Wiksteria Lane

Bob Hunter and Lee McDermott are two of the supporting protagonists of Desperate Housewives as of season four, and thus their family is central to the series and its stories.


The Hunter-McDermott family.

Family members[]

Bob and Lee's family is one of the central families on Desperate Housewives as of season four. They reside at 4351 Wisteria Lane.

Immediate family[]

  • Bob Hunter - One half of the street's most notable gay couple, Bob is the go-to lawyer for the people of the lane, and is often deemed a "butch", particularly when compared to his husband.
  • Lee McDermott - The second half of the street's most notable gay couple, Lee is a real estate agent and a living and breathing prototype of the effeminate homosexual, as

    The Hunter-McDermott house, 4351 Wisteria Lane.

    opposed to his husband. Lee is the gay friend that all the housewives talk to.
  • Jenny Hunter-McDermott - Bob and Lee's adopted 10-year-old daughter, a sweet, cute and talented child. She looks up to Renee as a mother figure since she doesn't have one.

Extended family[]

  • Mrs. Hunter - Bob's unnamed mother, whom Lee tried to introduce to Susan, which led the two of them to catch Susan fully naked. She is a homophobe.
  • Mrs. McDermott - Lee's unseen and unnamed mother, who is probably a homophobe.
  • Lee's brother - Lee's unseen and unnamed brother, who used to tell him scary stories.
  • Lee's other sibling(s) - Lee's unseen and unnamed siblings.


  • Rafael - Bob and Lee's dog, who was trapped by Susan in her garage so she could fake his disappearance and eventually fall on Lee's good side once she "found" the dog.

Note: Renee's family intertwines with Bob and Lee's.