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Daniela Bobadilla is an American actress of Mexican descent. She portrayed the role of Marisa Sanchez, a teenager who was molested by Alejandro.


Born in Mexico City Daniela showed an aptitude for performing from an early age, putting on performances for family and friends whenever she got a chance. In her early childhood, figure skating intrigued Daniela and she expressed herself artistically through it for four years. At eleven years old, Daniela was introduced to theatre in her middle school.

She quickly fell in love with the art of musical theatre and did every play that came her way. Since then she has participated in over 17 theatre productions including Fiddler on the Roof (Chava), High School Musical (Gabriella Montez) and Wizard of Oz (Dorothy). During the next 4 years, Daniela put herself into training in singing, acting and dancing. She was discovered by her Canadian talent Agent in a showcase acting class and jumped right into auditioning for TV and film.

In 2008 she won the title of Port Moody Idol and kept busy with her studies until she was discovered once again by Mexican/American comedian George Lopez. After rounds of auditions Daniela was eventually cast as George’s daughter in the Warner Brothers/Nickelodeon movie “Mr.Troop Mom” also starring Jane Lynch. Shortly after she made her TV debuts in the Vancouver shot CW series’ “Smallville” and “Supernatural”.

After seeing the success of “Mr.Troop Mom” in the United States, Daniela worked hard to convince her parents to take a leap of faith and pursue a future in Los Angeles. With the help of her artistic mentors, Ann and George Lopez, Daniela was introduced to a well known Hollywood Manager and signed with one of the top three talent agencies in the world, International Creative Management (ICM).

In January of this year, Daniela and her parents made the move to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career full-time. In order to have more time for auditions and work Daniela accelerated her studies and got her California High School Diploma at 16 years old. After four months of hard work, Daniela was able to get her 0-1 Visa, an open work permit reserved for performers of “Extraordinary Ability”.

Once able to work, Daniela quickly booked her first US leading role in the upcoming Lifetime Movie “Lies in Plain Sight” also starring Rosie Perez, Martha Higareda and Chad Michael Murray. In the movie she plays the younger version of Martha’s character, a 13-year-old blind adolescent. In preparation for her role she was sent to the Los Angeles Institute for the Blind to research life as a visually impaired person, including learning to read Braille and play the piano. She is currently working on an episode of the 20th Century Fox series “Lie to Me” opposite Tim Roth.

Daniela recently plays the daughter of the McCaffrey Family in a Hallmark Channel Original Movie that premiered October 22 Oliver's Ghost that starred Martin Mull.