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"Give Me the Blame" is the 179th episode of Desperate Housewives.


Trip begs Bree to tell him what really happened the night of Alejandro's murder as her trial begins to go south and it looks like she's about to be convicted. Gabrielle tries to come up with a solution that will take the burden off of Bree, and Susan tries to keep the sale of her house private until she's had a chance to break the news to the ladies. Meanwhile, Renee is shocked to discover that, as their wedding nears, Ben has been arrested and thrown in jail.


Previously on Desperate Housewives[]

Susan made a decision. Karen's health took a turn for the worse. Ben was summoned before the court. Bree's friends cautioned her. Lynette ended her relationship with Tom's boss, and this led to an unfortunate misunderstanding.
Mary Alice Young
  • Susan tells her daughter that she's gonna sell her house and move to be with her daughter; she adds that there's always gonna be a place for Porter in his child's life. ("The People Will Hear")
  • Karen tells Bree that her cancer is spreading faster than expected. ("You Take for Granted")
  • Renee notices Ben's subpoena and discovers he's on the witness list for Bree's trial. ("Lost My Power")
  • The girls realize that Bree has a crush on her lawyer, and tell her they both have to keep a clear head, seeing as how she's on trial for murder. ("Lost My Power")
  • Lynette is seen on her final date with Gregg. Then, he tells Tom at work that Lynette dumped him, as she is apparently hung up on someone else. That night, Tom goes over to Lynette's and finds her being undressed by Lee, and thinks she is getting intimate with some other man. ("The People Will Hear")


Karen McCluskey had never been sure what her neighbors thought of her.

Karen McCluskey is seen, in a more advanced stage of her cancer, with shortened hair and her nose attached to an oxygen tank. She is at her front door, looking out at the street, pavement covered by rain water.

Karen Flashbacks
"Karen McCluskey had never been sure what her neighbors thought of her."
Did they see her as merely a babysitter...?

In a flashback, Susan Delfino goes to pick up her son over at Karen's house. ("The Lies Ill-Concealed")

An entertaining source for gossip...?

In a subsequent flashback, Gabrielle Solis is seen giving a lift to Mrs. McCluskey, as she tells her some less-than-classy stories. ("Nice is Different Than Good")

Or just the mean old lady who lived down the street?

In the final immediate flashback, Lynette Scavo is sitting on her couch when McCluskey barges in, bringing Lynette's twin sons, Preston and Porter, by the ears. ("Farewell Letter")

In the present day, Karen is still looking over at the lane, feeling blue.

But for the first time in her life, she found herself thinking about such things. Because she knew that her life... was coming to an end.

The van from a local hospice arrives next to her house, and Karen tells her husband, Roy, that it's time to go. Shortly afterwards, as the nurses are carrying Karen's belongings into the van, the four leading housewives show up and Susan asks Karen what is going on. McCluskey tells them she is starting hospice care, and Bree is confused because she thought Karen had told the doctors she wanted to die at home. Karen confirms this, but states that the oncologist thinks this is for the best. A cranky Roy dismisses the doctor's beliefs, though, aggravated that he thinks Roy isn't capable of taking care of his wife. Karen says the doctor is worried about Roy, as he has high blood pressure and angina. "I'm racing you to the grave as it is, I don't want to push you in.", Karen says. Roy tells his wife this was supposed to have been his time with her. "And those bastards are robbing me of it.", he adds. Karen says she knows... Lynette kneels down before her old neighbor and asks if she would prefer to die at home. Karen says she would, and Lynette exchanges looks with her friends, who give her a consenting look in return, and then turns back to Karen and tells her they'll take care of her.

822 01
The ladies offer to look after Mrs. McCluskey.

Bree says they can do it, and Susan tells the elderly couple that they'll take shifts, and thus it won't be hard. Karen tells them this is sweet, but she reminds them that they have troubles of their own, as Bree is on trial, Lynette's marriage is falling apart, and Gabrielle's daughters are "turning into serial-killers before our very eyes." Gabrielle says she's not gonna argue with her because she's sick... and correct. But she agrees with the girls, and begs Karen to let them take care of her. Karen tells them she is gonna require a lot of caring, and Susan assures her that they know and that they're gonna be there for her. Bree nods affirmatively. This decided, Roy calls out the 'boy nurses' and tells them to bring the stuff back in the house, as his wife is staying. Bree tells her friends to go help and she, Susan and Gaby leave. Karen tells Lynette she is speechless, and that she doesn't know why they all are doing this. Lynette, smiling, says "Don't you?", and touches her face, before leaving to go help out.

Yes, Mrs. McCluskey had wondered what her neighbors thought of her. She was pleased to discover, after all these years, they thought of her as a friend.
Mary Alice Young

The ladies bring Karen's things back into the house, and the old woman is clearly moved, relieved, and happy.

Act I[]

We are shown the outside of the Fairview County Courthouse, where Bree Van de Kamp, wearing a white outfit and sunglasses, can be seen being escorted by her defense attorney, hot-shot lawyer Trip Weston, as they try to swerve the paparazzi and reporters, desperately attempting to ask questions and take the most candid pictures. Trip even puts his folder in front of Bree to 'protect' her to some extent, and Bree does her best to abstract herself from all the commotion.

The town of Fairview had been rocked by scandal. A housewife had been accused of murder, and her trial was growing more sensational each day. It truly was all anyone was talking about...

Sitting on her front porch, Gabrielle Solis is seen with a newspaper on her hands, The Fairview Herald, in which Bree's case is front page news, with a picture of her on the witness stand preceded by a headline reading "HOUSEWIFE MURDER TRIAL BOMBSHELL!"

