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Gabrielle was a drowning woman, desperately searching for a life raft. Luckily for her, she found one. Of course, Gabrielle only saw her young gardener as a way to infuse her life with a little excitement. But now she was about to discover just how exciting her life could get.
Mary Alice Young

Gabrielle "Gaby" Solis (née Márquez, previously Lang) is one of the main protagonists and titular characters of Desperate Housewives. A former top-model turned trophy wife, Gaby married CEO Carlos Solis, who proposed after their third date. In 2001, Gaby gave up her lavish life in NYC to move to the suburbs of Fairview and adjust to a quieter, more settled lifestyle with Carlos. During the first three years of marriage, Carlos was always away on business trips, leaving Gaby to become bored, lonely and unhappy, resulting in her having an affair with her teenage gardener, and high-school student, John Rowland. Eventually the sense of friendship and family overwhelmed her, and Gabrielle found her happiness on Wisteria Lane, raising a family with the love of her life.


Early life[]

I left because I had to. My step father was... not a nice man. My mother didn't care about me.
Gabrielle's past... ("Suspicious Minds")

Gabrielle Marquez was born in Las Colinas, Texas, on December 8, 1976. She grew up in a very poor home with her beloved father, mother and siblings. They all lived under a small shack and struggled to make ends meet. Gaby never liked to think about this and it developed her into a self-hating Mexican. ("You Gotta Get a Gimmick") When Gabrielle was five, her father was diagnosed with cancer. Whenever she would visit him, her mother would tell her that her father didn't want to see them sad - he only wanted to see them happy - so every time they visited him in the hospital, the whole family would smile for him. Gaby was with him when he died. However, she thought he was merely sleeping and so she carried on smiling all night. ("Smiles of a Summer Night") Gabrielle had believed her whole life that she would not have to try hard because she was pretty.

Gaby's Quinceñera
Gaby celebrating her quinceañera with Alejandro. ("Putting It Together")

After Gaby's father died, Gaby's mother, Lucia Marquez, remarried to a man named Alejandro Perez. They were happy, but when Gaby was fifteen, he came into her bedroom and sexually assaulted her. This led her mother to believe she seduced him. With that, Gabrielle left home at the age of fifteen to New York where she met a photographer that she seduced. She soon became a supermodel who was very well-paid, appearing on magazine covers such as Vogue.. ("Suspicious Minds"/"Nice is Different Than Good"/"Thank You So Much"/"Children and Art")

Gaby developed friendships with such people as Heidi Klum, David Lee Roth and Jon Bon Jovi. All of these people, and her agents and photographers, hated Gabrielle but she got away with it due to her success. She attracted the attention of Carlos Solis in one of her runway shows and on their third date, he proposed to her. Gaby was about to be fired but decided to move to the suburbs with her new husband. When dress shopping, Juanita "Mama" Solis had a disagreement with Carlos over the price of the wedding dress, Carlos told her that she had to account for Gaby in his life now and that he would always side with her, however, Carlos's mother remained a constant in their lives. ("Pilot"/"Chromolume No. 7"/"Women and Death")

Gabrielle and Carlos moved to Wisteria Lane in 2003, to live happily ever after. On their first day o

f moving to the Lane, Gaby is seen after sex when her neighbors walk in, and it is clearly an embarrassing moment. ("Remember, Part 1") Gaby was tired of unpacking and inquired the help of nine-year-old Eddie Orlofsky, to whom she developed a friendship with as he did chores around the house. Carlos tells her to break it off as it's creepy and she reluctantly tells Eddie she cannot have him in her life anymore. ("Epiphany") Gaby tried to make friends with Lynette, Susan, Bree and Mary Alice by inviting them round for poker. However, she brags too much about her old life and they don't like her. Later, Eli Scruggs offers her some advice and she returns to the girls and tells them that her husband is never home and she could really use some company, and they then become good friends. ("The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened") Gaby began to feel even more lonely as Carlos keeps prioritizing his work above her. She then seduced her teenage gardener, John Rowland and the two started an explicit affair. ("Remember, Part 2")

Season 1[]

Gabrielle Solis, who lives down the block, brought a spicy paella. Since her modeling days in New York, Gabrielle had developed a taste for rich food... and rich men. Carlos, who worked in mergers and acquisitions, proposed on their third date. Gabrielle was touched when tears welled up in his eyes. But she soon discovered this happened every time Carlos closed a big deal. Gabrielle liked her paella piping hot. However, her relationship with her husband was considerably cooler.
Mary Alice Young
Gabrielle 101
Gabrielle mows the lawn in her evening gown. ("Pilot")

Gabrielle attends the wake of Mary Alice Young with her husband, Carlos Solis. On the way, Carlos tells her to casually mention how much he paid for her new diamond necklace, but Gaby refuses and the two argue. Later, Carlos asks Gabrielle if she will attend a business event with him but she refuses, as Tanaka will be there and every time she is around him he tries to grab her ass. Carlos says that he made a lot of money with him and tells Gabrielle that if Tanaka wants to grab her ass, she will let him. Their gardener, John Rowland, cuts his finger and Gaby sends him inside to get a band aid. When Carlos leaves, she joins him and it is revealed that the two are having an affair when they begin to have sex on the table. Later, after sex, John asks Gabrielle why she is still married to Carlos, she says it is because he promised her everything she ever wanted. John then asks her why she's so unhappy, and Gabrielle says it turned out she wanted all the wrong things. John then asks for a drag of her cigarette but she refuses as he is "much too young to smoke." Later, before heading out to the party, Carlos says that he plans to fire John because the lawn has not been mowed. At the party, Gabrielle tips a waiter to keep a drink in Carlos' hand all night and drives home to mow her lawn in her fancy evening gown. The next day, Carlos finds it odd that the grass is mowed, but decides not to fire John. Gabrielle, Bree, Lynette and Susan are clearing Mary Alice's clothes when they come across a blackmail note Mary Alice received on the day she killed herself, leaving them wondering what she did and why she committed suicide. ("Pilot")

Gabrielle 102
John gives his lover a single red, perfect rose. ("Ah, But Underneath")

Gabrielle is bathing with John as the two continue to dwell in their steamy affair. They get out and Gaby sees Carlos pulling up in the driveway earlier than expected. She panics and rushes John out of the house, bunching up his clothes and throwing them at him as he falls out of the window. Carlos enters the house and looks around suspiciously before he asks where John is, and he pops up at the window tending to the bushes, Carlos can only see him from the waist up and is oblivious that John isn't wearing any pants. Later, Gabrielle goes to John’s house and tells him that the two of them have to be more discrete about their affair. He presents her with a gift: a rose, to which he describes as perfect, just like her. Gaby realizes that he is actually falling in love with her. Later, Carlos gives her a new, fancy, very expensive car and they drive away in it in glee as John watches with a sad look on his face. ("Ah, But Underneath")

Gabrielle 103
Gaby tries to subtly play her young 'blackmailer'. ("Pretty Little Picture")

Gabrielle, Bree, Lynette and Susan plan to throw a dinner party in Mary Alice’s honor. Gaby later calls John to her house from school, and he comes right away and the two begin kissing passionately. Gaby is shocked to see a little girl, Ashley, watching them through the door. Later, Gaby talks to Ashley and she tells Gabrielle that she wants a bike for her silence. Gaby buys her a bike but realizes that she needs to be taught how to ride it, so Gaby takes care of that as well. The girl is sure not to say anything to Carlos and Gaby is relieved. She later attends the train-wreck of a dinner party. ("Pretty Little Picture")

The girls contemplate whether or not to give Paul the blackmail note and ultimately decide to. He reacts rather oddly and says that Mary Alice had many problems and left the notes to herself; Gaby and Lynette think he is lying. Gabrielle and John share a romantic bath but John gets out when he thinks Mr. Solis is home. Gaby assures him it is just the cable guy but he runs out anyway leaving behind a souvenir: his sock. Later, the cable guy finishes his work but slips on suds and is rushed to hospital. Carlos is suspicious as to why the cable guy was there so late. He soon finds the sock and Gaby takes a pile of socks and puts them in to Yao Lin’s cleaning closet, saying that she uses them to clean and must have left one behind. Carlos later beats up the cable guy, thinking he is sleeping with Gaby, but when he realizes from the decor that the cable guy is gay, he leaves panicked. Gabrielle later sees this on the news but says nothing. ("Who's That Woman?")

Gabrielle 105
Gaby goes shopping with her mother-in-law. ("Come In, Stranger")

Carlos' mother, Juanita, arrives to Wisteria Lane for a “surprise visit." In reality, Carlos secretly invited her because he has suspicions that Gabrielle is having an affair, and Juanita offers to help him. Gaby plans to meet John in a hotel but tells Juanita that she is shopping; Juanita insists she tag along and Gaby is forced to take her. At the store, Gaby plants an unpaid-for item in Juanita’s bag and she is held up by security while Gabrielle sneaks off to meet John. Later, Juanita tells Gaby about the absence of Carlos' father. She reveals that her husband never actually left her and Carlos for a waitress, as she had led Carlos to believe all of his life. Juanita tells Gaby of his abuse towards her, and that the first and last time he hit Carlos, she "took care of it," implying that she killed Carlos' father. Gaby becomes slightly scared of her. ("Come In, Stranger")

Juanita continues to follow Gabrielle wherever she goes and Gabrielle begins to tire of it. She also becomes jealous when she learns that John is dating Danielle Van de Kamp. When Juanita cleans the girls out during poker, Carlos reveals to Gaby that she has a gambling problem. Gaby plans to take advantage of this, and Gaby tricks her into gambling so she can leave to be with John. When Juanita maxes out a credit card, Gaby offers to cover it, and Juanita is thankful. Carlos then tells his mother that Gaby knows of the gambling addiction. When Gaby leaves the house, she does not associate with John Rowland, pointing out to Juanita that he is the one she is having an affair with. ("Running to Stand Still")

Gabrielle 107
Gabrielle is shocked when her mother-in-law is hit by a car. ("Anything You Can Do")

Gabrielle grows even more jealous of Danielle and John and she attempts to break them up by offering to pay for Danielle’s modeling school, much to Bree’s dismay. Gaby is on the phone with John and puts the phone down leaving Juanita to find it and see that the last person she called was John. Later, when John comes around and he and Gaby indulge in breakup sex, Juanita walks in on them with a camera and takes multiple pictures. Gabrielle and John chase her and she runs across the street. At that point, a car drives by and hits Juanita. Gabrielle manages to get rid of the camera before the Lane gathers around the tragedy. ("Anything You Can Do")

Juanita is left comatose as a result of being hit by the car and Gabrielle is thankful that her secret is safe. She discovers that John Rowland was feeling so guilty about the fact that he caused her accident that he confessed the affair to a priest. Gabrielle visits Father Crowley and he knows of the affair. He judges her and she tries to explain herself. She tells him that she wants to be happy and he tells her that is selfish, she says she knows. ("Guilty")

Gabrielle 109
Gabrielle's fashion show. ("Suspicious Minds")

Gabrielle is sitting by her mother-in-law who is in her comatose state and hoping for another great idea while reflecting on her previous ones. Gabrielle hears from a nurse that the nursing staff desperately needs funding, so Gaby decides to throw a charity fashion show help. While there, Gaby sees Helen Rowland who thanks her for taking in John, her son, as their gardener; Gabrielle assures her that it has been her pleasure. Later, when preparing for the show, Gaby sees John and moves her foot up to his crotch under the table. When Susan drops something and sees this from under her own table, she is shocked. When she confronts Gabrielle, who admits to the affair, Susan is disgusted and Gaby fails to rationalize her actions. Susan is later confronted by John who tells her that he is in love with Gabrielle, to which Susan tells him that Gabrielle will never leave Carlos and gives him a hug to comfort him. Helen sees from afar, and knowing John is "doing a hot housewife" after overhearing him, believes it to be Susan. Susan is planned to be the finale for the fashion show but is attacked by Helen before she goes on, ruining her dress and leaving her humiliated. Susan tells Gabrielle that she must confess to Helen and when Gabrielle does so, Helen is extremely angry. Later, Gaby sees police cars pull up outside her home and assumes that they are for her. However, she discovers that they are actually for Carlos, who is arrested for the use of slave labor after Tanaka set him up. ("Suspicious Minds")

Gabrielle 110
Gabrielle disposes of all of her possessions. ("Come Back to Me")

Unless Carlos's passport can be found, he will not be granted bail, and unfortunately, Gabrielle cannot find it anywhere. When her car is impounded, she realizes that all of her goods are at risk of being taken should they be suspected of being bought with the money made from slave labor. With this, Gabrielle gathers all of her possessions and stores them in Bree's garage. When people come to Gabrielle's house to take her possessions away, they cannot find them and leave, to the relief of Gabrielle. Carlos tells Gabrielle that she needs to find his passport and some papers and to bring him the passport and burn the papers. Gaby, no longer trusting her husband, reads the papers and burns the passport instead. ("Come Back to Me")

Gabrielle is in need of money and Carlos's lawyer says that she must find the passport. Gaby says that she still cannot find it so he suggests that she get a job, much to the amusement of her maid, Yao Lin. When Gabrielle is told that she can no longer get the kind of high-class modeling jobs that she used to receive, she is forced to present a car in a dress in the mall. When she is there, Tom and Lynette walk by and she tries to hide the fact that she works there. She tries to hide from them but her dress gets caught and she is forced to go a full circuit of the turn-table, leaving her to lie and tell them that she is shopping - they do not look convinced. Later, Gaby's electricity runs out so she calls the lawyer telling him that she knows where the passport is. She tells Carlos she will make his bail as she retrieves his burnt passport. ("Move On")

Gabrielle 113
John proposes to Gabrielle. ("Your Fault")

Carlos arrives home on house arrest, something Gabrielle was definitely not expecting. ("Every Day a Little Death") John's parents tell Gabrielle that John has moved out and dropped out of college, and they ask Gaby to convince him to go home with the threat of police regarding the affair. Gabrielle visits John and asks him about his situation, and he says that he will make money with his gardening business and then proposes to Gabrielle. She rejects it. Later, John's parents return to Gabrielle and are mad at her for not being able to convince John. Gaby talks to his father and he says he understands teenage boys and wishes that he could have done something like John did, and he leaves with his wife. ("Your Fault")

Gabrielle 115
Gabrielle is harassed by her new gardener. ("Impossible")

Gabrielle fires Yao Lin and is forced to get a job. She gets one at a mattress depot but is soon fired for snapping at customers after being treated like an object. She then reluctantly starts to work at a cosmetics store where one of her customers is Yao Lin to whom Gaby is forced to apply make up to. ("Love is in the Air")

John can no longer be the Solises' gardener so his roommate, Justin, offers to fill in for him. Gabrielle realizes that he just wants an affair with her so she dismisses him. Later, she sees that Carlos has hired him and is angry. He arrives in her bedroom and tries to hit on her but she tells him to back off. He then threatens that he could call Carlos at any second and tell him about her affair with John. Gabrielle later goes to Justin's apartment and rants at him, and he says that he really needed to sleep with her, as he fears he may be gay. He is confused so Gaby kisses him, and when he says he felt nothing, Gaby tells him he is definitely gay. ("Impossible")

Gabrielle 116
Gabrielle steals a Port-A-Potty. ("The Ladies Who Lunch")

Gabrielle and Carlos receive sewer water backing up from their outtake pipe. However, they cannot afford to get it fixed. Gaby begins to freshen up in her friends' houses whenever she can. Later, she sees a portable toilet at Edie's construction site and steals it, moving it to her backyard so she and Carlos can use it to go to the bathroom. Later, Bree asks her if she is having money troubles, as she is constantly going to the bathroom, and Gaby tells her that a great friend would ignore it. Later, Bree comes to Gaby with a large loan, and Gaby tells Bree that she is being a great friend by helping her. ("The Ladies Who Lunch")

