Wiksteria Lane

Disaster Episodes happened through Season 3 and 7. These episodes are when something very bad or life changing happens and put things into perspectives. Much of the disaster episodes revolve around almost all the main characters on Wisteria Lane. The episodes generally occur mid-season, which involves a death of a major or recurring/minor character. A theme that runs through each disaster episode is that someone causing grief to a character on Wisteria Lane are usually killed of in the occurring circumstances.

The episodes uses elements of time placement, with Mary Alice foretelling events from the start and then uses a series of flashback in an chronological order thereafter.

These are the disaster episodes that have occurred in the show:



Something's Coming[]

City on Fire[]

  • Samuel Heller - Strangled to death by Dave Williams and then set alight.
  • Six unnamed characters - Some were seen in the club laying on the floor, it is to assumed that they were trampled to death as they had no signs of any fire or burns on them. It was revealed in the next episode Me and My Town, the exact values of how many people were found dead.

Boom Crunch[]

  • Mona Clarke - Ran over by the plane which left her her in a coma at first. She died in the next episode, If...
  • Karl Mayer - Crushed by the impact of the plane.
  • Patrick Scavo - Lynette and Tom Scavo unborn son, also the twin brother of Paige Scavo. He become a miscarriage.
  • Jeff and Daphne Bicks - It is uncertain as to the fates of the two characters, one can assume that they died upon impact or one can assume that they were merely knocked unconscious.

Down the Block There's a Riot[]

  • Nobody is killed in this episode. However, Susan is crushed by rioting neighbors, damaging her kidney. And Paul is shot, but he quickly recovers and no serious harm is caused.