Wiksteria Lane

Arthur "Art" Shepard was a resident of Wisteria Lane.


Season 3[]

Art is one of the patrons seized when Carolyn Bigsby holds the supermarket hostage. He rescues Lynette Scavo during the hostage situation when Carolyn aims her gun at Lynette. Art throws a can of soup at Carloyn's head, causing her aim to be off and only shoots Lynette's arm. This act of heroism caused Lynette's son, Parker, to idolize Art. However, shortly after getting to know more about Art, Lynette begins to suspect that he is a pedophile, when she inadvertently ends up in his basement is full of toys and sees a wall of polaroids of half-naked boys.

Lynette then asks Karen McCluskey for advice and soon neighbors start demonstrations outside the Shepherd house, terrorizing Art and his invalid sister Rebecca. Rebecca chastises Lynette for suggesting his brother is a pedophile, saying that photos are of his students from his swim class whom he is proud of. Soon after, Rebecca dies, and Art decides to move away. Lynette is racked with guilt and rethinks what she had seen, and begs for Art’s forgiveness.

He responded by saying now that her sister is gone, he can go back to his old ways, and hauntingly tells Lynette to take care of her "beautiful" family as he packs his things. This suggests that either he is a pedophile, or is pretending to sound like one to scare Lynette as revenge for her ruining his life and causing his sister's death.


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.