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"Any Moment" is the 175th episode of Desperate Housewives.


Julie becomes concerned over Susan's parenting skills when she begins to allow MJ to do whatever he feels like doing. Meanwhile, with Carlos resigning from his high-paying job, Gabrielle tries to land her own high-powered position in order to keep up her extravagant lifestyle. Bree is suspicious of Andrew's intentions when he announces that he's getting married, and Lynette puts a plan into action in the hopes of winning Tom back, while Ben finally properly proposes to Renee.


Previously on Desperate Housewives[]

At Mike's funeral, Susan and MJ said goodbye, Gaby gave her blessing, Lynette spoke her mind about Tom's girlfriend, and the police gathered more evidence.
Mary Alice Young


Renee Perry waited many months for a proposal, and for many months she had been disappointed. There had been a cozy evening by the fire that didn’t go the way she had hoped. A romantic moment in Wisteria Park that wasn’t so romantic after all. And a beautiful picnic by a lake that turned out to be nothing more than a picnic. So, when disappointment struck again, Renee decided to speak up.
818 01
One of Renee and Ben's disappointing dates.

Renee is dressed up while Ben, who is also dressed smartly, brings her food for a meal they’re having at the latter’s house. He puts the plate, which is covered by a cloche, on the table and Renee looks at him eagerly, thinking it’s a wedding ring. We then are shown flashes of times Renee had thought Ben was proposing to her. Firstly, at a cozy evening by a fire, Ben puts Renee’s arm around his shoulder, but then he makes her scratch an itch on his neck. We then see Renee sat on bench in Wisteria Park. Ben approaches her and then kneels in front of her…to tie his shoe lace. And then we see Renee and Ben sat having a picnic on a beautiful day, beside a lake. Ben reaches into his pocket to retrieve something, but it turns out just to be a tissue so he can blow his nose.

818 02
Ben proposes to Renee.

Back in the present, Ben finally removes the cloche, only to reveal two puddings. Renee looks in anger when she realizes she’s been disappointed again. She expresses her frustration to Ben that dessert is the “big finale” to a six course meal. Confused, Ben asks if she was expecting a cheese course, but Renee tell him she was expecting a ring because he’s sent her every signal possible to suggest a proposal. Renee explains she cannot take anymore disappointment, causing Ben to confess that he was going to propose. He explains that because of how bad the first proposal was, he wanted to make this one exceptional. Renee tells him to hurry it up, so Ben asks if he can read the speech he made. Renee sighs with frustration and asks for the last paragraph. Ben gets on his knee and begins to read the speech, but as he starts, there’s a knock on the door. Renee tells him to ignore it, so he continues. The door knocks again, so Renee tells them to go away, but the person announces himself as the police and they’re looking for Ben Faulkner. Renee looks at Ben, puzzled, and then Ben answers the door, introducing himself to two detectives. Detective Heredia asks Ben if he owns the construction site at Chapman woods, so Ben explains that he used to. Heredia asks Ben to come to the station so he can ask him about a body found on the site. Renee comes to the door, asking if he’s under arrest. Heredia explains they just want to ask her “boyfriend” a few questions. As they all begin to leave, Renee searches Ben for the ring. When she sees it, she tells Heredia that Ben isn’t her boyfriend, he’s her fiance. She then allows the detectives to take Ben and she walks happily inside with the ring on her finger.

Yes, Renee Perry had waited a long time for a proposal…and she wasn’t about to let it slip through her fingers.
Mary Alice Young

Act I[]

Bree Van de Kamp started every morning by catching up on the latest news, but sometimes, the news came from an unexpected source.
Mary Alice Young
818 03
Bree learns that the police found Alejandro's body.

Bree Van de Kamp exits her house to pick up the morning newspaper. Renee and Ben suddenly approach her together, and Renee tells Bree to “look what happened to her hand”. Bree is shocked when she sees the engagement ring and Renee announces she and Ben are getting married. Bree congratulates them and asks when it happened. Renee explains that he proposed the night before, and then she tells Bree that during the proposal, the police came to question Ben about a body found at his construction site. Bree’s smile suddenly disappears, and she asks them to tell her more. Renee explains that she wants a big wedding, but Bree explains she meant about the body. She asks Ben what the police said, so he tells her they didn’t say much and when he told them he didn’t know anything about the body, they believed him. Bree states she’s surprised they didn’t tell her sooner, so Renee explains she wanted to tell her sister about the wedding first. Bree explains that she meant about the body again, angering Renee. She asks why they’d tell her that and questions why they’re talking about that and not her. Bree says she doesn’t want the body discovery to interfere with their wedding, so Ben assures her she’s got nothing to worry about.

