Wiksteria Lane

Bill Pearce was a single father raising a young daughter whose wife died sometime in the year prior to Season 3 and short term rebound love interest of Gabrielle Solis

Season 3[]

When his daughter was slipping in Gabrielle's pageant classes, she wanted to give her the boot, but when she met with Bill she instantly liked him and told him that she wanted to give her private lessons to get closer to him. This works and the two soon start dating.

When they arrive home from a date, Gabrielle finds roses on her doorstep from Zach Young (albeit, Gaby does not know this yet), however Gaby assumes that they are from Carlos and confronts him. She later goes to the florist to find out who sent the flowers but the florist will not reveal it to her as the person asked to remain annonymous. Gaby then imprisons the florist and begins rifleing through her receipts, Bill walks in at this point and breaks up with Gaby as she is still hung up on her ex-husband, he is then hit-on by the florist, briefly.