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"Look, she can leap off cliffs!"

Juanita Solis is the biological daughter of Hector and Carmen Sanchez and the legal daughter of Carlos and Gabrielle Solis. She was named after her legal grandma and was switched at birth with Grace by accident by the drunk and confused nurse Teresa Pruitt. She is her "daddy's little girl", and is often rebellious against her mother. She is the leader of her and her sister, Celia, when they make life hell for their mother.

She debuted in the Fourth season.


Season 4[]

After the five-year time jump, Juanita debuts alongside her younger sister Celia. One night after a poker party with her friends, Gaby goes upstairs to check on her daughters. In Gaby's bedroom, she discovers Juanita to be wearing loads of make-up. At the same time, Celia passes running out of the room, wearing Gaby's dress. ("Free")

Season 5[]

Juanita needs a dress for a party, Gabrielle, Celia and her go to a shop where Juanita is trying on a princess costume. Gabrielle tries to make her fit but Juanita is too big for it. Gabrielle, then, asks the saleswoman if they have a bigger one and the clerk says that there aren't any bigger sizes because they don't do princess dress's for girls over seven. Gabrielle tells the saleswoman that Juanita is only 4 and 1/2. The clerk is shocked and Gabrielle tells her that Juanita has been invited to a princess party and so she can't be the only one there without a dress. The saleswoman responds, rudely, if she search in the costume section because probably there is a Mrs. Shrek costume for Juanita. Gabrielle orders Juanita to take off the dress and in the process, Juanita tears it. Gabrielle later leaves the shop claiming that it isn't prepared for a perfectly average 4 year old girl. Gabrielle later argues with Carlos Juanita's overweight problem. At the party Juanita is caught eating her second piece of cake. Gabrielle hears the other moms at the party gossiping about this alongside Juanita's weight. At the end of the party, Gabrielle asks Juanita if she would desire to go to the park, but Juanita prefers to go home in order to watch cartoons. Gabrielle then makes Juanita chase after Gaby's moving car to make her engage in exercise. Juanita gets tired of this "game" and boards the bus to win her mother. When they had arrived home, Carlos has found out what happened with the "game" and gets furious with Gabrielle but she says that Juanita needs to learn to be in good shape, because a woman's time to be beautiful is finite. ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow")


Juanita and MJ fighting for his ball. (Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else)

Susan's son, MJ, is suffering at the hands of a bully but he does not want to tell anyone who is bullying him. Later Susan sees Juanita pushing him after taking his ball. After talking with Mike and Jackson they don't want to teach MJ to fight against a girl and Susan gives him a whistle, in case Juanita bothers him again he must use it and she will be there immediately to help him. While dying her hair Susan hears the whistle and goes quickly to her garden where she sees Juanita using the whistle, after talking to her she pushes Juanita, who fell on the ground but Gaby sees it and immediately comes to argue with Susan, when Susan says something about Juanita's weight Gaby responds telling that MJ is a coward and they start to fight. ("Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else")

Gabrielle wants Juanita to be invited to Bethany's playdates because that will allow Gaby and Carlos to have sex while she's at Bethany's house. When Juanita is finally invited Carlos and Gaby spend her private time at the bedroom but when they finished Juanita is standing there in front of them, Gaby tells her that they were wrestling. Carlos wants to tell Juanita the truth but Gaby is not sure if she is ready to hear it. They tell Juanita the truth but when Gaby picks Juanita up from Bethany's house, Bethany declares that boys have sperm. Juanita had told everything she knew about sex to her friend and Bethany's parents don't want Juanita to play with their daughter any longer. Carlos and Gaby, later, talk with Bethany's parents and Bethany overhears that Santa Claus doesn't exist and cries.Juanita can't no longer go to Bethany's playdates. Back in home Juanita has told Celia that boys have sperm and she screams 'Sperm!' in front of her mother which leads Gaby scold Juanita telling her to stop telling those kind of things to her sister. ("Back in Business")

Juanita is with her mother while she prepares herself for Karen's birthday party. Juanita realizes she is worried and Gaby, who hasn't had her period yet, explains her that her friend who comes by once a month hasn't arrived yet. Then she remembers when she was pregnant with Juanita and she was worried about being a bad mother, Carlos,was overjoyed by the news. ("Mirror, Mirror")

The Solis family spend their weekend in Virginia's house. Juanita and Celia are playing on the garden next to the pool. After Gaby accepted to stay at night there Virginia enters the room, where Juanita is watching a movie with her family, Virginia joins and lies on the bed next to Gaby and Carlos which make them very uncomfortable. The next morning Juanita and Celia are painting a wall while Virginia stares at them when Gaby sees the girls she comes quickly to scold them and then Virginia asks Juanita and Celia to call her "Grandma". On Celia's birthday party Juanita is there next to Celia. Virginia tries to give a present, but Gaby yelled at her because the ''grandmother" stuff was creepy and that she was to clingy ("What More Do I Need?")

