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Edie Britt developed several relationships over the course of the series.


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Bree vs. Edie
Origin: Bree and Edie have lived on the street for years, but when Edie blackmails Bree, then the battle breaks out
Prize: Edie to become popular by blackmailing Bree
Fuel: When Bree separates from Orson, after discovering he tried to kill Mike Delfino, Edie offers Orson are place to stay. Bree thinks Edie has stolen Orson from her and when she finds out Edie kissed Orson she is distraught! Bree confronts Edie and Bree slaps her. Bree sabotages Edie's business in order to get revenge. Edie finds out that Benjamin isn't Bree's son and is infact Danielle (the father is Austin, Edie's nephew) and she uses this to blackmail Bree - Edie wants to be invited to the housewives' weekly poker-games and threatens to up-root the whole family's perfect image in order to do so. Bree tells Susan, Lynette and Gabrielle her secret and tells them what Edie is doing. Together, the 'gals march to Edie's house and disown her, and Edie leaves Wisteria Lane.
Resolved: Yes, over the years, Bree forgave Edie. Edie later moved back to Wisteria Lane and the housewives accepted her as a friend.
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Gabrielle and Edie
First Episode: "Remember, Part 1"
Origin: Gabrielle and Edie were neighbors on Wisteria Lane.
Since Then: Just as the other housewives, Gabrielle didn't like Edie much at first because of the way she behaved to other people. However, the girls started to accept Edie more overtime and they gossiped with her, invited her to poker games, however this usually lead to Edie insulting someone. When Gabrielle and Carlos divorced, Edie took Gabby out for the night. When they got there Edie was shocked to find men found Gabrielle more attractive. So, they had a competition to see who could get the most men to buy them drinks. An hour later they returned with the results, Gabrielle won by a landslide. Upset, Edie went home and Gabrielle followed her. Edie then told Gabby that she was losing her youth and finding it harder and harder to hold on to. However, Edie then started to date Carlos and this caused tension between the women. When Edie started to blackmail Bree, the girls shunned Edie and she left the lane. Five years later she returned and the housewives welcomed her back. When Edie died the housewives, including Gabrielle, took her ashes to Travers, Edie's son, and on the way they reminisced about Edie.
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Susan vs. Edie
Origin: Susan found out Edie was having an affair and then Edie tried to warn Susan that Karl was having an affair.
Prize: For Susan; Mike Delfino, compensation for her house burning down, pride, a more quiet street. For Edie; Mike Delfino, Karl Meyer, compensation for her house burning down, pride, to ruin the Susan.
Fuel: Susan and Edie were originally friends, but later turned against each other after Susan insulted Edie for sleeping with a neighbor's husband. In Season 1, Edie and Susan saw and fought over Mike Delfino, a plumber who just moved onto Wisteria Lane. Soon in the season, Susan breaks into Edie's house with the pretense of borrowing flour when she thinks Edie is having sex with Mike. Accidentally knocking over a candle and setting the house on fire, Susan escapes the house, just to discover that Mike wasn't the man plowing Edie. After being blackmailed by Martha Huber, who thought Susan wanted to kill Edie, Susan steals and destroys her measuring cup, which she left behind at the burning house. After Martha's death, a guilty-feeling Susan rows to the middle of a pond with Edie, where she confesses to accidentally burning her house down. After reacting by throwing Martha's ashes into Susan's face, Edie and Susan reconcile at Susan's house, during which Edie hoses Susan down to get Martha's remains off so her ashes can be spread on the Lane. Edie uses Susan's guilt to get her to join the Ladie's poker night. In season two, Edie starts a relationship with Karl Meyer, Susan's ex-husband. AFter hiring a detective to spy on Karl, he thinks that Karl is cheating on Edie with Susan. Susan, thinking it was the end of her "friendship" with Edie, sends Edie a letter confessing everything. After the detective is paid off, Susan attempts and fails to steal the letter back. When Edie reads the letter, she retaliates by burning Susan's house down. After discovering who burns the house down, Susan get's Edie's confession to the crime on tape via wire. Edie discover's this betrayal, and chases Susan to try to get the tape, during which she gets stung by yellow-jackets and having her hospitalized. Feeling guilty, Susan forgives Edie for burning her house down, and promises to not turn the confession tape over to the police. In season three, Edie is present when Mike awakens from his coma (having snuck a peek at Mike's large penis just moment before, commenting "damn, and that's while in the coma") and discovers that Mike has suffered memory loss. She takes advantage by saying that Susan was cruel to Mike. After Susan discovers Edie and Mike having sex, Susan vows revenge on Edie. When Mike regains most of his memory, he realizes that Edie took advantage and breaks up with her. They stop fighting over Mike after Susan marries him in the last episode of season three. In Season four, Susan is among the housewives who disowned, insulted, and banished Edie from Wisteria Lane. In Season Five, Susan and Edie ultimately reconcile and their hate dies down to a friendly rivalry. Edie dies after crashing her car into a pole and getting electrocuted. Susan holds her hand in her final moments. She helps spread Edie's ashes after they inform Travers, Edie's son, of her death.
Resolved: Yes. Edie and Susan reconcile in season five, and Susan hold's Edie's hand as she dies, then helps spread her ashes on Wisteria Lane just as Edie and Susan did for Martha Huber.
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