out of there because she was ruining the experience; Andrew and Bree leave. ("Who's That Woman?")

Rex moves out briefly and begins to compensate with lots of presents, including a car for Andrew. When Andrew is out he is called home by Bree, but he refuses to return home sober so he stops to get drunk. While driving home Carlos's mother runs out onto the road and Andrew unintentionally runs her down. He returns home scared and tells Bree of the situation. She and Rex get rid of the car and help him cover up the crime. ("Anything You Can Do")

The Van de Kamps are trying to think of a way to cover up Andrew's crime. Rex says he has no idea how to punish a child who ran over a woman. Bree suggests to Andrew that he go to therapy, however, he refuses the idea as he says he is not crazy. Andrew tells his mother that he has no remorse for what he did and that the worst thing about it was that he lost his car and has to ride a bike to school. He is upset that his future could be screwed up thanks to Juanita. Bree expresses that it doesn't sound like he has a soul and she threatens to call the police. Andrew says that that would make her the monster as he is her child. ("Guilty")

Andrew is smoking marijuana and doesn't want his mother to know, however, she finds out as she can tell he is high and can smell pot. She takes a sample of his urine to be tested by Rex at the hospital, he refuses, and she throws it at him. Bree thinks of a way to punish him, she suggests taking him off of the swim team but Rex doesn't agree. Later, she finds his stash of pot in his locker and keeps it there before calling the school anonymously, getting him kicked off of the swimming team, which was her original intention. ("Suspicious Minds")

Rex has been kicked out, however, Bree will not tell her children why. Andrew tells her that whatever it was, it was probably her fault. He is angry at Bree who is on a date with George and she reveals that Rex cheated on her. Andrew believes this to be a lie. He later confronts his father and learns the truth and finally agrees with Bree who does not plan to take action, and Andrew is confused as to why. ("Move On")

Andrew is invited to a pool party hosted by Zach Young. Andrew is thinking of not going as Zach is incapable of being cool. Later, at the party, Andrew teases Zach and Zach fantasizes about killing him as he knows where his mother's gun is. Julie tells him that it isn't funny but he thinks that it is. Later, Susan storms into the party once everyone has left and sees two kids making out in the pool, they see her and go under water, she thinks it is Zach and Julie. She finds a pair of trunks, belonging to someone in the pool who is not wearing them, Justin pops up and she realises that it is not who she thought it was, Andrew then pops up and tells her that he isn't gay, she tells him "of course not" and leaves out of awkwardness. ("Impossible")

Andrew is caught smoking weed in a car with his buddies by his school parking lot attendant, although he is in the window, Andrew continues to drive, causing him to fall down and injure himself. Andrew is expelled and Bree contemplates with Rex on how to punish him. Later, Andrew is watching a show and Bree walks in the way, he kicks her and Rex runs in and slams him up against the wall, telling him never to do anything like that ever again. Bree later sends him to Camp Hennessey which is intended to straighten him out, but he spits in her face. ("There Won't Be Trumpets")

Bree and Rex come to visit him at the camp and he says that he only wants to talk to Rex, Bree storms in saying that she deserves to talk to him too. Rex tells her that Andrew told him he thinks he might be gay and that Rex might be able to take it better. ("Children Will Listen")

Rex pulls Andrew out of Camp Hennessey, worried he may have sex with the boys there, they take him home with them. Bree invites Reverend Sikes to dinner to get him into one of his religious programs. Andrew tells him that he isn't ashamed of who he is and doesn't want to change. He later tells him that he will act like the perfect son from now on after Bree says that she's worried he won't get into heaven, and that one day he will do something so awful that people will be talking about it for years to come. ("Live Alone and Like It")

Season 2[]

Your father was a friend of mine. And if he were around to see what a nasty little turd you've turned into, he'd knock the hell out of you.
Karl Mayer

After Rex's death, the Van de Kamp's begin to grief and Rex's mother, Phyllis, comes to town for the funeral. She is extremely rude to Bree who disinvites her from the funeral of her own son, Andrew convinces her, along with Danielle, to allow Phyllis to come back for the funeral, Bree eventually obliges. Andrew attends his father's funeral. ("Next")

