Wiksteria Lane

Anne Schilling was a woman that was having an affair with Porter Scavo.


Season 5[]

Anne Schilling was the Real Estate Agent that Tom used to buy a place that he and his band could practice at. Her and Tom's meetings were kept secret from Lynette, so she became suspicious and followed them; she later thought they were having an affair. However, she was having an affair with Lynette's son instead, Porter.

Her abusive husband, Warren Schilling, discovered her infidelity so she pretended to be pregnant with Porter's child so that he would stay with her. Warren physically abused Anne and humiliated her and Porter in front of his whole club. After Dave Williams burned down Warren's club, Lynette, gave Anne all of her and Tom's savings so that she would leave Fairview and never contact Porter again. But before she left, she told Lynette she had never been pregnant.