Mama Solis awakens from her coma and tries to get out of the hospital to warn her son of Gabrielle's affair. However, she trips down the stairs and dies. Gaby is later called with the news and comforts Carlos, but she becomes angry when Carlos wants to pay for an extravagant funeral, as they are struggling to get by. At the funeral, Gaby sees that Carlos bought Juanita a crypt, and she storms off and they argue. The hospital later tries to cover up the real cause of Juanita's death with a seven figure settlement that they give to Gabrielle, one that she does not tell Carlos of... ("There Won't Be Trumpets")

Gabrielle 118
Carlos becomes aggressive towards his wife. ("Children Will Listen")

Gabrielle knows that Carlos wants children very badly and tells him how great he is as they will never have kids. What she doesn't know is that Carlos has been tampering with her birth control for months and that within one week, she'd be pregnant. Gaby is later visited by the hospital chairman who gave her the settlement and he has now told Carlos, he is mad at Gabrielle as it could have gotten him out of going to jail, Gaby said that he would have spent it on the lawyers and he says that he would have, she argues that when he gets out they will have money to start over with. Carlos wants to make Gaby sign a post-nup so she tells him that she read the papers he told her to burn and blackmails him with the information, later, Carlos moves the money that she is using against him and forces Gaby to sign it and twists her wrist, she runs to John and sleeps with him as an act of revenge. ("Children Will Listen")

Gabrielle's credit card becomes frozen and so she sees John again, he allows her to use his credit card but when she is out, the card is cut off due to odd activity just as Gabrielle has eaten lunch, she is forced to find another way to pay for it so she sits with a rich man and flirts with him, he offers to cover her meal. ("Live Alone and Like It")

Gabrielle 120
Gaby feels a little nauseous... ("Fear No More")

Gabrielle goes out to buy a new car and finds one that she likes. However, she throws up in it and the sales girl deciphers that Gabrielle is pregnant, a claim she vehemently denis. Later, she stops by the drug store to get a pregnancy test and finds out that she is pregnant. Gabrielle realizes that her birth control has been tampered with and confronts Carlos at his "going away" party for prison, she slaps him. Gabrielle is faced by Susan, who checks to see if she is okay, and Gaby tells her that she is mainly worried as she does not know who the father is. Meanwhile, Susan's kitchen explodes. ("Fear No More")

Later, Carlos tells his wife that it was actually his mother who must have messed with her birth control, and Gaby is maddened but believes his story, at first. She later tells John that she is pregnant and he is shocked as he may be the father, he decides to tell Carlos of the affair but Gaby manages to stop him by throwing salsa in his eyes. Carlos invites John back to be their gardener. ("Sunday in the Park with George")

Gabrielle 122
Carlos needs his wife to testify for him. ("Goodbye for Now")

Gabrielle gets the cold shoulder from Justin regarding the baby situation, he calls her a bitch and she slaps him across the face. Gaby says she is leaving Carlos and packs a small suitcase, he cannot go after her due to his ankle bracelet, she gets into her car and he asks about their baby to which she replies, "Who ever said you were the father?" and drives off. He steels Edie's car and drives after her. She goes to John's apartment but only Justin is there, she makes up with him and they hug, causing Carlos to believe that she is sleeping with him. He beats up Justin and is arrested for gay bashing due to his previous crime of beating up their gay cable guy. He believes that Gaby told him of the affair to make him mad, she goes along with that story. ("Goodbye for Now")

Gabrielle testifies at Carlos's court date and convinces the jury that he is not a gay basher due to what she had told him, he merely goes away for the slave labor crime. John comes into the court room and admits to Carlos that he was the one sleeping with Gaby, Carlos goes nuts and tries to attack John but it looks like he is going after Justin again, which is bad for his trial. ("One Wonderful Day")

Season 2[]

You knew the one thing I didn't want was a child, and you still tricked me into getting pregnant!
Gabrielle 201
Gabrielle tries to get her hands on a paternity test. ("Next")

Gabrielle finds John waiting for her in her house with luggage; he plans on staying there and building a relationship, but Gaby tells him he is crazy and that she is very mad at him for the stunt he pulled in court and getting Carlos possibly sent to jail for eight years. She kicks him out.

Gaby later visits Carlos in prison and he refuses to talk to her due to her affair, she tries to defend of herself but he is uncaring. She then asks him what he wants and he says that we wants a paternity test.

Gabrielle goes to the hospital to get some paternity results, but has no intention of taking the test, they refuse to give her fake results and she befriends a haggard woman holding test results.

Gaby tells her that she doesn't need the piece of paper to ruin her life and takes it from her to use it as her own.

Gaby shows Carlos the results and he falls for them, however he is still mad at her for the affair and she says she is mad at him for tricking her into getting pregnant. They are thankful that they are still rich. Susan tells the ladies of Mary Alice's secret. ("Next")

Gabrielle 202
"...What do you think of my breasts?" ("You Could Drive a Person Crazy")

Gabrielle takes checks to Carlos in prison for him to sign and she says it is crazy as she could just sign them herself if he were to give her access to their accounts.

He says that it would stop her from visiting but she insists that she still would. He brings up the affair again and she asks him when he will forgive her, he says he is willing to if she regains his trust.

They argue and part with a kiss. Carlos later calls Gaby back again and she asks him why he is so freaked out, he says that there is this guy, Richie, who threatened Carlos and said he will beat him up if he will not come up with $7,000 for him.

Later, Gaby goes to a bad neighborhood to meet with Richie's girlfriend, Rita Rivera, and give her the money, she is maddened as the money is for her to get a boob job and she doesn't want one, Gabrielle convinces her not to go through with it and leaves with her money.

When Gabrielle visits Carlos again, he has been beaten up, after another argument, he gives her access to the accounts. ("You Could Drive a Person Crazy")

Gabrielle 203
Gabrielle and John officially terminate their relationship. ("You'll Never Get Away from Me")

Gabrielle is staring out of her window and imagines John trimming her bushes, he soon enters the house and the two begin to have sex, however, it is a fantasy and Gaby is actually staring at her new gardener, Ralph, who is less than attractive. Gaby drives to another neighborhood, craving John, and watches from her car as he mows someone's lawn.

Gabrielle visits Carlos in prison and he has forgotten their anniversary, she is mad at him and he brings up the affair yet again, she tells him that she feels tons of guilt so he should just back off.

She says that John loved her like no one else did and didn't treat her like a possession.

Later, Gaby drives her new car to John's place of work again, but this time, a middle-aged woman emerges from the house and beckons John, he goes inside with her, she sees that they are sleeping together and is infuriated, she gets John's electric chainsaw and destroys the garden with it as an act of revenge.

John later visits her and tells her that he is in love with the other woman now, however, it is revealed he is lying to make her jealous, he offers to get back together but Gaby refuses, he is maddened and leaves. She then visits Carlos in prison and finally apologizes for the affair. ("You'll Never Get Away from Me")

Gabrielle 204
David Bradley hits on Gaby. ("My Heart Belongs to Daddy")

It is revealed that every time Gabrielle visits Carlos in prison, the prisoners, that are attracted to her, make crude comments, however, they turn out to come to her advantage when she is haggling with her lawyer over a conjugal visit, he makes a remark about her affair and she slaps him, the prisoners tell him to apologize and begin to beat him through the bars, a prison riot ensues.

Gaby must get a new lawyer and meets with womanizer David Bradley, she denies his attraction.

Thanks to David, Gaby is granted her conjugal visit and she asks Carlos what their future has in store if he is kept behind bars for eight years. He reveals his growing excitement for their future baby. ("My Heart Belongs to Daddy")

Gabrielle 205
David makes his pitch to Carlos. ("They Asked Me Why I Believe in You")

Gabrielle goes to jail to visit Carlos and shows him the sonogram picture for their baby. She tells him that his new lawyer will be arriving soon and he asks if he is a good one, Gaby says he hasn't lost a case in six years.

David enters the visiting room and Carlos simply says, "I don't think so" and walks away, thinking Gaby is attracted to David. Later, Gaby and Carlos go to a prison couples counseling session.

The priest asks how their marriage and Gaby says it is shaky at best. She tells him of the lawyer situation, an argument ensues amongst the group and Gaby refuses to discuss it anymore.

David later visits Gabrielle and David tells her that he'll turn around Carlos's attitude the next day.

Gaby and David visit Carlos in prison again, and, much to Gaby's dismay, he says that he will sleep with Carlos' wife, that he will aggressively pursue her until she gives in. He tells Carlos that this will only happen if he is fired.

Carlos hires him. Gaby later goes to the graveyard with the rest of the girls for Rex's reburial as Bree loses it and throws her ring into the grave, mad at him, Gaby asks her if she may regret this, Bree says she won't. ("They Asked Me Why I Believe in You")

Gabrielle 206
Gabrielle 'seduces' David. ("I Wish I Could Forget You")

Gabrielle is at the courthouse with David and there is someone there with an agenda with him as he wants a restraining order lifted, David refuses and the man, Louis, pulls a gun out, David immediately pushes Gaby out of the way and the gun goes off but does not hit David due to him blocking it with his briefcase.

The gun is soon thrown at David and he takes possession of it causing the police to make a mistake and shoot him.

Gaby visits David in the hospital the next day and asks him if he will be able to proceed with the case, he will. At Carlos's hearing, David asks for a recess as he cannot represent Carlos.

Carlos tells Gaby that she needs to get him back and the next day, in her bedroom, she offers him a secret affair, David kisses her but Gabrielle bats him off when she realizes he is doing it out of lust, not love, and orders him to be in court the next day to defend Carlos. ("I Wish I Could Forget You")

Gabrielle 207
Gaby gets her dress fixed by Bree, as the two discuss motherhood. ("Color and Light")

Gabrielle is less than happy when her pregnancy begins to take affect and her weight starts to go up.

She will be embarrassed when her old modeling friends arrive and tries extremely hard to fit into a tight fitting dress, as to hide the pregnancy, she goes on a forty eight-hour flash-diet also so that she is not viewed as another fat housewife which she vowed to never become.

Bree helps her fit into the dress and tells her that parenthood is a cherished gift and some things cannot be covered up.

When Gabrielle's friends arrive they immediately know she is pregnant but do not mock her, instead, they congratulate her.

She returns home later that night to find a box of half-eaten ice cream, causing her to think there is an intruder in the house.

It is not long before she becomes face-to-face with the intruder and throws the ice cream at him and runs.

She is running down the stairs and trips halfway down, she is lying on the floor when he comes down the stairs, he looks at her and simply walks out the front door.

An ambulance later arrives and Gaby is taken away, she asks Bree to fetch something and Bree returns with Gaby's sonogram photo, she has lost the baby. ("Color and Light")

Gabrielle 208
Gabrielle is taken for some outdoors therapy... involving a red balloon. ("The Sun Won't Set")

After the break-in at the Solis home, a meeting of the neighborhood watch is called to order due to the whole street being worried that a thief is on the loose.

Gabrielle is saddened that she suffered from a miscarriage due to her fall and decides to get rid of all memory of it ever existing in the first place so that she can move on.

Carlos is heavily sedated when Gaby visits him due to the episodes he had once he learned of the loss of the baby. When he becomes emotional once more, she asks the prison guard to up his dosage.

She soon arrives home to find Hector, an ex-con friend of Carlos, on her front porch, he says he was sent there by Carlos to keep an eye out in case the intruder decides to return.

Gaby tries to get him to leave but he doesn't, she then bribes him but when the two leave for the bank, he reveals that the side of the car that she is sitting cannot be opened from the inside and that Carlos didn't send him there to look out for intruders, she becomes worried and he drives off.

They stop and Gaby is let out, she kicks off her heels and runs for it when Hector goes to get something from the trunk, she looks back and sees he is merely holding a balloon.

He says that Carlos sent him there to help her get over the loss of her child and the balloon represents the child. She gives her real feelings on the subjects and is finally able to let the balloon fly off into the air.

Later, Gabrielle's intruder is tackled by Mike and arrested, Gaby confirms that it is the correct person. ("The Sun Won't Set")

Gabrielle 209
Gabrielle and Carlos have a meal with Sister Mary. ("That's Good, That's Bad")

Carlos is put on parole and is a changed man as he starts writing letters to a nun, Sister Mary Bernard, who helped his parole case get moved up.

Gaby thinks this is nice until she finds out that Sister Mary is young and attractive, Carlos assures her that the relationship is strictly platonic. Gaby invites Mary over the next day to test this and Mary says that Carlos is becoming a much more spiritual person around their ministry.

Gabrielle is maddened when Carlos tells Mary that he would like to donate his car to charity, he goes to find the deed and Gaby distracts him by sleeping wth him with Mary downstairs.

They return and Gaby tells Mary that Carlos is keeping the car and she should back off, she says she has no intention of doing so and advises her and Carlos to get an annulment.

Gaby threatens her not to get her claws into her marriage, Mary says she will have to do better than that. ("That's Good, That's Bad")
Carlos announces that he will be going to Africa on a religious mission to help the poor and the sick. Gaby initially believes that this is the doing of Sister Mary, but soon learns that she will not be attending due to funding.

She gives the $8000 so Carlos can stay home but Mary says that he should come anyway so that she can have a male companion.

Gabrielle is maddened still, and so she "forgets" to tell a nurse about Carlos' allergy to eggs and he has a bad reaction to the yellow fever vaccine and so is forced to stay at home.

As Gabrielle holds Carlos in bed, he complains about how hot the village is and moans the name "Sister Mary". ("Coming Home")

Gabrielle 211
Gaby kisses Tom Scavo, as a joke. ("One More Kiss")

At a party, Gabrielle is reminiscent of her cheerleader days and Tom tells of how a cheerleader would never have kissed him in high school, Gaby apologizes to him on behalf of all cheerleaders and jokingly kisses him. Lynette is less than thrilled by the kiss and becomes mad and jealous of Gabrielle.

Lynette hears from Bree of Gaby's affair with John Rowland and tells Gaby that she knows this and she better watch out after she finds her in her house, alone with Tom.

The whole neighborhood soon knows of the affair and Gaby says that Carlos can even the score by sleeping with someone else.

Lynette visits Gaby to make amends and they end up friends once more, however, Lynette feels she should level the playing-field and kisses Carlos in front of Gabrielle. Carlos then asks Lynette to have an affair with him but she refuses. ("One More Kiss")

Gaby learns from her gardener that her ex-boyfriend has posted nude photos of her on a porn site.

She then asks Carlos to visit him and force him to give up the photos through intimidation. Carlos refuses as he is no longer that person and Gaby is displeased.

They go anyway and Carlos talks to Scott and he mentions that he is more than happy to give up the photos as she isn't getting many hits and says that Gabrielle isn't "internet hot". Carlos throws him through a window. ("We're Gonna Be All Right")

Gabrielle 213
Gabrielle engages in a cat fight with Sister Mary. ("There's Something About a War")

Gabrielle is playful towards a baby at church and Carlos asks her if she has reconsidered having children, she says that she wants to postpone pregnancy plans due to her recent miscarriage.

They argue as Father Crowley announces that Sister Mary Bernard has returned. Mary gives a speech and Gaby audibly yells, "Son of a bitch!" and blames the woman behind her.

Carlos later tells Mary of his no-baby woes and she gives him a packet on catholic annulment, he shows this to Gabrielle who believes to be being blackmailed into having a baby.

Gaby reports to Father Crowley that Carlos and Sister Mary are sleeping together to get her nun status revoked, she then confesses to another priest that she lied to Father Crowley to get it off her conscious.

Carlos tells Gaby that Mary is to be relocated for an unknown reason and Gaby stops by the church to gloat and say goodbye.