Which is exactly what another housewife was worried about.
Mary Alice Young
822 02

Gaby seems concerned as she looks at the paper, and when she hears her husband's voice calling her from inside the house, she promptly conceals the newspaper under the cushioned seat of her resting chair, and is left to marvel at the Sports section. Carlos comes outside, and comments that she hates sports... and reading. But Gabrielle tells him that she loves him, and he loves sports, and therefore she's started to really get into it. Carlos then asks her what her favorite basketball team is, to which she replies (a fake reply, no less), "The Turtles". Carlos notices the newspaper on the side of her chair and yanks it out, much to her concern, and asks her what it is. Gabrielle tells him it's nothing, and she notices Lee coming out of his house with a real-estate sign. Carlos holds up the newspaper for her and reminds her that she had told him the trial was going well, and Gaby explains that this is just a setback. An annoyed Carlos asks her, loudly, how many setbacks it is going to take before Bree goes to prison over something he did himself.

822 03
Gabrielle tries to downplay her husband's shouting.

This shouting prompts Lee to turn his head back at them, out of curiosity, and Gabrielle, trying to downplay the situation, reaches out to Lee, telling him she and her husband are having a sports talk, and it's getting a little heated. Lee simply waves and heads off, and Gabrielle turns back to her husband, who tells her he can't do this anymore; he has got to step up. Gabrielle forbids him, and he holds up the paper to her once more and asks her how she doesn't feel guilty about what is happening. Gabrielle tells him she does, every second of every day, but they have to hold on a little longer, as Bree says Trip knows what he is doing, and they have to give him a chance. Carlos isn't sure, and his wife tells him that turning himself in at that point would just be foolish, as he'd be throwing his life away and abandoning his family, only to prove a point about what an honorable guy he is. She begs him to wait and see how this plays out, and Carlos acquiesces, but adds that if things get any worst he'll have no choice. He hands her back the newspaper, walks into the house and Gaby looks at the front page again and sighs.

822 04
Susan doesn't want people to know she's moving.

A couple of houses to the left, Lee enters Susan's property and starts putting up the "For Sale" sign of his company, Johnson Real Estate, Inc., before Susan rushes out of the house, wearing her robe, and telling him to stop what he is doing, as she looks around to see if anyone is watching them. She takes down the sign, and Lee wonders if she's changed her mind, and she denies this, claiming that she still wants to sell. Lee is thankful, because he has already spent his commission. She asks on what, and he says he's had some personal renovations done, and parades himself around her, hoping that she notices what they are. Susan is unsure of what to look at, and looks confused, until he tells her, "My ass, I had my ass lifted." Susan tries to pay compliment to his behind, but isn't very good nor convincing at it, and states that she was never very good with 'ass compliments'. He then asks why she doesn't want the sign up, and Susan tells him that she hasn't told the girl she's moving yet. Lee asks her why not, and she isn't clear on that, and thinks maybe it's because she can't believe she's doing it herself. Lee tells her it's always hard to move, and Susan agrees, and adds that putting her house on the market in the middle of Bree's trial makes her feel like a bad person. Lee calms her down by saying that the fact that she's worried about her friend shows that she is not a bad person. This said, he starts wondering if Bree would put her place on the market should be convicted. Susan can't believe his nerve, and he then starts going on about how Lynette's house will be too big for her if she gets divorced. Susan spanks him on the bottom; he turns to her, and Susan, looking at her hand, says "Wow... it kinda smacked me back." Lee gives her a proud look, and then turns his head back to the front to see Lynette coming out of her car and into her property, carrying a bag.

822 05
Lynette can't conceal her excitement.

As Lynette enters her house, her cell phone rings and she picks it up. On the other side, Penny immediately tells her "She's gone!", rather lowly. She's over at her father's place. Lynette, closing the door to her house, recognizes her daughter's voice and asks where she is, to which the girl replies that she's at her dad's, and asks if she heard her: Jane's gone. Lynette asks if that means Jane's not there at the moment, or if she is really gone. Penny, who seems more than excited, tells her mother that Jane's stuff was moved out, including her toothbrush. "They broke up.", she adds. Lynette is shocked, and she then realizes Tom is on the other line and tells this to her daughter, who begs her mom to call her back, and Lynette, extremely cheerful, says "Okay, stay calm!"; Penny says she is, and Lynette says she was talking to herself. She hangs up on Penny and answers Tom's call, trying to act nonchalant. Tom, walking around in his apartment, asks his wife if she's gonna be around that night; Lynette tells him 'maybe', as she tries (too hard) to conceal her excitement to the best of her ability. She asks him why, and he says he'd like to talk to her about something and he'd prefer to do it face to face. He suggests eight o'clock, and he tells her that's her favorite time, out of sheer awkwardness. He asks why, and she tells him it's just always been, and that 'eight is great'. He asks her if she's okay, to which she replies that she's just cleaning the oven (she starts fiddling with the oven's grid, making it clank), and the fumes are getting to her, and also she's a little drunk. She lets out a chuckle, and confirms that she'll see him that night. They both bid farewell and hang up, and Lynette can't help but to be over the moon with excitement.

822 06
Bree and Trip have coffee together.

Inside the Fairview County Courthouse, Trip Weston shows up, holding two cups of coffee in his hands, one of which he hands to Bree, who thanks him. He tells her not to thank him just yet. He adds that he doesn't know what Ben will be testifying about, but if it's as damning as the prosecution thinks it is... Bree interrupts him, saying he doesn't have to worry about Ben. Trip tells her that if his testimony is prejudicial in any way, he's gonna have to put Gabrielle back on the stand again. Bree refuses this, and he pushes her away to a more private part of the courthouse, and tells her that Gaby has some connection to this, as the dead man was her stepfather. Bree says "Absolutely not. I'm the client, you're the lawyer, you have to do as I say." Trip tells her it's her call, but she's forcing him to do this with one hand tied behind his back. Bree says he has more talent on his one free hand than most lawyers have in their whole bodies. "You can do this, I know you can." Bree then walks away, and he seems unsure.

