Wiksteria Lane

Benjamin Katz was six years old. And there were a lot of things he didn't understand. He wasn't sure why the woman you call mommy isn't always your mother. Or how the man who was always there for him could suddenly be taken away. Or why you could go for a ride and never come back home. Yes, there were a lot of things Benjamin Katz couldn't understand, and no one seemed in a hurry to explain them.
Mary Alice Young

Benjamin Tyson Van de Kamp (formerly Katz and Hodge) is Bree's grandson and the son of Danielle and Austin McCann. It is likely that Benjamin knows about his biological father because he met his great-aunt Edie Austin's aunt.


Season 4[]

Picture 3

Orson, Bree, and baby Benjamin Tyson Hodge

Bree faked a pregnancy to make it seem like he was hers and adopted him immediately after birth to save her daughter (and herself, to some degree) from scandal. Benjamin was born, on October 31, 2007.

Time Jump[]

Danielle reclaimed her son when he was three years old. He was adopted later by her husband Leo.

Season 5[]

Benjamin and Danielle return. It is revealed that he is confused with the identity of Bree and Danielle, calling Bree "mom" and Danielle by her name. Bree is horrified to learn that Benjamin is being raised as a vegetarian. Bree, thinking that Benjamin isn't being raised healthily, gives Benjamin meat. He throws up, and an angry Danielle takes Benjamin home.

Season 7[]

Benjamin and Danielle visit Bree just as she is about to go to a concert with her new boyfriend, Keith.

Season 8[]

Benjamin and Danielle return to Wisteria Lane in the episode "School of Hard Knocks" after his adopted father, Leo, leaves his mother. He is seen carting in Danielle's exorbitant luggage and also in helping her construct the sex swings that Danielle is selling on the internet under the guise of exercise equipment.