818 04
Murphy tells Heredia he wants Bree to pay for her crimes.

At the Fairview Police Department, Detective Heredia walks past Detective Murphy’s desk just as he comes off the phone. Murphy tells Heredia that the judge signed off on their warrant for Bree Van de Kamp. Heredia smiles darkly, stating that it happened fast, so Murphy admits he called in a few favours. He tells Heredia the sooner he can prove Bree Van de Kamp is guilty, the sooner he can watch her pay for what she did.

818 05
Julie notices Susan is being a pushover.

Meanwhile, at Susan’s house, Julie enters the kitchen with a basket full of jam jars from Mitzi Kinsky. Susan says she’s touched at the support she’s getting after Mike's death. MJ comes down from upstairs and sits at the worktop. Susan brings him his breakfast, “eggs on a raft”. MJ bluntly tells her it smells gross and then throws it in the trash, displeasing Julie. Susan shrugs it off and kindly asks what he wants. MJ tells her strawberry ice cream as he gets it from the freezer. Julie tells MJ that ice cream isn’t a healthy way to start a day, but MJ tells her he doesn’t care what she thinks. Susan says he can have ice cream this one time, and then he rudely walks away with the whole tub. As he walks away, he tells Susan he wants sprinkles, so Susan gets them. Julie tries to stop her mother being a pushover, but Susan explains it’s just ice cream, and that MJ lost his dad. MJ calls from the other room, asking where his sprinkles are, so Susan rushes to him.

818 06
Gaby tells Carlos she's looking for a job.

At Gabrielle’s house, Carlos enters the kitchen and is surprised to find Gaby cooking breakfast. He tells Gaby now the day has arrived to quit his job, he’s very nervous. Gaby tells him not to worry, as she’s decided to get a job. Carlos says she doesn’t have to do that, but Gaby explains she wants to help out. She continues to explain that she’s booked an appointment at an employment agency and she bought herself a girly briefcase. Carlos expresses his confusion, reminding her they wanted to live a smaller life, but Gaby explains she not wants to live a bigger life, and having a job will help them. Carlos tells Gaby she won’t be able to afford everything she wants, but Gaby explains she’ll be able to work her way up the career ladder. Carlos asks what she’s going to do as a job, but Gaby tells her she doesn’t know yet, so that’s why she’s booked an interview with an employment agency. Carlos tells Gaby he’s proud of her and that he hopes she finds a job with health care because his benefits have ended. Gaby slaps the piece of meat Carlos is about to eat out of his hand, telling him “no risky meat without benefits”.

818 07
Lynette and Renee plan how to win Tom back.

At Lynette’s house, Renee is in the kitchen with Lynette. She tells Lynette that she and Doug eloped, so she wants an amazing wedding with Ben. She asks Lynette if it’s weird that she’s talking about how happy she is, when Lynette’s sad and single. Lynette tells Renee she’s hoping she won’t be single for long and that she’s decided to get Tom back. Renee asks what she’s going to do, so Lynette explains she’s going to tells Tom she messed up and beg him to come back. Renee cringes at her plan, so Lynette asks for help. Renee tells Lynette to throw herself at him and tempt him with her appearance. Lynette says it won’t work and it’ll be hard breaking Tom and Jane up as they just moved in together and they’re happy. Renee tells Lynette they’re happy because they’re in “honeymoon phase”. Lynette states she and Tom had a “honeymoon phase” and she should remind him of it. Lynette says the hardest part is getting him alone because Jane watches him “like a hawk”. Renee tells Lynette to make her move soon because she doesn’t want to waste a “plus one” at her wedding.

818 08
Andrew introduces his fiancée to his mother.

At Bree’s house, Bree is preparing food when Andrew enters the kitchen. Bree is surprised to see him and she tells him it’s good to see him and asks how he is. He happily tells her he’s really good, but Bree seems concerned as Danielle told her he lost his job. Andrew tells her he’s fine and explains he met someone. Bree tells him that’s wonderful because she knows how hard his separation from Alex was. Andrew tells Bree’s he’s only been seeing the person for a couple of months, but it’s serious. Bree asks how serious it is, so Andrew explains it’s serious enough he thought they should meet each other. Bree asks if his partner is here and then she eagerly walks to her living room. Andrew awkwardly tells her to keep an open mind. When Bree enters the living room, she sees a pretty woman stood next to a suitcase. Bree asks who she is, so Andrew introduces her, Mary Beth, as his fiancée. He puts his arm around her and they both smile at Bree, who just looks back with intense confusion.

