Wiksteria Lane

I remember the easy confidence of her smile, the gentle elegance of her hands, the refined warmth of her voice. But what I remember most about Bree was the look of fear in her eyes. Bree had started to realize her world was unraveling. And for a woman who despised loose ends, that was unacceptable.
Mary Alice Young

Bree Weston (née Mason, previously Van de Kamp and Hodge) was Wisteria Lane's resident neurotic and perfectionist homemaker, whose strong resolve and proper demeanor were both her greatest assets, as well as the source of nearly all her personal trouble. She describes herself as the domestic housewife out of her close group of precious friends. Bree is not who she seems to be, and as portrayed on the show, not who she seems to be.

A cross between Martha Stewart-on-steroids and a Stepford wife, Bree's efforts to maintain her plastic existence quickly collapsed as she dealt with such obstacles in her life as family drama, widowhood, alcoholism, a nervous breakdown, the loss of her business and divorce.
Thrown into a midlife crisis leaving her sure only of her ability to deliver a basket of muffins to her neighbors, Bree evolved from a cold and prudish woman with severe moral values into a more loose, sexually inventive and promiscuous one.

Finally able to accept the faults in her life, realizing her flaws only make her real and human, Bree weds the love of her life, leaves the lane and her history behind and relocates to Kentucky, where she becomes a conservative socialite and member of the state legislature.


Early life[]

Bree had spent most of her life feeling guilty. As a child, she felt guilty about not getting straight A's. As a teenager, she felt guilty about letting her boyfriend go to second base. And as a newly-wed, she felt guilty about taking three weeks to get out her thank-you cards.
Mary Alice Young

Bree was born to Henry and Mrs. Mason, a wealthy conservative couple, in Rhode Island. The Masons moved around a lot during Bree's childhood, yet she found solitude in the company of her three pet dogs - Coco, Taffy and Munchie. ("In a World Where the Kings Are Employers")

Bree EL 1
10-year-old Bree. ("Women and Death")

Bree's mother, a repressed uptight housewife, encouraged the use of 'a mask' - a face you wear when you don't want people to know how you're feeling - and taught Bree from a young age that if she hid her emotions, she'd have power over men. Bree was oblivious to the fact that her father had an affair with his secretary, which had alienated her parents from one another. ("Women and Death")
Later, at age 10, Bree's life was forever changed when her mother was hit by a drunken driver. Left home alone while her mother was rushed to hospital, Bree spent hours washing the blood off the road and driveway. Her mother died from her injuries. Following this, Bree began to close herself off from the outside world, and continued to repress her emotions, and presented the illusion of perfection to those who saw her. ("Come in, Stranger")

Bree EL Teenager
A teenage Bree and a high-school boyfriend. ("Guilty")

Shortly after his wife's death, Bree's father became strict with his daughter and insisted on good behavior and eventually molded her into his image of the 'perfect lady.' ("Who Can Say What's True?") Henry Mason remarried, presumably to his mistress, Eleanor. Bree and her step-mother did not get along and Bree found herself having to work extremely hard for every kind word she received from the appearance-orientated Eleanor, and eventually began to resent her because of her ridiculously high standards. ("Don't Look at Me")

Bree EL 2
Bree and Rex's wedding photo. ("Sunday in the Park with George")

Bree went on to attend Lake Forest College (near Chicago) to get away from her demanding step-mother. In her freshman year, she met Rex Van de Kamp while attending a campus Young Republican meeting were Rex was giving a speech. The two connected the moment they met; after their meeting the two went to a diner, where they stayed up until 2:00 AM talking about immigration, gun control, and state government.

Bree EL 3
Bree and new-born Andrew. ("Live Alone and Like It")

At the time, Bree was involved in a serious relationship with another man, Ty Grant, but quickly ended her relationship with him in order to begin dating Rex. This caused stress between Bree and her family, who did not approve of Rex as a suitor for their daughter. ("Your Fault")

Shortly thereafter, the two married. The couple took their honeymoon in Italy ("Sunday in the Park with George") and upon their return, Bree became pregnant with the first of her two children by Rex, Andrew, who was born in 1988. The following year, Danielle, the couple's second child, was born.

I met Bree Van de Kamp the first day she moved to Wisteria Lane. There are certain people who, when you meet them, can't help but make a delightful first impression. Bree was not one of them.
Mary Alice Young
Bree EL 4
The Van de Kamps move to Wisteria Lane. ("Remember, Part 2")

In 1994, the Van de Kamps moved to Fairview to the picturesque suburban neighborhood, Wisteria Lane. On moving day, Bree introduced herself to Mary Alice Young, after forcing Andrew to apologize to her after he stole her garden frog statue. Later, Bree meets Susan Mayer, Lynette Scavo and Gabrielle Solis and the women all quickly befriend one another. ("Remember, Part 1")

It is around this time that Bree and Rex's marriage begins to become strained. Rex comes to resent Bree's repression of her emotions and obsessive devotion to appearing perfect, while Bree is frequently humiliated by her husband's unloving and detached nature. Throughout their marriage, Bree honored her mother's philosophy of 'the mask.' ("Women and Death")

After Rex advised her to get a job and make her own money, Bree began penning a cookbook in between her household chores. However, she gives up on her plans of getting it completed and published once Rex teases her about her ambitions and skills as a cook. Disheartened, Bree disposed of the book manuscript and her recipes. ("The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened")

Season 1[]


Bree Van de Kamp, who lives next door, brought baskets of muffins she baked from scratch. Bree was known for her cooking. And for sewing her own clothes. And for doing her own gardening. And for reupholstering her own furniture. Yes, Bree's many talents were known throughout the neighborhood, and everyone on Wisteria Lane thought of Bree as the perfect wife and mother. Everyone, that is, except her own family.
Mary Alice Young
Bree 1x01
After the breakdown of her marriage, Bree cries privately in a restroom. ("Pilot")

Bree and her family attend Mary Alice Young's wake and although they appear perfect, it quickly becomes apparent that her emotional coldness and obsession with appearance has made her family resent her. To make matters worse, Rex asks her for a divorce. While at a diner, Bree accidentally poisons Rex by putting onions, to which he is deathly allergic, in his salad, and he suffers a reaction and collapses. Rex is rushed to hospital, and when Bree visits him, he accuses her of being emotionally unavailable and obsessed with achieving domestic perfection. Bree is clearly upset by his words and retreats to the hospital bathroom, where she breaks down into tears. The next day, while packing up Mary Alice's belongings, Bree and her friends find a mysterious blackmail note.("Pilot")

Bree 102
Dr. Goldfine meets the Van de Kamps.("Ah, But Underneath")

Attempting to salvage her marriage, Bree hires renowned couple counselor, Dr. Albert Goldfine. During their first session, Rex is vocal about his issues, but Bree is less reluctant and instead rambles on with small talk. Her obsessive-compulsive manner takes hold when she spots a torn button on Goldfine's suit and insists on re-sewing it. Bree and Goldfine chat; she says that the issues with the marriage aren't entirely her fault and that Rex should be more grateful for everything Bree does. During the next session, Goldfine suggests Rex be more thankful for all of his wife's hard-work, much to Bree's approval. ("Ah, But Underneath")

Bree 103
Dinner party gone awry: Rex leaves after being humiliated by his wife.("Pretty Little Picture")

Bree covers-up her and Rex's problems from her friends believing they'll mock her and view her as "weak". However, while throwing a dinner-party, Rex lets it slip that they're in counselling and Bree is outraged. She publicly embarrasses Rex with a shameful secret - "Rex cries after he ejaculates." - in retaliation. Rex decides to move out. Upset over recent events, Bree rushes to Dr. Goldfine's office where she mistakenly stumbles upon a tape labeled "Young, Mary Alice". Bree snatches the tape while Goldfine is out of the room hoping it might shed some light on her friend's suicide.("Pretty Little Picture")

Bree 104
Bree embarrasses Andrew by joining him at his favorite strip-club. ("Who's That Woman?")

With Rex living out of a motel, naturally, both Andrew and Danielle become curious about their father's whereabouts. Bree is reluctant to tell them the truth and instead creates up nonsensical stories to cover up his disappearance from the household. Andrew becomes particularly angry over this and accuses Bree of having "sent his father away". With Andrew having gone out without telling her, Bree searches his room and finds an address for a strip club. Bree sneaks up behind Andrew and his friends at the club and gives a long lecture on how strippers are people as well.("Who's That Woman?")

Bree 105
Bree talks to Rex about her fears of being alone. ("Come in, Stranger")

Bree finds herself left alone in the house for the first time in 10 years when Andrew and Danielle go away on a camping trip and with Rex living at the motel. To avoid the loneliness of eating alone, she invites Zach Young over and the two have an informative and fascinating conversation about the deaths of their mothers. Zach tells Bree that he knows why his mother killed herself and confesses that it was something that he did, before getting panicked and leaving. Bree, desperate for more information from Zach, and knowing his love for the holidays, invites him over to try out Christmas recipes. However, much to her surprise, Bree is invited out on a dinner-date by Rex, in an attempt to reconcile, and she is forced to cancel her plans with Zach last minute. Subsequently, a disturbed Zach breaks into the Van de Kamp home and decorates it with Christmas ornaments. ("Come in, Stranger")

Bree 106
In an attempt to rekindle their love life, Bree tries to seduce Rex. ("Running to Stand Still")

During a counselling session, Goldfine suggests that Bree and Rex seek the help of a sex surrogate in order to rekindle their love life. Bree is horrified at this recommendation. Later, while dining alone, Bree spots Dr. Goldfine and decides to continue their session on sex (in excruciating detail), much to Goldfine's embarrassment. Following this, Bree surprises Rex at his motel room when she arrives in a fur coat. She quickly disrobes, revealing sexy lingerie, and the two begin making love. Lying beside the bed is a half-eaten burrito, which is moments away from dripping onto the carpet. Bree tries to ignore it but ultimately has to stop having sex with Rex to tidy up the mess. Rex is furious with Bree's obsession with cleanliness and asks her to leave. ("Running to Stand Still")

Bree 107
Bree and Rex announce their plans to divorce to Andrew and Danielle. ("Anything You Can Do")

Andrew continues acting out and gets in serious trouble at school, while Bree and Rex only add to the mix by announcing their plans to divorce. Bree is upset when both Andrew and Danielle decide to move out and live with their father, who has since began attempts to buy the love of his children with expensive gifts, including a convertible car for Andrew. Bree demands that Andrew and Danielle refuse to accept the gifts or else they will not be allowed entry back into the house; she has the locks changed. Danielle gives in but Andrew furiously speeds off in his new car. Later that evening, after a brawl with Rex, a drunken Andrew returns home but accidentally hits Carlos Solis' mother, Juanita, on the way. Bree is frozen in shock when she learns of Andrew's involvement in the hit-and-run. ("Anything You Can Do")

Bree 108
The plan is set in motion as Bree and Rex watch a criminal rob the incriminating evidence - Andrew's car. ("Guilty")

With Mama Solis in a deep coma, Bree attempts to find a solution to save her son from life in prison. After reading through the Bible and finding a way to deal with her guilt, Bree concludes that they have to dispose of the car, as the police might discover DNA. She suggests taking the car to a bad part of town, leaving the keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked. That way, if the police don't find it they will receive the insurance money and if they do, it wasn't in their possession and anyone could have hit Mrs. Solis. During the early hours of the morning, Bree and Rex follow the plan, and after a short wait, a criminal steals the car. Bree is relieved. However, when Andrew shows no remorse about almost killing an elderly woman, Bree worries her son is becoming a monster. ("Guilty")

Bree 109
Bree is furious when she learns of Andrew's marijuana habit. ("Suspicious Minds")

Bree suggests to Rex that they make Andrew quit the swim team, the only thing he is truly passionate about, in order to punish him for the hit-and-run. She hopes doing so would finally make him understand the severity of the crime he has committed. Rex is against this because it means Andrew would lose his chance at an athletic scholarship, but Bree is willing to risk it in order to make sure her son grows up with any trace of humanity inside him. Later, Bree catches Andrew smoking marijuana and she anonymously reports Andrew to the school and gets his locker searched. Andrew is punished by being thrown off of the school swim team. ("Suspicious Minds")

Bree 110
Bree confronts Maisy. ("Come Back to Me")

Unbeknown to Bree, Rex is secretly having an affair with a domiciliary prostitute, Maisy Gibbons. While Maisy is performing as a dominatrix, Rex suffers a heart-attack and is rushed to hospital. Bree is called to the hospital and sees that Maisy signed the admission form and goes to confront her; Maisy says that Rex still loves Bree, but he has sexual needs that he is afraid to discuss with her. When Rex awakes following his operation, Bree tells him she is glad he didn't die - she is going to find the most vindictive lawyer she can and eviscerate him, taking his money, his family and his dignity - she wants revenge for his betrayal. She files for divorce. ("Come Back to Me")

Bree 1x11
Bree invites her pharmacist, George Williams, out for dinner. ("Move On")

Bree refuses to let Rex return home to recover once he is discharged from hospital, however, she is quickly emotionally blackmailed into taking him back by Andrew. While picking up Rex's medication, Bree asks her pharmacist, George Williams, out on a date. He accepts and Bree later parades him in front of Rex, who clearly sees through her attempt to make him jealous. When Andrew finds out about Bree's date, he is furious with her...until Bree tells him of his father's affair. Andrew urges her to kick Rex out but Bree decides to continue nursing him back to health because it is the right thing to do. ("Move On")

Bree 1x12
Bree and George go on a date. ("Every Day a Little Death")

Bree continues her relationship with George, in an effort to make Rex jealous. The two go on a date to the park and share a picnic - George gives Bree a present, a WWII 9-millimeter Luger P08. Bree, being in the NRA and a collector of fire-arms, is delighted. Bree then takes George out to a small farm to teach him how to shoot a gun. As she instructs him, he attempts to kiss her. A surprised Bree steps back quickly and George shoots himself in the foot. George loses a toe and Bree goes to the hospital to apologize - she is still married to Rex and was thus reluctant to kiss George. ("Every Day a Little Death")

Bree 1x14
Bree learns of Rex's S&M fetish. ("Love is in the Air")

