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Dakota is a pole dancer whom Gabrielle Solis hired to help her spice things up with her husband in the episode "Making the Connection".



Gabrielle hires Dakota to help her learn to pole-dance to spice up her love-making.

Following the murder cover-up of Gabrielle's evil stepfather, Carlos, the perpetrator of the crime, was riddled with guilt, and was thus unable to ably "perform" in the bedroom. Following some advice from her close friend, Gabrielle hired a stripper named Dakota - who worked at Karl Mayer's old club, Double Ds - to install an exotic dancing pole in her bedroom. Gabrielle explains to Dakota how Carlos is having issues getting an erection, and the stripper cheerfully tells her not to worry, as this is a very common problem with "older women". Gaby pretends to be younger than she really is, after learning Dakota was born in 1992, and later orders her to hurry up and show her what she is going to learn how to do. Dakota begins an exotic pole dance, which impresses Gaby. Gaby wants to have a go. Dakota doesn't think Gabrielle will be able to do such an advanced move, but Gaby is determined to prove her wrong. Gaby proceeds to climb up the pole and manages to hold herself up. Dakota then tells Gaby to put her "ass up and legs out" and that "slow is sexy". Gabrielle tries to sexily slide down the pole, but comedically ends up falling to the floor, with a high yelp. Dakota helps Gabrielle up and tells her that she should pick up the technique and be able to pole-dance at an advanced level in 6 months tops. Gaby is not pleased. "Basically, I need to be you by tonight!"; Gaby then asks Dakota "Hey, what are you doing tonight?". Dakota tells her she's headlining at Double D's, and Gaby asks if she'd willing to perform in her house that night if she paid her more.

That night, Gaby pulls a blind-folded Carlos into their bedroom and sits him down in a nearby chair. She smiles at a semi-naked Dakota, who then proceeds to giving Carlos a lap dance. Carlos eventually gives in and begins to enjoy the experience, before Gaby removes the blindfold, showing Carlos who was really giving him a lap dance. Carlos lets himself out of the chair - he isn't comfortable with the whole idea. Dakota tells Gaby to take his place in the chair and tries to encourage a little girl-on-girl action to turn Carlos on. Carlos figures out that Gabrielle has told the stripper his problem and is highly embarrassed. Gabrielle tells the stripper to leave, and Dakota does just that.