Some time later, Ben Faulkner is sitting on the witness stand inside one of the courtrooms, and an impatient Judge Conti is ordering him to answer a question he'd been made. She asks Miss Stone, the prosecutor, to repeat her question, which she does: "During your phone conversation with the defendant, she thanked you for protecting her. What was she referring to?". He tells her he doesn't recall the conversation, and she tells him, "Maybe this will refresh your memory." She then proceeds to press the play button on an audio player, with the judge's permission, and the audience is treated to Bree and Ben's phone conversation regarding the favor the latter did for the former. (see "Any Moment")

Bree: I know, but even with suspicion moved on to you, you still protected me and that's very honorable.
Ben: Really, it was no big deal.
Bree: Maybe not to you. You're not the one who put a body in the ground. You have to understand, a day doesn't go by when that does not weigh heavily on my conscience.
822 07
Ben prepares to be taken into custody.

The judge, and even Trip, are surprised by the contents of the tape. Some take notes. However, when the D.A. stops the tape, Ben seems remarkably unfazed. Miss Stone asks him what he was protecting Bree from. He remains silent. The judge repeats that she is ordering him to answer the prosecutor's questions. Ben gives her a relatively provocative look, and she says she's had enough, and that he is in contempt. She puts on her glasses and orders the bailiff to take Mr. Faulkner into custody, stating that perhaps a night in jail will help him to see things differently. Ben stands up and asks if he can at least make a call, and Conti tells him "One call.", and then turns to the front and announces that the trial is in recess; she bangs her hammer. Bree asks her attorney if they're arresting him, as Ben is taken into the chambers. She asks what happens now, and Trip explains that they bring Ben back the following day, the D.A. asks him the same question. Bree wonders what happens if he refuses to answer again, to which she hears "Frankly, Bree, I'm more worried if he does." as a reply. This said, Bree's face shows slight concern.

Act II[]

822 08
Renee isn't too pleased...

That night, Bree pulls up on her driveway, and, as she parks the car, Renee shows up and knocks on her window, catching Bree off-guard and scaring her. Bree gets out of the car and tells Renee she startled her. She then asks if everything is alright, which Renee promptly denies, explaining that she just got a phone call from Ben, who is in jail. Bree tells her she is deeply sorry for this mess, and asks if she'd like to come inside. Renee tells her she's 'really not in the mood for tea and biscuits', as she and Ben are getting married the following week and correctional facility isn't her 'dream venue'. Bree says she wishes there was something she could do, and Renee tells her there is, as Ben is sitting in a jail cell and she doesn't even know why, and he won't tell her. Renee says Bree has to fix this, and release him from whatever promise he made her. Bree tells her she wishes she could do that, but she can't. Renee asks why she can't, and Bree simply replies... "I just can't." "Bree, did you... kill that man?", Renee asks. Bree says "Of course not. How could you even think that?", and Renee tells her, "I'll apologize when someone starts telling me the truth." This said, she sighs and leaves, and Bree looks genuinely troubled, as her life keeps getting worse.

822 09
Lynette is getting dolled up, sans the bikini wax.

Over at the Scavo house, Lynette is all dolled up in a fancy dress, sitting at a table, as her friend Gabrielle is giving her some finishing details by putting gloss on her lips. Lynette tells her to stop after some glossing, telling her she's meeting with Tom, not 'prepping for a shift at the bordello'. She wipes some of the gloss, and Gaby, as she takes out a brush and smears it with blush, comments that the two of them are finally getting back together, and she needs to look pretty for the occasion. Lynette smiles as Gaby puts blush over her face, and Gaby says they still have time for the Brazilian bikini wax. Lynette sternly says, but with a smile, "If you mention that again I will strike you." Gaby is surprised, but all the more so when the two of them hear a car's door being shut. Lynette gets up and peeks at the window, to find Tom, with his hands in his pockets, making his way to the front of the house. Lynette tells Gabrielle it's Tom, and she reminds Lynette that she'd told her he'd be there at eight, to which Lynette responds that Tom said eight too. Lynette shuts the drapes and tells her she needs to hide, as she wants to be alone with him. Gabrielle quickly picks up her stuff, as Lynette rushes her out of the room, and Gaby comments that she can't listen to them if they start having sex right there... or maybe she could. Lynette tells her to simply hide and put her fingers in her ears. She then rushes to the front door and opens it for Tom, telling him he's early. Tom asks her if she's going somewhere, obviously noticing her nice attire; Lynette denies this, but can't come up with an excuse. Tom tells her he understands, she has a life (Lynette firmly denies this). She tells him to come on in and asks if he'd want a drink or something. Tom tells her he'll just be a minute, and she repeats the invitation. He doesn't seem to be in a party mode.

822 10
The news isn't good...

Lynette picks up on this, and he reluctantly walks up to her and says he's filing the divorce papers the following day. Lynette is blown away. Tom tells her they have to get out of this grey area that they're stuck in; it's time for the both of them to move to the next phase. Lynette seems devastated, and Tom tells her he just wanted to say this in person. Lynette can't say anything, out of sheer sadness, and Tom adds that this is all he really had to say. He leaves, and Lynette tries to fight back the tears as she closes the door to her house, ever so softly. Gabrielle shows up behind her, having heard everything, and asks her if she isn't going after him. Lynette calmly nods negatively, and she asks her why. "Because now I know...", Lynette starts saying, "Jane wasn't the problem. It's me. He doesn't wanna be married to me." Gabrielle hugs her friend, and Lynette gives in to her sadness.

822 11
Ben tries to make some jokes to lift the tension.

