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Jenna Bans

Jenna Bans is an American screenwriter and producer who has worked on Desperate Housewives.


Bans has been a producer for a few television series which includes Grey's Anatomy and Private Pratice as well as being writers for these shows.

Desperate Housewives[]

Bans was originally intended to write for Jerry Bruckheimer's cancelled action series Fearless, but the show was cancelled amid many fears of the portrayal of the main character who could not feel or experience fear in any manner. After, she was signed up to become part of the production crew of Desperate Housewives. She started of only writing for Season 1 and then proceeded further to become story editor by Season 2 as well. By Season Three, she was promoted to executive story editor.

Bans has been nominated for two WGA Awards for "It Takes Two" and "Next". Two episodes which she co-wrote together with Kevin Murphy.

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