Bree tells her children that Rex's body was dug up and that in an autopsy, they do not believe that Rex actually died of a heart attack and that he was poisoned. She tells them that she is the main suspect and her children stare at her, she protests that she is not capable of murder. Danielle understands this and Andrew says he knows she didn't kill Rex because it takes guts to kill somebody. Later, Bree takes a polygraph test to prove her innocence, during it, she is asked, "Do you love George Williams?" she answers "no" but the polygraph says she is lying, twice, Andrew and Danielle are present and see this, Andrew is angry with his mother. ("You'll Never Get Away From Me")

George and Andrew
Andrew mimics Bree's climaxes. ("My Heart Belongs to Daddy")

Bree and George begin to date again and Bree invites him around for dinner with Andrew and Danielle. When Bree is off to get dessert, Andrew makes a point of how George doesn't exactly seem like a player and he tells him the sound that his mother makes when she climaxes. Bree returns and eats some of her dessert, she makes the noise that Andrew described and he points at her and moths to George "That's it", George demands he be punished but Bree does not understand why. later, at Andrew's swim meet, George kisses Bree causing Andrew to swim out of the water and attack him, this was what George wanted as it made Bree send Andrew back to Camp Hennessey. ("My Heart Belongs to Daddy")

George commits suicide before Andrew returns from camp and Andrew is angry (after realising that he was the one who poisoned Rex) as he ended life on his own terms. Later, Andrew is with his boyfriend Justin, as the two play video games, Andrew pressures him for sex, however, Justin refuses as he feels he isn't ready. Andrew says he wishes his mom would walk in on them as it would kill her. Later, Bree tells Andrew the truth about George's death to stop him from being angry, how she didn't stop his suicide after learning he murdered Rex and watched him as he died. Andrew plans to use this information for his future plan of revenge. ("Coming Home")

Bree finds Andrew in bed with Justin ("One More Kiss")

Bree sees Andrew kissing Justin and forbids him from seeing him as homosexuality will not be tolerated under her roof, Andrew tells her that he will continue to see Justin as he pleases. Another morning, Bree finds Andrew and Justin in bed together, she is horrified, she tells Andrew that if she continues to bring Justin to her house, she will call the police, he tells her that if she does, he will call the police himself and tell them how she "murdered" George. Bree later enlists the help of lawyer, Karl Mayer (Susan's ex-husband), to help her. He tells Andrew that what she did wasn't actually illegal in any way, Andrew says he will just lie and Bree says that she will sue him if she does so, he also threatens her with public humiliation. When Bree leaves the room, Karl threatens Andrew to back off his mother and Bree is shown in the other room, smiling. ("One More Kiss")

Bree passes out drunk on the lawn and is found by Karen McCluskey who informs Andrew. He then wakes her up by turning the sprinklers on. ("Thank You So Much")

When Andrew's ride to school moves out of town, he asks his mother if she will buy him a car, she refuses to which, as she is drinking, he calls her a mean old drunk, she slaps him around the face. Later, Andrew gets Justin to punch him hard in the face because he says that if he loves him, he will do it, Justin punches Andrew twice, hard in the face with a large ring, giving him very noticeable bruises on his face. He says that his mother hit him while drunk. He hires a lawyer as he wants to be emancipated due to his mother's "abusive behaviour", Bree is angry and is made to join AA, however, she continues to drink in secret. ("There is No Other Way")

Bree continues to attend AA meetings and she runs into Andrew who is shopping with Justin at a check out corner. She is angry as he is meant to be grounded. He tells her that if she does not leave him alone, he will lie under oath and say that when he was younger, she used to molest him while drunk, Justin feels bad about what Andrew is doing to his mother. ("Could I Leave You?")

Lynette is made to give a deposition regarding Andrew's accusations, she tells Bree that she will be honest with the lawyer, Bree is angry. She tells Lynette that Andrew is doing this so he can get a car, Lynette, in order to test this theory by luring Andrew with a car, she realizes that the whole thing is a pack of lies. She later tells the lawyer how perfect Bree is and Andrew is very angry and knows Lynette is lying, however, she does not let up in order to protect her friend. The lawsuit against Bree is dropped. ("Everybody Says Don't")

Andrews grandparents come to town and offer to take Andrew away with them, Bree does not want this but he does. Justin is sad about loosing his boyfriend so he and Bree plant some gay porn in Andrew's things so that his grandparents learn he is gay and do not want him anymore, he is infuriated with his mother. ("Don't Look at Me")