Act II[]

818 09
Bree gets to know Mary Beth.

At Bree’s house, Bree serves tea to Andrew and Mary Beth. Mary Beth tells Bree she’s glad to meet her as she kept telling Andrew she can’t marry him without meeting his mom. Still in shock and thinking Mary Beth doesn’t know about Andrew’s sexuality, Bree asks if they’re really engaged. Andrew confirms and tells his mother she should be happy he moved on. Bree explains she just has many questions to ask, so Mary Beth states Bree must be thinking it’s too soon. Hinting Andrew’s sexuality, she says that’s not what she’s thinking. Andrew awkwardly laughs, trying to make her stop. Bree apologizes and tells Mary Beth she’s just “different” to Andrew’s previous partners. Andrew kisses Mary Beth’s hand and explains that people change. Bree asks how they met, so Mary Beth when she was supposed to attend an over-eaters meeting, she “accidentally” walked into an AA meeting to get a donut; in there she ran into Andrew. Shocked, Bree asks if Mary Beth was overweight, so she explains that she lost over 200 lbs and giggles that she gained over 100 lbs of “grade a beefcake” (meaning Andrew). Andrew says she’s adorable, so Bree asks him to meet her in the kitchen to “get some tea biscuits that are on a high shelf”. As they walk away, Mary Beth smiles at the idea of tea biscuits, and then randomly states they have 46 calories. In the kitchen, Bree tells Andrew she doesn’t understand, so Andrew admits he knows Mary Beth isn’t who she expected, but he asks her to be happy for him.

818 10
Susan tells Julie she'll let MJ do little things to be happy.

That night, Susan is sat in a chair in the corner of her bedroom as she dismally stares at her empty bed, where she and Mike used to sleep together. She hears loud voices coming from the house, so she goes to investigate. In the living room, MJ is sat playing video games while Julie argues with him. She turns off his game, so he yells to turn it back on. Susan enters, confused, and she asks what’s happening. Julie explains she’s trying to get MJ back to bed. MJ tells his mother he cannot sleep, so Julie tells him blowing up aliens won’t help. MJ gets angry and tells Julie to turn his game back on, so Susan tries to calm him down. She turns the game back on, but calmly tells MJ he has to go to bed soon. Julie is shocked at her mother’s behaviour and she takes her out the room to talk. Julie tells Susan she thinks she’s making a mistake. Susan says it’s not a big deal, but Julie disagrees. She admits that what MJ is going through is awful, but letting MJ take advantage of her isn’t helping. Susan tells Julie that MJ isn’t taking advantage, but he’s traumatized and it kills her to see his pain. She tells Julie if letting MJ do little things like playing video games will make him happy, she’ll let him.

818 11
Gaby has difficulty finding a job.

The next day, Gaby is in an employment agency being interviewed. She tells the woman that she wants a job within the six figure range, benefits, flexible hours, and a month vacation time. As the woman examines the resume and listens to Gaby’s requests, she is astonished. She tells Gaby that she’s going to need adjust her expectations down. She tells Gaby the job market at the moment is brutal and people with PhDs are having difficulties getting jobs. She bluntly tells Gaby that her job experience is very limited as all she has done is modelling. She also points out that she has a fifteen year gap with her work, so Gaby explains that she’s married with children. The agent realizes she’ll have experience with children and announces she has a job at a day care center. However, Gaby scoffs at the idea, displeasing the agent. The woman points out to Gaby that in today’s market, she’s unemployable as she has no qualifications. Angry, Gaby asks what she’s supposed to do now, so the woman sarcastically suggests planning her 1 month vacation.

Act III[]

Gabrielle Solis was depressed, and when she was depressed, nothing lifted her spirits like a good workout…of her credit card.
Mary Alice Young
818 12
Gabrielle, the expert shopper.