As Gaby is leaving, Mary throws a scrub brush at her sparking a fight. Gaby punches her in the face and Mary pulls Gaby's hair, Mary is then pushed into candles by Gabrielle and her arm catches alight, Gabrielle grabs a flag to drapes Sister Mary in it to extinguish the flames, she checks she is alright and Mary bites Gaby, the two tumble to the floor, fighting, but the fight is soon broken up by the priest.

Carlos yells at her for what she has done and Gabrielle agrees to having a baby with him, he is happy. ("There's Something About a War")

Gabrielle 214
Gabrielle enjoys the cares of her new maid, Xiao-Mei. ("Silly People")

Gabrielle and Carlos are asked by Father Crowley if they will home Xiao-Mei, a Chinese woman who was being kept as a slave. Gabrielle is initially resistant but her attitude towards her new maid changes when she fixes her dress and begins to prepare her lavish, delicious meals.

Gaby asks Carlos if they can invite her to work for them full-time and apply for her citizenship, Carlos is now reluctant and Gaby is mad.

The next day, Gabrielle talks up America to Xiao-Mei to get her to want to stay there, she gives her a piece of jewelry which she says is "worthless" but Xiao-Mei sees this as an act of pure kindness and hugs Gabrielle.

Xiao-Mei later refuses to go home as she views Gaby and Carlos as her new family, she comes to stay with them full-time. ("Silly People")

Gabrielle 215
Gaby learns that her mother has come for a visit. ("Thank You So Much")

Gabrielle comes home to find that her mother, Lucia, is there with Carlos. Gaby asks her mother why she is there, she says that her boyfriend left her and she needed a place to stay.

Gabrielle finds out that, due to her miscarriage injuries, she may not be able to carry another child. Lucia learns of this and offers to be Gaby and Carlos's surrogate.

Gaby is unsettled by the idea but Carlos is overjoyed. Gaby drives her mother out to a hotel to have lunch with her but kicks her out of the car telling her to stay away from her.

Carlos is not too happy about this and Gaby says that because of the awkwardness that has been building up through her mother since she left home, she would not understand. Carlos visits Lucia in her hotel room to smooth things over, he tells her that she needs to understand why Gaby left home.

He learns that she believes that Gaby's stepfather was seduced by Gabrielle, Carlos argues that she was raped by him but Lucia refuses to believe so and says that she is forgiving Gaby for what she did.

Carlos believes it should be the other way around and tells Lucia that she may no longer be their surrogate. ("Thank You So Much")

Gabrielle 216
The Solises are shocked to find Helen Rowland working at the adoption agency. ("There is No Other Way")

Carlos and Gabrielle visit an adoption agency and they are asked to provide a photographic evidence to prove that they are fit parents. They do this by asking Lynette to let them pretend to be the godparents of their children.

They manage to gain the approval of the adoption agent in charge of their case, Rhoda, but are damned by one of its employees: none other than Helen Rowland, the mother of Gaby's former lover, John.

She informs her colleague that Gabrielle "raped" her son and that Carlos served jail time on slave labor charges.

They are out of luck and forced to get an adoption lawyer whom they pay a large sum of money to get them to find a baby for them. ("There is No Other Way")

Gabrielle is annoyed when all of her mother-interviewees are "ugly people" and she explains to her lawyer that she wants an attractive baby.

They find no luck until they are introduced to Libby Collins, a pregnant pole dancer.

She meets the beauty standards of Gabrielle and consents to adoption, however, when she learns Gaby and Carlos are Mexican, she refuses her baby as they are "underprivileged."

Gaby gives Libby a gift to ensure her the baby and Libby is grateful, however, she is unaware that Libby knows who the father is and intends upon bending Gaby and Carlos to her will... ("Could I Leave You?")

Gaby and Carlos buy Libby yet another gift to ensure them a baby. They go to the strip club where they meet Libby's boyfriend, Frank, who is under the impression that Libby will be raising the baby. There is a chance that Gaby and Carlos may not get the baby.

They go to their lawyer and find out that to receive the baby, they must first get consent forms from Frank. They attempt to bribe him but find out he is not the real father, his brother is.

The next day, Libby goes into labor and gives birth to a beautiful baby girl: Lily Helm.

Gaby is in love with her straight away and an argument ensues between Frank and Libby causing Carlos and Gaby to leave the hospital with the baby in order to make sure that they keep her. ("Everybody Says Don't")

A judge grants Gabrielle and Carlos temporary custody of Lily as the father is currently on spring break and cannot attend the court dates.

When Gaby is woken by Lily late at night, she passes the motherly duties to Xiao-Mei so that she can sleep herself.

To show her gratitude, Gaby gives Xiao-Mei a spa certificate. When Gaby is getting ready to go to lunch with Bree, in a rush she gives the baby to Xiao-Mei. Gaby learns that Bree saw Xiao-Mei using her gift certificate and Gaby rushes home, vowing never to leave Lily alone again. ("Don't Look at Me")

While walking with Lily, Gabrielle and Carlos are approached by Dale, Lily's biological father and his brother Frank. Dale tells them that he wants his baby for his brother to raise, but Gaby refuses as she has custody of her.

Gabrielle makes a surprise visit to Dale's school and pulls him aside to ask him to sign the papers, he refuses.

She then takes to the podium in front of the football team and after much convincing, Dale signs the necessary papers allowing Gaby and Carlos to adopt Lily.

Later, the police arrive at Gaby's house to take Lily away and she is confused, she sees Libby there with Frank who want to raise the baby, Gaby is mad at them but they take her anyway.

Gaby tells the police that there has been a mistake as Lily is their baby as they feed her, bathe her and get up in the middle of the night to rock her. She says that that is crazy because that is outside of her personality.

She mentions that Carlos sings to her and tells them that they cannot take her way as it's too late because they have already fallen in love with her.

The baby is taken anyway and Gabrielle screams for them not to take her from her as the car containing her baby drives away. She is extremely emotional. ("it Wasn't Meant to Happen")

Gabrielle is still distraught over the loss of Lily and invites the girls over to console her. She learns that Xiao-mei has received many warnings that she will be deported soon. Gaby and Carlos figure that if she were to become their surrogate, then she will be able to stay as they cannot deport a pregnant woman.

Xiao-Mei declines the offer as she values her virginity and if she were to get a husband, he will not want an impure woman.

Gabrielle changes her mind and on the day of the insemination, Xiao-mei lies naked on the bed ready to have sex with Carlos, not knowing what surrogacy is exactly.

Gaby finds this and stops Carlos from ogling her, the situation is fixed but Carlos finds himself attracted to Xiao-Mei. ("I Know Things Now")

Xiao-Mei becomes pregnant as the insemination was successful. She develops morning sickness due to the smell of Gabrielle's perfume.

Gaby is maddened that Carlos seems to be treating Xiao-Mei better than herself and demands to know why, he says it is because she is carrying their child hence why they must give up their bed and Gaby must give up her fragrances. Gaby sprays her perfume all around the bedroom as to make Xiao-Mei want to leave.

Carlos knows what Gaby did and is extremely angered. He sleeps on the couch, and, is comforted with food from Xiao-Mei. They begin to talk and get a bit too cozy... ("No One is Alone")

Carlos keeps insisting upon Gabrielle having to leave the house alone, as first exampled by the tennis lessons he canceled on her.

She hears a story on the news about a businessman in his forties who got killed in a car accident when doing community service (which is what Carlos said he was doing), Gaby is shocked and saddened as she believes it to be Carlos. She rushes home and tells Xiao-Mei, frantically, that Carlos is dead, she says, "Please, don't kill him."

Gaby is confused but rushes inside, she is happy to see Carlos alive and well, having paid Ralph to take his place. She later addresses Xiao-Mei's words and asks her why she would kill Mr. Solis, she doesn't give an answer.

When she is over at Lynette's, she hears on Penny's baby monitor people having sex, Lynette says it picks up random frequencies from time to time and Gaby tells her not to turn it off, she rushes home to find that they were hearing Carlos and Xiao-Mei, who have been carrying out a secret affair.

Gabrielle is extremely maddened and Carlos argues that she is the one who told him to have an affair, she says she would have been fine with anyone other than the woman who's carrying their child, she kicks him out but must accommodate Xiao-Mei through her pregnancy. ("Remember, Part 1"/"Remember, Part 2")

Season 3[]

Me?! I'm going to be stuck! A single mother raising a child alone! Haggling with lawyers on who gets the kid at Christmas. My American dream is officially dead.

Gabrielle and Carlos are now ensuing a divorce after his affair with their surrogate/maid and Gaby, reluctantly, is forced to house Xiao-Mei, Carlos' mistress. It has been six months since Carlos moved out and Xiao-Mei is none too happy with Gaby's service, Gabrielle and her constantly fight and Gaby says that she cannot wait for her to pop out the baby so that she can ship her back to China to be a slave. Xiao-Mei is very scared about this and thus runs away. When Gaby cannot find her, she panics and goes to Carlos, who is mad at her. They go to Xiao-Mei's friend's restaurant and ask where she is, and the owner ends up throwing food on Gaby for the way she treated Xiao-mei. When showing a house to potential clients, Edie comes across Xiao-Mei hiding in the closet, and she calls Gaby to tell her. The latter stops to drop off Carlos at his apartment. He is still mad at her for how she treats their surrogate and Gaby exclaims her worry of being a single mom when Xiao-Mei gets to go off and live her American dream. Carlos is sympathetic but she does not reciprocate as she drives off before he can divulge his own heartfelt speech. Gaby then attends Bree's engagement party when Carolyn Bigsby warns everyone that Orson is a killer. ("Listen to the Rain on the Roof")

Gabrielle is one of Bree's bridesmaids and Susan expresses her feelings to Gaby and Lynette that she belives Orson is a wife killer, the others are slightly skeptical. Gaby later has a meeting with her divorce lawyer and they are warned to be nicer to each other as a child will be brought into the situation soon which will permanently bind them together. In return for some pearls that Carlos allows her to have, Gaby invites him to Bree's wedding reception as her guest, which she is throwing in their back yard. The wedding has come and Gabrielle, Lynette and Bree decide to warn Bree that Orson may have killed his first wife, Bree refuses to believe it but pulls Orson aside in the middle of the ceremony. When at the reception, Gaby tries to make it look as though her gay waiter is hitting on her, Carlos sees this and is jealous. Lynette decides to set up Carlos with Nora and when Gaby sees them all over each other, she confronts Lynette who voices how unhappy she is. Xiao-Mei arrives at the reception and her water breaks on the dancefloor, Gaby and Carlos go to the hospital but Xiao-Mei gives birth to a black baby, it turns out that their embryo was mixed up and they yet again, go childless. ("It Takes Two")

Gabrielle and Lynette leave for a spa weekend together and Gaby continually annoys Lynette with her constant talking. Lynette soon has to leave due to a family emergency and Gaby is left alone, which she is fine with, until she starts seeing couples everywhere and starts to feel lonely, She soon bumps into John Rowland and Gaby is surprised to see him and how successful he is, it is not long before they have sex and Gaby is shocked to discover he is engaged. She is forced to hide in a suitcase and goes down the elevator alone where she has to make an escape. The next day, Gaby offers to start up the affair again but John tells her that that is not how he wants to be married. ("A Weekend in the Country")

Gaby makes a very large demand for spousal support in her divorce with Carlos. Later, he arrived at her house to tell her that he will give into her demands, she is grateful until he takes out his suitcases and reveals it is prefectly within his rights to move home, which he does, much to Gaby's displeasure. They begin to fight constantly and soon and the girls are surprised to see him back, Gaby explains the situation as the two continue to fight. Soon, Gaby locks him out of the house and he is angered, she calls the police saying that an intruder broke in just as Carlos smashes a chair through the window. When the police arrive, Gaby is arrested for shoving the cops, she does not go quietly. Carlos picks her up at the police station and she says she doesn't love him anymore, he belives she is merely trying to hurt him but she says that if she wanted to do that, she would have told him that she slept with John again, he is so enraged that she throws her out of the car on a roadside and drives off. ("Like It Was")

When Gabrielle arrives home to see Carlos lighting candles in the bedroom, she assumes he is attempting to seduce her, however, she soon learns he has a date in the house. She is maddened and so goes out with a business rival of Carlos's, Phil Lopez. They date and then they go upstairs where Gaby bangs the headboard against the wall that has Carlos's bedroom on the other side and makes fake sex noises, he becomes mad and jealous and so goes downstairs. He sees phil leaving and he says she is crazy, Carlos is surprised to hear the sex noises still going on and finds Gaby banging the headboard, he insists she didn't do it because she is in love with him. Gaby goes to a bar and brings a guy home, she has sex with him and Carlos finds them the next morning, he is enraged and Gaby has done her job. ("Nice She Ain't")

Carlos concedes in a meeting of their divorce and Gabrielle is shocked as to why. She discovers some files of Carlos's and faxes them to her lawyer who tells her that Carlos has come into a large fortune that she will not see a dime of. She seduces him to stall the divorce and she soon discovers that he planned it all and has no money, she is so mad she pushes him and he smashes through the window. She looks out but he is gone, she goes downstairs to find an angry, cut, glass covered Carlos who says, "Oh yeah... It's on." referring to the divorce. ("Sweetheart, I Have to Confess")

Gabrielle is losing drastically in the divorce when the court learns she seduced Carlos, she causes a ruskus in the office and is dragged out by security. It is worked out that Gaby gets the house but Carlos gets everything in it. At home, Gaby begins smashing possessions to spite Carlos and he takes a sledgehammer to the house,

They begin a feud and Mrs. McCluskey stops by and sees the destruction being cause in the house (including Carlos walking off with a chainsaw) and tells Gaby of the hostage situation caused by Carolyn Bigsby. Carlos and Gaby go to Bree's house to watch the coverage of the situation. Gaby goes outside and expresses to Carlos that she understands the lady at the market and could be her, Carlos says that she could never do something like that and she voices that she doesn't like what the divorce has turned her into, he suggests that she stops being that person. ("Bang")

The divorce between Carlos and Gabrielle is now final. A small girl comes to Gaby's house

to sell her magazines and it is not long until Gaby is reminiscing her modeling days to the girl, Gaby then decides to return to modelling. In a photo shoot, she is shocked to learn that she plays the role of the mom to a hot teenage girl and tries to spin it to make her better looking, her agent is called when she destroys the concept and she tells Gaby that she is not who she used to be in the world of modelling anymore and Gabrielle returns to the lane. ("Children and Art")

Gaby's personal shopper, Vern, announces that he is starting his own pageanting school and Gabirelle offers to teach there, she is displeased to learn that there are no "pretty girls" in the class but soon comes to love the young girls and teaches them about modelling. When the girls beging to try methods to lose weight that Gaby told them of, the parents blame Gaby, she makes her case and says that she loves the class and she bribes them into giving her another chance. ("Beautiful Girls")

Gabrielle wants to kick Amy Pearce out of the pageanting class as she isn't doing well, her and Vern set up a meeting with the girl's father but Gaby finds him very attractive and decides to excuse herself to go over to his house by offering Amy private lessons. Amy sees that Gaby is getting closer to Bill and tells Gaby that she wants her dad to marry Sherri's mom, and so Gaby needs to get out of the way, Gaby offers Sherri the opportunity to work with Amy and makes her deliver the news that she doesn't want to as Amy s

tinks at modelling, Amy and Sherri are no longer friends and Gaby calls Bill. ("The Miracle Song")

Gabrielle develops a relationship with Bill, much to Carlos's amusement, and, when coming home from a date, Gaby finds a bunch of flowers awaiting her, she assumes Carlos sent them to her but he insists he didn't. She goes to the florist to check the records but the florist refuses to divulge the name as the buyer wanted to remain anonymous. Gaby imprisons the florist and rifles through the receipts, at this point, Bill walks in and breaks up with her, insisting that she is still hung up on her ex, she leaves. ("No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds")