Bree decides to give up Andrew. ("I Know Things Now")

Andrew is on the other line listening in to Bree's phone conversation with her new boyfriend, Peter, he learns that he is a sex addict. He makes Danielle dress sluttish in order to arouse him, it works. Later, he wants to make her sleep with Peter as it will destroy Bree, Danielle refuses. Andrew hears that Peter used to sleep with lots of people from him, he is interested as to why he said "people" and not "girls". Bree comes home to find that Andrew and Peter have slept together. Later, she takes him on a ride to his college only for him to discover that that is not where they are actually going, they stop at a gas station. She hands him a backpack filled with clothes and some money and says that she can no longer love him unconditionally and he can no longer live in her house, he says that at least it means he won, Bree, speechless, says "good for you". She drives away, staring at him in the car mirror, she falls apart with guilt. ("I Know Things Now")

Season 3[]

I liked you better when you were a psychopath!
Danielle Van de Kamp

Bree sees a new report for homeless teens in the airport as she is about to go on her honeymoon with her new husband, Orson, Andrew is a feature on the report. Bree abandons her honeymoon in order to go and find him and bring him home. She runs into a trans woman, Pearly Gates, and she tells Bree that Andrew is most likely down at the local soup kitchen. Bree finds him there but he rejects her, saying that she dumped her son on a roadside seven months prior and he is a different person now. Orson later tracks down Andrew and gives him fifty dollars, he finds out that Andrew resorted to light prostitution when he was desperate for money, Orson manages to convince him to come home where he is welcomed by his mother and sister. ("A Weekend in the Country")

Orson and Bree try to think of an excuse as to why he was away for seven months, Orson suggests that they say he was at drama camp as it would be an homage to Andrew's love of theatre and the drama that it caused the family when he left, Danielle assures Andrew that he is always like this. Andrew suggests that they just tell the truth, they go along with the drama camp story. When at Danielle's history fair, Andrew bumps into a man who had once paid him for sex, Bree is shocked that this particular person would do such a thing. ("Like It Was")

After it is discovered that Danielle has been sleeping with her history teacher, Bree breaks it off. Danielle is distraught and throws a plate against the wall, Bree acts nonchalant towards her and she storms off upstairs. Bree asks Andrew to go and check on his sister and he sees that she has taken pills in the bath and slit her wrists. He goes downstairs and informs Bree. At the hospital, Andrew treats the situation lightly and is yelled at by Orson for doing so. The whole family is made to go to therapy. ("Nice She Ain't")

3x07 - Andrew reveals
Andrew reveals that Edie, Lynette, and Julie are inside the market. ("Bang")

A hostage situation is started by Carolyn Bigsby, during of which, Edie Britt phones Andrew and tells him that she is locked in the manager's office but that Lynette and Julie are with the hostages. He alerts the other people who are gathering at his house to watch the news as the situation develops. ("Bang")

Bree wants to send a Christmas card to Orson's mom and ends up inviting Gloria to dinner. She sits down with Bree, Orson, Andrew and Danielle in order to meet her new "grandchildren". Bree invites her to live with them. ("Children and Art")

Gloria continues to live with Andrew and his family and they start to realize that she is more than they can handle. She asks Andrew for some alcohol and he charges her twenty bucks, he warns her to ditch the wine when his mother comes upstairs. ("Beautiful Girls")

Bree and Orson buy Gloria a condo as a Christmas gift to her, she asks about her new grandchildren and the fact that Andrew and Danielle never have to see her again is Bree's Christmas present to them. ("The Miracle Song")

Julie is saying to Danielle how Austin was nice about her turning him down for sex. Andrew tells her that it is basic biology that if a guy is not getting sex from you then he's getting it from someone else. This worries Julie. Danielle suggests he is gay but Andrew says that Austin isn't gay, not even after three beers (implying that he hit on him). It is revealed that Andrew was right and that Danielle is sleeping with Austin. ("No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds")

It is revealed that Andrew was hired as a waiter for the Scavo's Pizzeria. Lynette walks in after Tom forbids her of entering and sees it is looking very nice. She asks Andrew if she should be working and he asks her if she should be here, She gives him a "touche". He reveals to her that they're screwed as they have no liquor license yet, Lynette goes out and gets it for them. ("Not While I'm Around")

