Wiksteria Lane

Dr. Bailey is an obstetrician working at Fairview Memorial Hospital, who assisted Julie Mayer during her pregnancy and delivered her daughter.


At a local hospital, Julie is in for a check-up. Dr. Bailey, a handsome young obstetrician, asks her how she's feeling. Julie tells him she's been craving chocolate constantly, and asks if that's okay. The doctor tells her to be moderate, but adds that he's not worried, and that she looks great. Julie thanks him, as she hands her mother the purse, and Susan, picking up on something, tells Dr. Bailey that Julie will soon be getting her Ph.D., so she will be a doctor too. She then suggests that the two of them have lunch sometime and talk. Dr. Bailey gets a beep on his pager, and has to rush off, saying that that'd be nice, but he has to take this call, and he'll be right back. Once he's gone, a mad Julie turns to her mother and asks what she was doing, and Susan tells her he was flirting with her. Julie says he is her obstetrician, and Susan tells her he know she's fertile, and men like that. Julie begs her to stop, saying she doesn't need to be fixed up, and Susan tells her she's just worried about her, as she doesn't want her daughter to be lonely.


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.