In the middle of divorce negotiations, Rex suggests to Bree that they stop all of their fighting and sort things out - Bree is hesitant, but decides to continue with the divorce. She tells him she wants revenge, possibly by conducting her own affair. Bree pays a late-night visit to a small diner to clear her head. She bumps into George and asks his advice; he tells her that she should forgive Rex. ("Your Fault")

Bree tells Dr. Goldfine she's happy she and Rex are back together, but there's something he's still not telling her, which is why he had the affair. Taking Goldfine's advice, Bree pushes Rex to tell her what his secret is and he finally admits it - he's into S&M. Bree is reluctant to go along, but finally agrees. ("Love is in the Air")

Bree 1x15
Bree and the newly-discovered condom. ("Impossible")

Bree finds a condom in the laundry and believes that Rex is still cheating. Rex denies this, and informs his wife that he isn't the only male in the house - Bree worries Andrew is having sex. Over dinner, however, it is revealed that the condom belongs to Danielle, who is planning to give up her virginity to John Rowland. Bree then visits John at his apartment and asks him a favor: to break up with her daughter...and to be brutal. ("Impossible")

Bree 1x16
Bree attempts to bribe Maisy to save the Van de Kamp reputation. ("The Ladies Who Lunch")

After Maisy Gibbons is arrested for prostitution, everyone in the neighborhood begins dishing the dirt and Bree is worried that Rex's name will come up. Especially when she hears that Maisy kept a book of all her clients. She visits Maisy in jail and asks her to take Rex's name out of the book. She's willing to pay her $14,000 for the favor, but Maisy refuses. Later, Bree and Rex go out to eat at the country club, but are put off when everyone starts staring at them. They realize the secret is out, but stay and eat their meal with as much dignity as possible. Bree then cancels her country club membership out of embarrassment. ("The Ladies Who Lunch")

Bree 1x17
Bree watches on as Andrew is taken away. ("There Won't Be Trumpets")

Andrew is expelled from school and Bree insists they send him to a juvenile detention center. Rex is reluctant until he catches Andrew being violent towards Bree and eventually changes his mind. The next morning, they inform Andrew of their plans and two escorts arrive to pick him up. As Andrew tries to escape, Bree rushes to reassure him everything will be all right. Andrew spits in her face. Undaunted, Bree tells him that no matter what he does, she'll always love him, as he is taken away. ("There Won't Be Trumpets")

Bree 1x18
Bree learns of her son's homosexuality. ("Children Will Listen")

Bree has a crisis about whether she's a good mother or not when it's time to visit Andrew at the detention center. She doesn't want to go but Rex talks her into it. Andrew doesn't want to see her and she assumes it's because he hates her. Stuck with the truly terrible mothers outside, Bree eventually storms in and demands Andrew to admit that she's a good mother. Rex informs his wife that Andrew asked to talk to him alone because he thinks he might be gay. Bree is shocked. ("Children Will Listen")

Bree and Rex bring Andrew home from detention camp and Bree arranges a dinner with the church's pastor, Reverend Sikes, who tries to convince Andrew into changing his sexuality. Bree tells Andrew if he doesn't change he will go to Hell. ("Live Alone and Like It")

Bree 1x19
Bree fears Andrew will go to Hell. ("Live Alone and Like It")

Bree and Rex unexpectedly run into George. Rex is extremely rude and Bree tries to make amends by visiting George in the pharmacy. He lies and tells her that he has found a girlfriend, Ginger who stacks the shelves. Bree is glad George has moved on and invites him to Carlos Solis' farewell party. When Rex sees George at the party, he pushes both him and Bree into the swimming pool. ("Fear No More")

Rex's health begins to deteriorate. Bree and George go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and the two are spotted by Edie Britt. Bree later talks to Edie who tells her that even if Bree is not technically "cheating" on Rex with George, she is still being somewhat unfaithful. ("Sunday in the Park with George")

Bree 1x22
Bree panics as Rex suffers a second heart attack. ("Goodbye for Now")

Bree bumps into George at the supermarket and he informs her of Rex's continued bragging of their sex life - this is, in fact, a lie. Bree confronts Rex and the two have a heated argument, during which Rex suffers from another heart-attack. Bree hesitates but ultimately drives him to the hospital. ("Goodbye for Now")

Bree 1x23
An unexpected call: Bree receives news of Rex's death. ("One Wonderful Day")

Bree talks to Rex in the hospital after he recovers about how she needs to start spring cleaning and assures him that he is going to come through his operation just fine because "the best is yet to come." They finally make amends. Later, Bree receives a phone call from Dr. Craig while she is cleaning her silverware, and she learns that Rex passed away a few minutes ago. Bree finishes her spring cleaning before breaking out crying and screaming at the death of her husband. ("One Wonderful Day")

Season 2[]


There were many ways to tell that Bree Van de Kamp was a lady; she was courteous to those around her, she moved with elegance and grace, and she was very careful not to let others know what she was thinking. You see, like most well-bred women, Bree had something to hide...
Mary Alice Young
Bree 201
Bree makes a scene at Rex's funeral. ("Next")

Bree informs the girls of Rex's death and shortly after Rex's mother, Phyllis Van de Kamp, comes to town for the funeral. She and Bree clash heads throughout her visit, especially when Phyllis claims that Bree made Rex miserable during his last years, prompting Bree to disinvite her from the funeral. Eventually, Bree reconsiders; however, during the service, Bree discovers that Rex is being buried in his high school tie, which Phyllis insisted but Bree expressly forbade. Bree changes Rex's tie in the middle of the funeral. ("Next") After the service, Bree's handyman, Eli Scruggs, drops by and reveals that he retrieved her cookbook manuscript from the trash all those years ago and convinces her that someday she should complete it. ("The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened")

Bree is embarrassed when Phyllis starts crying over Rex's death in public, so she slaps her. She apologizes later, but with Bree's uncanny composure and her eagerness to settle Rex's will, Phyllis starts to suspect Bree isn't sorry Rex is dead. Dr. Craig discovers a note written by Rex moments before his death, forgiving Bree for something, and Phyllis sees Bree being comforted by George - they both report her to the same insurance investigator. ("You Could Drive a Person Crazy")

On a visit to Rex's grave, Bree is horrified to discover that his body has been dug up. Phyllis has "forgotten" to tell her about the insurance investigator's suspicions that Rex was poisoned. Bree packs Phyllis's bags and sends her off in a taxi—and then insists on taking a polygraph test to clear herself of all suspicion. But when they ask her if she loves George, the readout spikes. She tells George that he has to take a polygraph test too, because now they suspect the two of them of conspiring to poison Rex. When he asks why she didn't pass her test, she admits she might have feelings for him after all. George agrees and aces his test by telling lies so convincing that the detector shows he even believes them himself. ("You'll Never Get Away from Me")

Bree starts dating George again, angering Andrew. Andrew begins to act inappropriately towards George, but Bree refuses to take notice of his bad conduct. George suggests that Andrew return to the detention camp for more counseling, but Bree is hesitant and says she will only do this if her son does something drastic. She reminds George that Andrew is still grieving and she doesn't want him to see her get into another relationship so quickly after his father's death. Later, at Andrew's swim meet, George arrives uninvited and sits next to Bree and then tries to kiss her, as Andrew watches on. Andrew flies into a fit of rage and attacks George, until the swim coach pulls them apart. That evening, Bree makes Andrew pack his bags to return to the camp. ("My Heart Belongs to Daddy")


Bree's anger against Rex. ("That's Good, That's Bad")

, amongst the suspicions that she murdered him. After Bree threatens to sue the police, Detective Barton agrees to release Rex's body to her so she can reinter him. However, as Bree is waiting for Rex’s body to be put in the hearse, Barton comes up to her and tries to get her to confess to poisoning Rex. He shows her the note that Rex wrote before he died that says "Bree, I understand and I forgive you." Bree is shocked that Rex believed that she had poisoned him. Bree had previously invited her friends to a small reburial service for Rex, but when they show up they find that Bree has moved Rex’s grave away from the family’s plot, saying "If you think I’m going to lay next to someone for eternity who thinks I’m a murderer, you’re crazy." She then proceeds to throw her wedding ring into Rex's grave. ("They Asked Me Why I Believe in You")

Bree discovers that whenever George and her attempt to get intimate, she develops hives on her neck. She talks to Dr. Goldfine who advices her that the sudden break-outs occur because she still feels that she is married. Attempting to get over this fact because she wants to continue seeing George, she suggests the two of them visit a luxurious hotel for an overnight stay. However, when they arrive at the hotel, Bree once again breaks out into hives. Later, the two have dinner and George gives Bree an antihistamine to help with her hives. The next morning, Bree informs George that she'll have to get over her hives because she loves him. The two kiss and make love. After, Bree is left wondering if she is making the right decision. ("I Wish I Could Forget You")


Bree meets George's family after recently becoming engaged.

George surprises Bree by showing her the new house he's just bought - which he hopes she'll move into with him. He then proposes, in the company of his mother, and Bree hesitantly says yes. Bree speaks with Dr. Goldfine and he suggests not to marry George to be polite and especially because she doesn't really love him. Soon, Bree becomes flustered when George's friends and family start talking about the possibility of children and she tells her finance that she's having second thoughts. She mentions Dr. Goldfine's suggestion and the next day, George attempts to eliminate Goldfine by throwing him over a bridge. ("Color and Light")

Bree discovers that George has put a wedding announcement in the morning paper and confronts him at the pharmacy. When he spots her not wearing her engagement ring, he aggressively forces her to put it on. The following afternoon, George's ex-fiancé, Leila, informs Bree of George's jealousy and dangerous fits of rage. Bree, who initially doesn't take any notice, later comes to the revelation that Leilia was correct: while dining with George, Bree meets up with an old college boyfriend and she heads off to dance with him - George gets extremely jealous and when Bree once again refuses to put her ring on, he gets violent. Bree calls of the engagement. ("The Sun Won't Set")


Bree threatens George, who has begun stalking her.

George begins stalking Bree - interrupts a dinner party Bree is hosting by serenading via a karaoke machine outside and by riding past her house on his bike repeatedly for hours. Bree visits Dr. Goldfine in hospital and he informs her that his assailant rode a bike...Bree realizes George was responsible. Soon, Bree receives a call from the police, who inform her that in their search, they've found evidence that George poisoned Rex. Bree is co-chairing a charity event at a local hotel. George checks into a room at the hotel and sends her a note detailing how he has taken a fatal dose of pills and that if she cares about him, she'll come to his room to save him. Bree goes to his room and finds George slowly passing out - an effect of the pills. She says she can forgive him if he admits to what he did. He finally says whatever he did, he did for her—because she wanted him to. And then he asks her to please call an ambulance. She smiles and tells him she already did. She watches him die before leaving. ("That's Good, That's Bad")

Bree feigns surprise when the police tell her about George's suicide. She then tells her friends and then she has to break the news to Andrew, who's back from camp. He announces his hatred for his mother and reminds her that it's her fault his father is dead. Bree later informs Andrew that George payed for his crime and that he didn't die on his own terms. ("Coming Home")

Bree is shocked when she sees Andrew kissing his boyfriend, Justin, in front of the house. Bree tells Andrew to stop seeing him but Andrew ignores her. The next morning, she brings him breakfast in bed, and nearly drops the tray when she finds Justin in bed with her son, after spending the night. Bree threatens to have Justin removed by the police but Andrew plays his trump card - if she does, he'll tell the cops that she let George die. Bree hires Karl Mayer to get his legal advice on the situation. ("One More Kiss")

Bree begins her quest to find out more details on the mysterious Betty Applewhite. She invites Detective Barton out to lunch, with plans of asking him to research the mysterious new family, but he has the wrong idea - he believes the lunch to be a date. After the misunderstanding, Bree is pulled over by the detective while driving home. He accuses her of driving under the influence of alcohol and has her arrested. She is freed hours later and is forced to walk home. Betty Applewhite conveniently pulls up besides her in her car and offers to give her a ride. The two get talking and Bree tells Betty that everyone is gossiping about her mysterious behavior and Betty, once she's dropped Bree home, calls Edie with the intentions of selling her home. ("We're Gonna Be All Right")

When Bree finds Matthew Applewhite in Danielle's bedroom, Bree walks the both of them to Betty's, where she slaps Matthew. Eventually, Bree agrees to let Danielle date Matthew as long as it's okay with Betty. The following day, Bree visits Betty who thinks that they should not interfere with Danielle and Matthew's relationship but when Bree discovers Caleb lurking in the upstairs window she panics and tells Betty she has to leave. Remembering that she has seen the boy's face before from the newspaper, she alerts her friends that she has serious dirt on the Applewhites - they agree to meet at Bree's for a poker game to discuss. However, Danielle stupidly reveals to Matthew how Bree covered up Andrew's hit-and-run accident. Before the game, Betty visits Bree to warn her that if she breathes a word about Caleb's existence she will inform the Solises and the police about Andrew's crime. ("There's Something About a War")


Bree gets drunk alone at an Italian restaurant.

Bree has the key to the Applewhite home from the previous tenant, and when Betty is out, she decides to pay Caleb a visit. As the two talk, Bree learns of Melanie Foster and her death. Later, Betty drops by and is furious that Bree broke into her home. Bree invites her in for a drink and, oddly enough, the two end up commiserating over their wayward sons. ("Silly People")

Bree gets drunk alone at an Italian restaurant. When she arrives home she passes out on her front lawn only to be discovered by Mrs. McCluskey the following morning. Subsequently, a hung-over Bree is required to babysit Lynette's children. She starts drinking again, falls asleep, and the twins and Penny disappear from her home. Luckily, Lynette finds them down town. Lynette confronts Bree, with suspicions that she was drunk while babysitting her kids, and Bree is offended and denies the allegations. Once Bree is gone, Lynette goes through her friend's garbage and discovers a countless amount of empty wine bottles. Later, Bree finds a neatly stacked line of bottles on her porch with a scrolled message in one of the bottles from Lynette: "Do you still think you don't have a problem?" ("Thank You So Much")

Bree is still drinking and is beginning to worry her friends. Meanwhile, Andrew asks his mother to buy him a car and Bree refuses. Andrew insults her and Bree retaliates by striking a hard slap across her son's face. In a scheme to get emancipated and thus have access to his trust fund, Andrew gets Justin to punch him so he can accuse Bree of having become violent when drunk. Once Bree discovers Andrew's hired a lawyer, she joins an AA group to deal with her problem. ("There Is No Other Way")

At her AA meetings, Bree's vagueness on how long she's been sober tips off a fellow AA member, Peter McMillan, that she's still secretly drinking. She explains that she's not really an alcoholic, she's only coming to undermine Andrew's attempt to paint her as a bad mother. And her plan is working: with Bree appearing to be the model mother, Andrew's lawyer tells him he doesn't stand a chance in court. However, after Andrew shakes Bree up at a department store by threatening to use childhood sexual abuse allegations in court, she hits the bottle hard and passes out in the dressing room. Locked in the department store, she has no choice but to call Peter, who comes to her rescue. Bree finally admits that she has a problem. ("Could I Leave You?")