Bree comes home wandering where Orson is. Andrew tells her that he is over at Alma's and has been there for a few hours. Bree runs out and finds out that Alma raped Orson. ("Come Play Wiz Me")

Andrew is listening in on Orson telling Bree about the night Monique Polier died. Orson walks out and Andrew acts natural. Later, Bree falls off a ladder as someone sawed through the rim, Andrew believes it could have been Orson and tells him to watch out because he's never really seen "bad Andrew". He warns the doctors not to let Orson near Bree. ("I Remember That")

It's the grand opening of the pizzeria and Andrew has to be there as he is a waiter. However, his mother has been discharged from the hospital and he has to take care of her, he makes Danielle do it who is maddened as she wanted to go to the opening. Whilst there, Gloria shows up and offers to take Bree out of Danielle's hands, she agrees and goes to the opening. Andrew sees her there and she tells him the reason why, he is shocked that she would let Gloria alone with Bree and quickly drives home. Gloria, who puts Bree in the bath under the influence of sleeping pills with the intention of slashing her wrists, sees Andrew pull up outside the house and run in, as he runs up the stairs, Gloria startles him and hits him around the face with her cane, causing him to fall down the stairs and pass out. Orson later arrives home and checks that Andrew is alright before going upstairs where he manages to save Bree. Gloria has a paralysing stroke and is no longer their problem. ("The Little Things You Do Together")

Bree goes out of town for a few days before she and Orson go on the honeymoon they've yet to have. Andrew sees her off and says goodbye. It is found out that Danielle is pregnant and that Austin is the father. Andrew convinces Austin to leave town and Danielle goes on her mother's honeymoon with her and Orson. ("My Husband, the Pig")

Lynette organizes a good, old-fashioned bitch fest at the pizzeria. She complains about the uniforms she finds ugly, however, Andrew complains about the fact that they have to pool their tips as appose to keep what they earn, Lynette shifts focus back to the "ugly-ass" uniforms. ("Dress Big")

Andrew helps out with the rush at Scavo's and after Tom has an accident, Lynette hires new-guy, Rick Coletti, to help out. ("Liaisons")

Bree returns home with Orson but not with Danielle who is at a convent until the baby is born, Bree tells people that she is in boarding school in Switzerland. Bree is faking a pregnancy, pretending that Danielle's baby is her own and when Julie Mayer is suspicious, Bree is forced to Email her as Danielle and asks Andrew some tips on using slang. ("Getting Married Today")

Season 4[]

I am no longer participating in your little hoax. And that includes strapping you in.

It has been a month since Bree's return and Andrew says that he wants no part in his mother's latest charade (and that includes strapping in her fake belly). He does, however, keep it a secret from the neighbors, he warns her that people will eventually find out and that they will all look like fools and that teenage girls get pregnant all the time and people will understand the truth, Bree reminds him how their reputation is wearing very thing. ("Now You Know")

Stella wants Lynette to be eating again so she buys some weed from Andrew who says he can get it for her, he makes the delivery and gets paid. Later, at the charades party, he notices that Lynette is high and smiles. Danielle has an accident and the family rushes to her aid only to discover that they do not have to leave as she is fine. ("The Game")

At Bree's baby shower, Phyllis arrives, she comes to blows with Bree and asks Andrew where his mother keeps her coat that she passed down to her, Andrew tells her that it is probably in the wardrobe and Phyllis goes up. Bree asks him where she is going and he tells her that she's going to Bree's closet, Bree runs upstairs and Andrew realizes what he has done wrong but it is too late as Phyliss has already discovered Bree's fake pregnancy bellies. ("If There's Anything I Can't Stand")

It is discovered that Phyllis took Danielle home with her so that they can raise the baby, Bree assumes that this is down to the maternal instinct, Andrew corrects her and tells her that they only things that Danielle cares about are herself and fun and that the only reason she is willing to live with her grandmother is because she is getting a better deal. Bree and Orson bribe Danielle with a car and bring her home. ("Art Isn't Easy")

