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Gillian is the employment agent who tried to help Gabrielle Solis find a job.


Gillian is interviewing Gabrielle at an employment agency. Gaby tells Gillian that she wants a job within the six figure range, benefits, flexible hours, and a month vacation time. As Gillian examines the resume and listens to Gaby’s requests, she is astonished. She tells Gaby that she’s going to need adjust her expectations down. She tells Gaby the job market at the moment is brutal and people with PhDs are having difficulties getting jobs. She bluntly tells Gaby that her job experience is very limited as all she has done is modelling. She also points out that she has a fifteen year gap with her work, so Gaby explains that she’s married with children. Gillian realizes she’ll have experience with children and announces she has a job at a day care center. However, Gaby scoffs at the idea, displeasing the agent. Gillian points out to Gaby that in today’s market, she’s unemployable as she has no qualifications. Angry, Gaby asks what she’s supposed to do now, so Gillian sarcastically suggests planning her one month vacation. ("Any Moment")

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