Wiksteria Lane

Felicia Tilman realizes that Mary Alice was her co-worker.

Dorothy Drake Rehabilitation Center was a rehabilitation center located in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Angela Forrest (a.k.a. Mary Alice Young) and Felicia Tilman volunteered at during the late 80s. This is where Dana (a.k.a. Zach Young) was later born to patient, and heroin addict Deirdre Taylor. Angela first heard of the town of Fairview, from Felicia, because she had a yearly calendar of the town that featured the Wisteria Lane housing developments. Angela admired a picture of the town, and asked Felicia more about it. Felicia told her it was a lovely town, and that she had family members who live there. The calendar was dated from 1990. Felicia had revealed to a co-worker that she had family there, referring to her sister and brother-in-law and her mother Millicent Tilman .

In "The Ladies Who Lunch", Mary Alice is seen, in a videotape, receiving an award for her work with the needy, most likely at a ceremony held at the center. In Love is in the Air Felicia is seen looking though a family photo album where she finds a group picture of the volunteer staff from the rehabilitation center dated from 1987, which confirmed to her that Angela was in fact Mary Alice. This realization made Felicia grow suspicious of Paul Young, and she became determined to make him pay for killing her sister Martha.