Bob and Lee invite the neighborhood to their Halloween party, they see Danielle in the window and ask Bree if that's her daughter, she denies it and tells them that it is Andrew and he is going as Cher. At the party, Andrew is forced to be dressed as Cher by his mother and Danielle shows up dressed as Bree, during the party, Danielle's water breaks and Andrew and Orson help her home where she gives birth to Benjamin. ("Now I Know, Don't Be Scared")

Bree has Benjamin in a family bed with her and Orson to which Orson doesn't like, she says she wished she had done it with Andrew who is listening in and is very hurt. Bree later tells Tom that her, Orson and Benjamin are one big happy family and Andrew hears this from afar. He later springs on Bree that he is moving out and she is shocked. At his apartment, she comes to visit him and she realises that he is ready to take care of himself and is proud when he asks her to use a coaster. ("Distant Past")

After a tornado hits the Lane, Bree's roof is destroyed and her gay contractor refuses to work as his boyfriend recently dumped him, Bree calls Andrew over to flirt with him and rise his spirits in exchange for bribery. Andrew hits on him well until Susan comes down and starts making the guy seem to bad for Andrew and mentioning Andrew's past boyfriends as she does not want Bree to leave her home. He does not work for Bree. ("Welcome to Kanagawa")

Rick returns and opens his own restaurant down the street from Scavo's. While his mother is at the founder's day ball, Andrew is working at Scavo's as the waiter, he calls Lynette to tell her that Rick's place caught fire and burned down. ("In Buddy's Eyes")

It is later revealed that the arsonists are Porter and Preston and Andrew continues to work at the pizzeria as the owners are questioned. ("Hello, Little Girl")

Andrew returns briefly to the Lane for Mother's Day. ("Mother Said")

Time Jump[]

Some ways down the road, Andrew became the professional assistant to his mother, Bree, who started her own catering company, Mrs. Van de Kamp's Old Fashioned Foods. He is the one who helped her when Orson went to jail and the company get on its feet. He is constantly seen wearing a suit. ("Free")

Season 5[]

So you decided to meddle in my love life? You know what mom, this might be about the nicest thing you've ever done for me.

Andrew is his mother's professional assistant, he is at her photoshoot where she is being very fussy about the placement, much to the annoyance of the camera man. Andrew comes and talks to her and convinces her to do the shoot as the photographer's requested her to do so. ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow")

Bree shows her new, published cookbook to Andrew and Orson, Orson is mad that "Mrs. Van de Kamp" is on the cover and not "Mrs. Hodge". ("We're So Happy You're So Happy")

When Gaby is forced to give up her fancy, expensive car, she buys a second-hand one from Andrew. She tries to haggle the price but he insists upon a certain standard. Later, Gaby discovers that the car that Andrew sold her was a lemon and she goes back to him, insistent on a refund. He refuses. She then gets in the car and threatens to back up into his nice car, he assumes she is bluffing and she starts backing up after making the point that she has no insurance. Andrew backs down and gives her the money back. ("Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else")

Andrew calls Bree to tell her that she has been nominated for Businesswoman of the Year. He attends the ceremony. ("Back in Business")

It is revealed through Bree's flashback that on the day that Orson went to prison, Andrew and Lee were making crude prison jokes, Orson still enjoyed them. ("Mirror, Mirror")

Bree fires an employee named Charlie after he steals money, later, he steals a surveillance tape containing footage of Bree and Orson having sex, she asks Andrew to help her retrieve it as he is blackmailing her with it. Andrew manages to get the tape from Charlie and watches to make sure it is the right tape, it is discovered that it is not Bree and Orson having sex on the tape, but Mike and Katherine. He tells Bree that he is never eating anything that comes from that kitchen again. ("What More Do I Need?")