Ben, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, is seen being taken into a room wherein Renee is waiting for him. He tells her, "I guess we can both agree... orange is not my color." Renee is confused. Ben sits down and apologizes for missing their cake tasting, and wonders if she maybe bring one of them with her... maybe with a file in it. Renee scolds him for making jokes, and he tries to comfort her by saying that the trial can't last forever and they have to let him out at some point. Renee suggests that he answer their questions and get out immediately, but he tells her that's now how he's built. Renee tells him he has no idea how long this could go on. She asks if she's gonna need to cancel their wedding, and he denies this, claiming that they have no motive, no weapon, and Bree's alibi is solid, as she was with all of them at the progressive dinner party. Renee's face changes with this remark of his, to an expression of surprise and confusion. She asks him if that was the night of the murder, and he confirms this and asks why. Renee, with some reluctance out of shock, tells him she remembers something about that night, and she starts telling him she was looking out her window, late at night, and she saw Bree getting out of her car...

822 12
The D.A. is nothing short of proficient.

Some time later, after their visit is over, Renee is let ut of the visitation room by an officer, and as she makes her way out she is stopped by a surging D.A. Stone, who snidely asks her if she enjoyed her visit. Renee turns to her and asks if she knows her, to which the D.A. introduces herself as Emily Stone - the prosecutor in Bree's case. Renee claims not to have anything to say to her, and proceeds to keep walking away, but the D.A. says "Oh, I think you do. You have something to say about the night of the murder." Renee turns to her with surprise, and the D.A. tells her they heard every word of her conversation with her fiancé. Renee says "You can't do that.", but the D.A. tells her there is no expectation of privacy in jail. She suggests that they talk, but Renee tells her she is gonna help her to convict her friend. "That's a shame," the D.A. says, "because if you don't... I call immigration and Mr. Faulkner's on a one-way flight back to Sydney." Renee is taken aback. "Ready to talk now?".

Act III[]

822 13
Ben is surprised... by the surprise witness.

The following day, Ben is sitting on the witness stand. D.A. Stone asks him how he's doing, and he says he's good, refreshed. Miss Stone reminds him that she asked him the day before if he was willing to discuss the telephone conversation he had with the defendant. Ben says he remembers... and adds that he still won't answer. Judge Conti looks annoyed. Ben suggests that they save everyone some time and send him back to jail. The judge asks the bailiff to remove Mr. Faulkner, and tells Ben they will see him again the next day. As Ben gets up, ready to go back to prison, Bree can't help but let out a smile of relief. D.A. Stone then takes the opportunity to call Renee Perry to the stand. As Ben is being taken into the chambers, he turns his head back with surprise, as the door is opened for Renee, who, in a white suit, makes her way through the courthouse, looking ashamed yet determined. Lynette and Susan, in the audience, are surprised to see her there. Ben asks her what she is doing, and Renee doesn't answer, simply makes her way to the stand. A confused Trip whispers something to Bree, and Ben practically shouts at his fiancée as he is forced out.

822 14
Renee Perry takes the stand.

Shortly afterwards, Renee has started her testimony. She informs the court that she was lying in bed on the night in question when a noise from the street woke her up. It was around 3 A.M., so she got up and went to the window. Miss Stone asks her what she saw, and Renee explains that she saw Bree: her clothes muddy, and leaves in her hair. She was walking up her driveway. Stone asks if she was carrying anything, and Renee acquiesces. The D.A. asks what she was carrying. After a brief yet seemingly long moment of reluctance, Renee tells her Bree was carrying a shovel. The jurors look shocked... and convinced. Trip is aggravated. Bree and Renee's friends, in the audience, are worried. Stone tells the judge "No further questions.", and retreats to her table.

822 15
The girls, angered, chase after Renee.

Later, Renee is making her way out of the court, and Lynette, Gabrielle and Susan follow her, with the former asking her best friend what she was doing. Renee tells her she did what she had to do: tell the truth. Susan tells her what she said could really hurt Bree, and Gaby asks her if she doesn't understand what is at stake. Lynette tells her friends aren't supposed to turn on each other. Renee turns to them and says "So, I'm one of the friends now?!". The ladies are confused, and Lynette asks her what that means. Renee reminds them that all year long they have been keeping a secret from her. Renee makes it clear to them that she didn't want to testify against Bree, but the D.A. was gonna have Ben deported. Renee points out that she picked the man she loves over them. "And judging by the way you guys have treated me, I made the right choice." Renee leaves, and the other three ladies are speechless.

822 16
Trip pulls Bree for a sidebar.

Renee is seen walking out and to her side Bree is following Trip. She stops him, and tells him that was bad. Trip tells her "Not out here.", and pushes her into an office, wherein a clerk is displaying books on a bookcase. Trip tells him they need the room, and the young man tries to explain to him what the judge asked him to do, but Trip forcefully tells him "Get out!" and the clerk obliges, leaving the room awkwardly. Trip closes the door behind him, and Bree is looking concerned. He asks her if she saw their faces; she asks "Whose faces?", to which he responds "The jurors'!". He puts his briefcase down on a chair and tells her he's been watching them. "And after Renee's story, no one on that jury is buying what you're selling." Trip looks very unmotivated. Bree asks him where he stands on the matter, and Trip tells her he doesn't know, as she hasn't told him the truth yet, and he has been blindsighted twice because he doesn't know what is going on. "You need to tell me what happened that night!". Bree tells him she made a promise to her friends, and he is irritated. He then tells her she's gonna lose. "Do you understand that? You are going to go to prison." Bree tells him he's scaring her, and he says "Good. You should be scared.", he says, adding that she is throwing her life away and that pisses him off, because this affects more than just him.

822 17
Bree and her lawyer kiss passionately.

She tells him she doesn't understand, and he grabs her by the arms and tells her she was wrong before, she's not just his client, and he's not just her lawyer. He starts to tell her he's also somebody... he can't finish the sentence, and interrupts himself by saying "The hell with it..."... and kissing her. Bree immediately gives herself in to the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck as they kiss passionately. After a while, she breaks off the kiss, quickly tells him "It was Carlos.", and resumes kissing him. After some more making out, they stop again, and Bree, worried, makes him promise he won't use this against him or anyone else. Trip simply makes her sit down and tell him everything. She does, saying it was self-defense, as Alejandro came home, attacked Gaby, and so on...