Gaby is shocked to find a mannequin in her home and becomes scared as now her stalker has broken into her hosue, she gets Carlos to sleep round her house to protect her, and, when the guy arrives, Carlos tackles him and Gaby kicks him, he reveals that he merely works for the true obsessor who agrees to meet Gaby for lunch. It is revealed that the stalker is Zach Young who has developed an obsession for Gaby. She voices that he is way too young for her but this does not stop him from pursuing her. ("Not While I'm Around")

Sherri wins the beauty pageant but Gaby is maddened to discover that Zach bribed the judges in hopes of winning her over. Later, Susan asks Gaby to go on a date with Zach to get him to pay bail for Mike who went to prison for murder Gaby agrees to it and when she arrives home from the date, Zach's kiss is less than satisfactory (with him doing what looks like trying to eat her face). She is mad and soon learns that the girls who told him he was a great kisser were paid for. Gaby goes round to his house and says that the two of them may be friends, just friends, as they could both use each other. ("Come Play Wiz Me")

Gaby and Zach go out shopping as it's her 31st birthday and she is upset. He is finding it hard with being just her friend and finds it even harder when she decides to go out on a date with his lawyer, Luke Purdue. When on the date, Luke receives a note from Zach saying that if the date goes further, he will be fired. He is stressed out and cannot focus on the date, Gaby is confused as to why he seems so less invested and he says, due to Zach telling him to say so, that he only dates girls in their 20's and she is too old for him, Gaby literally kicks him out of the house, very angry. Zach comes along to comfort her and Gaby gets quite drunk... ("I Remember That")

Gabrielle is shocked to discover that Zach Young is in her bed and that the two presumably had sex. She tells Carlos of this and is ashamed and later, at the opening of Scavo's pizzeria, she asks Carlos to talk to Zach. He goes into the bathroom and comes out saying that she didn't sleep with Zach Young as if she did, she'd remember it due to him being extremely well endowed down there. Zach proposes to Gaby in front of everyone and she turns him down, angry, and confronts him outside and says that they will never be together, he says that when she is old and alone, she will regret her decision. Carlos reveals how hard it has been for him to be her ex. ("The Little Things You Do Together")

Victor Lang decides to pursue Gabrielle and so crashes his limo into her car, she is angry and he writes her a check, one he didn't sign. She comes back the next day and finds out he is running for mayor of Fairview. He asks her out and she agrees. When on the date, he voices that he is a catch, she says that she had noticed but she's "throwing him back." Victor still wants Gaby. ("My Husband, the Pig")

Gaby has a plumbing leak and her ceiling, and lot's of water, collapses all over her clothes, ruining all of them, Gaby is distraught. She goes on another date with Vctor and discovers all of his ex-wife's beautiful dresses, he refuses to let her borrow any. Gabrielle returns to his house and leaves with many dresses on to wear to an event. When there, Gaby meets Victor's ex-wife who recognizes the dress and takes it from gaby in the bathroom, Victor is punched in the face and offers his jacket. Victor is mad at Gaby for what she did but manages to forgive her. ("Dress Big")

Gaby refuses to sleep with Victor until she sees how crazy the women of Fairview go over him when he makes his speech, she has sex with him in the limo. When he fails to call her, she is angry and so brings her attractive contractor to his public debate and makes him trip up in front of his competition, she leaves with him and he is very angry. He then calls a lot and she says that he better worship her if she is going to be with him properly, he promises to. ("Liaisons")

Victor asks Gabrielle to marry him. Victor proposes to Gabrielle and she is shaken, later, during a blackout, they have sex in an elevator. Pictures from the security camera are taken of them and used as a means of blackmail, Gaby hands them into the police who give them to the opposition. Victor is humiliated but Gabrielle saves it by saying that Victor had just proposed and she said yes. The reporters stop caring about the sex and want to know of Fairview's new power couple. ("God, That's Good")

Gabrielle injurs herself on the night of her engagement party when Edie tells her that she's been seeing Carlos and Gaby smashes a glass in her hand, causing a cut. She later tells Lynette and Susan that they are to give Edie the "cold shoulder" as she scooped up her leftovers. Susan and Lynette try to do this but fail when Edie bribes them with business for her son's birthday party. Gaby is mad to see them there and causes a scene, however, Carlos carries her out and says that he too was maddened to see her engagement announced all over the news, Gaby decides to let Carlos go as she knows he would always belong to her. ("Gossip")

It is announced that Victor is mayor and Gaby is happy. She decides that she is the "First Lady of Fairview" and so decides to confront the cop who gave her a ticket the day before. She rips up the ticket and he grabs her arm and twists it, she says he will be sorry for screwing with her before getting arrested. Victor yells, viciously, at Gaby for what she did and she apologizes. He sees the injuries on her wrist and then hires thugs to beat up the meter maid. ("Into the Woods")

Susan is marrying Mike but is very angry to realize that Gaby scooped up her entire wedding after her relationship with Ian failed. Gaby and Susan begin to fight but make up and get drunk together when they decide to have a double wedding. The next day they both regret it very much and decide to call it off. Gabrielle is unsure about whether or not she should be marrying Victor. ("What Would We Do Without You?")

Gabrielle asks Carlos why he hasn't responded to her wedding invite, he says it's because it would be awkward but she says he should come anyway to prove to everyone else that that isn't true. Gaby is mad that Victor wants to run for mayor and leaves him, she is visited by Milton Lang, Victor's father, and he says that they should reconcile, Victor shows up with roses and Gaby and him embrace, the wedding is back on. Gabrielle is freaking out when Bree arrives with her "something new" but when she arrives, the girls see she's


Gabrielle and Victor Lang get married

pregnant and are shocked. Gabrielle and Victor get married and Bree requests to meet Gaby's new husband to whom she has not met yet and Gaby goes off to find him, however, what she finds is Milton and Victor talking and saying how marrying Gaby really brought in the Latino votes and was the smartest business move he's ever made, Gaby is upset. She meets Carlos who has just broken up with Edie and the two kiss passionately, unaware that Edie is at home setting up her own suicide... ("Getting Married Today")

Season 4[]

Gaby and I never planned to get back together, Victor. We tried to keep away from each other. We really did. And... I don't know, it's like we're two halves of the same person or something. And when we're apart, we...we just aren't happy, which is why we... We never set out to hurt you, Victor. And I'm sorry we did.
Carlos Solis to Victor Lang

After Gabrielle and Carlos share a passionate kiss at Gaby's wedding, Carlos decides that the two of them should run away together and Gaby agrees, however, when packing at home, she discovers that Carlos cannot come as he is in the hospital with Edie who tried to commit suicide and they will have to wait a few months to run away. Gabrielle is furious. Victor is insistent that Gaby sell her house but she does not want to and avoids kissing him by running across to the moving van across the street, one that contains new neighbor: Katherine Mayfair. The girls introduce themselves but she proves to be cold. Katherine throws a neighborhood barbeque that Gabrielle attends, and, whilst there, Edie and Carlos return from the hospital, Gaby is distraught when she hears that Edie and Carlos may be engaged, Carlos assures her that they aren't and kisses her, the two decide to begin an affair. ("Now You Know")

Carlos has a close call when hiding his affair from Gaby and accidentally causes the great crime-wave of wisteria Lane. The girls decide to throw a lunch for Lynette to help her through her cancer and, when there, all of Lynette's friends, besides Gabrielle, offer to take her to chemo. Lynette is hurt by this as Gaby is the most fun and so goes to her to change her mind, Gaby agrees to go. When there, Gaby keeps finding excuses to leave and Lynette calls her on it, Gaby tells her the reason she is uncomfortable and explains the story of her father's death. After hearing this, Lynette forgives her and all of the girls accompany Lynette in chemo. ("Smiles of a Summer Night")

Gabrielle attends Susan's charades party along with the rest of the neighborhood, though each of them is reluctant. When at the party, the girls see that Edie is wearing an engagement ring and Gaby is furious, she confronts Carlos who says that he told her not to tell anyone. As a mean of revenge, Gaby flirts with Adam Mayfair much to Carlos and Katherine's displeasure. Edie tells Katherine of Gaby's affair with John Rowland causing Katherine to humiliate her publicly. When Victor learns of the affair, he begins crunching numbers and Gaby realizes that she loves the way Carlos loves her. Victor makes it clear that if anyone slept with his wife, he would use his money to make them disappear, Carlos is deeply frightened by this. ("The Game")

Edie learns she has crabs and tells Carlos to get checked out who then warns Gabrielle who then becomes worried about Victor. Gaby pretends to be a sexy nurse to apply medicine on Victor in the bedroom. Edie soon recognizes the smell of the medicine at Bree's baby shower and makes a connection from Victor, to Gaby, to Carlos back to her, she is furious as she realizes the two are having an affair. ("If There's Anything I Can't Stand")

Victor is out of town and Gaby and Carlos decide to go on a weekend spa vacation, however, Gaby notices a private investigator snooping around, she assumes Victor sent him. She manages to leave the house and to the spa but bumps into John Rowland. This surprise encounter causes John to come to her room and confess his love for Gaby, she is furious but not as much as Carlos. He later goes to see John and tells him he can finally forgive him for sleeping with Gaby after finding himself in John's shoes. The photographer takes a photo of Gaby and Carlos kissing through the window and gives them to his employer: Edie. ("Art Isn't Easy")

Carlos leaves Edie and she goes to the IRS to tell them of his off-shore account, he has moved the money and she is furious, so furious, that she tells Victor of the affair and shows him the photos. Gaby leave Victor a message breaking up with him, however, Milton finds the message first and deletes it, he then finds Gaby and offers her a large sum of money if she stays with Victor until he becomes governor. She pitches the idea to Carlos who tells her it is redundant due to his off-shore account, she is furious as he had it when they were married and when they divorced, she breaks up with him. She then has Victor make a lot of time for her which convinces her to stay with him. ("Now I Know, Don't Be Scared")

Victor takes Gaby on a boat ride to celebrate their reconciliation, Carlos calls Gaby and tells her that Victor knows of the affair, she starts to worry as she is on a boat. When Victor brings the affair up and tries to retrieve something from his bag, Gaby hits him overboard with an oar and drives the boat back to shore, leaving him in the ocean. She calls Carlos and he discovers that he was merely taking a sweater from the bag, not a gun, and they go back out to collect Victor. He is mad that Carlos is there and pulls a bread-knife on him, Carlos is backed into the corner by Victor who advances with the knife, wanting to kill Carlos, Gaby begs him to stop and then hits him overboard with an oar again in order to save Carlos. They look overboard and see that he hasn't come back up, they drive back to shore, wipe their finger prints off of the boat and then send it back out to sea. ("You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover")

Carlos and Gaby try hard to cover up their crime, Carlos wants to confess but Gaby forbids it. They realize their mistake when the police say that someone must have been on the boat with Victor as he would have left fingerprints that were all scrubbed away. Gaby drugs Carlos to stop him from confessing when the police arrive again but she soon learns that Victor has washed up on shore and is in hospital, when she arrives, it appears he remembers nothing of the accident or the affair, however, when everyone else leaves, he reveals he remembers everything and threatens Gaby, she becomes frightened of the consequences. ("Distant Past")

Gaby reveals to her friends that she is back with Carlos and the two of them must leave Fairview until the whole thing with Victor blows over, they are all shocked and upset and Karen warns the friends that they are on tornado watch. Gaby and Carlos pack and Carlos tells Gaby that she has to be at the house when Al Kaminsky arrives with the papers giving them access to the off-shore money. Edie learns that Gaby and Carlos are leaving and so goes over to Gaby's house just as Al arrives, the papers are delivered to her and Gaby sees her with them from her window, she chases her down the street. Edie gets into her house and when Gaby gives up causing ruckus, Edie thinks she has gone, however, Gaby smashes through Edie's window and says, "Oh good, you're home." A fight ensues outside, however, due to the excessive wind all of the papers blow away, Gaby is distraught. As she tries to attack Edie, Edie notices the tornado heading towards them, they run into the hosue scared. They get into the crawl space and Edie reveals that she really let herself fall for Carlos and Gaby apologizes for the affair. Carlos arrives home and Victor is waiting, he soon pulls a gun on Carlos and chases him outside, a car drops onto the ground and Victor soon loses the gun as the two men fight, Carlos tries desperately to get into a house after he knocks out Victor but Victor walks up behind him, ready to strike, when a fence post impales him and he dies, Carlos is relieved but soon is hit over the head and knocked out by an object in the wind. ("Something's Coming")

Gaby goes to Victor's funeral but is forced to leave by Milton who informs her she will not be getting a dime. Carlos is in hospital and Gaby has to tell him that they're broke as all of his money was lost to the tornado. Gaby goes over to Al's house and learns that he died, meaning he cannot draw up new copies of the files, she searches through all of his files as the garage door opens and all of the funeral guests see her, she begins crying and pretending she is distraught over Al's death as a cover. Gabrielle is oblivious that Carlos is permanently blind as he is worried she will leave him. ("Welcome to Kanagawa")

Gaby goes to church to see Father Crowley to ask him to marry her and Carlos again, he is reluctant but agrees. Gaby goes to the hospital to ensue with a quick wedding but Carlos interrupts her, he says that he will be blind for three months, four tops, Gaby is okay with it and they remarry. Edie learns of Carlos's permanent blindness and tells Gaby as a form of mocking her for being stuck with him. Gaby confronts Carlos and is very upset to learn he thinks she would leave him as she isn't that shallow anymore and loves him. ("Sunday")

Gaby is annoyed with Carlos's blindness and with being poor, she goes to the market and learns that she could park in the handicapped space thanks to Carlos's blindness being eligible for a handicapped placcard. At the supermarket, she parks there and is confronted by a guy in a wheelchair, they argue and he soon grabs her causing her to roll him down the parking lot and drive away. She then starts bringing Carlos along with her but he gets annoyed when he can't leave the car, he confronts her and she reveals how hard his blindness is on her, he forgives her and she reveals that if it were anyone but him it wouldn't be worth it. ("In Buddy's Eyes")

Carlos gets a dog named Roxy to help him get around. Gaby soon becomes annoyed with the dog when she growls and barks every time that Gaby yells or hits Carlos. Gaby is very annoyed when Roxy is sleeping in her bed and even more so when Carlos picks Roxy over her. Gaby attempts to give Roxy back to the agency and leaves, however, Roxy finds her way back home and Gaby is maddened. She tells Edie of her annoyance and Edie says she should stop hitting and yelling at Carlos as now that he's blind, it's just sick. Gaby takes this on. ("Hello, Little Girl")

Gaby and Carlos rent out their guest room to Ellie Leonard as they need the cash. Ellie seems all well and good until Gaby sees her with two different guys in one day, and sees the latter of which pay her. She assumes she is a prostitute and so goes to Bob and Lee to test this theory. She asks them to pretend to pay her for sex and Lee is up for the job. He dresses like the 50s and is attacked by Ellie. Gaby and Bob go and save him and Gaby explains her theory about prostitution to Ellie, who is mad. Ellie then says she does tattoos for money, however, it is revealed that she is drug dealer and Gaby has not a clue. ("Opening Doors")

Gaby goes into Ellie's room when she hears the fire alarm go off in there, she turns it off and soon finds bricks of cocaine under the bed. Carlos and Gaby report her to the police who say that they've been on her case for a while but need to wait for her supplier to arrive so that they can arrest him. Bree comes to the girls and tells them that Edie is blackmailing her for faking a pregnancy, this causes Lynette, Bree, Susan and Gaby to advance on Edie and shun her. She leaves the lane. Ellie gives Gaby a mother's day present and Gaby is touched to realize that Ellie is her friend, she then begins to feel bad about the police. ("Mother Said")