Andrew tells his mother the good news that Sandra Birch, a reporter, wants to write an article about her. ("City on Fire")

After the fire at a nightclub, Orson is injured and begins to snore irregularly, Bree takes him to Dr. Alex Cominis to get it sorted out. He realises how crazy they are and calls his boyfriend and asks him to promise that they will never become one of those crazy old couples who make each other crazy, Andrew tells him that he already makes him crazy and the two are revealed to have been having a relationship under the nose of Bree. ("Me and My Town")

Bree sees a picture on Alex's desk of him and Andrew. She finds out about their relationship. She invites them to dinner with her and Orson along with Bob and Lee after Andrew accuses her of never taking an interest in his love life. It is revealed at dinner that Alex and Andrew are engaged. Bob and Lee snigger about him all night and Bree confronts them, they tell her that Alex was in a gay porn movie that they rented a few months prior. Bree confronts Andrew with this knowledge and he says he knows and explains how Alex needed a way to pay for med-school and he is very ashamed of it, he commends her on taking an interest in his love-life. ("A Vision's Just a Vision")

Alex's mother comes to visit and is very mean to Bree, "calling" holidays with the boys. Eventually, as Andrew and Alex are looking for a house, she says that they should come and live near her. Andrew and Alex think this is a great idea however Bree is distraught, She lies and tells them that she bought them the Addams house two doors down from hers, she then actually buys the house, and the two move into it. ("Home is the Place")

Edie makes sure the house is ready for Andrew and Alex. Alex calls on Bree when she emasculates Orson and she is very annoyed at him. Later, she tries to hold the fact that she's buying them a house against them and Alex refuses her offer. Andrew tells her that Alex does not have to listen to her like he or Orson do, she forgives him and he re-accepts the offer. ("Connect! Connect!")

Andrew has decorated his new home beautifully, and, as Orson points out, expensively. Orson is upset to hear that Andrew makes more money than him, Bree explains that he helped her a lot when Orson was in jail. ("In a World Where the Kings Are Employers")

Orson begins to steal things and tells Bree that he will only stop if she sells her company. Andrew is mad that she's agreeing to it and she explains that she would be a hypocrite if she didn't as she believes those values that she preached in her book, Andrew wonders why Orson does not want her to be happy, if he truly loves her, Bree doesn't go through with the sale. ("A Spark. To Pierce the Dark")

When Orson suddenly decides to be happy, Andrew is suspicious that he is up to something. When Bree finds out that he tried to seriously rob one of their neighbors, leading to another's death, she tells Andrew that she may have to divorce him and he has a lawyer ready for her. ("Rose's Turn")

Season 6[]

Perhaps my agenda should be to find out as much as I can...

Andrew visits Julie's bedside after she was strangled and comatose. Susan mentions how amazing it is that the two managed to stay friends for so long. She realises that he knows who she was seeing and that he knew she thought she was pregnant, he does not know who it is, only that he is married. ("The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues")

After Juanita doesn't know she is Mexican, Gabrielle and Carlos wonder how this can be, they then look around the neighborhood and see it is full of white people, one example of this is when Bree and Andrew wave at them from Bree's lawn as they are gardening. ("You Gotta Get a Gimmick")

Bree tells Andrew that their new employee, Tad, is an incompetent idiot. She soon hires Sam Allen who suggests she fires Tad. Andrew is angry at this and Sam concludes that Andrew slept with him, Bree denies it until Andrew does not and he is forced to admit that it's true. Bree is disappointed in him until he throws her affair with Karl Mayer in her face, she apologises to Sam who takes to his new position a little too nicely. ("The Chase")

Andrew is very angry when Bree promotes Sam to be vice president, a position which is his. As Bree announces this and Andrew stumbles in drunk, when Sam tries to pull him away, he pushes him to the ground. Bree is disgusted. It is later found out by Bree that Sam is the biological son of Rex and, therefore, Andrew's half-brother. ("Chromolume No. 7")

Andrew is blown away when Bree announces the news to him and Danielle that Sam is their half-brother. They try to bond later at dinner but Andrew hates him very much. When Bree wants to give Rex's old guitar to Sam, it sets Andrew over the edge and he decides that he wants it. Bree tells him he should give it to Sam after he plays a horrible tune but Andrew reacts by smashing the guitar against the wall. Bree is angry. Later, Orson speaks to Andrew and tells him that he believes that Sam is suspicious too, he convinces Andrew to find out as much as he can about his new family member. ("My Two Young Men")

Andrew finds out that Sam did not go to the college he said he did but Sam says that he dropped out to take care of his dying mother. Later, Sam shows Bree some records revealing that Andrew charged some clients for extra cases of alcohol that never got delivered. Bree confronts him and finds out he used it for his party, she is disappointed in him and tells him he is fired. Bree tells Sam that she and Andrew have a complicated relationship and that they are sure to make up. Sam switches some sherry on their recipe for vinegar and blames it on Andrew. Orson points out to Bree that Andrew isn't smart enough to pull off something like that. ("We All Deserve to Die")

