Wiksteria Lane
Dirty laundry game

Desperate Housewives: Dirty Laundry Game

Desperate Housewives Dirty Laundry Game is a board game based on the Desperate Housewives Series. Players, assuming the role of one of the 6 desperate housewives, move around the board visiting the houses on Wisteria Lane and answering trivia questions about the show. As an added twist, each player receives a Dirty Little Secret card. During the game, you try to deduce what the other player's secrets are. The last player whose dirty little secret hasn't been "outed" is the winner.

It welcomes everyone who has a little dirty laundry to Wisteria Lane. A usual day in this neighborhood of perfect houses begins with a secret and ends with a scandal. Yes, surprises are everywhere in this loveliest of suburbs. Don't bother to knock, just open the door, roll the die and discover the desperate housewives' dirty laundry and maybe reveal some secrets of your own. Shhhh each player has something to hush-up. Pry, spy and try to disclose it by uncovering clues through clever deduction. Discover what your neighbor is hiding without revealing your own little secret. If you're the only player not outed, you'll win the game.

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