Bree passes out at a bar.

Bree warms up to her AA sponsor Peter who in addition to being an alcoholic is also a sex addict. After Peter struggles to contain himself in Bree's presence, he introduces her to her new AA sponsor, Donna. Immediately, Bree wants Peter back and eventually wins him over. Meanwhile, Bree asks Lynette to portray her in a positive light, after she is forced to give a deposition in regards to Andrew's pending lawsuit. Lynette agrees. ("Everybody Says Don't")

Bree's parents, Henry and Eleanor Mason, show up on the day of Andrew's court-case. Henry convinces the judge to postpone the hearing and then insists to Karl that they can solve this problem "in house". After a failed attempt or two at reconciliation between mother and son, Eleanor tells Bree that acting on Andrew's suggestion, she and Henry are taking Andrew with them to Rhode Island. After speaking to Justin, Bree devises a plan for making Andrew stay. On the day of the move, Henry and Eleanor stumble upon Andrew's gay porn collection and change their minds - leaving Andrew with Bree. Bree tries to seek Andrew's forgiveness for all they've been through and encourages his relationship with Justin to continue. ("Don't Look at Me")

Bree and Peter's relationship continues, until it is discovered by Peter's sex addicts sponsor, Claude, who forbids him from seeing Bree anymore. Bree learns that Claude is also a drug sponsor and all of his sponsors give him their drugs - Bree uses this against him and reports him to the police for being in the possession of illegal drugs. With Claude out of the way, Bree sets her sights back on Peter. Peter declines to continue their relationship, fearing his addiction will return. However, Peter later calls Bree from a bathroom at a swinger party and asks if she will pick him up. Bree does rescues him and they both agree to help each other with their addictions. ("It Wasn’t Meant to Happen")

Andrew sets his revenge plan into action to get back at his mother. Andrew preys on his mother's boyfriend, Peter, who is bisexual, and seduces him. Bree discovers that the two had sex and proceeds to end her relationship with Peter and also kicks Andrew out. She abandons him at a gas station in the middle of nowhere and drives away. ("I Know Things Now")


Bree decided to give up Andrew.

Danielle becomes suspicious of Bree's strange behavior and becomes concerned since Andrew's disappearance. When Danielle informs her mother that she forgot her birthday, Bree throws her a 17th. At the party, Bree comes to a melting point when one of Danielle's friends eats some of the cake's frosting - that Bree worked so hard on to make perfect - before it is cut. Bree causes a scene when she flips out. Danielle is greatly embarrassed and decides to run away with Matthew, with no intentions of returning. Bree then checks herself into a mental institution, as she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. ("No One Is Alone")

Bree begins her stay at the psychiatric hospital. There, she meets up with Orson Hodge, who is visiting a sick friend. During a session, Bree refuses to reveal her reasons for admitting herself, much to her doctor's frustration. Bree receives a call from Betty who tells her that she believes Matthew, not Caleb, killed Melanie, and that Bree's daughter, Danielle, is in danger. Bree attempts to leave the hospital but is retrained. She later makes a daring escape by throwing the contents of a miniature Zen sand garden at her doctor and running for the door. ("Remember, Part 1")


Orson Hodge surprises Bree with a bouquet of flowers.

Bree catches Danielle and Matthew attempting to steal money and food from her home. She warns Danielle that Matthew is a killer but Danielle just takes this as more of her mom's craziness. But when Matthew puts Bree at gunpoint and threatens to kill her if she does not move, Danielle discovers the truth. Before Matthew can pull the trigger, he is shot by a police squad and is killed. The next day, Bree is then visited by Orson who presents her with flowers and congratulates her on the escape. Pleased with his kind gestures, Bree invites Orson into her home. ("Remember, Part 2")

Season 3[]


Bree and Orson Hodge kiss in the rain. ("Listen to the Rain on the Roof")

After six months of dating, Orson surprises Bree with a ring. She's hesitant, saying she hasn't been very lucky in love since Rex's death, but finally says yes. She tells her friends, who are surprised at her haste, but even more shocked to hear that she and Orson haven't had sex yet. Later, Orson tries to convince Bree to have sex with him before the wedding, but she is firm in her convictions. That is, until his obsessive wineglass cleaning gets her hot and bothered. After a visit to the hospital, Bree learns that Orson had made her experience her first orgasm. At Bree and Orson's engagement party, an uninvited guest shows up: his old neighbor, Carolyn Bigsby. In front of everyone, she warns Bree that Orson killed his first wife, and that if Bree marries him, she'll be next. ("Listen to the Rain on the Roof")

Bree and Orson marry. ("It Takes Two")

Two weeks after their engagement party, Bree and Orson decide to get married. Her friends try to tell her it's too fast, but can't bring themselves to ruin her joy. However, at the ceremony, Bree is confronted by Susan, Lynette and Gaby and announces that she absolutely trusts her future husband. Right before the vows are exchanged, Bree pulls Orson aside and asks him, "Did you kill your wife?" He tells her that he didn't and Bree believes him - the wedding continues. During the reception, Bree and Orson are taken to Fairview Police Station by Detective Ridley to identify a body they believe is Orson's first wife, Alma's. Orson says it is not his wife but Carolyn Bigsby appears to prove him wrong. Only she has to admit she doesn't recognize the body either. She gives Bree a fresh warning, but Bree simply tells her to leave them alone. ("It Takes Two")

Andrew Returns
Andrew returns home. ("A Weekend in the Country")

Bree and Orson are ready to leave for their honeymoon when Bree sees a TV interview with a homeless teen—Andrew. To Orson's dismay, she insists they cancel their honeymoon and go find Andrew. She finds him at a soup kitchen, but he says he wants nothing to do with her. She finally tells Orson the truth: Andrew didn't run away, she left him by the side of the road. Without telling his new wife, Orson tracks Andrew down and learns that he became a 'rentboy' after his mother's abandonment. Orson persuades him to return home. ("A Weekend in the Country")

Bree decides to explain Andrew's absence by saying he was at a drama camp. And Bree soon learns from Orson how Andrew earned a living while on the streets. She's appalled, but even more so to learn that one of his 'johns', is a seemingly respectable local doctor. Bree decides it's her duty to inform doctor's wife, who admits she had her suspicions, but is less than pleased to now have a vivid mental image of his infidelity. She retaliates with a juicy bit of gossip of her own: Bree's daughter Danielle is sleeping with her history teacher. ("Like It Was")

VandeKamp therapy
The Van de Kamps go to counseling. ("Nice She Ain't")

Despondent over Bree trying to stop her affair with her history teacher, Danielle makes a halfhearted attempt to kill herself. This prompts Bree to take the family all to counseling. At a session, Danielle threatens Bree that she'll leave home for good if she attempts to end her affair. On this note, Bree's visits Mr. Faladi and dump Danielle's suitcases on him. She says they have her blessing, but that they'll have to be discreet so Mrs. Falati won't find out. Recognizing an unwanted complication when he sees one, Mr. Falati promises to end it with Danielle, but without mentioning Bree. This works and Bree is somewhat impressed with Danielle's underhand tactics when she informs both the school and Mrs. Faladi of the affair. ("Nice She Ain't")

Bree fears that Orson may have abused his former wife. ("Sweetheart, I Have to Confess")

Carolyn apologizes to Bree for making accusations about Orson and Bree graciously accepts her apology. Soon after, Bree becomes puzzled when she's snubbed for the second time in a week at the country club. She learns that Carolyn is friends with everyone at the club and has convinced them all Orson is a murderer. Bree invite Carolyn and Harvey Bigsby to dinner at the country club so everyone can see there's nothing to the rumors. The women go to powder their noses and Carolyn shows Bree a photo of Alma, looking horribly battered, and of the police report that went along with the incident. Bree can't believe Orson beat his first wife, but Carolyn insists photos never lie. ("Sweetheart, I Have to Confess")

Bree and Orson's mother, Gloria Hodge. ("Children and Art")

Bree confronts Orson with the police report Carolyn gave her and he explains that he never hit his first wife, but was only defending himself when she attacked him. He says if Carolyn paid enough attention to her own marriage, Harvey would never have cheated on her with some stewardess named Monique Polier. Bree accepts his version of events, so when Carolyn drives by, Bree tells her she doesn't believe that Orson beat his wife. When Carolyn won't let it drop, she tells her about Monique. ("Bang")

Bree asks Orson what his mother’s address is so she can put her on her Christmas card list. Orson reveals that his dementia-suffering mother lives in a nursing home in Lakeview, 30 minutes away. Bree travels to Lakeview to visit Gloria (Orson’s mother) and discovers that she is perfectly fine and not, as Orson hold her, suffering from dementia. Bree brings her back to her home for dinner. Gloria tells Orson she wants to go back home but Orson tells her that he’s sold her house, her car and all of her things. Orson calls for an ambulance to take Gloria back to the nursing home but she hijacks it and crashes it into a fire hydrant across the street. Bree offers to let Gloria stay in their house for a few weeks. ("Children and Art")

Bree and Orson decide to purchase Gloria a home. When the only affordable home the couple can afford is in the ghetto area of Fairview, and proves to be unsafe, as Gloria ends up tripping on the unstable kitchen floor, Bree demands that she continues to live with them, over the objections of both Gloria and Orson. Gloria, in the hopes of destroying the lives of Orson and Bree, tells Bree that Orson cheated on Alma, and his mistress was Monique. Monique cheated on Orson, too. Bree tells Orson that it scares her that he had two women in his life before her; one's missing, and one's dead and she throws him out of the house. ("Beautiful Girls")

Bree meets Alma Hodge, Orson's "deceased" ex-wife. ("No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds")

Unless Bree hears the complete truth about what what happened with Alma and Monique, she will divorce Orson. He explains and after listening to his reasonable story, Bree takes him back. Having had enough of Gloria's behavior, Bree and Orson buy her a small condo in a retirement community and she moves out. However, it transpires that Alma is alive and well, as she arrives to pick up Gloria, after learning that Bree and Orson have reunited. ("The Miracle Song")

Bree meets Alma for the first time and decides to throw a dinner party announcing Alma's return, in order to show off to Wisteria Lane that her husband did not murder her. Detective Ridley crashes the party to ask Orson some questions, after Susan spoke to the police about Orson's affair with Monique. Bree learns of Susan's talk with the police and, feeling betrayed, ends their friendship. ("No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds")

Monique's teeth
Bree makes a horrifying discovery - a collection of Monique Pollier's teeth. ("Not While I'm Around")

Bree and Orson are less than thrilled to discover that Alma has moved into the Applewhites' old house. Bree sends Orson over to confront his ex. There, Alma kisses Orson, which Bree sees and is infuriated about. Bree later confronts Alma herself but is shocked when her new neighbor's parrot squawks "Don't tell Bree." With Alma assisting a moving man upstairs, Bree, when searching for a dustpan to clean up a glass she smashes, unintentionally uncovers a loose floorboard. Under which is a picture of Orson and Monique, along with a small bag containing Monique's teeth. ("Not While I'm Around")

Bree Orson's rape
Bree learns of her husband's rape. ("Come Play Wiz Me")

Bree shows Orson the teeth she recovered from Alma's home and Orson informs Gloria that he knows what she is planning with Alma and orders her to stop. Later, as part of their plan, Orson is drugged by Gloria and Alma and the latter rapes him, after injecting herself with hormones in order to successfully impregnate herself. Bree stumbles upon this horrifying ordeal and punches Alma, as she calls Andrew, to help her take Orson home. ("Come Play Wiz Me")

File:Bree unconcious.png
Bree's unconscious body is discovered by Andrew and Orson. ("I Remember That")

Bree tells Orson about his rape, who has no recollection of the events because he was so heavily drugged, but he is reluctant to go to the police. Orson realizes the time has come to tell Bree what happened the night Monique died. Once Bree has been informed, she is furious and insists that he exonerate Mike, whom has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Orson refuses - he can't, or he'll implicate himself. That evening, Bree sees a ladder leaning up against the house with what looks like the bag of teeth hanging from one of the top rungs. As she climbs up to get it, she steps on a rung that has been sabotaged—and promptly falls. Andrew and Orson find her lying there, unconscious. Orson calls the police and Andrew examines the bag; it is full of marbles. Gloria, who has locked Alma in the attic of her home, is responsible for Bree's fall, but Andrew informs the nurses at the hospital not to let Orson be alone with her - he believes it's Orson's fault his mother was hurt. Susan, meanwhile, visits Bree and the two make up and return to being friends. ("I Remember That")

Gloria attempts to murder Bree. ("The Little Things You Do Together")

Bree is returned home and put on bed-rest. Gloria arrives at the Hodge home, with spiked soup in tow, which she gives to Danielle, who takes it upstairs to her mother, before leaving to attend the Scavo Pizzeria opening. Alone, Gloria sets her plan into action...her plan to murder Bree. Gloria believes, the vows Orson made to Alma under the eyes of God are still sacred, and that Orson's divorce from Alma meant nothing, making Bree Orson’s mistress. Gloria runs Bree a bath, and stages it with photographs of Orson and Bree together, as well as candles. Gloria’s idea is that she will get Bree into the bath, and cut her wrists, making it look like a suicide. Andrew spots Danielle at the pizzeria opening and rushes home to check on his mother's well being. Andrew is knocked unconscious in an effort to save his mother by Gloria, but Orson soon comes to Andrew’s rescue. He confronts Gloria as she is about to slit Bree’s wrists. The two battle, before Gloria falls to the floor in defeat, and begins to suffer a stroke. Orson rescues Bree from the bath and returns her to bed. Bree wakes up and begins having nightmares about Gloria. Orson fills her in on what happened. He left Gloria (who is unconscious after the stroke) next to Alma’s body as well as the fake suicide note, which she wrote when trying to attract Orson's attention, and the bag of teeth belonging to Monique, removed by Gloria. The next morning, the two bodies are found and the police believe Alma committed suicide because she felt guilty for killing Monique and that Gloria found her and had a stroke. Mike is exonerated. ("The Little Things You Do Together")

Bree leaves Wisteria Lane on her honeymoon. ("My Husband, the Pig")
Bree Returns
Bree returns in time for Gabrielle's wedding... pregnant. ("Getting Married Today")

Bree leaves Wisteria Lane to visit her parents for a few days, with plans of later meeting up with Orson, so the two can head off for the honeymoon they never took. ("My Husband, the Pig")

Bree and Orson return from their honeymoon in time for Gabrielle and Victor Lang's wedding ceremony. Susan, Lynette and Gabrielle are shocked to discover that Bree is pregnant. In a flashback, Bree and Orson are packing up their belongings at their hotel. It appears that Bree is faking her pregnancy, to cover up the fact that the teenage Danielle really is pregnant. When Julie Mayer begins to ask questions about Danielle's whereabouts, Bree, pretending to be her daughter, types an email to Julie explaining that she is staying at a boarding school in Switzerland. Bree then speaks to Danielle on the telephone and instructs her that she'll not return home until after the baby is born. ("Getting Married Today")

Season 4[]



Bree, with Orson's help, attempts to cover-up Danielle's pregnancy by hoaxing one of her own.