Depressed, after finding out she’s almost unemployable, Gabrielle walks into a large clothes shop. A shop assistant, Lazaro, approaches Gaby and asks if he can help her. Gaby explains she just came to buy a red scarf she saw in the window, but other items of clothing around the shop begin to catch her eye. She tells Lazaro she needs “a new pair of everything” and then begins her shopping spree. She speedily searches through rails, tossing the clothes she likes to a shop assistant who is following her, holding the clothes she wants. Lazaro approaches Gaby with a shirt, but Gaby explains she wants it in taupe, not beige and then she tells him where to find it. She then searches through a row of shoes and hands the one she likes to another shopping assistant, telling them she wants them in different colors. Even later, Gaby starts to mix and match necklaces with dresses, and discarding the ones she doesn’t like. Then, silence. Gaby is stood staring intensely at a blue patterned dress while a large crowd watches her. A woman asks Lazaro if they should help her because nobody has been able to make it “work”. However, Lazaro assures the woman Gaby knows what she’s doing. Gaby suddenly creates an idea and tells a shopping assistant to gather the items which would make the outfit work. Everyone watching suddenly bursts into applause, congratulating her success. Gaby bows to the crowd and then walks away.

818 13
Bree realizes why Andrew is marrying Mary Beth.

Later on, Bree, Andrew and Mary Beth are sat at the dining table eating a meal. Mary Beth compliments the food and then asks if she can take a picture of the food, so she can get “full on the memory” later on. Bree states that she doesn’t know anything about Mary Beth so she asks what she works as. Mary Beth explains that she doesn’t work because her parents were “quite generous”. Bree asks what her parents work as, so Andrew awkwardly tries to make his mother stop prying. However, Mary Beth explains her parents created ‘’Mary Beth’s Frozen Custard’’. Bree is amazed, stating it must be a multi-billion dollar company. Suddenly, everything becomes clear to Bree and she angrily asks Andrew to meet her in the kitchen. Once in the kitchen, Bree explains she never thought Andrew would stoop so low to marry someone for their money. Andrew insists he loves Mary Beth, but Bree tells him Mary Beth is “disturbed” when they see her talking to her food and photographing it. She then reminds him that he’s gay, so Andrew questions why his mother cannot accept why he’s changed. Bree tells him being gay is not a choice and she’s okay with it. Annoyed with his mother, Andrew walks back into the dining room and tells Mary Beth they’re leaving.

818 14
Lynette and Penny put their plan to win back Tom into action.

That night, at Lynette’s house, Penny arrives home from Tom’s with her father and Jane. Penny is in a sulk, so Lynette asks if it’s about Taylor Swift’s concert. Penny complains that all her friend’s mothers are taking them, so she should too. However, Lynette tells Penny the noise is too deafening for her, upsetting Penny. Lynette announces she’s going to give Paige a bath as she heads upstairs, and Tom goes to collect Penny’s bags from the car. Penny begs her mother one last time, but to no avail. Jane notices how sad Penny is, so she offers to take her to the concert if her parents let her. Penny is ecstatic and hugs Jane. She tells her she’ll ask her mother and call her back, so Jane says she can’t wait and then leaves. Penny watches Jane walk down to the car, and then Lynette, who was eavesdropping, pokes her head down the stairs and asks “so?” Penny turns around with a mischievous look on her face, saying the plan worked and Lynette will have Tom to herself on Thursday night. Lynette called Penny the “bestest girl in the whole wide world”, so she smiles sweetly.

Act IV[]

818 15
Carlos tries to convince Gaby they can't afford their old life.

Gabrielle is in her bedroom with all her new clothes. Dozens of shopping bags and clothes are scattered around. She’s wearing one long leather boot, and as she’s about to put the second one on, Carlos shouts from downstairs, telling her he’s home. Gaby panics and suddenly stops putting the second boot on, she then rushes around her bedroom and hides all the bags and clothes in shelves and under her bed. However, she doesn’t have time to take her boot off so she just lies on the bed, hoping he doesn’t notice. However, the second Carlos walks into the room he asks why she has one boot, so she tells him she bought one boot because she’s frugal, so she’ll buy the other one another day. Carlos asks if she only bought one boot because the bank called him, warning him someone was going crazy on the credit card. Gaby says it must’ve been stolen, but Carlos doesn’t believe her and then he pulls out a shopping bag from under the bed. Carlos tells her to take everything back, but Gaby gets upset, saying she can’t. She then tries to wear all the clothes so she cannot return it, but Carlos stops her angrily. He tells Gaby they cannot afford this life anymore, not unless she got a big job. Gaby just sits on the bed, upset. She explains she was told that she’s not qualified to do anything, so she feels her life is a disappointment. Carlos reminds her about him and their daughters, so Gaby tells him they’re the only good thing she’s done and it pains her to let them down. Carlos assures Gaby she’ll figure something out, but then reminds her again all the clothes have to go back.

