Wiksteria Lane

Detective Foster is one of the two detectives assigned to work on the case of who shot Paul Young, along with partner Detective Harrison.

Season 7[]

Detectives Foster and Harrison interrogate the residents of Wisteria Lane to figure out whether any of them shot Paul, and find that all of them had motives to do so, as everyone hates Paul for trying to build a halfway house on the lane, but all of them had an alibi. At the hospital, they visit the victim and want to ask Beth Young some questions, but she is less than willing to oblige and Paul comes to her defense, saying that she's the only person on that street in whom he trusts. Beth is glad, but when she is asked if she can think of anyone who'd want to harm Paul and she says no, reluctantly and with a weird reaction, which is picked on by the detectives, who look her up and discover she is the daughter of Felicia Tilman, a woman who went to extraordinary lengths to frame Paul for murder. They tell this to Paul, who had no previous idea, and he lies, saying that he and Felicia have worked things out with prayer and love.


Paul is shown the gun used to shoot him.

The detectives later explain to Paul that a gun was discovered at Bree's house and Paul explains that he knows. They add that Bree thinks Beth planted the gun to implicate her and her friends in the shooting. He holds up the gun and Paul is shocked, adding that he knows for a fact the gun does not belong to Beth. He recognizes it as the one Mary Alice used to shoot herself, and thus now knows who used it to shoot him: his son Zach.