Whenever I feel my emotions getting the best of me, I simply picture an empty box. And I take whatever I'm feeling and put that in the box. Then I picture myself putting the box away in a big empty closet and closing the door. Then, if I have time, I go back and open the box and deal with the emotion. In private. Like a lady.

Bree and Orson struggle to make people think she is pregnant. While out shopping with Orson, Bree almost gets violent with an old lady who wanted to rub her stomach. Then at a neighborhood party, while reaching to get some food, a meat fork sticks in her fake stomach and Ida Greenberg freaks out. Bree and Orson manage to play all of this off, but Orson tells Bree that he wants to tell the truth about the baby before someone finds out. After talking he realizes that this is important to Bree because she feels like she screwed up with Andrew and Daniele and sees this baby as a second chance at motherhood. ("Now You Know")

After new neighbor, Katherine Mayfair, suggests they have a lunch party for Lynette, she and Bree cross swords after they both insist to bring dessert. Katherine agrees to make a salad, but before the party, she switches Bree's lemon pie with hers. The girls all compliment Bree on "the best pie she has ever made" however, Bree soon discovers that the pie is not hers and realizes what Katherine has done. Furious about Katherine's deceit, Bree desperately tries to figure out Katherine's secret ingredient. Bree decides to break into the Mayfair house to steal the recipe. Katherine returns home with her daughter and the two argue about their mysterious past, which Bree overhears. ("Smiles of a Summer Night")

To Bree's horror, Susan asks her for the name of her gynecologist. As Bree doesn't actually have one, and Susan becomes increasingly persistent, she blindly picks a gynecologist's name from the telephone book and gives it to her friend. When Susan returns from her appointment, she confronts Bree about her experience there - the office was filthy, full of junkies, and the doctor took pictures of her body on his cellphone while examining her. Bree apologizes for sending her friend to such an unethical practitioner. ("The Game")


Bree is shocked to discover that her friends have thrown her a baby shower.

A gift for Danielle is delivered and Bree quickly learns that it was sent by Rex's mother, Phyllis. Meanwhile, against her will, Susan, Lynette and Gaby, with the help from Andrew, throw Bree a baby shower. Andrew had a hand in the guest list and in an attempt to frustrate his mother further, invited Phyllis along. Bree and Phyllis argue and the latter, while attempting to steal back her fur coat from Bree, discovers the fake pregnancy padding in the closet. Later, Phyllis checks Danielle out of the convent, without Bree's knowledge. ("If There's Anything I Can't Stand")

Bree is furious when she learns that Danielle is living with Phyllis at her retirement village. Bree and Orson may them a visit but Danielle refuses to leave because Phyllis has agreed to give her a "cushy lifestyle". Andrew advices his mother to offer them Danielle a luxury and during another visit, Bree announces that she'll purchase her daughter a car. Danielle agrees to return home and let Bree raise the baby once it's born. Bree talks things over with a disheartened Phyllis, saying that if she ever wants to babysit for the child, she can do so. ("Art Isn't Easy")

Bree, Orson and Andrew are invited to Bob Hunter and Lee McDermott's Halloween party. Bree is shocked when Danielle's arrives at the party, uninvited, and dressed as her mother. When Danielle's water suddenly breaks, Bree gets Adam to deliver the baby in secret at her home. Once the baby is born, Adam agrees to keep the family's cover-up a secret. Bree is reluctant to take the baby off Danielle but her daughter says that is the best thing for all involved. Danielle leaves the next day for college, as Bree poses as the baby's mother. ("Now I Know, Don't Be Scared")

Bree introduces the newborn, Benjamin Tyson Hodge, to her friends. Later, when she has Susan and Mike over for dinner, Bree becomes concerned when she spots Mike taking an addictive narcotic behind the scenes. She informs Susan of her worry. Meanwhile, Bree wants Benjamin to be circumcised, but Orson, who had the procedure preformed when he was 5, is strongly opposed to the idea. Ignoring her husband's opposition, Bree goes to the hospital to get her baby circumcised, but discovers that Orson has mailed every clinic in the state, giving his refusal to allow the operation to be carried out. Determined, Bree attends a Debris Party and has Benjamin circumcised there. Orson is saddened by this because, as Benjamin's father, he should have some say on how he is raised. Bree apologizes and realizes how much Orson loves the baby - love makes them a family, not blood. ("You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover")


Bree holds Benjamin, for the first time.

Bree irritates Orson by insisting on having baby Benjamin share their bed. She explains that by doing this she is helping Ben form a bond with them, a mistake she made with her first children. Andrew overhears and takes as his cue to move out of the house so Bree won't be reminded of her past "mistakes." In an attempt to get Andrew to return home, Bree visits him at his new apartment. Andrew refuses to come home and reveals that his real motive for moving was to start his own life and give his mother the opportunity to begin her new life with Orson and Benjamin. Bree fears she'll part ways with Andrew on bad terms again and is surprised to learn that Andrew had already forgiven her for abandoning him two years earlier. Bree realizes that her once angry teenage son has grown into a mature and forgiving adult. ("Distant Past")

A tornado is headed for Wisteria Lane. As she prepares for the storm, Bree spots a confrontation between Katherine and another woman, Sylvia Greene. Bree, curious to know more about the mysterious Mayfairs, invites Sylvia inside. Bree learns that Sylvia had an affair with Adam and, after their conversation becomes uncomfortable and Bree asks her guest to leave, Sylvia locks herself in the bathroom that Bree was planning to use as a tornado safe spot and refuses to exit. Bree bring the situation to the Mayfair's attention and Adam attempts to get Sylvia to unlock the door. But when the tornado strikes, Bree, Orson, Benjamin, Katherine and Adam all take shelter in a nearby closet. There, Bree comforts Katherine who finds out about her husband's betrayal. After the storm has passed, Bree exits the closet to find her house semi-destroyed and the rest of Wisteria Lane in a state of destruction. ("Something's Coming")

Bree, Orson, and Benjamin move into Susan's home while theirs is in the process of being repaired after the tornado. Meanwhile, Bree, after finding out her gay contractor has backed out after a messy split, attempts to hook him up with Andrew, in order to get their house fixed quicker. Susan, who enjoys having Bree around as she cooks and cleans for her, attempts to ruin her friend's plans. She interrupts Bree's dinner and goes out of her way to stop Andrew from seducing Walter the contractor. Bree, although initially angry, realizes that Susan only did this to keep her around since Mike is at rehab and she feels alone. Bree agrees to stay. ("Welcome to Kanagawa")

Bree agrees to let Lynette, Tom and the kids join her and Orson at church, after they begin to embrace religion following the devastating tornado. But Bree soon thinks Lynette is making a fool of herself by asking the minister questions during the service and suggests Lynette attend a different church. Next Sunday, the minister asks where Lynette is because he liked the way she talked back and gives Bree credit for bringing such a nice new person. Bree heads for the Catholic church and manages to persuade Lynette to rejoin her church. ("Sunday")


Bree receive a prize from her rival, Katherine.

Bree and Katherine join forces to plan the Founders Day Ball, despite the rest of the housewives' concerns about their rivalry. However, Bree begins to feel threatened as Katherine tries to overrule any decisions she makes...even taking over the role of presenting the award! Bree, in a last ditch effort to eliminate her rival so she can present the award, poisons Katherine with some spoiled dipping sauce. Katherine becomes extremely ill but insists on playing her role as the presenter. Surprisingly, Bree is the one who is receiving the award. At the end of the ball, Katherine and Bree put aside their rivalry and become best friends. ("In Buddy's Eyes")

Bree and Orson move back into their house, after its repairs are concluded and following the success of the Founders Ball, Bree and Katherine decide to start a catering business. Later, Bree is horrified to discover that Orson was responsible for running down Mike (See Season 3 mystery) and she kicks him out, with intentions of divorcing him. ("Hello, Little Girl")

Bree gives Orson an ultimatum; either surrender himself to the police and go to jail or go free but loose her as his wife. Orson refuses to go to jail. Later, Bree discovers Orson on the front lawn drunk. He tells her he can turn himself in to the police and explain that he was sleepwalking when he ran over Mike. Bree is outraged by this idea and, when Edie drives by, she asks her to take Orson back to his apartment. However, Bree discovers that Orson stayed overnight with Edie and confronts her - concerned that she might start an affair with Orson (a valid concern, given her past adulterous liaisons with Karl, Mike and Carlos). Edie tells Bree that she is not interested in Orson, but she will continue allow Orson to stay for as long as he wants. That night, Bree catches Edie and Orson kissing and is deeply upset. ("Opening Doors")

While confronting Edie about the kiss, Bree is angered and ends up slapping her foe. This marks a full scale war between the two of them. Bree continues to rile Edie by attempting to sabotage her business. Subsequently, Orson tries to patch things up with his wife, but Bree is reluctant and hires a lawyer to organize Benjamin's custody. While at Orson's apartment, Edie discovers paperwork which reveals that Benjamin's biological parents are Austin McCann and Danielle and she then begins to blackmail Bree, instructing her to be kinder and do whatever she wants, otherwise her secret will be exposed. Out of fear, Bree spills the beans on the baby scandal to Susan, Lynette and Gaby and explains Edie's blackmailing. To Bree's surprise, the girls support her choice to cover-up the pregnancy and are outraged by Edie's behavior. And they finally terminate their friendship with her. ("Mother Said")

When Orson begins following Bree around, she decides to make it clear to him that she does not want him around. She meets up with Reverend Green from church, and they have a chat at the Scavo's Pizzeria. Orson appears, and Bree asks the Reverend to hold her hand to make it seem like they were together. Orson sees this and leaves. Later, the Reverend drives Bree home, and declares his love for her. Bree is shocked and rejects his advances. At church, the Reverend decides to take revenge and give a sermon on sexual promiscuity and the threat of Bree, specifically as a temptress, in the community. Orson finds out and confronts the Reverend, and the entire church hears their argument, thanks to the Reverend's microphone.


Bree is keep in hostage, with Katherine.

 Orson tries to beat up the Reverend, but Bree walks in and sees that Reverend Green has knocked Orson unconscious. Orson is then taken off to the hospital, and Bree begins to have second thoughts about leaving him. ("The Gun Song")

Bree is frustrated when Katherine backs out of catering Bob and Lee's commitment ceremony. Bree forces Susan, Lynette and Gaby to help her out. Bree struggles to make the ceremony a success, but refuses to accept Orson's help offer. To add salt to the wound, the ice sculptors inform Bree they cannot deliver the sculpture on time, forcing Bree to retrieve the sculpture herself. On her way back to Wisteria Lane, her car's tire punctures, forcing Bree to place the melting sculpture in Benjamin's stroller and roll it along the highway. Orson pulls over and picks her up. Later, Bree finds herself being held hostage by Katherine's ex-husband, Wayne Davis, but is soon freed. ("Free")

Time Jump[]


Bree 8x14 Time-Jump
Bree bids farewell to Orson as he leaves to serve his sentence. ("Get Out of My Life")

Bree and Orson reunite, on the agreement that he will turn himself in to the authorities and go to prison to atone for his crimes. Before Orson is sent away, Bree throws a dinner party as a farewell celebration. Bree becomes stressed with the prospects of Orson going to jail and, while alone, gives in to her old drinking habit. Orson is taken away the next day.

