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This whole thing is so crazy. They couldn't have switched our babies, it's got to be a mistake.

Hector Sanchez is the husband of Carmen Sanchez and the biological father of Juanita Solis. Hector is the legal father of Grace Sanchez. Hector is an illegal immigrant in the United States, he is arrested after being pulled over by the police for driving infractions and taken into custody. His wife Carmen is then forced to go on the run, taking Grace with her.


Early Life[]

At some point in his life, Hector crossed the border from Mexico into the United States of America and made his way to Fairview. Whilst in America, he met Carmen Sanchez and fell in love with her and eventually married her. Some time after the marriage, Carmen fell pregnant and gave birth to Juanita Solis in Fairview Memorial Hospital. However, due to a mix up by drunken nurse Teresa Pruitt, Grace and Juanita were switched at birth resulting in Carlos and Gabrielle raising Juanita and Carmen and Hector raising Grace. ("Pleasant Little Kingdom"/"Sorry Grateful")

Season 7[]

Hector suggests a blood test. ("The Thing That Counts is What's Inside")

Hector greets Gabrielle and Carlos in the park, explaining how shocked he and his wife are about the situation. He is also in disbelief as he suggests a blood test. He then sits with Gaby, Carlos and Carmen on a park bench and suggests that the two families meet every month so that each of them can get to know their real daughters, which they all agree to.

Hector enjoys a beer with Carlos. ("The Thing That Counts is What's Inside")

They also agree that they musn't tell their daughters what has happened. A few days later, Hector and Carmen go to the Solis' household so that they can spend time with their daughters. Hector enjoys a beer outside with Carlos whilst Carmen is inside with Juanita. ("The Thing That Counts is What's Inside")