Act IV[]

822 18
Lee shows Susan's house to a middle-aged couple.

Susan is in her kitchen, sipping a cup of coffee, as Lee parades a middle-aged couple (Fred and Jill Newman) around the house, and telling them that this 'gem' just became available in the market, and describes it as a warm, cozy and homey place (he then adds that the owners are taking the furniture, so as to keep the couple from being worried). Jill tells Susan she loves her kitchen, and Susan thanks her, with a smile, and starts going on about the many mornings she sat there, looking out at the lane and having a cup of... "Gaby!", she says, to Lee's surprise, as Gabrielle Solis makes her way to the house, and Susan points out to Lee that she hasn't told Gaby she's moving yet. Lee suggests to the couple that they head upstairs, and Fred tells him they're not done looking downstairs. Susan tells them the upstairs is way better, as it's closer to Heaven.She rushes them, and Gaby barges into the house, and Susan asks how she's doing. Gaby tells her she's great, but it was her turn to look after Mrs. McCluskey, which obviously means she's been drinking. She asks Susan to take her to the courthouse, to which her friend replies "Sure." Gaby overhears something in the upper floor and asks if someone is upstairs as Susan is trying to rush her out, but a female voice is heard saying "Look at this closet space." Gaby is intrigued, and Susan comments that it is just some old friends from high school. A male voice is heard asking if the toilets are low-flow. Susan adds that they are very eco-friendly. Susan then says she should get back to her friends, and that she'll pick Gaby up at noon. The couple, however, comes downstairs, and Fred comments that Susan has a great place. Susan awkwardly introduces Gabrielle to her 'good friends', Fred and "Jean". The elderly couple is confused, and Gaby tells them hello and mutters to Susan "What year did you graduate?". All Susan can do is give her a smile.

822 19
Gabrielle Solis is called to the stand.

Later, at the courthouse, the trial is again in motion and Judge Conti tells Mr. Weston that, if the defense rests, they can move on to closing arguments. Trip appears to be unsure of what to do. After some initial reluctance and apparent confusion from Bree, Weston stands up and announces that they have another witness. The D.A. is not happy, standing up from her seat, outraged at the fact that they have a new witness at that point. Trip says it's not a new witness, and then adds that the defense re-calls Gabrielle Solis to the stand. In the audience, Gabrielle is surprised, as are her friends. Bree pulls Trip down and reminds him quietly that he made her a promise, to which Trip replies "I also promised to keep you out of jail." Bree is none too happy. Trip gets up, and Susan, behind Bree, turns to Lynette and asks, lowly, what Trip is doing, to which Lynette replies that she doesn't know. Gabrielle, looking slightly preoccupied, makes her way to the witness stand, as the jury watches her. She takes the seat, and the judge asks her if she understands that she's still under oath. Gabrielle nods affirmatively, and Trip calls her attention, and shows her a picture of the victim in question. The sight of the picture seems to have some effect on Gaby. He asks her if she recognizes the man as Ramon Sanchez. Gaby looks at Bree. In the audience, Susan and Lynette are trying to mask their concern, whilst likely thinking the time has come for the truth to be told. Gabrielle says "No", and Bree gets up from her seat and addresses the judge, asking for a recess. The judge tells her only her lawyer can ask for a recess, and asks her to sit down. Bree looks at Trip, who nods at her negatively, and she sits down, indignated. Trip then goes through with the interrogation, asking Gaby if she knows the man by any other name; after an initial hesitation, Gaby says the name of the man is Alejandro Perez. In the audience, Susan and Lynette seem to become slightly agitated. Trip asks Gaby how she knows Mr. Perez. Gabrielle finally tells the court the man was her stepfather.

822 20
"Don't touch me."

The people present become agitated, and Bree stands up from her seat rapidly yet again, saying she insists on another recess, as she is feeling a little... Bree doesn't even finish the sentence, as she lets herself fall square on the ground. The jury is shocked, and Trip rushes to her aid. Susan and Lynette get up from their seats to look at her friend, and Trip kneels down beside Bree, as the judge bangs her hammer and calls for order, claiming, while Trip puts his hands under Bree's head, that they are in recess till the following day, under which time they will see if Miss Van de Kamp is able to continue. Trip looks genuinely worried. Bree's eyes open, and she tells him, lowly yet fiercely, not to touch her. She closes her eyes again and pretends to be unconscious, and Trip finally realizes what just happened.

Sometime later, Karen McCluskey is seen lying on the couch in her living room, apparently asleep, as Gabrielle tucks her in. Gaby makes sure everything is alright, even checking the oxygen tank, and when she tries to sneak out of the room she is startled by the sight of her husband, Carlos; she tells him he scared the crap out of her. Carlos is indignated and concerned, having found out that people know the dead guy is Alejandro, and she didn't tell him herself. Gabrielle shooshes him and gets out of the living room, somewhat closing the doors behind them, telling him Karen just fell asleep. Carlos tells his wife that this ordeal has gone on far enough, and the following day he is going to tell the D.A. the truth. Gabrielle tells him he's not doing anything, and he asks, rather snidely, if she's got a better idea. Gaby confirms this... and states that she's gonna tell them it was her. Carlos asks her, practically shouting, if she is out of her mind, to which Gaby replies that she isn't, and begs him to listen to her: she is a victim of abuse, and the jury is gonna side with her, but they're not gonna side with him, a two-time felon. He tells her she's crazy, and she denies this, claiming that since the first moment they met he's protected her, and she's been happy to let him do it, because she's been a selfish, spoiled brat, but she doesn't want to be that person anymore. She's tired of taking from him. "So please, this time, just let me protect you.", she says.

822 21
Unbeknownst to Gaby and Carlos, Mrs. McCluskey heard everything...