Danielle takes Ben
Danielle takes Benjamin from Bree. ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow")

Meanwhile, Bree and Katherine's catering business begins to take off but the two struggle in the partnership because of the former's addiction - she continually misses client meetings and events due to being hung-over. Katherine soon discovers Bree's problem and makes it her duty to help her overcome it. Bree eventually manages to regain control. ("Mirror, Mirror") While Orson is serving his time, a newly married Danielle returns home and in a vicious argument, takes Benjamin from her mother, leaving Bree completely alone. ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow")

Bree visits prison
Bree visits her incarcerated husband. ("Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know")

During Bree's first visit to Orson in prison, she cannot bring herself to see him because she is disgusted by the conditions. While conversing with a guard, Bree learns that Edie Britt, who left Fairview years before on bad terms with the Wisteria Lane residents, has been visiting Orson every week. Bree goes to Edie's new home and questions her intentions. Subsequently, Edie reminds Bree that Orson went to jail for her (thus proving his love) and she wonders why Bree cannot 'suck it up' and visit her husband once a month. Bree, realizing her nemesis is correct, decides to meet with Orson. ("Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know")

With Orson in prison and her children living away from home, an alone Bree decides to take on handyman Eli's advice by completing her cookbook and eventually lands a publishing deal. The combination of her catering business and the publication of her cookbook makes Bree extremely wealthy. She hires Andrew as her business assistant. However, despite her continued success, when Orson is released, Bree does not put her career first and instead concentrates on rebuilding her failed marriage. ("Free")

Season 5[]


Bree photoshoot
Bree poses for the front cover photo of her cookbook cover. ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow")

Bree's celebrity status in Fairview has skyrocketed and Katherine becomes jealous, straining the two's partnership. Meanwhile, Edie Britt returns to Wisteria Lane, and Bree, along with the other housewives, decide to forgive her and welcome her back. ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow")

Bree radio
Bree is interviewed on the radio to promote her upcoming book. ("We're So Happy You're So Happy")

Bree and Orson begin to become alienated. She refuses to use his last name "Hodge" and later talks about Rex during a radio interview, but completely ignores Orson's existence. When Orson confronts Bree about the issue, she says she is not proud of his criminal history. To make it up to him, Bree promises to make him a pot roast for dinner. She breaks this promise on numerous occasions. Later, after returning from a catering job, Orson forces Bree to cook him dinner, despite it being past midnight. Bree weeps while preparing the meal. ("We're So Happy You're So Happy")

Danielle returns to Wisteria Lane for a small visit, with new husband, Leo Katz, and son, Benjamin, in tow. Bree finds it difficult not to criticize Danielle's parenting, especially when she learns Benjamin is a vegetarian and being home-schooled. Going against her daughter's wishes, Bree convinces Benjamin to eat a hot dog, telling him that it'll make him strong. At Danielle's welcome home party, Benjamin throws up and Danielle spots traces of meat in his vomit. Furious at her mother's betrayal, Danielle, Leo, and Benjamin, leave. Orson is extremely disappointed in Bree. ("Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else")

Orson asks for a divorce, which horrifies Bree. ("Mirror, Mirror")

Bree is awarded the title of Business Woman of the Year but Orson feels burdened by his wife's success, as he struggles to find a job because of his criminal record. Orson suggests that Bree hire him, which she decides to do, despite Katherine's disagreement. ("Back in Business")

Orson wants to tell everyone at a neighborhood party about him becoming a business partner, but Bree refuses. She fires Orson rather than tell Katherine. During the party, Bree is horrified when Orson demands a divorce. Bree spills the beans on her addiction returning while he was in prison and tells him how much Katherine helped her. ("Mirror, Mirror")

When Katherine tells her she is planning to move to Baltimore as she isn't needed in Fairview anymore, Bree arranges a set-up between Katherine and an old friend of Orson's, Peter Hickey. Orson later informs Bree that he met Peter in prison - he's an organ trafficker. Bree is shocked and attempts to end the date but discovers that Katherine and Peter have already had sex. When Bree tells Katherine the truth, Katherine decides to move to be with family, leading Bree to say she thinks of Katherine as her sister and Katherine is grateful. ("There's Always a Woman")

Bree discovers that Katherine is in a relationship with Mike, after seeing the two of them having sex on the test kitchen surveillance tape. Bree confronts Katherine. She reminds Katherine that Susan is her oldest friend in the neighborhood and she doesn't want her to ruin their friendship. ("What More Do I Need?")

Sandra Birch, a reporter, interviews Bree, with hopes of exposing the truth about Bree's imperfections. Sandra learns about Orson's criminal past, Rex being involved in S&M and Bree's overall failure as a mother. Sandra accuses Bree of writing her cookbook to make her seem a like a high power to other housewives, Bree argues that the book is to encourage women to feel that they can get one thing right, "even if it is just a casserole". Meanwhile, Bree and the gals go to The White Horse nightclub to watch their husbands (who have formed a band) play. A fire breaks out backstage and chaos ensues. Bree manages to escape but Orson badly injures his septum in a scuffle. ("City on Fire")

Bree discovers that Orson's injury is causing him to snore loudly. Bree, on their doctor's advice, suggests Orson undergo surgery. Orson is against this. One night, Orson prepares chamomile tea for the two of them, and puts a sleeping pill in Bree's, so she won't be awoken by his snoring. Bree doesn't drink the tea and leaves it by her bedside. The next morning, Bree is running late for a cooking demonstration at a department store, and in the rush to get ready, she drinks the spiked tea on her bedside. This causes the cooking demonstration to go to shambles, as a goofy Bree makes a fool out of herself. Following this disaster, Bree forces Orson to have the surgery. ("Me and My Town")

Bree learns that the doctor who consulted Orson previously is now dating Andrew. When Bree has Alex and Andrew over for dinner, she finds out from Bob and Lee that he was in a gay porn movie. Bree is deeply concerned her son is making a mistake. However, Andrew is aware of Alex's past - he informs Bree that her protecting him was the nicest thing that she has ever done. ("A Vision's Just a Vision")

With Andrew and Alex announcing their marriage plans, Bree is introduced to the in-law, Melina Cominis, Alex's mother. Their relationship immediately hits the rocks. The two begin to fight over the boy's affections. Fearing Andrew will move to Oakdale to purchase a house there, Bree buys 4350 Wisteria Lane as a wedding gift. Melina is unimpressed. ("Home is the Place")

Alex reacts badly when Bree emasculates Orson in front of him. He doesn't want Bree to talk to her husband like that in front of him, as his mother did that to his own dad. Later, rather than emasculating Orson, Bree is rude to Alex about what he said, and reminds Alex that she bought him and Andrew a house. Alex wants to give the house back if she's going to keep bringing that up. Andrew doesn't want to be in the middle, but does remind his mother that Alex is not her son, husband, or employee, and doesn't have to listen to her. Bree and Alex make up, and Alex agrees to live in the house, as Bree also gives Alex permission to criticize her, as she knows she's become ruder since her business took off. ("Connect! Connect!")

After the neighborhood handyman, Eli Scruggs, passes away, Bree remembers how he had such a large impact on her life. Bree's recollection of Eli begins with a brunch her and Rex are having with Lynette and Tom Scavo. As Lynette and Tom begin to argue about who should be working or not, Rex points out that Bree should get a job as well. Later, Rex criticizes Bree when he discovers she is starting to write a cookbook. As a result, Bree scraps her plans and throws her notes in the trash. Eli, who is fixing the kitchen sink, looks on, sorrowfully. In the final flashback, Eli visits Bree after Rex's funeral. Eli presents her with the cookbook she threw away and encourages her to continue writing it. Bree makes plans to cook Eli's favorite recipe from her cookbook for his funeral. ("The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened")

Bree's latest investment, a new car, annoys Lynette, who is having financial problems. Bree learns off the Scavo's problems and attempts to give them a loan, which Lynette refuses. Instead, Lynette suggests Bree become a partner in their pizzeria business and she accepts. Bree proposes having a book signing there. However, at the book signing, Bree is disgusted to discover that the Scavos are making recipes from her cookbook - with pre-grated Parmesan cheese. She tosses the offending food in the trash, which Lynette soon spies upon. This results in harsh words being said between Bree and Lynette. They later make up and agree to not let money get in the way of their friendship. ("Mama Spent Money When She Had None")

Orson becomes jealous after discovering that Bree has given Andrew a raise - he attempts to learn how much of a raise by hacking into Bree's bank account. When he discovers that Andrew earns almost double what he makes, Orson confronts his wife. Bree tells him that he is worth less than Andrew. ("In a World Where the Kings Are Employers")

Bree discovers that Orson has stolen a salt shaker from Scavo Pizzeria, and refuses to return it. Later, Bree attempts to help Tom find a new job (following the closure of his business) and invites her publicist, Bruce, over for a dinner-job-interview. The dinner doesn't go to plan and while helping Bruce gather up this belongings, Bree spots Orson stealing her publicist's tape recorder. Bree confronts Orson on his behavior and after she has left the room, he steals on of her earrings. ("Crime Doesn't Pay")


Bree tells Orson she won't be selling her business, to his frustration.

Bree argues with Orson over his recent kleptomania and suggests he visit a therapist. Bree plans to place everything back into their neighbor's homes - she finds excuses to enter their homes and secretly puts everything back. To Bree's frustration, Orson continues to steal. Bree forces Orson to have a therapy session. ("The Story of Lucy and Jessie")

Bree learns during a therapy session that Orson is stealing to hurt her, due to being emasculated. Following this, their marital problems intensify. Orson attempts to force Bree into selling off her catering business to save the marriage, but Andrew convinces her to refuse. ("A Spark. To Pierce the Dark.")

Following Edie Britt's death, Bree and the gals are requested to break the news to her son, Travers McLain, and they agree. On the journey, Bree reminisces about her confrontation with Edie following Orson's imprisonment. They inform Travers of his mother's death and on their arrival back on the lane, decide to scatter Edie's ashes around the neighborhood. ("Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know")

Bree tells Orson that she cannot put up with his stealing and lying anymore - Orson promises to stop. Andrew is skeptical of Orson's motives, but Bree insists on giving him a second chance. However, later on, Bree learns from Katherine that Orson has lied about his whereabouts the previous night (he was out stealing and was involved in Edie's accident, resulting in her death) and she decides to divorce him. ("Rose's Turn")

Bree meets with a divorce lawyer and is shocked to learn that Orson will get half of her catering business during the divorce. Determined not to allow this, Bree hires Karl Mayer (who is notorious for hiding assets and finding loopholes) to help her. ("Bargaining")

Karl suggests to Bree several shady ways of hiding her assets from Orson, which she readily agrees to. But Bree is somewhat reluctant when Karl tells her to rob her own house. Later, Bree and Karl break into her house and ransack it. When Orson and Bree return home from a party, Orson is shocked to see the house obviously looted. The next day, Orson stirs some romantic memories in Bree when he draws a Venetian mask that was stolen and explains that he's faxed it to the shop where they bought it so they can make a new one. When she can't believe he'd go to all that trouble, he replies, "Then you must not know how much you mean to me." ("Marry Me a Little")

Orson discovers that Bree has rented a storage unit to hide the stolen assets, while Bree is excited to get the divorce over so she can get on with her life. Later, Bree returns home to find all of the stolen assets back in the house, along with a furious Orson. The two argue and Bree says she wants an end to their marriage. The next day, Bree learns that Orson has filed an insurance claim and if she divorces him, he'll send her to prison for insurance fraud. ("Everybody Says Don't")

Bree tells Karl about Orson's blackmail threat. Karl hires a man to attack Orson, who orders him to let Bree go. Bree is furious with Karl for organizing the attack and accuses him of turning her into a completely different person. Bree proceeds to fire Karl, but before she can do so, he kisses her. And they both enjoy it. ("If It's Only In Your Head")

Season 6[]


Guilt is a small price to pay for happiness.
Bree 6x01
Bree and Karl embark on an adulterous affair. ("Nice is Different Than Good")

Bree and Karl set out on an adulterous relationship. Bree, however, is ambivalent to have sex with Karl, despite his eagerness, and rebuffs his advances. She confronts Orson regarding their failed marriage, who remains determined to salvage their relationship. Orson admits his guilt for blackmailing Bree, going on to describe it as a small price to pay for their future happiness. Taking this motto as her own, Bree consummates her affair with Karl. ("Nice is Different Than Good")

Bree 6x02
"Who knew you were such a wild woman?" ("Being Alive")

The couple choose a seedy motel room as their romantic rendezvous but Bree begins to worry that she will lose Susan's friendship. Her feelings are further enforced upon hearing that Susan would hypothetically shun someone she knew who dated Karl. ("Being Alive")

Bree 6x03
Revelation: Bree comes to terms with her feelings for Karl. ("Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover")

Karl's affections for Bree become increasingly serious and she reminds him she exclusively seeks a no-strings-attached sexual affair. Nonetheless, Bree later becomes jealous when she discovers Karl has been seeing other women outside of their relationship. Bree eventually comes to realize she is starting to develop feelings for Karl and accepts the former's invitation to join him on a romantic weekend in Las Vegas. ("Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover")

Bree 6x04
Bree fires Katherine. ("The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues")

Unbeknownst to Bree, Katherine has become increasingly unhinged due to loosing Mike to Susan and is struggling with an unbearable workload at the company. A catering event is ruined due to Katherine's mental collapse and Bree fires her the next day, urging her to seek professional help. ("The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues")

Bree 6x05
Bree admits her guilt. ("Everybody Ought to Have a Maid")

Bree and Karl are caught having sex at the motel by the maid, who is judgmental of Bree's actions and warns her of the consequences of committing adultery. Bree opens up to the maid and reveals that she feels consistently guilty and wishes Orson would stop loving her because she no longer feels deserving. ("Everybody Ought to Have a Maid")

Bree 6x06
Karl proposes to Bree. ("Don't Walk on the Grass")

Fearing she is beginning to fall in love, Bree decides to end her affair with Karl. However, she is persuaded otherwise when Karl proposes. Bree reluctantly agrees to think over his proposition of becoming a changed man if they wed. Karl also presents her with an antique brooch, which he formally gave to Susan during their marriage, who later identifies it and becomes suspicious, as does Orson. ("Don't Walk on the Grass")

Bree 6x07
Bree pleads Orson to grant her a divorce. ("Careful the Things You Say")

Despite attempting to project an image of wedded bliss to neighbors, Bree continues to beg Orson for a divorce. With Katherine gone, Bree decides to hire new neighbor Angie Bolen as her assistant chef after tasting her Italian cuisine at a dinner party. Subsequent to clashes of personality, Bree eventually befriends Angie and divulges details about her failing marriage. ("Careful the Things You Say")

Bree 6x08
Busted: Angie alerts Bree that she is about to be caught. ("The Coffee Cup")

Bree's efforts to hide her extramarital affair almost fail when she is seconds from being caught by Orson but is assisted by Angie in covering it up. Determined to free herself from her marriage, Bree and Karl develop a scheming plan: stage photographs of Orson meeting with a fellow ex-con and blackmail him with the threat of being returned to jail for breaking his parole conditions. ("The Coffee Cup")

Bree 6x09
Susan lectures Bree on Karl's indiscretions. ("Would I Think of Suicide?")

