Wiksteria Lane

This driver is the limousine driver that was supposed to take Renee and her entourage to her wedding.


Renee and her entourage are alte to her wedding as they are getting itno the limousine, Renee, forcefully, tells the driver that he is to open the door for her, he obliges, As they are driving to the wedding, Julie's water breaks all over Renee's dress, Renee and Gaby tell the driver to go to Cumberly's for a new dress but Susan tells him to get to the hospital, Julie brekas the tie and tells the driver to go to Cumberly's, he does so.

Inside the back of the limousine, outside of the store, Susan is helping her daughter through the contractions, and it appears as though the latest one was a big one. They become impatient as Julie announces that they seem to be coming a lot faster. Susan sighs, and then has an idea: she addresses, through the window, the limo driver, who's standing outside the vehicle, and asks him to go inside the store and find out what's keeping the ladies, as things seem to be speeding up a bit back there. He obliges, and Susan keeps smiling as she briefly watches him go. Once he's gone, she rushes to the front of the back car, crawling through the gifts on the side seats, and Julie asks her what she's doing, to which Susan replies that Julie is not having her granddaughter in the backseat of a limousine. Susan squeezes through the divisory window and manages to sit down in the driver's seat. She tells her child to keep breathing and then starts the engine and speeds off.

In the downstairs floor, Gaby and Renee rush through the entrance lobby as the driver of the limousine is seen checking out the store map, presumably looking for the bridal department. They walk past him, both parts missing each other. Outside of the store, the ladies are shocked to see that their ride is gone. ("Finishing the Hat")