Carlos asks if she really thinks that a jury is going to believe that she dragged a dead body through the woods herself. Gaby tells him "Adrenaline. Fear. You'd be surprised what people can do." He is afraid that story isn't going to be enough, and Gaby says she's gonna tell them exactly what happened that night, that her stepfather came over and started attacking her, but instead of saying Carlos killed him with the candlestick, she's gonna say it was her. Unbeknownst to the couple, Mrs. McCluskey is very much awake, on her couch, listening in on them, surprised and concerned.

Act V[]

822 22
Gabrielle isn't told exactly what she wants to hear.

It's nighttime on Wisteria Lane, and we are shown an overview of the Solis house. Gabrielle is trying to sleep on her bed, but she turns to the side to find her husband, Carlos, sitting on the bed and looking at her. She sits up, surprised, and asks if he's okay. He nods affirmatively and says he was just thinking about how proud he is of her. He goes on to say that, even though she said she wanted to change, she already has. He tells her that five years before she never would have offered to sacrifice herself for him, and thanks her. She then proceeds to hug him, and he tells her there is still no way he's gonna let her take the fall for this. A confused Gabrielle breaks off the hug and reminds him of what he just said, and he confirms this, and adds that she's become an amazing role model for their daughters, and they need her now more than ever. He gets up and Gaby tells him they need him too, and he says they need a father who takes responsibility for his actions. Carlos says it has taken him a year but he is finally going to be that guy. He therefore plans on going down to the court first thing in the morning and confess everything. Gabrielle gets up too and tries to get him to reconsider, but he, as he enters their bathroom, says he loves her very much but there is nothing she can do to stop him. Gabrielle is silenced as he slides the bathroom doors shut, and then she sighs and her eye is caught by something: Carlos' coat, hanging by the entrance to the closet hall. She apparently has an idea.

822 23
Trip agrees to squeeze in Mrs. McCluskey.

The following morning, at the courthouse, Karen McCluskey, prepared with her oxygen tank and noseplug, is talking to defense attorney Trip Weston, who asks her why he'd put her on the stand. Karen tells him she was at the progressive dinner party, and she can testify that 'Renee was so stinking drunk she couldn't tell her ass from her elbow'. Trip acquiesces, adding that such info could be helpful, and he then says he can maybe fit her in the following morning. Karen rather blimply notes that she won't make it till Monday, and she says "Put me on the stand. And be glad you did.", while she blinks one eye at him. Trip checks his watch and says "Gaby's running late. What the hell." He tells her to take a seat. Karen is glad.

Gabrielle and Carlos are seen standing in line for the courthouse's metal detector, and the latter is wearing the coat his wife admired the night before. Carlos tells her that if they take him into custody right away he won't have a chance to talk to the girls. Gaby tells him not to talk about that at the moment, and he points out that he doesn't want them to see this on the news; he wants her to tell them that he loves them and that she's in charge from then on. Gaby tells him she's always been in charge. Carlos is feeling uncomfortable in his coat and wonders why she made him wear it, as he starts to take it off. Gaby turns back to him and insists that he keep it on, claiming that it's freezing in the courtroom - despite wearing a skimpy outfit herself. Gaby says he'll thank her later. They look at each other and Gabrielle starts petting his face, telling him he's so handsome and that she's gonna miss his face. Carlos whispers that he loves her, and they kiss. Gaby then skips ahead from an old man who's taking out all his belongings and putting them into the basket, as she says "Ladies first." She puts her purse in one of the boxes and slides it through, and her husband tells her that's a little rude. Gaby turns back and says "You snooze, you lose.", before she walks through the metal detector, scot-free. Carlos then comes after her as she rushes to get out of there, grabbing her purse, and as he goes through the metal detector it goes off.

822 24
Carlos, the confused terrorist.

The security guard stops Carlos, telling him to hold on, and starts examining him with the metal detector wand. Gaby stops to take a look at the unfolding of events she set up. The scanner detects something just under the back of Carlos' neck, and he points out that this is weird. The officer asks him to remove his coat, which he does, and Gaby watches from a distance. The guard then feels up the inside of the coat and picks up on something. He opens a small pocket and finds a penknife. He asks Carlos to explain this, and a befuddled Carlos tries to explain that he didn't put that there... and then he notices his smirking wife looking at them, and Gaby waves him goodbye and leaves. Her angry husband tries to follow her as he tells her to get back, but he is stopped by the officers. He screams her name and she turns back to him and quickly says "Love you." and disappears.

822 25
Mrs. McCluskey takes the stand.

Mrs. McCluskey is sitting on the witness stand, and Trip Weston, conducting his questioning of her, asks her to clarify that she is a resident of Wisteria Lane, which she does, claiming to have lived on that neighborhood for 35 years. Trip comments that that's a long time, and when he starts formulating another question, based on Renee Perry's previous testimony, Karen interrupts him, trying to tell the audience something about 'neighborhood'. Trip acquiesces, and she says "It's not just a bunch of houses in the same place. It's a community. It's... lives that are connected. People who care about each other." Trip says that's beautiful, and tries to get back to the topic of Renee's testimony, but Karen interrupts him yet again, saying "I know that sounds sappy, but damn it, it's true. And these wonderful... people I've lived beside... they're my family." Bree, Susan and Lynette are moved, albeit slightly confused regarding where their elderly friend is going with this. The sentiment is shared by D.A. Stone, who tells the judge that she doesn't know what they're getting from this, and Karen basically shuts her up by saying she will in a minute.

822 26
"...And I killed that son of a bitch!"

"When you're in a family", she goes on to say, "like me and the girls, you protect each other. It's just the way it has to be. So when, uh, Gaby's stepfather came back..." - the ladies are surprised; Trip is confused - "After everything that he'd done to her..." Trip interrupts her, asking what she means. Karen says "It's no secret he abused her when she was a kid." The prosecutor, caught off-guard, objects, but the intrigued judge overrules the claim. Karen continues her statement: "So that night, when I saw him creeping around the house... I followed him in, I picked up the candlestick, and I killed that son of a bitch!"

