Wiksteria Lane

Double Ds is Fairview's local strip club which was part-owned by Karl Mayer, and, upon his death, Susan Delfino.


Season 6[]

At the reading of Karl's will, Susan is given something, a share in Karl's very successful business, a strip club. When there, Susan finds out from one of the strippers that her husband, Mike is a regular there and becomes very angry. She confronts him but he professes that he merely does a few plumbing jobs there, she asks him if he ever watches the girls and he confesses, angering her. She forbids him from returning to the club but he tells her that they don't have that kind of marriage. Mike is called for a job down at the club and is shocked to see Susan on stage, she begins her act and starts to strip for the men, making Mike uncomfortable, when he forbids her from doing so, she uses it to make a point, he apologizes for his earlier comments, climbs up on stage, covers her up with his coat and they leave. ("You Gotta Get a Gimmick")

Susan sells her shares of the club and runs into Robin Gallagher who is reading Moby Dick, Susan is shocked to discover how intellectual this stripper is and tells her that she can do better with her life. Robin takes this advice to heart and quits her job at the club. ("The Glamorous Life")