Gaby and an undercover cop are hiding cameras in Ellie's room when they here her arrive, Gaby pounces on the cop and pretends to be having an affair with him as cover. Ellie confronts Gaby and wonders why she would be with that guy when she has Carlos, Gaby lies to explain herself. Later, Ellie tells Carlos of the "affair" and he is maddened, he confronts Gaby who is mad at Ellie for snitching, she reveals he was a cop. Gaby confronts Ellie and hears how cheating destroyed her childhood, she then sees the police advancing on the lawn and pulls her friend close to warn her, Ellie runs out of the house in time. ("The Gun Song")

Gaby and the girls are at their poker game when Bree wants Katherine in the game, Katherine stops by to say she is moving and she says that Gaby, Lynette and Susan just became her employees. Gaby is called by Ellie who tells her to retrieve her teddy bear and give it to her, Gaby goes to get Ellie's bear and rips open the back to discover a lot of money inside it. She decides to keep it along with Carlos and then Ellie calls again and knows that Gaby has found the money, she says that if one dime is missing she will throw acid in her face, Gaby becomes worried and has the police watch the house. Carlos goes upstairs and hears Ellie breathing, he then comes back downstairs and warns Gaby, she runs to the bedroom to save the money and soon is confronted by Ellie. They wrestle for the money and Gaby runs out and down the stairs, her and Ellie begin to fight and wrestle for the bag of money, Carlos opens a closet to call the police as he cannot see and then Roxy comes along and bites Ellie's arm, causing her to lose the money and the fight as Gaby gets up and calls for the police as Ellie escapes. Ellie goes to Katherine's house and pulls a knife on her and Wayne, he is unaware of Wayne's gun and he soon shoots her in the chest to provide himself an alibi. Bree emerges from the hostage situation at Katherine's house a while later and tells the girls of Katheirne's secret and the reason she killed Wayne (as he was going to make her life hell) and the girls agree to provide an alibi for Katherine. ("Free")

Time jump[]

How did that woman I saw each day in the mirror become someone I don't even recognize?
Mary Alice Young

Gabrielle finds out from her doctor that she is pregnant, she is shocked as when she had her miscarriage, she gave up on her dream of children, and so hits her doctor. She arrives home to Carlos who tells her that a baby is a miracle, she however, is more worried about money, but Carlos tells her that he was thinking about getting a job as a masseur as you don't need your eyes for that, only touch. Gaby doesn't believe it to be the worst idea Carlos has had. ("Mirror, Mirror")

However, when Gabrielle gives brith to her child, they receive the help of an alcoholic nurse, Teresa Pruitt, who mixes up their baby with another family's. They take home Carmen and Hector Sanchez's baby, Juanita Solis, home and Hector and Carmen take Gaby and Carlos's biological baby, Grace Sanchez. The two couples are unaware of the mix-up. ("I Guess This is Goodbye"/"Remember Paul?")

As a mother, Gaby's looks begin to fade. Gaby finds out she is pregnant again and is distraught, she goes home to Carlos who shields himself from her anger with the baby. He insists that it will be another miracle and Gaby gives birth to Celia Solis. ("Mirror, Mirror")

Gaby's looks fade further with motherhood and she is no longer a glamorous, rich housewife. Gaby hosts a poker game with the girls which now incorporates Katherine, after the game is over, she goes upstairs to find Juanita has gotten into her make-up and has it all over her face, Gaby says that they're lucky that she got up there before they got into her dresses, at this point, Juanita yells for Celia to run and Celia runs out of the room in one of Gaby's designer dresses. ("Free")

Season 5[]

Gaby, I have to ask... what the hell happened to you? Look at you, your clothes, your hair. Carlos might be blind, but the rest of us aren't.
Edie Williams

Gaby is getting ready to take Juanita to a princess party but is having trouble fitting her into any of the


Gabby tries to tell Carlos that Juanita and Celia are obese

dresses. She is annoyed when the shop assistant mistakes her for an over-seven year old when she is only four and a half due to her being overweight. Gaby preaches to Carlos that their children are obese but he says that they don't have to worry. Gaby takes Juanita to the party and sees her eating a very large piece of

Desperatehousewives 0501

Gaby has let herself go

cake, she says that she should have just gone up to get a second piece but soon learns that she is already on her second piece. When leaving, Gaby doesn't let Juanita get into the car and makes her chase after it to get some exercise, she is enraged when Juanita gets the bus. When Carlos finds out what Gaby did, he is mad, but she tells him that she needs to be in shape so her youth doesn't pass her by like Gaby's did. She says she is glad that Carlos cannot see her as she has let herself go but he insures her that she will always be beautiful to him. ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow") Gaby is extremely excited when she is invited to a fancy party as she assumed that her social status was deceased. She informs Carlos of the good news but finds him massaging a client in their living room. This makes her uncomfortable and she asks Carlos to take a job at the club as a masseur as the money is better, he does but reluctantly. Gaby is later told by Bree, who is catering the party, that she has been uninvited as

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Gabby and Carlos attend a party they were uninvited to due to their social status

the club members feel uncomfortable partying with "staff". Gaby is maddened by this. She then attends the party anyway and doesn't tell Carlos that they were uninvited, he soon gets the attention of security and is dragged off. Carlos later confronts her and she says she feels she is losing it all. Carlos tells her that rich people aren't happy as he has learned being a masseur at the club, but he and Gaby truly are happy. ("We're So Happy You're So Happy") Gaby is forced to give up her car for a cheaper model that she buys from Andrew. She soon learns it is a lemon car and tries to get her money back - but Andrew refuses. She then threatens to ram his car and he concedes due to her having no insurance. Gaby is happy. Gaby finds out from Susan that


Juanita is caught bullying MJ and Susan attempts to punish her

Juanita is bullying MJ and is mad when she sees Susan push Juanita over. She marches over to Susan and a catfight ensues between the two. Susan soon returns with booze and the two reconcile and Gaby reveals she was glad that Juanita was doing the pushing so long as she wasn't being pushed. Susan encourages Gaby to change her life around. ("Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else")

Gaby is insisting that Juanita play with weird girl Bethany and Carlos is confused as to why. Gaby says that if Juanita is invited to Bethany's playdates then they can have sex. When they do have sex, Juanita is standing there and is worrying what they were doing. Gaby assures her they were wrestling. Carlos decides that they should tell Juanita the facts of life but this backfires when she starts sharing it with other girls, including Bethany, and gets them uninvited from the play dates. Gaby explains to Bethany's parents the situation and she says she understands, but the apology goes wrong when Carlos accidentally reveals to Bethany that there isn't a Santa Claus. Their lovelife is back to square one. ("Back in Business")

Gaby is distressed when she realizes that her period is late and worries that she may be pregnant again. She flashes back to her previous two pregnancies and how shocked she was and tells Carlos that they should hire Bob to sue the doctor who clearly

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Gabby and friends watch as Mrs. McClusky is taken away

botched his vasectomy, however, Carlos reveals before they enter Mrs. McCluskey's party, that he never got a vasectomy, Gaby is shocked. At the party, Gaby is very mad at Carlos and goes upstairs and later, she comes cheering back down them exclaiming that she got her period to all of the guests after Karen attacked Dave. ("Mirror, Mirror")

Gaby is very happy at the tip that Carlos received from one of his massage clients and decides to go shopping. Later, Virginia Hildebrand, the tipper, visits Gaby and Carlos, telling them that she wants Carlos to be her personnal masseur when she goes to Paris, Gaby is skeptical at first but agrees when offered $100,000. Gaby finds out from a co-worker of Carlos that he gave Virginia an orgasm during a massage, hence the large tip, and so Gaby goes to Virginia's current massage - at her house. She goes into the bedroom and confronts Virginia without Carlos knowing, Virginia offers for Gaby to be her personnal shopper in Paris and Gaby is estatic, she slips out unseen by Carlos. ("There's Always a Woman")

Gaby, Carlos and the kids stay the weekend at Virginia's house which Gaby has no problem with until things begin to get uncomfortable such as when the family is watching a movie and Virginia cuddles up with Gaby and Carlos on the bed. Gaby is shocked to learn that Juanita and Celia have been told to call her "Grandma" and voices her uncomfortableness to Virginia and leaves. At Celia's birthday party, Virginia stops by to drop off a present but Gaby kicks her out nonetheless. Virginia calls the Country Club to get Carlos fired for sexual harassment. ("What More Do I Need?")

Carlos regains his job but Gaby is furious to realize that Virginia is still spending time with her family, however, she decides to suck up to her after learning that her family has been put in the will. Later, Virginia begins to insist that the girls ensue a private school education and Gaby is furious at being told how to raise her kids and so rejects her offers for the school and the will. Later, at the club where Carlos is performing with his garage band at a battle of the bands, Gaby is surprised to see Virginia is there. When a fire ensues at the club, Gaby helps Virginia to safety after she is injured, however, she is kept out of the will despite this act of kindness. ("City on Fire")

After Carlos had an injury in the club-fire, Gaby goes to visit him at the hospital only to learn from the doctor that the scan revealed a bone-fragment lodged in Carlos's optic nerve from his accident five years before and if it were to be removed, he could regain his sight. Gaby is excited but soon becomes worried for when he realizes she's let herself go and so tries to use the month he has left of blindness for diet and exercise. This is not taken kindly by the girls who refuse to diet, and Gaby learns that Carlos's surgery has been moved up and voices to him that she's worried he may not be attracted to her anymore. Carlos assures her that she'll always be beautiful to him and reminisces their proposal night. ("Me and My Town")

Gaby throws a party to celebrate Carlos regaining his sight and he soon discovers that while he was blind, she sold his autographed baseball. Carlos is maddened and makes her get it back, she is forced to dance for a rich man to get it back. Carlos looks into Gaby's closet which was once filled with many beautiful dresses, now having so few. He then sells the baseball and buys Gaby a nice, new dress. ("A Vision's Just a Vision")

Carlos quits his job after realizing that massaging people is disgusting now he can see them and Gaby runs into Bradley Scott, an old business acquaintance of Carlos, and gets a job for him. Carlos doesn't want the job and Gaby is maddened to learn he wants to work with the blind, however, she makes it clear that she supported the family for five years and now it's his turn. He takes the job with Bradley. ("Home is the Place")

The girls are sad when Carlos has to go to work and Gaby begins to fail at mothering the girls when they refuse to obey her. They soon tell her that they love Carlos more than her and so Gaby gets her gardener, Reggie, to yell at them to clean up, telling them that Carlos sent him. Carlos is mad when he learns what his wife did this and reveals that when he was at home with them, they said that they loved her more too. He promises to tell the girls to obey their mother from now on. ("Connect! Connect!")

Eli Scruggs, the local handyman, dies and the women think back to how he affected their lives. Gaby thinks of how he helped her make friends with the girls when she first moved to the lane. She decides that she will buy him a large wreathe and pay for it herself. ("The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened")

Jean helps Gaby

Gabrielle fits into the dress she wore the night Carlos proposed

Gaby and Carlos ahve an anniversary coming up and Gaby wants to fit into the dress that she wore the night he proposed. To fit into it, Gaby joins a fitness boot camp but becomes whiney and decides to quit. Edie tells her that just because she's rich again, doesn't mean she should be spoiled again and that when she was poor, she had some humility. Gaby rejoins the class and fits into the dress with the help of her seamstress, Jean, who Gaby thanks for the first time. ("Mama Spent Money When She Had None")

Gaby learns that Carlos's boss, Bradley, is cheating on his wife and so uses this as a means of blackmail to get Carlos a good bonus. She tells Carlos of his cheating ways and he is mad that she's blackmailing his boss. Gaby and Carlos must cover for Bradley in order to ensure there bonus. ("In a World Where the Kings Are Employers") Bradley demands that Gaby move her plans with Maria to a different time so that he can meet with his lover and Gaby is mad at being used for his affair. Gaby visits Bradley's lover who threatens to cut a chunk of Gaby's hair if she does not leave the salon that she works at. Gaby tells Bradley that she no longer wants to cover for him and convinces him to tell Maria after he wants to get Carlos fired. Bradley tells Maria who stabs him, dead, and Gaby and Carlos convince her to call the police. ("Crime Doesn't Pay")

Gaby and Carlos attend Bradley's funeral and learn that Carlos has got Bradley's job and will now be making a lot more money, Gaby is happy. Carlos hires Lucy Blackburn, his ex-girlfriend, to do his old job and Gaby is unahppy about this and so hires Lynette to be her spy at work. Lynette agrees to do it should she receive the salary she wants. ("The Story of Lucy and Jessie") Carlos and Gaby are having less sex and so Gaby has coffee with Tom who tells her that she needs to get down to that horny teenage boy beneath Carlos's tired exterior. Gaby takes the kids to work and Lucy yells at them for breaking her figurines, causing Carlos to fire her. ("A Spark. To Pierce the Dark.")

After Edie is involved in a severe car accident, she dies. Gaby and the rest of the girls agree to deliver her ashes to Travers and Gaby thinks back to when her and Edie had a competition to decide who was more attractive and how Edie told her she knew she would die young. The girls deliver the ashes. ("Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know")

Gaby joins a garden club and decides to get the girls to band together to overthrow the dictator of the club, including Tom. When Gaby sees on of the sluts of the club flirting with Tom, she kicks him out to protect Lynette and Tom is maddened. Later, when Gaby and Carlos are having dinner with Tom and Lynette, the story comes out and the couples apologize to each other. ("Rose's Turn") Juanita wears make-up on the bus and Gaby tells her she is too young but the only way she can prove to her daughter that beauty is only skin-deep is by wearing no make-up herself at Carlos's award. Gaby is upset by this and when her photo is to be taken in the paper, she steals an Asian woman's make-up and puts it on. She then tells Juanita that she will allow her to wear make-up the day she realizes that she doesn't really need it. ("Bargaining")

Gaby sees one of her old rich friends has become poor and then goes to the shelter to help her out, She learns that Fran's husband died and had no life insurance and so she was forced to the street, she warns Gaby that this could happen to her but Gaby refuses to accept it and tells her that when Carlos went blind, she worked her ass off to stay afloat and succeeded. ("Marry Me a Little")

Carlos's Aunt Connie throws a family reunion and tries to pawn off Carlos's niece, Ana, off on the family, Gaby is mad when Carlos offers to take her in but he insists that they're doing the right thing. Connie wants "the truth about Ana" to be a surprise for Gaby and Carlos. ("Everybody Says Don't") Ana arrives to the Solises as an attractive teenage girl, they are shocked, Gaby sees her couture dresses and wonders how Ana got these, she tells her that they were gifts from boyfriends. Later, Gaby gets Ana to do some chores and comes home to her house having been cleaned by Porter, Preston and Parker who were manipulated to do so by Ana's whiles. Gaby is told by Ana that she is jealous and Ana lies to Carlos saying that Gaby wants to kick her out, Carlos is mad at Gaby and Ana's work is done... ("If It's Only in Your Head")

Season 6[]

Yeah, and when she came in past curfew it was 'just forty minutes', and when she took money from my purse it was 'just five dollars'. Why do you always make excuses for her?