822 29
The courtroom is shaken by the shocking confession.

An uproar is provoked in the audience, with people gasping out of pure shock, and the judge finds herself forced to bang her gavel and call for order, whilst Karen is sitting there on the stand, smirking. Bree can't help but let out a brief smile of relief, and she then turns back to her friends, who are beyond surprised. Bree turns back to the front as the judge orders everyone to quiet down, otherwise she'll be forced to clear the courtroom. When everyone settles down, Gabrielle barges into the room and tells everyone out loud "Stop the trial, I have something to say!", but thankfully Lynette rushes right on over to her and whispers to her ear that McCluskey has just taken the fall for the murder. Gaby says "Mine can wait." and proceeds to sit down by her friends' side. The D.A. stands up and tells the judge that this is preposterous, seeing as how there is no way that frail woman sitting on the stand could have committed the crime at hand. Behind her, Lynette apparently fills Gaby in on the details. Karen tells the audience, rather unconvincingly, almost as though she's joking, "Fear... adrenaline... you'd be surprised what people can do." Gaby realizes what happened - that Karen must've heard her the night before, and Mrs. McCluskey turns to the judge and smiles. The judge tells the councilors to meet her in her chamber immediately, and bangs her gavel. The girls, in the audience, look in stupefaction as Mr. Weston and Ms. Stone head towards Judge Conti's chamber.

822 27
Judge Conti meets with the councilors in her chamber.

In her chamber, Judge Conti takes off her glasses and asks what the hell just happened. An earnest Trip tells her he had no idea. Trip tells them Mrs. McCluskey begged him to put her on the stand, and he thought she was gonna discredit Renee Perry, but obviously she needed to get this off her conscience. D.A. Stone is outraged, and calls him a liar, adding that this is a stunt, a last-ditch effort to save his client, and she wants him sanctioned. The judge brushes this off, saying "Enough.", and asks Trip where he plans on going with this. He explains that now that the issue of sexual abuse has been introduced, he'll need to bring Gabrielle back on the stand. He practically addresses the D.A. solely as he goes on regarding how Gaby will talk about her stepfather being a monster, and, as he recalls, most of their jurors are parents. Emily Stone is none too happy as she wisens up to where he's going with this, and he goes on saying that after they hear the sordid details of what the 'victim' did... the D.A. addresses the judge, telling her she can't possibly allow this. Judge Conti tells her that, given the testimony of the last witness, she has to. Trip remains silent, merely smiling at his opponent. The judge says "Okay, Ms. Stone, what do you wanna do?". The shaken and rather aggravated prosecutor ponders about the situation at hand, arms crossed, while the defense wiggles his fingers behind his back, smiling, after having clearly gained an unbeatable edge.

822 30
The prosecutor reluctantly gives her sentence.

Shortly afterwards, the trial is back in session, and Judge Conti calls Ms. Stone. The rather hesitant prosecutor stands up, and so does Mr. Weston. The D.A. looks at the nervous Bree Van de Kamp, and then turns back to the judge and says "Your honor, at this time, we move to dismiss all charges against Bree Van de Kamp." Claps and sounds of appreciation are heard amongst the audience and Bree sighs with relief, and then turns to her friends behind her and they smile at her, filled with relief and happiness as well. The judge bangs her gavel and asks the prosecutor if there is anyone else that she would like to file charges against, at the present time. The D.A. looks at Karen McCluskey in the audience, who smiles at her, not looking the least bit shaken or nervous, although her neighbors still are. Filled with hesitance and unwillingness to go through with her statement, the D.A. still finds herself telling the judge, "Given her advanced age and declining health, people have decided not to press charges against Karen McCluskey." The courtroom is agitated with a wave of contentment, and the gals of the lane are more than relieved and satisfied.

822 28
The trial reaches a happy ending.

The judge tells Mrs. Van de Kamp and Mrs. McCluskey that they are both free to go. She calls the case dismissed, bangs her gavel, and Gabrielle and the girls cheer with happiness, as the nerve-wrecking murder trial finally comes to an end, in the happiest way possible. Claps are heard from the audience, and Roy kisses his marvelous savior of a wife, as Trip turns to his client and gives her his congratulations, which she dismissively thanks as she gets up from her seat, clearly still upset with him. Bree's three best friends rush towards her and they all engage in a big, happy group hug.

Act VI[]

That night, Roy Bender is seen sitting on his front porch, rather motionless and holding a small piece of paper, with something written on it, in his left hand. Tom Scavo makes his way over to him, and the old man asks his former neighbor why he isn't at Bree's big victory party. Tom says he thought he'd sit this one out, and explains that he filed his divorce papers that day, so he isn't too keen on bumping into Lynette. He then takes a seat and says he wanted to come over and see how Karen is doing. Roy smiles, and Tom comments that it was an incredible thing what she did that day. Roy says he's proud as hell, but it took a lot out of her, so he brought her home and put her right in bed. Tom says that she is one tough broad, and lets himself chuckle. He then asks his elderly friend what he's holding, and Roy reveals it to be Karen's pot roast recipe, the best one he's ever tasted. He adds that Karen swore he'd never get it out of her, and Tom asks how he finally convinced her, and Roy explains that he told her they have this gift: they know it's their final days together, so what's the point of holding back? He didn't want anything to be left unsaid.

822 31
Roy shares a poignant talk with Tom.

