Wiksteria Lane

The remarkable thing about Danny Farrell was that he had only been a paperboy for six months, and in that time he had become the enemy of every woman on Wisteria Lane. If there was a puddle on someone's property, he found it. If a new rosebush had just been planted, he destroyed it. If a cat was enjoying a moment in the sun, he ended it. People wondered if Danny would ever change.
Mary Alice Young

Danny Farrell is a paperboy who regularly delivers newspapers to residents on Wisteria Lane.



Danny goes down.

Danny is introduced to us one morning when he is doing his paper route. He approaches Susan Mayer from behind, on his bicycle, and tells her they need to talk. Susan claims it's not a good time, and he says she's a month behind in your payments. Susan promises she'll take care of it, and Danny states that his father said that if one reads something and doesn't pay for it, that's the same as stealing. Susan waves at Ida Greenberg, who's across the street with her shopping cart. Ida notices them arguing and follows them around. Susan tells Danny to save it for some other time as she's just found out her ex is sleeping with her neighbor and thus she's really ticked off. Danny tells her to save her excuses and explains that he provides her with a service and demands that he be paid for that service. When he wheels away, he calls her a deadbeat. Susan angrily throws her newspaper at him and it gets lodged in his front wheel, causing him to fall to the road. Susan gasps, but when she turns to Ida, the latter smiles and gives her a "thumbs-up". Susan smiles too.

In the third season finale, Danny visits Carlos and Edie and demands that they pay him his money. Carlos doesn't have any cash on him and asks him can he catch him later. Danny replies "no". Carlos then goes to Edie's bag to find money but instead finds birth control pills when the two were supposed to be trying to get pregnant.


  • Danny Farrell served as the narrator for several special recap videos previously found on the official ABC website for Desperate Housewives. In them, Danny recounted all the major freaky events that occurred on Wisteria Lane, from his point of view. When the time came for season 5 to premiere, Danny told the fans of the series that his mother wouldn't even allow him to hang out with the Scavo twins anymore.[1]