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Jean is a local seamstress in Fairview, who helped prepare dresses for both Gabrielle Solis and Renee Perry.


Season 5[]

Jean helps Gaby
Gabrielle gets her dressed fitted by Jean. ("Mama Spent Money When She Had None")

Jean is first seen as the seamstress of Gabrielle Solis after she returns to her glamorous way of living. Jean is told to fix the dress that Gaby wore on the night of her engagement so that she may wear it again on her wedding anniversary. Jean fixes up the dress and gives it to Gaby. Gaby, for the first time, thanks Jean for all her trouble over the years and gives her a hug. ("Mama Spent Money When She Had None")

Season 8[]

Finale 04
Renee gets her dressed fitted by Jean. ("Finishing the Hat")

Over at her place, Renee Perry is having her wedding dress measured for fitting by Jean. Renee asks her to make the dress tighter, and Jean tells her if she does that, Renee won't be able to breathe. Renee tells her she once gave herself salmonella in order to lose 10 pounds before prom, so having a tighter dress isn't an issue. "Beauty is suffering", as Renee puts it. Ben then shows up at her house, and Renee, caught off-guard, tries to conceal herself behind Jean. She asks him what he is doing there, and reminds him that he can't see her before the wedding, as it's bad luck. Ben turns his back to her, smiling, and says he picked up the program for the wedding from the printer. Renee snaps her fingers at Jean to get her to retrieve the program, which she does, and resumes tightening her dress. Renee takes one look at the program and is frustrated right off the bat, because the coloring is ivory, and she told him to get beige. "Are you color-blind? You do know I'm black, right?". Ben starts telling her she seems a little... less angelic than usual. Renee tells him she is busting her ass to give him the happiest day of his life, so they should just ditch the sarcasm. Ben says, "You know what, it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. I just realized why." This said, Ben leaves, and Renee tells Jean yet again, as she doesn't care if she can breathe, to which Jean replies, "At this point, neither do I." ("Finishing the Hat")