He gets up and recounts that he and Karen finally had 'the talk'. He leans against the fence of his front porch, and shares with Tom that Karen finally confessed that she was the one who lost their passports on their way to Mexico, and he told her the truth about his time in the service, how he wasn't some tough guy but scared to death. "She thanked me for always being able to make her laugh." He then starts to choke and tear up as he reveals, emotionally so, that he told Karen she was the love of his life. Tom tries comforting his friend as best he can, and Roy turns to him and says "Tom... it's so important to say these things. When you can. Because, when it's over, it's over." Tom says "I hear ya." Roy says "Do you?". This said, the old man heads inside, and Tom is left to think about what he just heard.

822 32
The ladies commemorate.

A champagne bottle is popped up the street. Inside Bree's house, where the victory party is taking place, Gabrielle starts pouring the booze as the four best friends and Carlos prepare to celebrate. Lynette suggests that somebody make a toast, and Susan says "To Bree. Hum, who put her life on the line to protect us... and we will never forget what you did." They prepare to drink up, but Bree makes an addendum: "And, to Karen McCluskey, the bravest woman I have ever known." They get ready to drink again, but Carlos interrupts them, by toasting to them, for not abandoning him in his hour of need, but his wife, clearly annoyed, says "Okay, okay, less thanking, more drinking.", so the five of them make a final toast and finally drink up. In the meantime, Lee shows up with flowers, and congratulates Bree on her victory, commenting that he's very relieved that she wasn't convicted. Bree tells him that is very sweet, and he adds that living across from a murderer really affects housing prices. Bree chuckles, and they all brush off Lee's candure. He then pulls Susan aside for a sidebar, and asks her if she's told the girls she's moving. Susan checks to see if no one is listening, and tells him she hasn't yet. Lee is disappointed, and she adds tha she thought it'd be easier after the trial, but now everybody's so happy, and she just hasn't found the right time. Lee says she's gonna have to, because he got an offer on her house. Susan is surprised.

822 34
Trip shows up, hoping to make amends.

Lynette tells Bree that she's out of ice, and the latter asks the former if she has any at her house. Lynette starts saying that she does but is interrupted by the opening of the front door, which makes way for Trip Weston, Bree's former defense attorney, who has shown up unannounced and looking as though he feels bad. Lynette passes by Bree, saying that she thinks she's got a bag, and leaves the house, saying she'll be right back. Bree asks Trip what he is doing there, to which he responds that she left so quickly that he didn't get a chance to... "I'm sorry.", Bree interrupts, "This is a private party. For my neighbors and friends." Trip acknowledges that she's mad, but asks for her to allow him to explain. She says there is nothing to explain, because he swore to her that he wouldn't put Gabrielle on the stand, and he did. "You lied to me." "To win this case.", he says, "For you." Bree isn't convinced, and he says it was also for him, explaining that there was no way he was gonna let her go to jail, considering there's this thing between them. Bree doesn't believe him, saying that he's just pretending that there's something between them to get information from her.

822 33
Renee apologizes to Bree.

She proceeds to open the front door, and he starts saying that that wasn't his angle, but he's interrupted by the surgence of Ben and Renee. Renee, looking guilty, tells her friend, "Bree... I probably shouldn't even be here. I had to tell you... I'm so sorry." Bree takes Renee's hand in hers, and says "Renee... you I can forgive." Renee is incredibly relieved, and Bree then turns to Ben and calls him her hero. He smiles, and she tells them to come on in. She then turns to Trip once they've gone and tells him "And you are not welcome in my home." A disheartened Trip leaves her house, and she closes the door after him.

822 35
Tom needs to say something while he still can.

Lynette is seen coming out of her house with a bag of ice, and as she crosses the street she is stopped by the sight of her husband Tom, who asks if he can talk with her. Lynette, reluctant to, tells him people are waiting for her at Bree's house, seeing as how she's in charge of the ice. She resumes walking off into Bree's place, but Tom begs her to stop, which she does. He takes a few steps ahead and tells her, "Look... at the end, before I left, our problems looked..." He opens his arms wide and goes on to say "This big. So I went away. But now, I realize they, they only seemed that way because we were so close up against them. And, and, and they were blocking me from seeing how much I love you." These last three words he lets out slowly, emphasizing each one. Lynette is somewhat surprised by this, and generally confused. He adds "Which is...", and extends his arms into the air, indicating that he loves her a lot more than how big their problems seemed to be. He smiles and says "I see that now. And I need to tell you that. Because you have to say these things while you still can." A distraught Lynette tells him her ice is melting and she's not sure what he is saying. He is silent for a second and then explains that he knows she moved on, and he hopes that she'll be happy. "Because you, Lynette..." - he puts his right hand over his heart, "...you'll..." - he's forced to fight back tears of emotion, "...always be the love of my life. That's all." She takes a few steps ahead and asks what he means, that she's moved on. Tom explains that Gregg, his former boss, told him she broke up their relationship because she was in love with someone else. Lynette tells Tom that she is, and his heart is slightly more broken by this affirmation. He turns away and starts leaving, but is stopped cold on his track when she bluntly says "You."

822 36
The two lovers finally reunite...

He turns back to her, filled with hope, and asks "Me?". She repeats "You." Lynette drops the ice bag to the road and starts walking towards him, the heels of her shoes tapping the asphalt, as she, very emotionally, repeats to her husband, "You." She puts her hands together and brings them up to her lips, and again says "You." She finally makes her way over to him, and meets him face to face, and says, yet again, in a lower tone, "You." Tom immediately kisses her, and the both of them lose themselves in their reunion kiss, passionate and intense, as their love of more than twenty years comes swirling back to the surface, and the street of Wisteria Lane becomes their own world, as the camera twirls around the happily reunited couple, while they kiss...


The episode was written by executive producer and showrunner Bob Daily, marking his 14th writing credit with the series, and directed by former executive producer Larry Shaw, marking his 50th directing credit with the series.


  • With this episode, Desperate Housewives became the longest-running American show featuring all-female leads, beating Charmed, which ran for 178 episodes.
  • The title of this episode comes from a lyric in the song "Last Midnight", taken from the Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods.



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