Wiksteria Lane

The Female Hostage is an unnamed elderly woman who was taken hostage by Carolyn Bigsby.


As Carolyn walks around the supermarket after taking a group of people hostage, she eventually finds an elderly woman and a middle aged woman hiding behind a shelf. She gets them to stand up and she herds them to the back of the store. She asks if she knows the middle aged woman, which she does because of her son, Carolyn realises who she is and then tells her not to do anything to make her son, Jordan, wake up without a mother in the morning. Once she’s gathered the hostages all together Carolyn apologizes for putting a “crimp” in their day and she asks them to help her keep the police out while she and Harvey have a “chat”.

The woman is later released after Carolyn is shot in the head by another hostage. ("Bang")


  • It is assumed that Maya and the hostage in question are related. However, this isn't made clear in the series.