Don't worry. I'll give him a good home.

Deirdre Taylor is Noah Taylor's daughter and Kendra Taylor's sister. She is also Mike Delfino’s deceased ex-fiancée and mother of his son, Dana (Zach Young). She gave birth to her son while addicted to drugs at Dorothy Drake Rehabilitation Center.


In March 1990, Deirdre arrived at Angela and Todd Forrest's Utah home wanting money . Angela, being the good woman she was, offered to help support Deirdre since she had a very young child. Deirdre then offered Angela her baby, Dana, for money. Angela ponders the offer but soon after Deirdre is admitted to the clinic after an overdose. Angela sees this as a way to take the baby and soon after she, Paul and baby Dana move to Fairview (an idea brought to her by Felicia's calendar stating she had "family" there). With quick name changes for Todd, Angela, and Dana, the 3 become the Young family and move to quiet, suburban Wisteria Lane. Three years later, in 1993, Mary Alice is visited once again by Deirdre who asks for her son Dana (who was renamed Zach) back. Mary Alice objects and soon after a fight ensues. Deirdre fights Paul off by swinging a fireplace poker at him, knocking him down. Deirdre makes a run for the stairs to grab Zach. However, Mary Alice quickly picks up a knife and stabs Deirdre in the stomach. Deirdre dies soon after. Mary Alice then runs to Zach's room where she takes his toy chest, which she and Paul will later use to place Deirdre's body in. Shortly after, Zach wakes up and sees his two parents over Deirdre's body in a pool of blood. Mary Alice and Paul bury Deirdre's body in the backyard and the following day have the yard filled with cement where the pool will soon go.

Mary Alice's secret is the main secret of the Season One. Mike Delfino arrived in Wisteria Lane because he was asked by Noah to find out where Deirdre had gone and Mary Alice killed herself because she was blackmailed by Mrs. Huber who found out their secret thanks to her sister, Felicia.

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