818 16
Susan is mad at Elenora for being so oblivious to MJ's pain.

At Susan’s house, Susan is in the kitchen when she gets a phone call about MJ doing something at school. A while later, at MJ’s school, Susan is in a classroom with Elenora Butters, one of the teachers after being told what happened. Susan is shocked to hear MJ threw a stapler at Elenora’s head and she insists it must have been an accident, but Elenora quotes MJ stating he wanted to throw the stapler at her head. Susan apologizes and then explains that MJ just lost his father. Elenora admits she knows and gives her sympathy, but explains there’s no room for violence in her classroom, no matter what the circumstances are at home. Susan is disgusted by her choice of words and reminds her that MJ lost his father. Elenora tells Susan if MJ hit her any harder, her grandchildren may have lost their grandmother. Susan tells Elenora she’s sure MJ is sorry, but Elenora assures her he isn’t because he showed no remorse. She then tells Susan she’s considering removing him from her class. This angers Susan as someone who spends so much time with children is oblivious to a child’s pain. Elenora explains there are other students to protect, and MJ is an angry little boy. Susan yells, admitting he’s angry because he’s never going to see his father again. Elenora tries to calm Susan down, but this only angers her more and she yells that his father and her husband is dead. Susan suddenly throws all the items on Elenora’s desk onto the floor, hurting Elenora’s foot; she regrets it immediately.

818 17
Lazaro offers Gaby a job at Cumberly's as a personal shopper.

Back at the clothes shop, Gaby enters holding all the clothes she previously bought. The moment she enters, all the employees stare at her, smiling. Lazaro approaches Gaby, and she asks him why everyone is staring at her. He explains that everyone was amazed by her “performance” the day before. Gaby begins to hand the clothes back to Lazaro, saying she’ll never do it again because her shopping days are over. As Gaby begins to leave, Lazaro stops her and gives her clothes to a sales clerk, telling her to take care of them and get Gabrielle some champagne. He then leads a confused Gabrielle to a seat and offers her a job. He calls Gaby a “shopping savant” and women enter his shop daily without a clue on what to buy, so Gaby could help them. Gaby asks if it’s like a personal shopper job, but Lazaro names it a “calling”. Gaby seems reluctant, so Lazaro explains employees get a 40% discount. This tempts Gaby immediately so she finds the nearest customer and begins helping them.

Act V[]

818 18
Bree shows Andrew and Mary Beth their surprise engagement party.

Outside Bree’s house, Bree approaches Andrew and Mary Beth who are getting out of a car, and she thanks them for accepting her apology and visiting before they leave time. She tells them she hasn’t had the appropriate reaction to their wedding, but Mary Beth assures her she’s been wonderful. Bree leads the couple inside and explains she’s thrown a surprise engagement party to show her support. She opens the door and the music pours out. They enter the front room to find lots of gay men dancing together. When they see Andrew, they wave flirtatiously at him. Shocked, Andrew asks what she’s done, so she explains she just invited a few friends over. Two of the men approach Andrew and in the most flamboyant way possible, they greet him. One of them asks who Mary Beth is, so Bree explains she’s Andrew’s fiancée. The two men are stunned for a moment and then they introduce each other as Brian, with an “i” and Bryan, with a “y”. Bryan suddenly takes Andrew into the other room to get details on his wedding. Brian and a group of other men follow him. As he is led away, Andrew tells Mary Beth to get a drink from the kitchen.

818 19
Bree tells Mary Beth that she deserves real love.

A little while later, Mary Beth is in the kitchen pouring herself a glass of wine. Bree enters and asks what she thinks of Andrew’s friends. She tells her they seem sweet... and very well groomed. Bree tries to hint to Mary Beth that they’re gay, but Mary Beth suddenly tells Bree that she knows Andrew is gay. Bree is shocked, so Mary Beth explains that they’ve never had sex and he has a picture of Michael Phelps beside his bed. Bree expresses her confusion, so Mary Beth tells her that she grew up fat and lonely, and when she lost the weight, she thought men would see her as attractive, but they didn’t, so she gave up. She then explains when she met Andrew, she thought she could do a lot worse because he’s sweet and kind. Bree holds Mary Beth’s hands and tells her that she deserves romance and passion and she shouldn’t be with someone for companionship. She tells her the right man is out there, so she shouldn’t just settle because it isn’t fair to herself or Andrew. Mary Beth nods in agreement, and she exits the kitchen to find Andrew. She approaches him, and tells her that they need to talk.

