Wiksteria Lane

Edwin Hodge is Orson Hodge's father, portrayed by Carl Mueller.


Just like his wife, Edwin was a deeply religious man. However, after he was exposed to have had an affair with another woman, he became depressed and turned to alcohol. One night, Orson found him dead in the bathtub with his wrists cut. Everyone thought of it as suicide, and Orson was eventually forced to be put into a mental institution to get rid of his feelings of guilt. Years later, as Orson caught his mother attempting to kill Bree, he came to understand that it was Gloria who had killed his father as well. ("The Little Things You Do Together")


  • His death justified Orson's stay at a mental institution, which connects him to Amanda, the woman he visited at the institution where Bree stayed during the second season finale. This twist was brought in because, originally, Orson's story with Amanda would be different, and they would act as a villainous duo out to get Bree. This story was scrapped, but a connection between those two characters had to be hinted at somehow. However, a more relevant explanation as to why Orson took a liking to Amanda was never given.