Bartender in Biker Bar
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This man worked as a Bartender in a Biker Bar that Edie took Lynette to while she was fighting cancer.


Edie and Lynette both enter a biker’s bar. When the men, who are playing pool, drinking beer and talking to each other, see Edie they all look and yell her name, welcoming her. Edie sticks her arm in the air and cheers happily. Lynette, realising the men know Edie well, asks if she’s been before, to which Edie replies “a couple of times”. Edie then takes Lynette towards the bar and says that Lynette will love it at the bar. Lynette says that she has cancer so she probably shouldn’t use the ladies room in the bar, but Edie says it’s fine because there isn’t a ladies room. When they reach the bar, Lynette, feeling reluctant, says she has chemo in half an hour, so Edie says they better start drinking. Lynette tells Edie that she’s not supposed to drink. Edie then says that the people in this bar aren’t supposed to do tattoos in the kitchen, but she has a bald eagle on her ass that says otherwise. She then asks the bartender for two Tequila Shooters. ("Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know")

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