Gaby makes Ana lift her baggy sweatshirt to reveal that she is wearing a revealing shirt to school, she makes her change and Carlos tells her that it's just a shirt, Gaby is mad that Carlos always makes excuses for his niece. She refuses to sign Ana's adoption papers as she wants to keep her options open. Later, Ana washes the car in exchange for being able to go to a party but Gaby refuses to let her go. That night, Gaby finds Juanita in Ana's bed and goes to the party top get her. She gets up on stage to ask for her and tells the attendance that if she doesn't get her niece, she will call the cops with their drug-sniffing dogs, they lift Ana to the stage. When Ana gets home she notes that she doesn't need looking after as she wants to be a model, like Gaby was, Gaby tells her how hard her own life was before she was a model. She signs the adoption papers making her Ana's legal guardian. ("Nice is Different Than Good")

Ana is interested in Danny Bolen and Gaby gives her tips on how to get a man by telling her how she bagged Carlos when the Solises hear Karen's scream at the discovery of Julie's body after the attack. Gaby goes to the hospital with the girls to support Susan. When she returns, Ana is questioned and tells the police she was with Danny Bolen all night as she snuck down the trellis, Reggie tells Gaby that the trellis wouldn't be able to support much weight and Gaby tries to climb it to check, it collapses, Gaby confronts Ana and finds out that she lied to the police to protect Danny and Gaby makes her retract her statement. Gaby sees Danny get arrested for Julie's attack. ("Being Alive")

When Gaby, Carlos, Ana, Juanita and Celia go out to dinner, they bump into John Rowland who is the owner of the restaurant. Gaby begins to pretty herself up when she sees him and Carlos notices this. Carlos asks Gaby if it would be okay if Ana worked for John and Gaby declines, unknowing that Carlos was testing her to see if she still has feelings for John. At Carlos's important business meeting, Gaby shows up looking scruffy to prove a point, she tells Carlos that she has stood by him through a lot and has been through enough tests, causing him to apologize. When Gaby is alone after the dinner, she takes out pictures of her and John together, indicating she may still have feelings for him. ("Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover")

Gaby sees John drop Ana off and is furious that John is flirting with Ana and tells him that from now on, she will be picking Ana up from work. Juanita and Celia find condoms under Ana's bed and Gaby confronts Ana who professes that she is in love with John. Gaby goes to John's restaurant to tell him to leave Ana alone but he tells her he is still in love with her and kisses her as Ana walks in and sees. Ana wants to tell Carlos and confronts Gaby about the photos and Gaby tells her that sometimes she likes to think back about what might have been but she loves Carlos a whole lot more than her affair and that Ana doesn't want to hurt her beloved uncle. Ana keeps her mouth shut. ("The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues")

When another woman's daughter has an accident under Gaby's care, Gaby becomes a play-date pariah as all of the parents think she is unsafe, to prove them wrong, Gaby throws Juanita a big party that all of the kids are dying to attend. Everything is going well at first until the monkey ends up mauling the clown and Gaby begin to doubt her motherhood skills until Carlos assures her that their girls are smart due to the way they reacted to the monkey-attack. ("Everybody Ought to Have a Maid")

Gaby and Carlos watch Juanita in a play and when she has trouble with her pronunciation, she utters a swear word causing her to be punished. Gaby is furious at this and so swears viciously at the head-teacher and pulls her daughter out of the school. Gaby now has to home-school Juanita and learns that in the eyes of her daughter, she is a bad mother. ("Don't Walk on the Grass")

Gaby is having trouble balancing teaching Juanita and keeping up house work and so Carlos agrees to hire a housekeeper. Gaby is delighted when Ivana teaches Juanita fractions correctly and so lets her tutor her from now on until she is fired by Carlos for doing no housework. Gaby goes to her new home and makes her teach Juanita while Gaby scrubs the floor. Carlos is mad to learn that the maid taught Juanita and Gaby makes it apparent to him that the home-schooling situation is destroying her relationship with her daughter, Carlos agrees to find another way to deal with it. ("Careful the Things You Say")Gaby tries to bribe Father Crowley into getting Juanita to private Catholic school, it does't work but he tells her a spot is available. Gaby tries to get the father of the girl to leave Carlos's company but Lynette gets him to stay as she will need him when she goes on maternity leave (Carlos and Gaby not knowing she is pregnant). Gaby later finds out about Lynette's pregnancy after seeing her belly and is distraught, this causes Lynette to confess to Carlos. ("The Coffee Cup")

A war ensues between Lynette and Carlos as he tries to make her quit, Gaby decides they're being mean after initially wanting it in the first place and so gets Carlos to agree to mend their long relationship. Gaby brings presents to Lynette to apologize just as Carlos learns Lynette is suing them, Gaby takes back her gifts and continues to be mad at Lynette. ("Would I Think of Suicide?")

Lynette, now having been fired, and Gaby are still very much mad at each other and keep on firing insults to one another during the block Christmas party. During the choir performance, Gaby and Lynette fight and Bree kicks them out to work on their differences and they decide they hate each other. When the plane heads for Wisteria Lane, the residents are running away but Celia stands infront of it, scared, Gaby calls out for her and she is saved by Lynette who dives in front of the plane to rescue her. ("Boom Crunch")

Gaby and Carlos have now forgiven Lynette due to her rescuing Celia, however, this action caused a problem with Lynette's pregnancy. Gaby is relieved that Celia is alright and stays at her bedside, imagining what great things she is destined to do since she was "spared". Gaby later visits Lynette to learn she lost a baby and offers her condolences. ("If...")

Juanita is accepted into private school and Gaby is very happy until she finds out that her daughter has no idea that she's Mexican. They wonder how this can be and Carlos is annoyed that Gaby refuses to let Juanita go to school with Mexicans and deciphers she is a self-loathing Mexican. He forgives her when he learns how bad her childhood was due to her race. ("You Gotta Get a Gimmick")

Gaby is worried when she discovers that Juanita is in the Leopards group for school, which, according to Susan, is the slow group as apposed to the Giraffes who are the smart group. Gaby and Susan get competitive and, after snapping a picture of each groups math homework, Gaby deciphers that Juanita is actually in the smart group and that MJ is in the slow group: Giraffes. When Susan comes by and flaunts her son's superiority, Gaby alerts her that he is slow. Susan reveals the system to the other parents which sparks competitiveness throughout them. Gaby and Susan soon work out their differences, however. ("How About a Friendly Shrink?")

Gaby is shocked when she realizes that Angie lets Ana and Danny alone in his bedroom and Angie tells her that they're teenagers and if they want to have sex, they will have it, no matter how much parents protest. Gaby gives Ana a check for modelling school and tells her it will be cashed if she goes the next year without having sex. Gaby and Carlos come home to Ana and Danny fooling around in the living room and Carlos threatens Danny until Angie stops him, threatening him in turn. Gaby and Carlos go to Angie's to apologize and hear her and Nick arguing about some secret, sparking intrigue, causing Gaby to think that Angie is dangerous. ("The Glamorous Life")

Gaby and Carlos now want to break up Ana and Danny and so Gaby gets her New York photographer friend to take Ana on but Ana refuses after she promised to move to New York with Danny after graduation. When this plan fails, Gaby gets Robin, the new stripper on the lane, to talk to Ana about her heart-breaking story, Ana breaks up with Danny in response. Robin is enraged when she finds out she was used and so tells Danny who goes to New York to find Ana. ("Lovely")

Celia gets the chicken pox and Gaby must move in with Bob and Lee temporarily as she has never had them before. When there, Gaby remembers how much she loves the single party life and when Celia is cured, she lies to say that she is now sick herself to spend one more day partying. When at the party, she stumbles into a nursery and Bob tells her that Lee and him are trying to adopt a baby but the mothers keep backing out, she realizes that he envies her life more than she envies his and she moves back home. ("The Chase")

Danny finds Ana in New York and tells her of her aunt's plan to break them up, she is maddened. Angie and Gaby decide to fly out to New York to retrieve the two, and, in the process, Gaby meets some old modelling friends. She is shocked to discover how hated she is around the modelling world and soon finds out that she got married at the convenient time as she was about to be fired. Gaby is sad and tells this to Ana, warning her not to be so awful to her bosses if she wants to make it as a model. Gaby accidentally reveals to Iris Beckley that Angie lives in Fairview and Iris calls Patrick Logan. On the plane ride home, Gaby tells Angie about Patrick, him being Danny's real father, after Gaby told her she overheard their argument. ("Chromolume No. 7")

Susan and Gaby once again go at war when selling their children's school chocolate. They both sell very hard and Gaby is extremely maddened when there is one day left and Susan gives Juanita detention to keep her behind. Gaby 'kidnaps' MJ and tells Susan that they'll meet at the school to make the exchange. Susan tells MJ that he is to let Juanita win and Mj accidentally reveals this to Gaby who tells him that his mother is a winner, just like him. ("My Two Young Men")

When Gaby learns that Bob and Lee's surrogate has backed out, she offers to do it for them herself, an offer to which Carlos is skeptical. Bob and Lee are excited until Gaby begins to treat the situation as though it would be her own child and Bob and Lee remind her that when she's given birth, that's it. She backs out. Gaby soon learns that this action caused Bob and Lee to break up. ("We All Deserve to Die") It is discovered that Julie's attacker is Eddie Orlofsky and it's revealed that when Gaby moved in, she grew very close with the boy before having to break it off. ("Epiphany")

Gaby finds out that Carlos lent Mike some money as he and Susan were having financial troubles, she is displeased. Even more so when Susan flaunts her new piano. Gaby then tells Susan of the loan who says she knew nothing and that the piano was inherited. Gaby and Susan decide to mess with Carlos and Mike's heads by pretending not to know anything which ends up with Carlos being accused of having an affair with Susan. The plan is soon broken, however. ("A Little Night Music")

Gaby brings her lasagna over to Angie to get some tips, she sees that Patrick Logan is there but is told he is her brother (not knowing he is holding Angie hostage). Angie goes to taste a piece and hides a note in the food saying that Danny and her are being held hostage, no cops, get Nick (who is currently hospitalized). Angie passes the food, claiming she is on a diet, but Gaby takes this to mean her food is terrible and throws it out in the trash. Later that night, Gaby comes downstairs to find that Celia and Juanita are eating the lasagna and finds the note in Celia's mouth, she is alerted and must help Angie. ("The Ballad of Booth")

Gaby goes to get Nick at the hospital and gets by the nurses by doing a bad imitation of Angie, passing as his wife. She shows him the note and they decipher that Patrick is keeping her hostage, Gaby wonders why they don't get cops and Nick tells her it is because, if they did, Patrick would kill Angie and Danny. Gaby agrees to drive the two of them back to the lane. Gaby and Nick arrive on the lane and have a plan, however, it is unsuccessful when Nick, who is still under the influence of pain medication, passes out, Gaby panics. Gaby wonders how to get Nick out of his coma when Susan stops by to say goodbye as she is moving from Wisteria Lane, Gaby see this as an opportunity and tells her to say a nice, long goodbye to Angie as a distraction for Patrick. Susan does this as Gaby sneaks around the back to climb the trellis and save Danny, but the door is shut in Susan's face after a short while. Gaby gets into Danny's room where he is tied to a chair as Angie leaves the house with Patrick, who has a detonator. Soon, Gaby hears an explosion from the street and finds out that the bomb Angie built was in the detonator and therefore killed Patrick when he set it off. Gaby sees off Nick and Angie who continue their lives on the run in Atlanta whereas Danny goes to New York to be with Ana. Bree later tells Gaby that she has a confession to make and they are seen walking and talking up to 4349 Wisteria Lane as Susan leaves the street. ("I Guess This is Goodbye")

Season 7[]

You can't begin to imagine how I feel. The only person who could is the woman who has my daughter.

Bree tells Gaby that it was really Andrew who ran over Carlos' mother all those years ago. Gaby is shocked and mad at Bree for telling her as she'd rather not have known, this is when Karen alerts them that Paul Young is back on the lane and living in Susan's old house. The girls go over to Paul and wonder why he is back, he tells them that Felicia Tilman was never dead as everyone thought all those years ago, and that he is mad at his old friends for never visiting him. Gaby is unaware that Carlos is busy finding out that Juanita and another baby were switched at birth and doesn't want to tell Gaby. Gaby and the rest of the girls also welcome Renee Perry to the lane and note her and Lynette's seemingly vicious insults. Gaby feels bad about keeping the truth from Carlos when she sees him reminiscing his mother to Juanita and Carlos feels equally as guilty about not telling Gaby Juanita is not really theirs. ("Remember Paul?")

Bree accidentally backs up and hits Juanita with her car, causing her to go to hospital. When there, Gaby is mad at her and Andrew, revealing to him she knows his secret. Later, a nurse tells her that Juanita has type A blood whereas neither her nor Carlos do, causing Gaby to think she had an affair with a guy she met in France many years before with Susan. Gaby tries to convince Carlos that she has sexonmia, a disorder where people have sex in their sleep, to give her affair an excuse. Gaby soon tells Carlos about this but he tells her not to worry because he knows the true reason, he then tells Gaby that Juanita is not really theirs and she becomes very emotional. ("You Must Meet My Wife")

Gaby agrees to sign the papers agreeing not to sue the hospital for the mix up in order to spare the other mother the pain should she find out. Gaby sees many young girls around the mall and realizes that any one of them could be her daughter, not wanting to go on like this, Gaby decides to hire Bob to track the other family down. Gaby later tells Bob to tell the family once he tracks them down and Carlos is enraged when he finds out, telling her that if it ends badly, he will never forgive her. ("Truly Content")

Gaby and Carlos meet with Carmen and Hector Sanchez along with their daughter, Grace. They are a lot worse off than Gaby and Carlos and Gaby takes an immediate liking to her biological daughter. Gaby tells the girls of the situation she is in and they all offer comfort. Later, Gaby goes over to the Sanchez home to give Grace a purse, but Carmen rejects it. Later, when the Sanchezes visit the Solises, Gaby gives Grace the tour of her house and stops at the master bedroom where Grace compliments her jewelry. Gaby is touched and offers Grace a necklace which she is excited to accept. ("The Thing That Counts is What's Inside")

Gaby congratulates Renee on getting rid of Doug, her husband, and Renee says that they both understand each other as they are both so beautiful. They begin swapping stories of how they've used their looks and Renee ends up admitting that she slept with Doug's lawyer, intern for this information, Gaby tells Renee that she once got a nose job. When Renee announces she may be getting back together with Doug, Gaby tells her it's a bad idea causing Renee to say, "Keep your fake nose out of it." in front of the other girls. Gaby is maddened and is now the subject of ridicule. Later, the girls go to a club to hear a neighbor sing and Gaby stops by at Renee and Doug's table after being made fun of and tells Doug that Renee slept with his lawyer, causing him to leave. Renee is extremely pissed off and so confronts Gaby, telling her not to screw with her marriage. Gaby and Renee begin a cat fight in front of the club and the attention is turned to their violence towards one another, Renee says that if Gaby likes her ring, she can smell it, before punching her in the face, which hurts Gaby's nose. Renee later apologizes, telling Gaby that she was right and that she is a true friend. ("Let Me Entertain You")

Gaby offers to take Grace trick-or-treating with her, Juanita and Celia and Grace is very happy. Juanita and Celia dress as a dog and cat but Gaby is more concerned with Grace who dresses as a princess, taking her picture. Juanita becomes jealous and so gives Grace a little "hair cut" causing large chinks to go missing. Gaby is very mad at Juanita who tells her mother that she likes Grace more than her.Carlos sees this and tells Gaby that she needs to protect Juanita as she knows something up, Gaby refuses to back off her biological daughter. ("Excited and Scared")

Gaby and Carlos throw Bob a dinner in order to thank him for finding Grace, Gaby is shocked when she finds out how 'straight' Bob acts. Lee warns Gaby that Bob used to be 'the flipper' because he would seduce straight men and Gaby becomes worried that he will seduce Carlos. She is concerned when Carlos and Bob decide to take a golf weekend and confronts Carlos about what Lee said and he tells her he wasn't planning on turning gay this weekend. She decides to trust him but still doesn't let him go, having other plans... Later, Gaby makes Bob and Lee talk, as she thinks they are still in love with each other. She leaves for a small while and returns to see them kissing, she is happy and then leaves out of awkwardness. ("A Humiliating Business")

