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DNA Productions is Marc Cherry's production studio with his best friend John A. Davis. DNA Productions is closed in Dallas, Texas, canceling eight seasons in May 2012. The logo is HD-formatted with the black bars.

The DNA Productions logo is available in high definition (720p) with the black bars, including the spinning helix trees and grass molecules inside the beach background. Their logo was a three-eyed monkey waving to the audience against a beach backdrop as he says, "Hi, I'm Paul!". The logo variations are as follows:

  • Double Paul: Two Pauls greet themselves by saying, "Hi, we're Paul!". The debut episode appearance is "One More Kiss".
  • Mexican Paul: Paul sports himself a mustache greeting himself saying "Hola, soy Pablo!" followed by his mustache falling off. The debut episode appearance is "There's Something About a War".
  • Reverse Paul: The logo is in reverse. It's like he's saying, "AW, MY EYE!". The debut episode appearance is "Silly People".
  • Paul Blooper I: Paul forgot his line. He is saying, "So what do you want me to say now?". The debut episode appearance is "Everybody Says Don't".
  • Paul Blooper II: Paul forgot his line again. He is saying, "Hi, I'm… line?". The debut episode appearance is "Don't Look at Me".
  • Coffee Break Paul: Paul is missing and he's not in the logo. A man offscreen speaks softly, "Paul?". The debut episode appearance is "No One is Alone".

The first season is available in the standard version.