It is revealed that Sam's mother is alive. Bree sees an angry side of him. She apologises to Andrew who accepts the apology and they wonder how they can get rid of Sam. ("A Little Night Music")

They still discuss what to do with Sam and Orson suggests paying him off, Bree thinks this is a good idea, however, he tears up the check that she gives her. Sam reveals to Bree that Danielle told him how Andrew ran over Mrs. Solis and tells her that he wants her business or he will tell people of it. ("The Ballad of Booth")

Bree tells Andrew and Orson that she intends to sell her business to Sam, they wonder why and Bree tells them it is because he knows what happened to Mr. Solis. Bree sells her business and Orson leaves her for making him go to jail, and not Andrew, Bree decides to tell Gaby what Andrew did all those years ago. ("I Guess This is Goodbye")

Season 7[]

Alex left me. I guess he just got tired of coming home to a drunk.

Andrew notices that Bree has feelings for her new contractor, Keith Watson. Bree is staring at Keith as she reverses out of her driveway and accidentally runs over Juanita Solis, Andrew comes to the hospital with her and the rest of the neighborhood who support Juanita's safety, she is fine. Gaby reveals to Andrew that she knows what he did to Carlos's mother but has no intention to tell Carlos about it. ("You Must Meet My Wife")

As Paul Young wants to open a halfway home in his old house, the whole neighborhood protests. Lynette goes door-to-door and Andrew assures her that he will not sell his house to Paul. ("Down the Block There's a Riot")

Bree and Alex help Andrew in when he is drunk, Alex expresses to Bree that he is thinking of leaving Andrew and that he has been pretending to work long hours so he doesn't have to come home to a drunk. Later, Bree finds Andrew in his home and he tells her that Alex has left him and that he realises that his drinking has ruined his marriage. Bree convinces him to go to AA. ("Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed")

Andrew is following the 12 steps of AA and has earned his 30 day chip, Bree is very proud of him, until he expresses his want to tell Carlos what happened to his mother, Bree stops him from telling him. Later, Andrew and Carlos go to the woods together, Bree and Gaby are very worried and go and find them, when Andrew isn't with Carlos they get very worried, Bree accidentally admits the whole thing before Andrew walks in, alive and well. Carlos is shocked and mad at Andrew, he leaves the cabin in the storm and Gaby and Bree now begin to worry about him. They find him the next mourning at his mother's tomb, Andrew faces up to what he has done and confronts Carlos, who forgives him, however, he does not forgive Bree. ("Moments in the Woods")

Season 8[]

You're here, you're queer...and I'm used to it.
Bree Van de Kamp

It is revealed that Andrew moved off the Lane due to rent-problems. Andrew shows up with his new future-spouse and Bree is very excited to meet him, she is very shocked to discover that she is a woman, named Mary Beth. She wonders what has happened to Andrew as she has grown accustomed to him being gay. He tells her that he believes that Mary Beth is the right girl. Bree soon learns that the girl is rich as her father owns a custard company that she is the face of. Bree then thinks that Andrew is marrying her for her money. Bree throws Andrew an engagement party and invites all of his gay friends, it is an awkward situation. Mary Beth reveals to Bree that she knows Andrew is gay, but she is marrying him for his companionship, Bree tells her that she can do better with her life and she leaves. Andrew is angry with his mother as Mary Beth would have sorted out all of his financial problems. Bree says that she could have too but he tells her that he is ashamed to always go crying to his mother, she sorts out his money trouble and he continues to lead a homosexual lifestyle. ("Any Moment")


For a full list of Andrew's relationships, visit Bree's family.


  • He is possibly a fan of the TV show Lost, as he is seen watching the Pilot in his bedroom.
  • Andrew is partially based on Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry, who copied much of Bree's dialogue from his own mothers reaction when he came out.
  • As one of the few LGBT characters on primetime television secure with their sexuality, Andrew's storylines have been well received by gay groups. However, his early attitude toward his mother and various crimes have also garnered negative criticism.
  • Andrew is one of the eleven main characters who appear in every season.


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