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Dick Barrows was Susan Delfino's dialysis buddy, although they got off on the wrong foot. The character was portrayed by actor Gregory Itzin.



Susan and Dick at dialisys.

In "I'm Still Here", Susan arrives for her first dialysis treatment but is disappointed when she discovers that the patient having the treatment at the same time - Dick - doesn't want to talk. Over the next few treatments she persists, adding that although waiting for a transplant is brutal, they can try to stay positive. Dick points out that they are both waiting for someone to die and a grieving family to be asked if organs can be harvested from their loved one, before waiting for the organ to be a match. "I know your intentions are good but you don't have to entertain me or comfort me," he adds. Susan explains that she wasn't trying to comfort him, hinting that she was trying to comfort herself. At a later treatment, Susan chats with a fellow patient - Ethan - but complains that Dick is always miserable. However, a pager suddenly goes off, suggesting that a transplant is a match for someone. Dick frantically looks through his briefcase but Ethan is thrilled to realise it is for him. Susan hugs him and congratulates him. When he leaves, she notices that Dick is devastated. She sits next to him for her treatment and takes his hand. Dick puts his hand on top of hers.


Dick at the hospital.

In "Moments in the Woods", after learning her kidney transplant went well, Susan leaves to see her friend from dialysis, but the doctor explains that Dick has been admitted to the hospital. Susan goes to see him and Dick admits that he has a viral infection. He tells Susan that she is lucky to get a kidney so quickly and tells her to gamble. He explains that when he is better he will take her to the casino by the airport as he has never won there. However, Susan explains that she is more of a casual poker player. Later, Susan plays poker with the other housewives and keeps winning, even without looking at her cards. She goes to see Dick to tell him about her success but finds his nephew, who reveals that Dick has died. The nephew hands Susan an envelope, which is marked: "Never walk away from a winning streak" and has a $100 chip inside. Susan then goes to the casino and uses the chip, and winds up winning over 12'000 dollars.