Susan learns of Bree's relationship with her ex-husband Karl and, although she feels initially betrayed, eventually gives the couple her blessing. Despite Susan's criticism of his shortcomings and indiscretions, Bree confesses her love for Karl. Bree begins to put her blackmail plan into action by arranging a meeting between Orson and ex-con Lamar Banjamin and organizes secret photos to be taken. ("Would I Think of Suicide?")

Bree 6x10
Orson finds out about Bree's affair. ("Boom Crunch")

Bree presents Orson with the photographs and blackmails him with the threat of jail unless he agrees to sign the divorce papers. Orson subsequently learns of Bree's affair at the neighborhood Christmas block party and engages in a violent fist-fight with Karl inside a make-shift Santa's Workshop. Bree attempts to break the two men apart moments before a private airplane flying a marriage proposal from Karl makes an emergency crash-landing onto the lane. The plane smashes into the workshop with Bree, Orson and Karl still inside. ("Boom Crunch")

Bree 6x11
Bree learns of her husband's paralysis. ("If...")

Once rescued from the debris, Bree is rushed to hospital where she is notified of Karl's death. Descending into a hysterical fit of emotion, Bree is sedated and dreams of her future if she had married Karl. Bree awakes to the news that Orson survived the ordeal but his injuries have left him paralyzed from the waist down. ("If...")

Bree 6x12
Bree is forced to care for Orson. ("You Gotta Get a Gimmick")

Still in grief, Bree attempts to atone for her sins and deal with her guilt by removing Orson from hospital and caring for him at home. Their relationship is, naturally, incredibly strained and at first he refuses to communicate. Attempting to seek revenge, Orson makes Bree wait on him hand and foot. ("You Gotta Get a Gimmick")

Bree 6x13
Begging for forgiveness. ("How About a Friendly Shrink?")

Bree, reluctantly, continues to act as a house-servant for Orson and acts on his every whim. Eventually snapping and refusing to take anymore, Bree wheels Orson outside and washes him down with the garden hose. Orson announces his resentment for Bree for being instrumental in putting him in a wheelchair and admits his struggles with his miserable life prospects as a paraplegic. Bree begs Orson for forgiveness. ("How About a Friendly Shrink?")

Bree 6x14
Reconciliation. ("The Glamorous Life")

When Orson descends into a suicidal depression, Bree places him on suicide watch and attempts to nurse him to sound mental health. The estranged couple attend a wedding anniversary, whereby Orson attempts to roll himself into a swimming pool to drown. Bree manages to stop him in time and declares her love for him. Agreeing to work through their problems, Bree and Orson reconcile. ("The Glamorous Life")

Bree 6x15
Bree and Orson rediscover their romantic bond. ("Lovely")

Bree seeks the counsel of new Wisteria Lane resident, and ex-stripper, Robin Gallagher to assist her reconnect romantically with Orson. Robin suggests Bree restart their sex life which prompts Bree into attempting to give Orson a lap-dance. This goes horribly wrong yet Bree's attempts to mend their broken relationship is clearly transparent to Orson, who finally manages to forgive Bree for her infidelity. ("Lovely")

Bree 6x16
Bree meets the mysterious Sam Allen. ("The Chase")

A mysterious man by the name of Sam Allen visits Bree, insisting he understands her values and wishes to work for her. Although hesitant, Bree is impressed by his ideas and hires him. Meanwhile, one of Bree's employees, Tad, keeps causing havoc at the company, but Andrew continually defends him. Andrew gets frustrated when Bree plans to fire Tad. Sam assumes that Andrew is having an affair with Tad, which proves to be correct. Bree is upset with Andrew and Sam hints to her that she should let him go. Bree is reluctant. In private, Sam proceeds to drink coffee from Andrew's "World's Greatest Son" mug. ("The Chase")

Bree 6x17
Bree learns of Sam's Van de Kamp relation. ("Chromolume No. 7")

Impressed by Sam's skills, Bree quickly promotes him to vice-president, much to Andrew's anger. While visiting Sam's home, Bree is stunned to see a photo of Rex and Sam. Sam admits Rex was his father and that he spent years watching Bree's family, wondering why Rex chose them over him. He reveals he decided to introduce himself to Bree after his mother's recent death. Initially betrayed and shocked, Bree ultimately welcomes Sam into her life. ("Chromolume No. 7")

Bree 6x18
Bree and Sam bond over memories of Rex. ("My Two Young Men")

Bree finds herself at odds with Andrew, who suspects Sam has an ulterior motive. Andrew becomes increasingly hostile towards Sam, much to Bree's disappointment. Later, Bree confides in Sam that she has enjoyed talking about Rex again because it makes her realize how much she misses him and he tells her she can talk about Rex to him any time. Andrew and Orson both believe Sam is up to something so they decide to team up in order to protect Bree and expose Sam's true intentions. Orson talks to Bree about Sam and while Bree talks about trying to make Sam feel like part of the family, Sam eavesdrops from around the corner and makes a smirk that indicates a hidden agenda. ("My Two Young Men")

Bree discovers that someone has sabotaged her important dinner. ("We All Deserve to Die")

Andrew goes out of his way to attempt to convince Bree about how Sam is manipulating her and she becomes frustrated. She takes Sam's previous advice and fires Andrew. Sam is alarmed to hear that she plans to eventually take Andrew back in. Shortly afterwards, the food is sabotaged at a dinner Bree is giving while trying to pitch an idea for a new cookbook. Bree sets the sprinklers off to avoid the embarrassment of people eating the food and rejecting the cookbook. Bree believes Sam when he says that it must be Andrew as he hadn't returned the test kitchen keys; however, Orson points out that this kind of smart, subtle sabotage is more in Sam's style. Bree becomes concerned. ("We All Deserve to Die")

Julie Mayer's attacker is revealed to be Eddie Orlofsky, a teenage boy whom Bree had previously hired to do chores for her. In a flashback, Bree gives Eddie dating advice. She even gives him extra money to buy gifts for the girl he likes. Bree goes to talk to Barbara when Eddie's object of affection ends up being Danielle. She returns the necklace Eddie left for Danielle and asks Barbara to "let Eddie down easy." Instead, Barbara tells him that he needs to stop "stalking" Danielle. Worse, she goes on to say, "The only girl I ever thought he'd end up with would be blind, deaf or inflatable." Bree tells him Danielle and he can still be friends. Eddie tells Bree, "I don't want a friend. I want somebody to love me." ("Epiphany")

Bree begins to fear Sam, after he becomes aggressive. ("A Little Night Music")

Bree decides to dig deeper into Sam's mysterious behavior after she sees him being extremely rude to his supposedly dead mother, Lillian, not to mention Rex's ex. Bree confronts Lillian and she learns that when Sam was 4, Rex asked for full-time custody and Lillian declined — a secret to which Bree was never privy. A few months ago, Sam learned of Rex's offer, and something snapped, and his plan to worm his way into Bree's life was set into motion. Bree reveals that she knows the secret to Sam, who has a violent tantrum, and smashes a vase. Bree admits to Orson that she is afraid of Sam. ("A Little Night Music")

Bree is blackmailed by Sam. ("The Ballad of Booth")

Bree attempts to pay Sam off and gives him a check, which he refuses to take, and tears up. In retaliation, Bree brings in a couple of retired police officers who intimidate him, while having tea and scones. Sam retreats. Bree, having thought she'd scared him off, is shocked when Sam returns to blackmail her - unless she signs over her entire company to him, he'll tell the police that Andrew ran down Carlos' mother. ("The Ballad of Booth")

"You're not the woman I thought you were!" - Orson splits up with Bree. ("I Guess This is Goodbye")

Bree tells Orson and Andrew about the blackmail threat. She reluctantly signs over her company to Sam in order to silence him. He asks her not to hate him, before leaving her forever. Meanwhile, Orson resents Bree for sending him to prison because of running over Mike, yet giving up her company in order to save Andrew from the same fate. He admits he respected Bree for holding him to her high standards, yet now that respect is gone because she dropped her standards to protect Andrew. Bree insists she had no choice but to protect Andrew, and Orson tells her there is always a choice, and his choice is to no longer be her husband. Bree is heartbroken. She later asks Andrew to have permission to do something she should've done a long time ago - confess to Gaby. ("I Guess This is Goodbye")

Season 7[]


Bree Van de Kamp once saw herself as the perfect wife, mother and homemaker. Currently she is the widowed, divorced cougar with a son who has murdered, a daughter who produced a bastard child, and a businesswoman who lost her business. This has thrown her into a midlife crisis. The only thing she is sure of is her ability to deliver a fine basket of muffins to her neighbors.
Marcia Cross
Bree 701
Bree confesses her role in the hit-and-run of Carlos' mother to Gabrielle. ("Remember Paul?")

Bree confesses Andrew's role in Mama Solis' hit-and-run to Gabrielle and they decide to keep it a secret from Carlos. Meanwhile, Bree and Orson part ways, as he collects his belongings and leaves. Once he's left, Bree begins to look at some family photos, but is distracted by her peeling wallpaper. She tries to stick it back up, with little luck, and eventually tears the entire wall bare. She hires a contractor, Keith Watson, to help redecorate her home. Soon, Bree learns that Orson has begun a relationship with his physical therapist and she struggles to come to terms with how quickly he has moved on. Later, Keith suggests Bree decorate her dining room in a moonstruck yellow. "With your red hair you'd look so hot in this room," he says. "You know, whatever you want. You have other options." And Bree replies: "Maybe I do." ("Remember Paul?")

Bree 702
Bree begins to lust over her young contractor, Keith Watson. ("You Must Meet My Wife")

Bree acknowledges her lust for Keith and, while admiring his backside as she is backing out of her driveway, she accidentally runs over Gaby’s daughter, Juanita. At the hospital, Bree learns that Juanita will be fine, and Gaby forgives her for the accident. Subsequently, Bree and Andrew begin to converse about Keith and he informs her that Keith is too young for someone her age. This resonates with Bree and she returns home. After becoming excited by a shirtless Keith, she promptly fires him and he angrily leaves. She eventually overcomes her concerns regarding the age difference and her recent divorce from Orson, and locates Keith in a local bar. She explains that she enjoys his company and that she actually could use someone like him in her life right now. He agrees to return to work on her house. ("You Must Meet My Wife")

My marriage ended six days ago, Keith is 15 years too young for me and my track record with lovers... two dead, one in a wheelchair.
Bree 703
Bree flirts with Keith. ("Truly Content")

Bree finally picks up the courage to invite Keith over for dinner, but just as she is about to do so, his girlfriend shows up. New neighbor, Renee Perry, invites Bree out "stud hunting" at a night-club, and Bree takes up this offer. At the club, they see Keith and Renee immediately dives on him. Bree learns from the bar waiter that Keith is now single and she is horrified at the sight of him and Renee become increasingly flirtatious. Bree heads for the bathroom and makes herself look sexy to distract Keith...but it's too late - Keith is on his way to Renee's home. Back on Wisteria Lane, Bree destroys her sprinkler system and calls Keith to repair them. They agree to go out on a date and the next day, a furious Renee informs Bree that she is willing to fight her for Keith's love. ("Truly Content")

Bree 704
Bree's date with Keith is about to begin. ("The Thing That Counts Is What's Inside")

Bree's date with Keith is ruined when Renee calls Danielle and Benjamin to come and visit. Renee thinks that if Keith figures out that Bree is a grandma, he'll be put off. Anxious to take her revenge, Bree discovers that Renee is terrified of little people after a circus incident in her childhood. While Renee is on her date with Keith in a fancy restaurant, Bree hires her friend from church, who is a dwarf, to approach Renee, and when he does, she gets freaked out. Later, Renee makes Keith decide who he wants to date - her or Bree. He ultimately picks Bree. ("The Thing That Counts Is What's Inside")

Bree 705
Keith's libido knows no bounds. ("Let Me Entertain You")

Bree is exhausted after many all-nighters of sex with Keith's unrestricted libido. Later, he confesses that he was only trying to impress her (because Bree seemed too conservative and sophisticated for him) after Bree reveals she can't keep up with him. They tell each other that they like each other the way they are. ("Let Me Entertain You")

Bree 706
Bree and Keith attend a Halloween party, where she learns of his violent temper. ("Excited and Scared")

Bree, while taking a visit to Keith's apartment, is mortified by the fact that he is living with an attractive female roommate, Mimi. After spending the night at the apartment, the next morning, Bree speaks to Mimi and is relieved that there is not a romantic connection between her and Keith. While sorting through Keith's mail, Bree notices a letter from the Department of Corrections and discovers that he has a violent history - he is on probation for assault. Later, at Renee's Halloween party, Bree is approached by a drunken man, who tries to advance on her. She calls over Keith, who grabs the man and violently demands he leave the party. Bree screams for Keith to calm down and he storms off. He confesses to Bree that he knows she wants to break up with him since finding out about his probation. Bree denies this and acknowledges that everyone has problems - she informs him of her alcohol addiction; "Did you not know you're dating the biggest lush in Fairview?" They accept each other's baggage and continue to date. ("Excited and Scared")

Bree 707
Bree receives some bad news...she has started menopause. ("A Humiliating Business")

Bree is stunned to learn that she is starting menopause. She visits her OB/GYN and asks for ways to mask the symptoms to hide this revelation from her younger boyfriend. Later, Bree meets Keith's parents (Richard Watson & Mary Wagner) for dinner at a restaurant and is surprised to see that Keith's mother is her OB/GYN. Mary drops hints about Bree being menopausal through dinner and after finally admitting the secret to Keith, an ashamed Bree leaves the restaurant and heads home. Keith finds her and informs her that having children with his DNA isn't important - they can always adopt. Bree sadly tells him that she doesn't want any more children and an upset Keith tells her to forget the conversation so they continue being happy. ("A Humiliating Business")

Bree 708
Bree shares Thanksgiving dinner with Keith, his parents, and Karen and Roy. ("Sorry Grateful")

As an apology for her behavior at the restaurant, Mary comes to Bree's home with flowers, wherein Bree discovers how rocky her marriage has been since her husband returned from the military. Bree encourages her to tell him how he feels. This culminates over Thanksgiving dinner, which ends up with Keith's parents deciding to get a divorce. With his parent's dissolved marriage, Keith is somewhat discouraged from proposing to Bree in the future, but his father puts him straight. ("Sorry Grateful")