818 20
Lynette tries to win Tom back.

At Lynette’s house, Lynette is lighting candles when there’s a knock at the door. She quickly fixes her appearance, and then answers the door to Tom. He enters, asking if the power is out, so Lynette tactically explains that she just got off the phone with the electrician so they’ll fix it tomorrow. She offers him a drink and tells him it’s scary to be alone in a dark house. She and Tom head to the kitchen, and he notices hundreds of candles spread around the room. He then asks what she’s cooking, because it smells amazing. She tells him it’s Beef Bourguignon, and Tom explains that he loves that meal. Lynette craftily tells him she forgot, so Tom reminds her that they tried it on their second anniversary in New York. Lynette says she must have got the idea when looking at their old photos, so Tom happily goes to look at their photo album. She asks Tom if he wants to stay for dinner. He’s reluctant at first, but Lynette persuades him.

818 21
Andrew is mad at his mother for interfering with his life.

Later that night, after the engagement party ended and everyone left, Bree is cleaning up the mess as Andrew enters the house after talking to Mary Beth. He tells her that he hopes she’s happy as Mary Beth has left. Bree apologizes, but Andrew angrily asks why she’s concerned about Mary Beth’s life and not his. Bree assures him she did it for him because she knew they wouldn’t be happy together. Andrew tells his mother the marriage could have helped him out and that she has no idea how much help he needs. Bree asks what’s wrong, so he tells her he lost his house, he lost his job and he cannot find a new one and he’s got a lot of debt. He explains Mary Beth was willing to help with that, but Bree explains she’d help too. She asks why he didn’t come to her for help, so he tells her he doesn’t want to keep running back to his mother to fix his problems. He explains he’s tired of seeming like a failure, but Bree says she’s the one who has failed if Andrew didn’t want her help. They both agree they’re both failures and then Bree asks what he’s going to do next. Andrew explains he has nowhere to go, so Bree asks him to live with her for a while, and he accepts. They hold hands comfortingly and then Bree decides to talk about the party. She jokingly tells him Bryan with a “y” was checking him out, but Andrew explains he’s into Geoffrey with a “g”.

818 22
Lynette's plan to win Tom back is ruined.

Meanwhile, at Lynette’s house, Tom and Lynette are looking through the photo albums, reminiscing about the past. They smile about how exciting they used to be, hiking and dancing, and then Lynette states the kids came and they stopped doing fun things. As Tom eats more Beef Bourguignon, he compliments Lynette’s cooking, saying it’s better than what they had in New York. Lynette says that restaurant was good, and then she tactfully asks how they found it. Tom explains they hid in there to take shelter from the rain. Lynette then adds that the waiter insisted a free meal because they had a “newly-wed look”.Tom is suddenly stunned by all the memories of his marriage, and says there’s “a lot of water under that bridge”. Lynette tells him there marriage was a strong bridge as they lasted so long together. They continue to look at the photo album under the candle light and they both agree that they’re great memories. Tom tells Lynette that it’s easy to forget all the memories with everything going on in life, and she agrees. The special moment is suddenly ruined when Tom’s arm catches on fire. They both panic and Lynette throws water over it to put it out. Tom tells her he’s burned his skin, so Lynette turns the light on to get a better look. Tom suddenly notices the lights are on, confusing him. Lynette suddenly realizes her plan has been ruined, so she says the electrician’s must have “fixed it”. Tom realizes she set the night up, but she defends herself by seeing if there was any chance of returning to how they used to be. She apologizes for deceiving him, but reminds him of what just happened between them. Tom begins to leave as Lynette tells him he feels something for her. Tom explains Jane just moved in with him so is angry to her doing it this late.

Act VI[]

818 23
Penny assures Lynette that she and Tom will get back together.

