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Dr. Baker is a psychologist who assisted Betty Applewhite.



Betty talks to Dr. Baker.

Betty's seen sitting at a psychiatrist's office with Dr. Baker as her counselor. He asks her for confirmation about whether the abuse started a few years into her marriage. She nods affirmatively, and adds that it started so slowly she didn't realise what was happening. She says he would slap her over some little problem, but he'd always apologize. But then it got worse, and one day, eight years before, their son spilled soda on their new carpet. Before she could have moved to protect him, Virgil had knocked him to the ground and began kicking him. Betty adds that she went to protect her baby, but she didn't get there in time. Dr. Baker asks her what happened to her son, and Betty replies that he died. Dr. Baker appears to be saddened by this, and Betty explains that she came across one of his baby pictures the previous weekend, and that was when her nightmares started again. She goes on to say that the last doctor she saw had told her she needed to exorcize her guilt, but it's easier said than done, and she has been very tired lately. Dr. Baker tells her he's gonna get her started on nitrazepam, adding that that should do the trick. Betty looks relieved, and thanks him when he hands her the prescription. He tells her that he certainly hopes her husband was punished for what he did. "Oh... there was retribution. I made sure of that."