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Desperate Housewives has created a wordwide-scaled phenomenon since it's first season.



Desperate Housewives around the world

Marc Cherry envisioned a series that was not done by many, mainly inspired by his own personal experiences. He created and looked behind seemingly ordinary housewives with problems, thus creating people that we can all relate and identify with. Each one with their own backing of fans, or like most, they were all loved collectively. Furthermore, he created Wisteria Lane as a "wholesome" neighborhood that seems "friendly" and "picture perfect", yet hiding very dark secrets. Ultimately, he came up with what we now know of today as Desperate Housewives.

It's innovative way of mixing a "legitimate sense of humor" with "comedy, drama and mystery" has captured millions of people worldwide. People have rejoiced and accepted it as a household name as well as creating weekly events and get togethers upon the airing of each episode.

Amongst the frenzy, the shows cast's popularity sharply rose with appearances on talk shows and interviews and cover shoots for magazines. Since then, many other housewives-related television series have been created, which were much popularized by Desperate Housewives. Examples are The Real housewives of... franchise which was based on the concept of Desperate Housewives. Moreover, Desperate Housewives has traversed into more than 150 countries worldwide and translated into their respective languages. Aside from this, the show has spawned three adaptations of Desperate Housewives: Amas de Casa Desesperadas (Argentine, Colombian/Ecuadorian and US Spanish version).

Several worldwide-known figures have expressed their interests and enthusiasm for the show, such as Laura Bush, who jokingly said that when George W. Bush fell asleep, she'd watch Desperate Housewives, and actually exclaimed, "I am a Desperate Housewife!" Oprah Winfrey has also expessed her joys for the show and even filmed on set for an episode of her show.

During the run of the first season, the show has become one of the most probable to win awards. Many of the cast and crew members won many awards for the first season.

Going on air for the first time in the UK, the pilot episode became one of the highest watched premiere of a television series at that time, beating the likes of Friends and The Simpsons. In Australia, the show had also become the highest rated show to air there.