Bree 709
Keith is upset with Bree when his engagement plans go wrong. ("Pleasant Little Kingdom")

Oblivious to Keith's plans to propose, Bree invites Richard along with the couple on numerous dates in order to help him overcome his divorce woes. Whilst on a date, Bree encounters an old friend who she sets Richard up with. However, she turns out to be less than stable and the date ends badly, when the engagement ring Keith arranged to be placed in the starter course is unveiled amidst all the chaos. Keith is upset with everyone, including Bree, for ruining his engagement plans. Bree goes to Keith's apartment but finds his father, Richard, there, who implies that Bree should be with him instead of Keith. ("Pleasant Little Kingdom")

Bree 710
Keith's father attempts to kiss Bree. ("Down the Block There's a Riot")

Keith decides to propose to Bree. Bree is not ready to tie the knot and they compromise on Keith moving in instead. However, Richard convinces Keith that Bree isn't serious about the relationship and, ultimately, he decides not to move in. The next day, Richard stops by to work on Bree's garden. While there, Bree is threatened by an ex-con from Paul Young's halfway house next door. Richard deals with the criminal and, while attempting to comfort a distressed Bree, tries to kiss her. Bree informs Keith. A fight breaks out between father and son which Bree eventually manages to break up by firing a firing a hand-gun into the air. A riot in turn breaks out on Wisteria Lane but Bree manages to rescue Keith from the battling neighbors. ("Down the Block There's a Riot")

Bree 711
Bree is thrown when Orson returns...the day Keith moves in. ("Assassins")

Bree is questioned about the shooting of Paul Young. Meanwhile, Bree is thrown when Orson returns, claiming he was dumped by his girlfriend. Keith is annoyed at how Bree is willing to let Orson stay with them. Over dinner, Orson makes it clear he doesn't think Keith is a good choice for Bree as they have nothing in common and Orson understands her more, the two throwing food at one another. Bree goes to see Orson's ex, who reveals that Orson was the one who broke up with her as he's still in love with Bree. She confronts him and Orson confesses how he feels and thinks Bree is too good for Keith. Keith is angered at Bree continuing to want Orson to stay with them, saying that she's still in love with her ex. Bree responds by shoving him down in her manure-covered lawn, getting herself dirty to prove how much she's changed. ("Assassins")

Bree, on Reverend Sykes' advice, attempts to help Beth Young and invites her for a get together with the girls. However, Bree's plans don't workout, as Susan, Lynette, Gaby and Renee all show their dislike for Beth openly. Beth finds a gun (the same type that was used to shoot Paul with) and wrongly accuses Bree and the others of attempting to frame her. ("Where Do I Belong")

Bree 713
Bree learns that Keith has a son. ("I'm Still Here")

Bree meets Amber James, Keith's ex-girlfriend, who has been raising Keith's son. Bree agrees to help Amber in finding out if Keith would like the opportunity to meet his son and become a father. Bree questions Keith whether he is happy that the two of them can never have children and he responds that there was a time in his life where he would have loved to have been a father but that it doesn't matter to him anymore because he has her. Bree selfishly lies to Amber and tells her that Keith doesn't want to meet his son. Bree, scared of losing Keith, gives Amber a check to keep her quiet. ("I'm Still Here")

Bree 714
Bree informs Keith of his son's existence. ("Flashback")

Bree has a late night meeting with Amber. It transpires that the check she gave her will take five days to clear. Amber needs bills paying right away so Bree offers to give her a cashiers check. The new money exchange takes place at a pizza place, where Amber asks Bree to watch her son, Charlie, while she runs to the bank. Keith spots Bree’s car in the parking lot and pops inside. He meets Charlie. Bree tells him she’s watching him for a friend, but what she’s actually doing is seeing the immediate bond Keith forms with the boy. Back home, Bree finally comes clean and tells Keith that Charlie is his son. ("Flashback")

Bree 715
Bree watches as Keith packs his bags after they split. ("Farewell Letter")

Bree continues to see how quickly Keith and Charlie connect. When Amber and Charlie move to Florida, Keith suggests to Bree that they move out there too. Bree knows she can't leave her home and friends and reluctantly, she decides to let Keith go. She informs him that his love for his son is more important than his love for her. The two split on a bittersweet note. ("Farewell Letter")

Bree 716
Bree promises to try and find Susan a kidney donor. ("Searching")

A depressed Bree talks to Reverend Sykes about recent events. Sykes suggests that Bree should substitute her sorrows with helping Susan find a kidney donor in the neighborhood, following the announcement of Susan's dilemma. Bree throws a dinner party and forces the guests to get blood-tested to see if there is a possible match. The results are revealed and both Bree and Beth Young are the only suitable donors. Bree visits Beth and tells her that she'll be Susan's donor as she wants to give her life purpose, following her mid-life crisis. ("Searching")

Bree 717
Bree attempts to help her son overcome his alcohol addiction. ("Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed")

Bree receives a call from Karen McCluskey in the early hours of the morning, telling her that Andrew is on her couch, passed out. Bree goes over to the house with Alex and they collect Andrew. They take him home, and then she and Alex talk about Andrew's recent alcohol addiction. Alex mentions that he is thinking of leaving Andrew because of the seriousness of the problem, but Bree pleads with him not to - she'll help her son. Bree secretly takes Andrew to an AA meeting. Bree later confronts Andrew about his problem and Andrew admits that Alex has left him because of his addiction. Andrew, despite Bree's advice, refuses to attend another AA meeting. Instead, the two of them have their own private meeting. ("Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed")

Bree 718
The secret is out... ("Moments in the Woods")

Bree encourages Andrew to go to rehab but is jarred when alternately, he decides to make amends by telling Carlos about running over his mother. When Carlos invites Andrew on a camping trip, Bree and Gabrielle fear the worst and follow them. Seeing Carlos with a bloody towel and a dirty shovel, Bree blurts out what Andrew did, just before her son enters the cabin. Carlos is outraged over this but eventually forgives Andrew. However, when Bree comes to thank him for not pressing charges, Carlos coldly tells her he won't forgive her for hiding the truth all these years and that they're no longer friends. Carlos forbids she and Gabby from seeing each other also. ("Moments in the Woods")

Bree 719
Bree agrees to let Gabrielle stay with her until she reconciles with Carlos. ("The Lies Ill-Concealed")

Bree and Gabrielle continue to see each other behind Carlos' back. However, Carlos eventually finds out after he finds a strand of Bree's hair on Gabrielle's coat. Bree is surprised to find Gaby at her door, shortly after, and it appears that Carlos and Gaby have split after Carlos found out about the continuing friendship. Bree agrees to let Gabrielle stay with her but is shocked when Juanita and Celia are also ushered in. ("The Lies Ill-Concealed")

Bree 720
Bree attempts to house-train Juanita Solis. ("I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday")

Juanita and Celia Solis begin frustrating Bree when they continue to damage her home and belongings. Bree attempts to teach the girls to be properly behaved, which only works after Carlos tells them of Bree's involvement in their grandmother's death, and they become petrified of her. One night, Juanita calls the police and tells them that Bree is trying to kill her and Celia and police detective Chuck Vance responds to the call. Carlos and Chuck sort the misunderstanding out and the Solis' reconcile. ("I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday")

Bree 721
Bree goes on a date with Detective Chuck Vance. ("Then I Really Got Scared")

Bree goes out on a date with Chuck. When Bree discovers that Chuck pulled information on her prior the date, she demands he take her home. On the drive back to Wisteria Lane, Chuck picks up a prostitute, with plans of taking her back to the woman's center. Chuck tries to persuade the prostitute to give up her 'profession' and reevaluate her life by giving her false information about Bree - he pretends Bree was a prostitute 15 years ago but gave it up and set up a successful catering company. Bree is offended but ultimately sees that Chuck is good at heart and gives him a second chance. ("Then I Really Got Scared")

Bree 722
Bree and Chuck kiss. ("And Lots of Security...")

Lee informs Bree that he recognizes Chuck from a local gay bar. Bree becomes increasingly suspicious when she realizes the two have yet to have sex. After a dinner date, Bree insists that Chuck take her to a gay bar, where several patrons and a waiter recognize him. Chuck tells her that he had worked undercover in the bar, and Bree's suspicions of her beau's sexuality conclude. ("And Lots of Security...")

Bree 723
Bree spearheads the decision to cover up the murder of Gabrielle's evil step-father. ("Come on Over for Dinner")

Bree and Renee shop at the boutique run by Chuck's soon-to-be ex-wife; Bree hopes that making a large purchase will encourage her to more rapidly agree to the divorce terms. Instead, Bree and Renee inadvertently tip Doreen off to Bree's dating Chuck; while Doreen expresses sympathy, she uses her knowledge of the romance to make additional property demands. Chuck tells Bree that he has agreed to Doreen's increased demands to allow them to move on in their relationship. The two slip out of a progressive dinner party and head to Bree's home to make love. Bree forgets all about the main course she is cooking for the party and it ultimately burns. During the final course of the party, Bree (along with Lynette and Susan) walk into Gaby's house to discover that Carlos has murdered Alejandro Perez, Gaby's stepfather, who raped her as a child. Bree spearheads the decision to cover up the murder to protect Carlos, thus earning his forgiveness for keeping the secret about his mother's hit-and-run for all those years. ("Come on Over for Dinner")

Season 8[]


Things change, Bree.
Mary Alice Young
Bree 801
Bree receives a rather familiar note.... ("Secrets That I Never Want to Know")

Following her agreement with the other housewives to cover up the murder of Gaby's step-father, Bree's relationship with Chuck begins to suffer. Becoming constantly paranoid that he will suspect her involvement, she begins to use sex as a way to keep him distracted. The situation gets progressively worse when Bree discovers a note in the mail worded identically to the one that drove Mary Alice Young to suicide over 12 years ago - "I know what you did. It makes me sick. I'm going to tell." ("Secrets That I Never Want to Know")

Bree 802
Bree shares the mysterious note with Paul Young. ("Making the Connection")

Bree, fearing she will share the same fate as her long departed friend, shows the note to Gaby and the pair agree not to tell Susan or Lynette. Bree then seeks out the counsel of Mary Alice's widower, Paul, who notifies her that the only other person who knew about the original note was the police detective to whom he confessed the murder of Martha Huber, Chuck Vance. ("Making the Connection")

Bree 803
Bree splits up with Chuck. ("Watch While I Revise the World")

Believing Chuck is the note's author, Bree suspects he might be secretly investigating her. She decides to break up with him and does so over dinner at a restaurant. It transpires that Chuck had plans on proposing to Bree that night. Not taking rejection well, Chuck warns Bree that she has made a very big mistake. ("Watch While I Revise the World")
Pressure begins to mount on Bree following Chuck's forewarning and she becomes increasingly paranoid over the note, fearing she will receive another. However, things are temporarily put on hold when Danielle moves back home following her divorce from Leo. Bree is typically appalled when she discovers her daughter has since set up an online sex swing business but, realizing how critical she has been over the years, decides to support Danielle's ambitions by financing her from afar as a silent partner. ("School of Hard Knocks")

Bree 805
Bree learns of Ben Faulkner's plans for Chapman Woods. ("The Art of Making Art")

Having avoided church over her guilt in burying Alejandro, Bree is convinced by Reverend Sykes to give charity at a local soup kitchen. Bree helps out and gives a moving speech, which attracts the attention of new neighbor and property developer, Ben Faulkner. Ben convinces her to recite a similar speech to the city council to assist his plans to construct low-income housing. Ben's plans come to fruition thanks to Bree, who is soon horrified to learn that the development site is Chapman Woods, the exact location of Alejandro's grave. ("The Art of Making Art")

Bree 806
Bree, Lynette and Gabrielle discover someone has beaten them to the corpse. ("Witch's Lament")

After a failed attempt at preventing Ben's workers from breaking ground, Bree teams up with Gaby and Lynette to dig up Alejandro's corpse to move it elsewhere. They travel to Chapman Woods in the dead of night only to find someone has already beaten them to the site and exhumed the body. ("Witch's Lament")

Bree 807
Bree's friendship with the other housewives hits the rocks. ("Always in Control")

Bree learns that Ben is responsible for the disappearance of the corpse. She confesses to her involvement and Ben keeps her secret by hiring Mike to rebury the corpse beneath the construction foundations at the site. Chuck returns, investigating Alejandro's missing persons report, and targets Bree as a suspect in a twisted scheme to seek revenge due to the break up. Susan and Lynette learn of the blackmail note and their trust in Bree falls apart. ("Always in Control")

Bree 808
Bree gives in to an old weakness. ("Suspicion Song")

Suspecting foul play, Chuck begins harassing Bree on a regular basis. After he finally pieces clues together and plans on initiating a formal investigation, Bree is abandoned by Susan, Lynette and Gabrielle because of the secrets she has been keeping. Distressed, Bree is driven to break her sobriety and gives in to her old alcohol addiction. ("Suspicion Song")

Bree 809
A hopeless Bree checks into a motel room with alcohol and a gun. ("Putting It Together")

Bree, now completely isolated from her friends, heads out to a bar and makes a routine out of becoming heavily intoxicated. Chuck, now digging deeper into Gabrielle's stepfather's disappearance, causes Bree to snap. She checks herself into a motel room with a bottle of champagne and a gun, with the intention of shooting herself in the head. ("Putting It Together")

Bree Van de Kamp had always wanted to live her life with elegance and grace. That is also how she wanted to die. Her plan was to pour herself a glass of her favorite Chardonnay. Put on her most stylish nightgown. And leave behind a note on embossed stationary.
Mary Alice Young
Bree 810
Bree receives another mysterious note. ("What's to Discuss, Old Friend?")

Bree, seconds away from putting a bullet through her brain, is interrupted by Renee. Learning of Bree's suicide plan, Renee insists on nursing her back to sound mental health. Bree receives a second note, similar to first, reading "You're Welcome", following the death of Chuck in a hit-and-run. ("What's to Discuss, Old Friend?")

Bree 811
Bree is spied upon by an unknown figure. ("Who Can Say What's True?")