Gaby invites the Sanchezes over for Thanksgiving dinner and Hector and her go to the store, but, unfortunately, get pulled over by the police, causing immigration to check them out. Hector is deported and Carmen and Grace must now pack so they can run, Gaby is upset. Gaby asks Bob if they were to get deported, if Grace would be able to stay with her, Bob says she would but she'd be an awful person. Gaby offers to let Carmen and Grace stay with her. ("Sorry Grateful") Gaby likes living with Grace, but not Carmen, whom she constantly clashes with over their daughters causing Carmen to insult Gaby's mothering skills, calling Juanita a spoiled brat. Immigration arrive after Gaby called them and Gaby poses as Carmen so she has enough time to escape, Carlos believes she did a great thing but Carmen and Grace must now leave the country immediately. Gaby and Carmen reconcile before she leaves, leaving Gaby very emotional at the loss of her daughter. ("Pleasant Little Kingdom")

The girls all worry that someone may sell their house to Paul Young, allowing him to have all the votes he needs to open the halfway house he wants. Gaby talks to Lynette, her being the only other person she knows who's lost a child, and Lynette tells her to write a letter to Grace with no intention of sending it, Gaby does so but it is found by Juanita. Gaby prepares to go to the protest when Juanita confronts her about the letter, knowing everything. Juanita proclaims that Gaby is not her mother and runs out of the house and into the protest. A riot breaks out among protesters and when Carlos comes home, Gaby tells him Juanita knows everything, they go looking for her and find her in the back of Bob and Lee's car which is being terrorized. Gaby knocks a guy off the bonnet and flips him to the floor, smashing the window to get at her daughter. Gaby and Carlos help Juanita out and get her to safety. ("Down the Block There's a Riot")

Gaby goes to a doll store to buy Juanita a doll from Miss Charlotte to apologize for the Grace situation. Juanita storms out of the store when finding out her mother has a photo of Grace with her. Carlos and Gaby take Juanita to therapy and finds out that, as Juanita doesn't love Carmen and Hector, wonders why Gaby loves Grace so much, Gaby tells the therapist that she doesn't love Juanita any less. Carlos tells Gaby they have to get rid of everything Grace-related and never say her name again. Gaby returns to Miss Charlotte and buys a doll that looks like Grace, she begins acting motherly towards it and loving it. ("Assassins") Gaby grows more attached to Princess Valerie (the doll) and begins to take it out when she feels sad about Grace. Bree is shocked to hear Gaby lash out at Juanita and Celia for playing with her. Gaby takes her doll back to Miss Charlotte to get her fixed and Miss Charlotte tells her she isn't crazy and asks what Princess Valerie's story is. The story Gaby tells is basically of her and Grace except she gets to keep her, she later outs the doll on the top shelf of her closet. ("Where Do I Belong?")

Carlos is mad to find out that Gaby spent a large sum of money on the doll and Gaby gets mad at him in turn, saying she needs it to deal with Grace. Gaby shows the doll to Karen after finding out that she has one herself and Karen informs Carlos that Gaby treats the doll like her actual daughter. Carlos becomes worried about his wife. When going out to a fancy restaurant, Gaby puts the doll in the backseat and when Carlos gets lost, they are carjacked. Gaby begs for the carjacker to let her get her 'baby' and tries to unbuckle her but it gets jammed, when the carjacker sees it's a doll, he is maddened and gets Gaby away, stealing the car and driving away with the doll inside, leaving Gaby crying, heartbroken. Carlos tells her it's not Grace. ("I'm Still Here")

Carlos makes Gaby go to therapy but she refuses to discuss her childhood. When she arrives home, she tells Carlos she will need more therapy sessions so he will have to do a lot of her chores. Carlos is mad to discover that Gaby has been using her therapy time to go to spas and makes her go back. Later when there, Gaby climbs out of the bathroom window only to be confronted by Carlos, who's wondering why she won't go in, Gaby says it's because she wants her to discuss her childhood, Carlos understands and decides it is time for Gaby to face her past and so goes to the therapist with her. The therapist wonders where the need for Gaby to protect children comes from and Gaby answers, "Because no one protected me. When I was fifteen my stepfather molested me." ("Flashback")

Gaby and Carlos decide to leave to Gaby's home town of Las Colinas so that she can face her past head-on. When they arrive, Gaby sees a mysterious nun who sparks a memory for her. Gaby is thrilled to discover how famous she has become among the town due to her modelling days and Carlos is maddened when she begins to soak in the glory a little too much. He tries to remind her that she came there to face her past but she exclaims that this is her way of dealing with it. Gaby sees the nun again and confronts her, saying that when she was fifteen, she told her of the rape but she replied that she should stop lying, not believing it. Gaby reads her the riot act and tells Carlos that they can go home now. ("Farewell Letter")

Gaby sees that Lee is pushing his new daughter, Jenny, to play the violin and says he shouldn't he says, that as she wanted to play it, it's his obligation to make sure she does. Gaby and Lee decide to use the talent competition to decide who's right. Gaby asks Juanita's talent and makes her compete with a suitable one, she soon finds tap but later, at the show, Juanita proves to be awful and so Gaby hides her tap shoes so she can't perform. Jenny screws up in performance but after seeing how proud Bob and Lee still are of her, Gaby lets Juanita perform. ("Searching")

Gaby and the girls congratulate Susan on getting her new kidney but soon discover they may have to cancel their spring fling party as it would be in poor taste due to Beth's suicide. Renee refuses and so, later, her and Gaby go around looking for invites with no avail. Later, at the party, Gaby realizes that the guests are merely employees and asks Renee why she has so much contempt for Beth before learning that Renee's own mother committed suicide and she hates anyone who does so from now on. ("Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed")

Andrew wants to tell Carlos that it was him who ran over his mother all those years ago, Bree begs him not to and begins to worry when Carlos and Andrew go out to the woods together. Bree informs Gaby who panics also and they find Carlos in the woods, thinking he's already murdered Andrew, Bree accidentally confesses as soon as Andrew walks through the door, Carlos is enraged and become even more so when he discovers that Gaby knew of this. He storms out and Gaby returns home to find an enraged Lee who had to take care of Juanita and Celia, Gaby takes off again with Bree and Andrew and finds Carlos at his mother's grave, he forgives Andrew. Bree later goes to Gaby and Carlos' and Carlos tells her that they are no longer friends and that they will never talk again, and that goes for Gaby as well. ("Moments in the Woods")

Gaby is forbidden from being friends with Bree by Carlos and they begin to have an "affair", meeting in secret and such. Gaby has a pineapple upside-down cake and Carlos wonders where it came from, as it came from Bree, she lies, saying she baked it herself. Gaby now has to bake it on front of Carlos to prove it to him and follows Bree's instructions on her Bluetooth ear piece. Gaby's cake is a failure but she puts it on the window sill to "cool" and Bree swaps it with a cake she made herself, Gaby presents it to Carlos who is forced to apologize. Gaby and Bree decide to go to a spa together and when Carlos finds a long, red hair on her clothes, he knows what Gaby has been up to and forces her to choose between him or Bree. Gaby moves in with Bree along with her children. ("The Lies Ill-Concealed")

Juanita and Celia begin to wreak havoc over at 4354 Wisteria Lane and Bree is annoyed. Gaby is skeptical when Bree believes she can control them and continues to be apart from Carlos. Later, Carlos informs Juanita of his mother's accident leading Juanita to believe, and share with Celia, that Bree killed her grandma. This causes the girls to fear Bree and do whatever she tells them to, however, this backfires when Bree goes to check on them and they lock themselves in a room and call the police. Bree tells Gaby she should go back with her husband and Gaby does so. ("I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday")

Gaby and Juanita watch a scary movie and Juanita begins to become scared that some guy has been watching them from the lawn. Gaby tries to convince her it isn't real and they camp on the front lawn for a night where Lee approaches them with a plastic axe, scaring them. Juanita realizes it is all fake and isn't scared any more but there really is someone watching them... ("Then I Really Got Scared")

Gaby becomes growingly concerned about the man who has been watching her and so decides to get a gun, however, the guy who runs the course makes her realize she would never be able to kill anyone. Gaby sees her stalker at the supermarket and looks at the CCTV footage, seeing that the man is actually Alejandro Perez - her stepfather! Gaby decides to get the gun after all, deciding she would be able to kill him specifically. ("And Lots of Security...")

When Susan returns to the lane, Gaby is too busy worrying about her stalker to care, however, she and the girls go over to greet her back the next day and decide to throw a progressive dinner party to celebrate. Gaby keeps her gun on her personal and sees Alejandro drive away and decides to follow him, both stopping somewhere remote. She follows him out of his car and gets her gun out on him, pointing it at him, getting him down to the floor after shooting a tree next to him to prove she means business. Gaby asks for him to give her a reason not to kill him and begins to explain what a monster he was by how he raped her at age fifteen. He asks her not to do what she's doing and she remembers asking the same thing, telling him it isn't good enough and to think of something else. He apologizes and Gaby gets ready to kill him before changing her mind and releasing the trigger, she tells him to go back to his car and before he leaves, she asks for him to go back to being dead. Gaby tells Carlos he has to come to the dinner party but he doesn't want to due to Bree, she forces him and then tells him about her showdown with Alejandro, he asks if she killed him but she says it was enough to know she could. Gaby enjoys the dinner party and is responsible for dessert, she goes over to her house to check on it but Alejandro is there and gestures that he has her gun. She is panicked and he advances on her, telling her that she was a slut and that she enjoyed the rape as it was happening, she cries and he puts his hand over her mouth, ready to rape her again, Carlos walks up the porch and sees this through the window, he enters the house as Alejandro begins to hurt Gaby and hits him over the head with a candle stick, causing him to fall to the floor. At this point, Susan, Lynette and Bree all enter Gaby's home to see this sight, all shocked, even more so when they discover that Alejandro is dead. Gaby begins to panic as Carlos will go to prison but Bree assures her that that won't happen, the girls clean up the murder scene as all of the guests are arriving and wrap Alejandro up to put him in a chest. They continue the party like nothing is wrong, even though everything is. ("Come on Over for Dinner")

Season 8[]

We're never going back to normal! Don't you understand that?!
Carlos Solis
801 Gabrielle
Gabrielle helps her friends bury Alejandro. ("Secrets That I Never Want to Know")

Gaby and the rest of the girls wait for the dinner party to cease and then them and Carlos take Alejandro's body and take it out to the trunk of the car. They then drive it out to the woods and bury him there, agreeing to bury the secret along with him. Carlos feels incredibly guilty about this. Gaby is one of the first to notice Ben Faulkner arrive on the lane and Renee makes it her mission to pursue him. Gaby tells Bree that she should get rid of Chuck to protect them but Bree professes that he can be good to get information. Bree figures from Chuck that Alejandro had a car and so her and Gaby find it, however, none of them drive manual and so get pulled over by none other than Chuck. They lie and say that the car belongs to Gaby's lesbian aunt and soon, they get car jacked (luckily in that particular case). Carlos wants to confess but only to Father Dugan, but, unfortunately, he is going out of town and so Gaby stops a van to the airport to get him to Carlos. Later, at Gaby's barbecue, Susan tells them that she is telling Mike of the murder and Gaby is very angered and so jumps on her, Lynette tries to stop this and a catfight ensues ending with Gaby, Lynette and Susan in the pool, Bree jumps in, proclaiming to the guys that they were searching for an earring. The girls then agree to keep everything quiet, even though it is taking a toll on each of their lives. ("Secrets That I Never Want to Know")

802 Gaby Dakota
Gabrielle seeks help from a stripper to help spice up her sex life. ("Making the Connection")

Carlos and Gaby haven't had sex in a while and so Gaby seduces her husband, however, the experience doesn't go well as Carlos fails to get an erection. After this, at their weekly poker game, Gaby asks the girls for sex tips to keep Carlos interested, Lynette suggests hiring a stripper to teach her how to give him a lap-dance. Gaby hires one but her pole-dancing skills are not up to scratch and so she hires the stripper to give a blind-folded Carlos a lap-dance with him thinking she is Gaby. When Carlos learns of this, he is very uncomfortable and asks the stripper to leave. He tells Gaby about his mounting guilt and their failing sex-life will have to become something she has to deal with. Bree shows Gaby a mysterious note she received with exactly the same wording as Mary Alice's, the decide not to tell the other ladies or Carlos. Gaby tells Bree that she has to end her relationship with Chuck as it's endangering them all. ("Making the Connection")

803 Gaby
Gabrielle helps Bree find out if Chuck sent the blackmail letters. ("Watch While I Revise the World")

Gaby goes over to Bree to console her over her break-up with Chuck, however, she is maddened to learn that Bree is still with him. Bree later tells Gaby that she found a picture of her own hand and an envelope in Chuck's possessions, they both find this odd and so Gaby tells Bree to get Chuck out of the house in the evening so she can sneak in and get the items. This plan is thwarted when Bree and Chuck go out on a date and he brings the envelope. Gaby shows up at the date and Bree distracts Chuck by kissing him while Gaby snatches the envelope, they meet up in the bathroom to discover it is an engagement ring. Bree breaks up with Chuck and rejects his proposal leaving him heart-broken and vengeful. ("Watch While I Revise the World")

805 Gabrielle Carlos
Gabrielle is concerned by Carlos's drinking. ("The Art of Making Art")

Gaby is dropping Juanita off at school and lets her out at the wrong place causing Gaby to be stopped by Dana, the PTA president. Gaby's placard that allows her to park close up to the school is taken away and Gaby must now park in the B-lot. When there, Gaby convinces the other B-lot moms to rise up against Dana but they let her down in the PTA meeting when bribed with placards. Gaby is now forced to park in the C-lot which is even worse and so she rebels by driving up to the school without a placard, however, she accidentally hits Dana with her car. In the hospital, Dana tells Gaby that she is now the PTA president and warns her it can ruin her life. ("School of Hard Knocks")

The PTA is less than happy with the way that Gaby is running things and refuse to help her with anything. Gaby thinks it is because they are jealous of her lifestyle and so pays for them to have a spa-day which they take to gladly (but still refuse work). Carlos feels more and more guilty following the murder of Alejandro and so begins to drink. Gaby arrives at a school event to discover that nothing is ready so she calls Carlos over to help her but he arrives drunk, embarrassing Gaby. The PTA moms now agree to help and tell Gaby to go and help her husband. ("The Art of Making Art")

806 Gaby Bree
Gabrielle and Bree plan to close down Ben's construction site. ("Witch's Lament")

Gaby tells Carlos that he should go to an AA meeting, assuring him that they'll defeat his problem. Bree goes to Gaby's house and warns her that Ben is planning to build a set of new condos in Chapman Woods - the sight of Alejandro's burial. Gaby becomes very worried. Gaby and Bree go to a lake to find an endangered frog that would get the project shut down if found. They catch some but after a mishap, the frogs escapes in the car as they try to drive them to the woods, making the plan pointless. Gaby and Bree go to Lynette and tell her that the three of them are to be digging up the body tonight, Lynette agrees and they go to the woods. A security guard is there and the ladies split up and run away, Bree finds the sight of the grave and immediately calls Gaby and Lynette who arrived, shocked that Alejandro's grave is empty. ("Witch's Lament")

807 Gaby Carlos
Gabrielle and Carlos ask Bob and Lee to be their children's legal guardians. ("Always in Control")

The girls panick as they drive home from the woods but Bree assures them that it'll all be alright. Gaby tells Carlos that they should find some legal guardians for the girls in case they go to jail, they decide upon Bob and Lee. Gaby bribes Juanita and Celia to behave during dinner that Bob and Lee were reluctant to attend, and so the dinner goes very well. Bob and Lee reconsider, that is, until the see the words, "Gays R Stupid" written on the garage doors. Gaby confronts Juanita and asks her why she did that and Juanita reveals that she believes her father is dying and is scared, Gaby assures her this isn't true and Juanita notes how sad they've been lately. The girls are in the clear when Ben helps cover up the crime and gets Mike to bury the body, Susan comes over to tell them this and is furious that they already know, as is Lynette about not knowing of the notes, the two storm out, very angered. ("Always in Control")

