Wiksteria Lane

Come on Closer is a song by Jem which was used in the promo for Season 1. The promo is shot in a home improvement store. The Slogan is "Everyone has a little dirty Laundry"

Season 1 Promo[]

The promo starts off with Lynette in a bathtub being swarmed by her kids, Bree is then shown moping up red paint as she smiles, it moves on to Edie who is lighting candles, then to Susan at a stove who burns the mac and cheese who turns around to smile at Mike. Gabrielle and Carlos walk by bedding and Gabrielle imagines her and John Rowland having their affair. Paul Young walks past the gardening section with a shovel and the camera pans above the shelf to where Mary Alice sits holding a candle. She blows it out and the slogan and logo appear.


Some scenes from this promo were reused in the promo for Season 8

This promo is one of the more rare promos but can still be found on YouTube.