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Look, I know a little something about loss. It can take you to some real dark places. Especially if you don't face it head on. Like 17 years in a 6' x 10' prison cell. Dark.

Hector Ramos is portrayed by Danny Trejo.


Hector is an ex-con who was a friend of Carlos' in jail. He reveals he was sent by Carlos to help Gaby with her grief after her miscarriage.

Hector: The balloon represents the spirit of the life lost. By letting it go, you're acknowledging the pain you feel, and releasing it at the same time.

Hector Ramos, "The Sun Won't Set"

Gaby: It's stupid. I didn't even want this baby.
Hector: Yeah.
Gaby: And I would have been a terrible mother.
Hector: If you say so.
Gaby: If it was a boy, I was going to name him Charlie.
Hector: Yeah?
Gaby: And a girl, Aurora.
Hector: Those are nice names.
Gaby: Thank you.

Hector and Gabrielle Solis, "The Sun Won't Set"