Wiksteria Lane

Christine Clayburg portrays the recurring role of an unnamed reporter/newscaster on Desperate Housewives.

Career and Life[]

Nominated for an Emmy and named "Boston's Best Meteorologist" by Improper Bostonian magazine, Christine has over a decade of experience as a Meteorologist and Science reporter at top rated stations across the country including KABC in Los Angeles, WCCO in Minneapolis, and WHDH in Boston.

She also "reports" from Wisteria Lane for the hit TV series Desperate Housewives.

Christine grew up on California's Central Coast and in Zambia, Africa where her parents were missionaries. At the age of five, the sound of torrential rain hitting the sheet metal roof and echoing off the mud brick walls and floors of her family's home was deafening and frightening. That fear grew into a fascination with the forces of nature.

Since then she has kayaked solo through the Apostle Islands on frigid Lake Superior, bicycled from San Francisco to Los Angeles along the Pacific Coast Highway, traversed the Sierra Nevada alone and climbed mountains as high as 22,842'. Her greatest passion lies in introducing others to the challenges, discoveries and rewards that draw her outside.

Christine has been writing, producing, directing, and performing for as long as she can remember with roles in countless theater productions, musicals and award-winning independent films. She also has a passion for mentoring teens through arts programs which allow them to develop their confidence and creative voice. She currently studies with Peter Kelley in New York and Raye Burke at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.

She is certified Meteorologist with a B.S. in GeoScience, and has also earned the AMS and NWA seals of approval.