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This Housewife was a woman who gossiped about Bree's trial at a supermarket with her friend.


At a supermarket, Gabrielle is waiting in line to buy her groceries. Meanwhile, two women are stood behind her, gossiping about Bree as they read a news article about it. They call her a black widow, and then are shocked to read she slept with 15 men within two months, and was drunk the whole time. They both giggle when they jokingly say it's like college. Gabrielle overhears the women and is angered. She tells them they don't know what they're talking about. She asks if they even know Bree, so this woman explains Bree catered a party for her friend, and she seemed to have "shifty" eyes. The other woman reads the magazine and agrees that her eyes are "shifty". Gaby tells the women she knows Bree personally and that she's innocent. This woman explains the police don't arrest innocent people, leading the other to insist she must have done something. Gaby explains one article doesn't make her guilty, but this woman tells her everyone thinks she killed Ramon. Gaby yells, insisting Bree would never kill anyone, and she'd die if she knew what people thought about her. This woman replies by saying she'll have to get used to it, as the jury will find her guilty and she'll go away for a long time. ("The People Will Hear")

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