At Lynette’s house, Penny enters Lynette’s bedroom to find Lynette sat on the bed in her pyjamas. Lynette asks her how the concert was, and she tells her it was awesome. Penny asks Lynette how the night went with Tom, and Lynette tells her it was “not so awesome”. Penny climbs onto the bed with Lynette and they snuggle up to each other. Penny asks what’s next, so Lynette tells her she doesn’t know. Penny tells her mother that she can’t give up. She tells her about a Taylor Swift song, You Belong with Me, which is about a girl trying to stop loving a boy who’s with the wrong girl. She then explains that when she sang it at the concert, she could only think about her and Tom. Penny assures Lynette that Tom will come to his senses eventually, but Lynette sounds unsure. Penny explains that she’s fighting for Tom and asks what guy doesn’t like that. Lynette hugs Penny and tells her when she says smart things like that, it makes her feel like she did a good job bringing her up.

818 24
Tom tells Jane he's too busy to have sex.

At Tom and Jane’s apartment, Jane is treating Tom’s burn wound on his arm. Jane tells him it’s a first degree burn, so he’ll be fine and then she recommends that he doesn’t take anymore candle-lit baths alone; suggesting that he lied about going to Lynette’s. He apologizes and then Jane tells him he’s healthy enough to engage in any and all sexual activity. She kisses Tom, but he tells her that he needs to get some work done. As he begins to leave the room, Jane tells him that he knows where to find her. Tom smiles and then walks away with an awkward look on his face; suggesting that he didn’t want to have sex with Jane because he realized he has feelings for Lynette.

818 25
Susan helps MJ express his anger.

At Susan’s house, Susan and MJ bring all of the jam jars from Mitzi Kinsky and put them on a counter in the garage. Susan stops MJ from leaving and tells him she wants to talk. MJ asks if it’s about what happened as school, so she tells him it is and it’s not okay to hit people with staplers. MJ acknowledges that what he did was wrong and is shocked to find out Susan also hurt Elenora Butters. Susan tells him she’s not proud of her behaviour and explains that she was mad, like he is. Susan explains to MJ that something bad happened him and when he got angry she covered it up. She tells him they shouldn’t cover it up, but they should let out their emotions. She grabs two pairs of goggles and the jam from Mitzi as she tells him they can hurt jam instead of people. She grabs one of the jars and throws it angrily at the wall, shocking MJ. She throws another jam jar, insisting it will help them cope. Susan then passes a jar to MJ, explaining he has a lot to be angry about because what happened “sucks”. MJ throws three jam jars at the wall, and when about to throw his forth, he suddenly freezes. He drops the jar onto the floor and turns to Susan and they both hug whilst crying.

818 26
Renee tells Bree that the police don't suspect Ben anymore.

At Bree’s house, Bree is showing Renee a collection of previous cakes she had made for weddings. Renee becomes demanding and requests big things. Renee expresses her appreciation towards Bree for helping plan the wedding, as Ben has done nothing. Bree explains that with the dead body situation, he’ll be even busier, but Renee tells Bree that Ben isn’t a suspect because the person died before construction began. Bree tells Renee they’ll be able to focus more energy on giving her the best wedding ever. As Renee leaves, Bree tells them they’ll start planning for it tomorrow. When Renee is gone, Bree pauses and looks around her home with an odd expression before heading towards her phone.

818 27
Murphy listens to Bree confessing to burying something.

We see Lynette hoovering up in her living room. She stops to take a look through her photo albums containing pictures of her and Tom. We then see Gabrielle pouring herself a cup of coffee as Carlos comes up behind her and passes her the pink briefcase. He kisses her to show his support. And then we see MJ playing on a portable gaming device. Susan sits next to him on the sofa and passes him a studying book for him to do his homework. Meanwhile, at Ben’s house, Ben is sat in his living room when his phone rings. He answers to hear Bree on the other line. Bree explains that Renee told her the good news and then she thanks him for keeping her secret. Ben tells her not to worry as he said he’d keep it secret. Bree thanks him for keeping the secret, even when blame turned onto him. However, outside on Wisteria Lane is a van parked on the road. Inside the disguised van is Detective Murphy listening to Bree confessing to putting a body in the ground. She then says a day doesn’t go by when that weighs heavily on her conscience. Murphy suddenly turns to his colleague and states with a smile “gotcha”.

Yes, in life, when we see an opportunity we have to take it; whether it’s the hope of winning back the love of our life, a shot at proving our worth, or the chance to show a child the right path. But sometimes when we answer the call we have no idea what opportunity awaits us.
Mary Alice Young


This episode was directed by Randy Zisk, marking his 3rd directing credit with the series, and written by co-executive producer Sheila Lawrence, marking her 2nd writing credit with the series.


On its original American broadcast, this episode was watched by a total of 8.71 million viewers.



Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the episode.