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The first note[]

I know what you did. It makes me sick. I'm going to tell.

This note was sent to Bree Van de Kamp one month after the murder of Alejandro, and its succeeding cover-up. It bluntly told her "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID. IT MAKES ME SICK. I'M GOING TO TELL". The letter is an obvious reference to the note that Mary Alice received over twelve years before.

The note was written on a blue stationary, in italics. As opposed to the note Mary Alice received, it features punctuation.

It is revealed to the viewers, but not to Bree, at the end of the episode "Get Out of My Life" that it was Orson, Bree's second husband, who wrote this letter and the one that proceeded it.

The second note[]

You're welcome.
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The suspects.

Bree received her second letter a few days after the murder of Chuck Vance. It was written in the same hand-writing and on the same stationary and in the same style so it was clearly by the person who sent the first letter. It simply said "YOU'RE WELCOME." This shocked Bree as it meant someone killed Chuck on purpose. After it is revealed that it was Orson who wrote the letters, the murder of Chuck Vance could be viewed as an homage to Orson's running-over of Mike Delfino at the end of Season 2.


  • The idea of the first note echoing the original one received by Mary Alice was thought up by ABC head Paul Lee.[1][2]