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Luck had nothing to do with it. I was bluffing the entire time. That's the only nice thing I can say about my first husband. He taught me how to bluff. No. He was lousy in bed. I had to fake a lot of orgasms.
Edie to Lynette about that how she played at poker

Charles McLain is the first husband of Edie Britt and the father of her only child Travers McLain, portrayed by Greg Evigan.


Early life[]

During some point in his life, he meets the self-centered, high matenanced, Edie Britt. They eventually marry and have a child named Travers. Edie had a c-section when she had Travers. Edie described her marriage to Charles as cold and the only thing good that came out of it was having her son and him teaching her to bluff. Edie told Lynette Scavo that she faked a lot of orgasms. After several years of a cold marriage, Edie and Charles finally divorce and Charles gets full custody of Travers and Edie gets him two weeks a year.

Season 3[]

When Charles is apart of Doctors Without Borders, he drops Travers off at Edie's house unexpectely. ("My Husband, The Pig") After being with Edie for a month, Charles finally picks up Travers which makes Edie's boyfriend Carlos Solis sad because he enjoyed spending time with Travers. Charles tells Carlos he'll have more time with Edie which Carlos isn't to interested in.


  • Charlies was bad in bed.
  • Charles taught Edie to bluff.
  • Charles was Edie's first husband.
  • Charles is the father of Edie's only child, Travers McLain.