Wiksteria Lane

Detective Barton is portrayed by Kurt Fuller.


Season 2[]

After the death of Rex Van de Kamp, Detective Barton accuses his widow, Bree of murdering him because a year before Rex's death, Bree and Rex did have a brief separation and nearly divorced. He first starts suspecting Bree of murder when Bree's mother-in-law Phyllis Van de Kamp see's Bree with a boyfriend only four weeks after Rex's death. ("You Could Drive a Person Crazy")

Detective Barton continues to suspect Bree of murder and even digs up Rex's body. Bree's kids, Andrew and Danielle also start suspecting Bree of murdering Rex so she takes a lie detector test which says she innocent but she's in love with her boyfriend George Williams. ("You'll Never Get Away from Me")

Detective Barton finally finds Bree innocent and apologizes for accusing her and he takes care of reburrying her late husband, Rex. Bree does not openly accept his apology because of all he put her through. ("They Asked Me Why I Believe In You")

After breaking up with George, and her marriage counselor reporting to her that he was thrown over a bridge by a man on a blue bike, Bree realizes that it was George and she reports him to Detective Barton. Detective Barton does some research and searches his house and finds out not only George through Albert Goldfine over a bridge but he also murdered Rex by tampering with his medication. ("That's Good, That's Bad")

Bree and Detective Barton later have lunch together one day after George commits suicide. Bree has a little to much to drink and Detective Barton tells her he had a little crush on her. Bree is furious with Detective Barton and prepares to leave but he insists he drive her home because she had to much to drink. Bree refuses but drives drowsy and Detective Barton pulls her over gives her a DUI. Detective Barton later comes over to Bree's house and apologizes and gives her some information on the guy found dead in the trunk of a car in front of Betty Applewhite's house. ("We're Gonna Be All Right")