Carlos is delivered to Gaby late at night by a taxi driver who's car Carlos fell asleep in, drunkenly, and Gaby suggests rehab to Carlos, to which he refuses. She tells him she'll sign a deal for him at work to take the pressure off. Bree stops by and tells Gaby that Chuck stopped by the night before, Carlos enters and Bree notices he's been drinking and so not to add to Gaby's stress, she lies and says he wanted to get back together. One of Carlos' biggest clients is on his way and Gaby must meet with him, she leaves him in the hands of one of Carlos' employees after failing to distract him. Gaby tells this employee that Carlos has been drinking which Carlos is mad about because this guy has always been after his job. The client now knows of Carlos' drinking problem and goes to their house only to recommend a rehab to Carlos that helped him himself. Carlos agrees to go. Bree and Gaby are called to Susan's art show to see her set of paintings that depict scenes of the night they buried Alejandro. Bree and Gaby buy them all and Chuck stops by to reveal that he basically knows everything and the painting helps him discover more. Now even Gaby is mad at Bree for not telling her that Chuck was zeroing in on them, leaving Bree friendless. ("Suspicion Song")

Gaby, Lynette and Susan are called to the police station for questioning by Chuck and Gaby is asked if she knows who the man in the picture is (Ramon Sanchez - Alejandro's alias) and Gaby says she doesn't. Gaby goes to visit Carlos in rehab but Nurse Erik will not let her past unless it is an emergency. Gaby then joins another family and pretends to be a part of it, saying that she was the guys girlfriend that he doesn't remember, the fact that he thinks he had her as a girlfriend makes him want help. Gaby sneaks off to get to Carlos and tells him that Chuck is a threat and the cover story she invented as to why he is stressed (he cheated on her). They reveal how much they miss each other. Gaby reveals to Bree that Chuck interrogated them and later, Chuck reveals to Gaby that he did some research and knows that Ramon was actually Alejandro Perez, her stepfather. Gaby says on the phone that she needs to talk to Carlos immediately but she learns that he escaped rehab and doesn't know where he is, she leaves in search of him. ("Putting It Together")

Gaby goes to the rehab center, wondering how they could let Carlos escape, Nurse Erik reminds her that it isn't a prison. Gaby is maddened until she sees a story on the news about the death of Chuck due to a hit-and-run. The four women come together and discuss Chuck's death, the lady's think that it was a purposeful act but Gaby wants to believe that it was an accident and that they are in the clear. Gaby goes to the police, wondering if they have any leads on Chuck's case, they don't. Gaby returns home to discover that Carlos has returned and she wonders if he hit Chuck or not, they go to check the car but the car is gone. At Chuck's funeral, Gaby learns that Carlos went to the police and tried to confess about hitting someone over the head with a candle stick, Gaby says that it was her and that they are in a domestic violence relationship. Gaby tells Carlos that if he ever tries to confess again without her consent. she will be burying another body in the woods, this scares him. ("What's to Discuss, Old Friend?")

Bree shows Lynette and Gaby the second note she receives saying, "You're Welcome" regarding Chuck's death. Gaby and Lynette decide to forgive each other but to stay mad at Bree. Gaby learns that Carlos has a big business dinner the following day but cannot attend due to him being in rehab, Gaby goes to Lynette and asks her for some business tips. In the lesson, Lynette and Gaby argue and Lynette says that Gaby skates by on her looks, making Gaby storm out. Gaby attends the meal with business words written on a menu in which she uses to sound smart, however, the menu is taken and Gaby hasn't a clue what to say. Later, she goes to Lynette to apologize. They bond over their lives without their husbands. ("Who Can Say What's True?")

Gaby decides to redecorate her home but is later mad to learn that Susan visited Claudia and Marisa Sanchez, Alejandro's widow and stepdaughter. Susan and Gaby take down the posters Claudia put up thinking that Susan was sleeping with Alejandro, Gaby learns that Marisa was raped by Alejandro and feels sympathy and so tells Susan to tell Claudia to meet Gaby if she wants to know the truth about her husband. Gaby tells Claudia that when she was fifteen, she was molested by Alejandro, Claudia refuses to believe this until Marisa confesses to it herself. Claudia leaves and tells Gaby that she may want to get rid of the "red wine" stain on her floor, knowing that she killed Alejandro. ("What's the Good of Being Good?")

Gaby learns that Juanita likes a boy at school and Juanita is upset when she doesn't receive a Valentine's card from him. Gaby writes a card from him and slips it to Juanita who is fooled by it and tries to kiss the boy on the playground. She is nearly expelled for sexual harassment. Gaby apologizes to Juanita and tells her where her father really is - rehab. The ladies learn that Renee took Bree out drinking which explains her many sexual partners in a small space of time. Gaby, Lynette and Susan go to Bree to help her but she refuses their help, extremely mad at them for the way she was treated. ("Is This What You Call Love?")

Carlos will be coming home soon and Gaby cannot control her girls, she offers to house Roy who has been kicked out by Karen. The girls learn that Orson is with Bree and go over to apologize, he doesn't accept them and tells Bree that they came over to say hurtful things. Gaby discovers just how good Roy is at controlling the girls and so doesn't want him to leave. When Karen comes round with a pie for him to symbolize a peace offering, Gaby gives to Juanita and Celia so he is none the wiser. ("Get Out of My Life")

Gaby knows Carlos will be returning soon and so suggests that Roy leaves and apologizes to Karen, he refuses. Gaby tries to convince Karen to take Roy back but must take her to the hospital when she collapses. When there, Gaby learns that Karen has terminal cancer and after hearing about what Roy went through in his first marriage, she tells him of Karen's illness. Karen and Roy reconcile and Gaby welcomes Carlos home from rehab, saying that she never really thought that the end of their marriage will be death. ("She Needs Me")

Bree comes to reconcile with the ladies and tells them that it was Orson who sent the notes. They are happy to be in the clear. The Solises get a new cat, Rufus, which Gbay is not happy about, however, Carlos is less happy about having to return to work. Gaby is called to Carlos' office to learn that he is giving away all of the money to people he has wronged in the past. Gaby is annoyed to learn that Carlos wants to quit his job to help run a charity. Rufus gets stuck on the roof and Juanita climbs up to save him but gets stuck, Gaby is worried sick and Carlos goes to save her. After this close call, Juanita is alright and Carlos still wants to quit, Gaby is extremely angry with him. ("You Take for Granted")

Gaby, Bree and Lynette all rush out of their homes after hearing a gunshot, they run into a horrifying sight: Susan cradling Mike's dead body. The girls attend the funeral and Gaby thinks back to how Carlos really is the love of her life and has always protected her, also how Mike helped her realize how bad rehab was for him. Gaby agrees to let Carlos quit his job. The ladies offer to help Susan after this tragic event. ("Women and Death")

Gaby decides that she wants to get a job to keep up her lavish lifestyle and so meets with a job hunter who basically tells her she isn't qualified for anything. Gaby is saddened and so to cheer herself up, Gaby goes to her favorite store, Cumberly's, to buy a small item but soon ends up buying a lot from the store. Every customer and employee is stunned by Gaby's amazing shopping skills but when Carlos finds out, he is far from stunned, more angry and tells her that she must return everything. Gaby goes to Cumberly's to return the items but instead, Lazaro, the manager, offers her a job as one of their personal shoppers. Gaby agrees and is extremely successful at her job ("Any Moment")

Renee's bridal shower is a little stale so Gaby orders a male stripper, however, before he arrives, Bree is arrested on the suspicion of murdering Ramon Sanchez. Carlos doesn't want Bree to take the fall for a crime he committed but Gaby tells him that the best thing he can do, is do nothing. Later, at Cumberly's, Gaby isn't getting any customers so Lazaro suggests that she try the men's department as men tend to spend more if they think they can score with the hot saleswoman. Gaby agrees and begins flirting with her male customers and they buy a lot of clothes from her. Carlos is unhappy about this as she is not wearing a wedding ring but Gaby tells him that it is purely for business. Later, Gaby treats Carlos to a dinner and one of her best customers comes by and Gaby tells him that Carlos is her brother, he is maddened and embarrasses her in front of him making him leave. Gaby confronts him and he reveals he feels emasculated due to her bringing home the big bucks now. ("With So Little to Be Sure Of")

Gaby visits Carlos' office to give him the girls to take to school as she cannot do it herself. Over at Cumberly's, Doris Hammond, a rich widow, walks into the store and Gaby poaches her as one of her customers. She befriends the old woman and brings her home for dinner and Carlos tells Doris of his charity, she is interested and, the next day, Doris returns a lot of her clothes so that she can donate to Carlos' charity. When there, Gaby decorates his crappy office with lavishly expensive decorations causing Doris to think he's a crook and leave. Carlos confronts Gaby and she tells him he's a shark, he says he wants to be something different but she tells him that the best he can hope for is to be a different kind of shark. ("Lost My Power")

Gaby accidentally calls Ramon, "Alejandro" in front of Trip, Bree's lawyer who the girls warn her she is falling for. The night before Bree's trial, Lynette and Susan have trouble sleeping but Gaby does not and meets them after getting up for some water, they are mad at her non-chalant attitude towards the trial and storm away from her. Bree's trial begins and, at a supermarket, Gaby confronts two women who are trashing Bree and the thought finally dawns on her that Bree could go away for a long time. When Juanita blames Celia for smashing a pot, Gaby realizes that it is similar to her situation with Bree and breaks down. Gaby talks at Bree's trial, as do Lynette and Susan, and Trip tells Bree he knows that Alejandro was Gaby's stepfather and that she should come clean, Bree refuses. Gaby gives Bree the perfect scarf and hug, both are worried about upcoming events. ("The People Will Hear")

Gaby and the other girls agree to have shifts in taking care of Karen so that she doesn't have to go into hospice care. Carlos is mad at Gaby for not telling him that the trial isn't going well and warns her that if Bree is convicted, he will be forced to confess everything. Gaby helps Lynette glam-up for her and Tom's reconciliation but it turns out, he's signing the divorce papers causing Gaby to have to console a devastated Lynette. Renee gives an extremely damning testimony and so Gaby, Lynette and Susan confront her and she reveals that she has been kept in the dark for a whole year and that D.A. Stone threatened to have Ben deported if she didn't say anything. Gaby goes to Susan to ask for a ride to the courthouse and when they get there, Gaby is called up to the stands, Trip questions her and she is forced to reveal to the court that Alejandro was her stepfather. Bree pretends to faint to halt the court until the next day. Carlos comes over to Gaby when she is taking care of Karen and says he wants to confess but Gaby reveals she has a plan, she says that instead of saying that Carlos killed him, she'll say that she killed him herself after he began to attack her, Gaby doesn't know that Karen can hear everything she is saying. Carlos tells Gaby how proud of her he is as she would never have sacrificed herself for him five years before, however, he says that he will not let her do it as the girls need her more than ever and that he will be going to the courthouse to confess everything. When going through security at the courthouse the next day, Gaby cuts in front and Carlos is stopped, Gaby wouldn't let him take off his coat and this is because she his a switch blade in it which the guards find, he yells at Gaby as she heads on into the courtroom. She rushes in saying that she has something to say, but Lynette tells her that Karen confessed to killing Alejandro herself, Gaby is shocked and relieved. The girls celebrate finally being in the clear. ("Give Me the Blame")

Gaby, Lynette and Bree are shocked to learn that Susan is moving from Wisteria Lane and shocked again when they see that Katherine is back for a visit. Gaby gets a promotion at Cumberly's and begins to work long hours, She comes home to an unhappy Carlos and tries to buy him off with presents and comments, a lot like he used to when he was working all the time. They need to hire a new gardener and Carlos hires Carmen, and attractive female gardener to serve homage to Gaby's affair with John Rowland, Gaby is so enraged with Carlos that she storms off. Gaby, Susan and Julie help Renee get into the limo for her wedding as they are late. When driving, Julie's water breaks all over Renee's dress, Susan wants to go to the hospital but Gaby suggests going to Cumberly's to buy a new dress. They go to the store but Gaby is refused service and employee discount as the worker doesn't know who she is, Renee finds the perfect dress and Gaby tells her to run as they are stealing it. They get outside but are shocked to discover that the limo is gone as Susan drove it to the hospital, when the hear the alarm, they run again. Gaby and Renee finally make it to the wedding where Ben is waiting, the two finally marry. At the reception, Gaby sits down with Carlos and tells him that the joke really hit home because her affair with John was the darkest period of her life, he says it was the darkest of his too as he is ashamed of being such a bad husband. She asks him why it is that other couples seem to waltz through life and he says that the two of them are doing a Tango. They dance at the wedding together and then with Juanita and Celia. Later, Gaby, Susan, Lynette and Bree play poker together to commemorate Susan leaving and are saddened as it is their final poker game. Gaby said that she always imagined them growing old on the street together and Susan voices how lucky they were to become such great friends. They note it is their last poker game but they promise that they will make the time to play some more, sadly, it is a promise that goes unkept. ("Finishing the Hat")

Later life[]

Gabrielle and Carlos Solis left the neighborhood the following year. This was after Carlos helped her develop a personal shopping website, which led to Gabrielle getting her own show on the Home Shopping Network. They soon bought a mansion in California, where they argued happily ever after."
Mary Alice Young
823 Gaby Carlos
Gabrielle gets her own TV show, Gabrielle's Closet. ("Finishing the Hat")

Gabrielle's job led to Carlos helping her to develop her own personal shopping website as an extension of her current career. The website was such a success that Gaby was offered her own show called "Gabrielle's Closet" where she would work as a TV personality on the Home Shopping Network. This show was also a smash success and led to Gaby becoming excessively rich, her, Carlos, Juanita and Celia then moved to a Californian mansion where her and Carlos argued happily ever after.("Finishing the Hat")


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  • Gabrielle Solis was the first of the main housewives to be cast. Eva Longoria reportedly landed the role on February 9, 2004.
  • Laura Harring also auditioned for the role of Gabrielle.
  • Roselyn Sanchez auditioned for the role also but the producers thought she wasn't right for the role because of her heavy Puerto Rican accent.
  • When Marc Cherry was casting, he asked Eva, "Do you like the script?" She said, "not meaning to be conceited, but I only read my part", then he thought "she's Gaby".
  • Gabrielle is the youngest from the main four housewives.
  • Gabrielle is the second youngest from the ten housewives with the youngest being Angie Bolen.
  • Gabrielle has O+ blood group.
  • Gabrielle is allergic to lilies.
  • Gabrielle likes to dance salsa.
  • Gabrielle likes to drink merlot.
  • Gabrielle is the only main housewife to not have a step child.
  • Gabrielle is the only main housewife who didn't give birth to a boy.
  • Gabrielle is the only main housewife who is not a grandmother in the series finale.
  • Gabrielle is one of 3 characters to appear in every episode of the series.
  • Gabrielle is the very first main character to be seen.
  • Gabrielle is seen smoking in the first episode. She is later seen to grab for cigarettes in "Move On" but has never smoked again.
  • Gabrielle and Carlos are both from the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • Gabrielle cheated on both of her husbands.
  • Gabrielle had seven children over the course of the series:
    • Charlie/Aurora Solis: Her first pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage.
    • Lily Helm: The baby her and Carlos adopted but was taken back by her biological mother.
    • Xiao Mei’s Child: Their Surrogate Child whose Embryo was accidentally switched.
    • Juanita Solis: Her legal daughter who was switched at birth with Grace Sanchez.
    • Celia Solis: Her only daughter who is both her biological and legal daughter.
    • Grace Sanchez: Her biological daughter who was switched at birth with Juanita Solis and raised by Carmen and Hector Sanchez.
    • Ana Solis: Carlos’ niece and Gabrielle’s Adopted Daughter for the sixth season.


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