Bree shares the new note with Gaby and Lynette, but the pair continue to shun her. Bree's depression continues and she spends her days drinking alone. Renee, trying to desperately cheer her friend up, takes Bree out to a dive bar, where she hits on a random man and eventually ends up going home with him. Although their romantic evening doesn't go exactly to plan, Bree still gets a thrill from letting loose and becoming a 'bad girl.' She returns to the bar the next night and picks up indiscriminate man. ("Who Can Say What's True?")

Bree 812
Bree begins to hook up with indiscriminate men. ("What's the Good of Being Good?")

Bree continues picking up random men from the dive bar and hopes her neighbors won't discover her latest "hobby." Eventually, Karen McCluskey spots one of Bree's many conquests leaving her home and reports Bree's strange behavior to Reverend Sikes. Sikes tries to talk Bree out of her new pick-up-style, but she is reluctant to take his advice. Later, at the local church bake sale, Bree makes a scene and lets everyone know that she is the "town whore" and her indecent behavior becomes the talk of Fairview. ("What's the Good of Being Good?")

Bree 813
Bree's attacker is interrupted by Orson Hodge. ("Is This What You Call Love?")

Susan, Lynette and Gaby become worried about Bree when they count how many men they've seen her with in the last week and decide the time has come for them to reach out and help her. The girls plan an intervention but Bree won't have any of it and she rejects her friend's support. At the dive bar the next night, a skeezy guy attempts to rape Bree. Her life is saved by her ex-husband, Orson, who uses a taser to scare away Bree's attacker. ("Is This What You Call Love?")

Bree 814
Bree is reunited with Orson. ("Get Out of My Life")

Orson moves back in with Bree and manages to help get her life back on track. He invites Bree to his coastal cabin in Maine and advices her not to try and patch up her friendship with Susan, Lynette and Gaby. As the two pack ready to leave for Maine, Orson tells his ex-wife about how he has since learned how to drive and how he is a changed man - in fact, he was responsible for Chuck Vance's death and was the sender of the blackmail note, all in a twisted scheme to win back Bree's heart. Bree is unaware of Orson's motives. ("Get Out of My Life")

Bree 815
Bree ends her relationship with Orson after she learns that he was behind the blackmail letters and Chuck's death. ("She Needs Me")

Before the two leave for Maine, Bree forces Orson to stop at his apartment to pick up a hat she once bought him. Before she has a chance to enter, Orson removes all evidence of his scheme from eye-sight (photos and clippings of Alejandro's murder etc.), but it's not quite enough - Bree finds a photograph of the housewives and Carlos removing Alejandro's body from the latter's home and puts two and two together. Orson admits that he was behind the letters, as well as attempting to isolate Bree from her friends so he could have her all to himself. Bree banishes Orson from her life. Later, Orson calls her and appears to suggest he's going to kill himself, making Bree feel guilty. But instead, Orson posts a brown envelope containing incriminating evidence to the Fairview Police Department. ("She Needs Me")

Bree 816
Bree and the other housewives reunite. ("You Take for Granted")

Bree makes up with the girls and they celebrate the end of their cover-up nightmare (when in fact police have read Orson's package and are hightailing it to Ben's construction site). Meanwhile, a cancer-stricken Karen McCluskey approaches Bree and asks to help her die. Bree reluctantly commits to granting Karen's wish but confides in Renee that she actually has no such plan to do so. After stringing Mrs McCluskey on, Bree opens up about her own suicide attempt and pleads Karen to reconsider as it will undermine everything she has accomplished. Karen accepts her fate. ("You Take for Granted")

Bree 817
Bree is questioned by Detective Heredia on suspicions of murdering Alejandro Perez. ("Women and Death")

A homicide detective asks Bree to come down to the police station shortly before Mike's funeral services. In the interrogation room, the detective questions her about Alejandro. The cops can't get a read on Bree, but they do, however, lift her fingerprints off a coffee mug she used and match it with fingerprints found on the corpse of Alejandro, which they had previously dug up. ("Women and Death")

Bree 818
Bree and Andrew have a heart-to-heart. ("Any Moment")

Bree gets a visit from Andrew, who wants to introduce her to his fiancee - flaky, former member of Overeaters Anonymous Mary Beth. Bree is skeptic of Andrew's motives, although he insists he has changed and is no longer gay. Eventually, Bree realizes Andrew is only marrying Mary Beth to help with his financial troubles, and in response, she invites her son's gay friends along to a surprise engagement party in an attempt to sabotage the couple's relationship. Soon, Mary Beth reveals to Bree that she is more than aware of Andrew's sexuality, but has chosen to settle with him rather than being alone. Bree convinces her to split up with Andrew and she does so. Meanwhile, Ben is questioned about the discovery of Alejandro's body, but is eventually cleared - Bree calls him to thank him for covering up the murder. Little does she know that, in a disguised surveillance van outside, the cops are listening to the entire conversation. ("Any Moment")

Bree 819
Bree is arrested. ("With So Little to Be Sure Of")

Bree is arrested at Renee's bridal shower for Alejandro's murder and is referred to Trip Weston, a hot-shot lawyer with a knack for getting hardened criminals off murder charges, by friend Bob Hunter. Although he wows Bree by concocting genius excuses for every piece of incriminating evidence, he sends her packing because her case isn't challenging enough. He changes his mind however, when Bree is hauled back in to the police station over some new evidence - a map found in Alejandro's hotel room with Wisteria Lane circled and Bree's house number written on it, though the digits were sneakily penciled in by one of Chuck's detective friends, Murphy, who has an all-consuming vendetta against Bree. Trip frees Bree from his clutches and explains that he will take on her case because he can tell she knows who really murdered Alejandro. ("With So Little to Be Sure Of")

Bree 820
Bree takes a fancy to her lawyer, Trip Weston. ("Lost My Power")

At the pre-trial, the prosecutors suggest that Alejandro could have been one of the many men Bree slept with during her promiscuous period, which helps strengthen the theory that she was responsible for his murder. Bree is embarrassed when Trip wants her to be open with him about the numerous notches on her bedpost and she refuses to talk. He ultimately convinces her to open up. Soon, Bree is wooed by Trip and after a nudge from Susan, Lynette and Gaby, realizes that she has a crush on him. ("Lost My Power")

Bree 821
Bree on trial for her freedom. ("The People Will Hear")

Bree's lust for Trip escalates. Meanwhile, at the court hearing, Bree is painted as an alcoholic prostitute, but Susan, Lynette and Gaby all provide accounts of the night of the progressive dinner party, proving there was no way she could have murdered Alejandro. However, Bree's suicide note is presented (in which she confessed to feeling guilty over committing a crime) to the court. During a recess, Trip discovers Gaby's connection to Alejandro and urges Bree to come clean about her friend's involvement. When Bree tells him she can't betray her friends, Trip reminds her what is at stake — her freedom. ("The People Will Hear")

Bree 822
Bree is released of all charges. ("Give Me the Blame")

With Karen's illness worsening, Bree, along with the other housewives, agree to look after her until the very end. Meanwhile, things don't work in Bree's favor regarding the trial after Renee tells the jury she saw Bree with a shovel the night of the murder. The court has a recess, in which Tripp lets Bree know that she's in serious trouble. Then he kisses her. Moments later, Bree spills all the details of what happened the night Alejandro died. She makes Tripp promise to not use this information against her friends. Yet, Trip goes against her wishes; a livid Bree is horrified when Gaby is called to testify. The truth is finally revealed. A flustered Bree demands another recess, but the judge refuses. Bree pretends to faint so the court will be adjourned for the day. The next day, Karen (who has since learned the truth about the murder of Alejandro) is called to the stand and lies to the judge and jury by revealing herself as murderer. Due to Karen's failing health, she is spared any jail time and all charges are dropped against Bree. The residents of Wisteria Lane all throw a party to celebrate Bree's acquittal. Bree shuns Trip for betraying her. ("Give Me the Blame")

Finale 24
Bree and Trip share a passionate kiss. ("Finishing the Hat")
Look Bree, all the ugly details of your life you talk about, they just prove that you're human. I don't want to love an ideal... I want to love a real person.
Trip Weston

To thank Karen for protecting her, Bree hunts for an old record of "Wonderful, Wonderful" by Johnny Mathis to fulfill her elderly neighbor's wish of listening to the song while she passes. Refusing to have any form of communication with Trip, Bree however soon learns that he located Karen's record before her. Later Bree thanks Trip for finding the record and asks him why he still wants to be with her after everything he knows about her lies, her alcoholism, and her promiscuity. Tripp says that all Bree's flaws only make her human. The two passionately kiss and Bree accepts Trip's plans of taking her on a date. Later, Bree joins the girls for one final poker game before Susan leaves Wisteria Lane. The ladies vow that just because they seem to be going their separate ways, they will remain in contact. ("Finishing the Hat")

Later life[]

Bree becomes Kentucky's new senator. ("Finishing the Hat")
Two years later, Bree and her new husband left Fairview. They moved to Louisville, where Bree joined a club for conservative women. Trip then encouraged her into local politics. The following November, Bree was elected to the Kentucky State Legislature.
Mary Alice Young

Sadly, the housewives' vow never comes true. Soon after, Bree marries Trip and the couple continue living on Wisteria Lane, following the departure of Susan, Lynette and Gaby. However, in 2020, Bree and Trip relocate to Louisville, Kentucky. There, Bree becomes a socialite after joining a club for conservative women. Shortly after, Bree is encouraged by her husband into getting involved in local politics. She later campaigns across the state and is ultimately elected to the Kentucky State Legislature, becoming state senator. ("Finishing the Hat")


For a complete list of Bree's relationships during the show, visit Bree's family and Bree's acquaintances.

Behind Closed Doors[]


Marcia Cross originally auditioned for the role of Mary Alice Young, but Marc Cherry thought she was Bree the minute she walked in. Dana Delany, who eventually was cast as Katherine Mayfair, was originally chosen for the role but turned it down, saying it was too similar to her role in Pasadena. Nicollette Sheridan also auditioned for the role but got the role of Edie Britt.


Bree's desperation starts with the pilot because her husband says he wants a divorce. And this woman whose life is built on this idea of perfection just doesn't understand what's going on. I've had the most fun writing Bree because that's the character that's most like my mom. She wanted everything and everyone to be pleasant. Emotion was frowned upon. We got hugs but there was no yelling in our household. If I had teenage angst I was not allowed to express it. I exaggerate it a little bit in the Van de Kamp household, because there are so many Protestants who, unlike some of the Jewish and Italian families I know, just keep it quiet.
Marc Cherry

Additional casting[]


  • Bree is based on creator Marc Cherry's own mother, as the entire Van de Kamp family is based on the family in which he grew up.
  • There are several running gags regarding Bree, about her alcoholism and affiliation with guns, the unnatural color of her hair, and her constant delivery of a basket of homemade muffins to someone, often new neighbors, and the conclusion of her nice gesture with informing the recipient that she will need the basket back.
  • Bree is a good singer, who never sings off-key, unlike the rest of her family.
  • Bree has a veneer which she has cracked on several occasions.
  • Bree has been warned not to get married three times: the first time to George Williams, by his ex-fiancé Leila; then to Orson Hodge, by his former neighbor Carolyn; and then to Karl Mayer, by his ex-wife Susan.
  • Bree is the first from the titular housewives to become a grandmother. Second and Third housewives who is a grandmother is Susan Mayer and Lynette Scavo.
  • Bree's last name, "Van de Kamp", has been misspelt several times in and off the show, most often spelt as "Van De Kamp".
  • Bree is the only one of the four main characters to have not been pregnant throughout the series (although she did fake a pregnancy). Ironically, the actor who plays Bree (Marcia Cross) is the only one of the four leading ladies to have actually been pregnant during the course of filming. As a result, Marcia had to be written off for a short period of time during season 3 (spanning 7 episodes), and Bree became the only main living housewife not to have been featured in all episodes to date.
  • Both Bree and Orson have been accused of murdering their previous spouses.
  • Bree Van de Kamp and Katherine Mayfair, often depicted as rivals, share many similarities beyond just excellent cooking:
    • Both have married doctors.
    • The first husbands are now dead, with the second husbands having left them.
    • Both have red hair (although in Bree's case it's unnatural).
    • Both have had romantic relationships and/or been engaged with one of Susan's (at the time) ex-husbands.
    • Both have been patients at psychiatric hospitals.
    • Both have daughters who eventually had a baby of their own (though, in Bree's case, it's her biological daughter).
    • Both tried to pass off another child as their own.
  • Bree is tied with Edie Williams for being married to the most men out of all the housewives, however, Susan Delfino married her two husbands twice which made her married the most and Gaby married Carlos twice making her married three times.
  • Bree is the only housewife that hasn't been through any serious financial problems throughout the 8 seasons. In fact, she has always been consistently wealthy.
  • Bree has bad allergies and needs antihistamines.
  • Bree and Gabrielle Solis are the only housewives to have had affairs whilst they were married, not even Edie Britt cheated on her husband.
  • Over the course of the series, Bree has evolved from a cold and prudish woman with severe moral values to a more loose and sexually inventive one.
  • Bree has four cars in the show. 2003 Saturn LW300 in Season 1, she drives Rex's Silver Chrysler 300c after he dies (from Season 2 to 4). In Season 5 she has Lexus RX, but later gets the Lexus LS 600hl that she drives currently.
  • Out of all of the series' characters, Bree is the one seen with the most romantic and/or sexual partners.
  • Most of Bree's partners have either died (Rex, George, Karl, Chuck) or been injured (Orson, Keith) while or after being involved with her.
  • Bree is one of the eleven main characters who appear in every season.
  • Bree, Susan Mayer and Edie Britt are the only housewives to have slept with Karl.
  • Marcia Cross previously appeared in "Everwood" in which she played the love interest of Dr. Brown (Treat Williams) who's deceased wife was played by Brenda Strong. They never had scenes together or appeared in the same episodes.
    • She also appeared in the thirteenth season of Knots Landing alongside Nicollette Sheridan .
    • Bree is also similar to Mary Cooper in Young Sheldon because of her conservative republican and Christian faith that made her overbearing in the early seasons.


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.


And she's happy living off with her third husband and the show in she moved to Williams she is running for the mayor position she is in the Kentucky state senator now and we don't know her kids are but now

And all I can think about is why do people not do this properly now everything is collapsed but this is this when we say woman's name her name is Billy Weston