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John Mattey is an American actor who portrayed the role of the unnamed bartender seen in the episode "Is This What You Call Love?", on Desperate Housewives.

Life and Career[]

Born and raised on the Maryland/Delaware border. Cousin of 6' 10 1/2" monster, actor/stuntman Big Dave Mattey (David Mattey). Shot an action-thriller short in California entitled "Greenhorn" with rising Hollywood directors, Kai Barry and Iqbal Ahmed. Co-hosted with Ringo Starr in "Rock & Roll, The Legendary Years." Starred in "My Blind Brother (2003)," (Cannes Film Festival-2003), in which he played the blind brother of Tony Hale of "Arrested Development" (2003).

During John's first day with his recurring role on the short lived "Kidnapped" (2006), Delroy Lindo approached John and asked what his character's name was. Thinking back to his first TV role on "Another World" (1964) as Officer Dave Adams, John replied "Adams;" immediately promoting his character from Officer on one show to FBI Agent on another.

He plays guitar, surfs and loves to go fishing.