Juanita is playing with Celia her babysitter when Gabrielle says goodbye to them and tells the babysitter to send them to bed late because she will drink too much and wants the girls to wake up late. ("City on Fire")

When Gabrielle goes to visit her husband, Carlos, to the hospital she is informed about Carlos recovering his sight by surgery. Gaby wants to lose weight desperately and starts doing exercise and following a diet. At dinner time she forces her Juanita and Celia to eat healthy too but Juanita refuses to eat that food, rudely. ("Me and My Town")

When Gabrielle returns to her house after trying to get back Carlos' ball, that was actually a traditional gift in his family, she sees Carlos hugging Juanita and Celia claiming that he can see them, Juanita, then, tells her father than now he can see her dancing. After Gaby confessed she sold his ball, Carlos seems angry and Gaby orders Juanita to dance for her dad, in order to distract him, but Carlos tells her to stop and go upstairs with her sister. ("A Vision's Just a Vision")

While Gabrielle is wearing her new shoes Juanita is there with her admiring her mother's new acquisition and telling her mother that her new shoes are beautiful. When Carlos enters to the room Juanita runs away. ("Home is the Place")

Juanita is watching a movie when Gabrielle orders her to take a bath but she replies "no i am watching my movie. Gaby, then, turns off the TV and Juanita claims that the film isn't finished and denies to take a bath. Gaby tries to drag her to the bathroom while Juanita says her that she'll never gonna make it, while trying to go upstairs Gabrielle's back hurts and tries to convince Juanita to forget the entire incident if she go to the bathroom but her answer is just a mock, Gaby tries again to take her to the bathroom but fails and Juanita stands up, and then goes to continue her movie. Juanita and Celia continue disobeying her mother, when Gaby asks them to tidy up the room where they have been playing the girls refuse to do it and Juanita tells her mom that she doesn't obey her because she loves her daddy more. Gaby, on the porch, is crying when she mets he after talking about family she asks him to help her with the girls. The gardener yelled Juanita and Celia to clean up everything, Juanita is full of fear and tells her mother to stop the gardener. ("Connect! Connect!")

Juanita is playing with her ball by the street when she notices the dead body of Eli Scruggs and then screams loudly alarming the neighborhood that Eli Scruggs had a heart attack on Susan's roof . ("The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened") While driving Bree describes Susan and Gaby talking about Susan's bowl of candy and Gaby is suspicious about Juanita having stolen it. When Bree is trying to return the things that Orson has been stolen she puts a figure of a Mexican in Gaby's house, Gaby notices and wonders why Karen's figure is there she orders Juanita to come downstairs and begins quarreling her accusing of having stolen the figure, Bree tries to defend Juanita but then Juanita blames Bree about putting the Mexican stage in their house, Bree shocked by this and advices Gaby to send Juanita to bed without having dinner and then leaves the house. Juanita and Gaby share a glance. ("The Story of Lucy and Jessie")

Gabrielle goes to Carlos' office, to have a talk with him, with Juanita and Celia. Gaby asks Lynette to take care of the girls. While walking through the corridor Juanita sees the figures of Lucy Blackburn. Lynette allow the girls to play with the "toys". When Lucy found the girls touching her figures she believes that Juanita and Celia are the daughters of the black cleaning lady and storms out yelling at her. When Carlos see her attitude he wonders why she was yelling.He then told that they are his girls,and said she was sorry and did not know making Carlos mad that made everyone think she was racist. ("A Spark. To Pierce the Dark")

Juanita is hiding the pieces of a glass object, which she has broken, on a plant. ("Rose's Turn")

Gabrielle is called down to the school to get Juanita because she put on Gaby's makeup. When Gaby asks her why she did it, Juanita tells her that is trying to look like her because some girls at school saw Gaby picking her up and decided she must be adopted as she wasn't pretty enough to be her daughter. Carlos and Gaby sit her down to explain that she doesn't need to wear makeup and Carlos decides that Gaby won't wear makeup when Carlos gets his award, she was nominated "Latino Businessman of the Year". When Gaby finds out that the picture will appear on the newspaper she steals some makeup. Gaby, then, tells Juanita that she should spend more time being more than just a shell and can wear makeup when she realizes she doesn't need it. ("Bargaining")

Juanita comes home after having spend some time in Heather's house, a friend of hers. While Gabrielle is admiring the expensive vase she has bought Juanita demands a new canopy bed for her but Gaby refuses to buy it to her, and she said Gaby's vase is dumb after seeing her daughter has become a spoilt child Gaby decided to take her to the church's soup kitchen to teach her gratitude for what she has. ("Marry Me a Little')

Juanita is watching her mother wearing her best clothes when she asks her what she is doing, Gaby answers her that they have a familiar meeting with Connie Solis, their aunt, and she wants to look pretty. Then Juanita asks if it's going to be funny. Gaby replies rudely about that telling her that her dad's family is not so good. And she wants to look pretty to make aunt Connie bad because she can't afford the things that Gaby wears. ("Everybody Says Don't")

Juanita is in her garden with her family waiting their new guest, Juanita warns her mum that the taxi is arriving. Later Ana is painting her toenails when Gaby enters and starts quarreling Ana about her doing her own chores, Juanita says, enthusiastically, that Ana make the boys do theit chores and she immediately asks Ana to teach her. Gaby, furiously sends Juanita to her room and adds that she won't be out till she's eighteen. She is also attending to Susan's wedding. ("If It's Only in Your Head")

Season 6[]

Juanita grows a liking to her cousin Ana. When Gaby finds Ana wearing a revealing top and Ana back talks Gaby, Juanita snaps her fingers while saying "Snap". Gaby then reminds Juanita that she can still hit her. ("Nice is Different Than Good")

Juanita goes to dinner with Gaby Carlos, Celia, and Ana where they run into John Rowland. John tells Gaby that he never thought Gaby would live the life as a mother. Gaby tells John she loves her family. ("Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover")

Juanita and Celia are playing in Ana's room where they find a pack of condoms underneath her bed. They think they're mints and almost eat them. Gaby catches them just in time and tells them the condoms are grown up balloons. Later on, Gaby tells Ana she promised Juanita and Celia that they can fill them up with water and drop them off the roof. ("The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues")

When Juanita is having a play date with her friend Rachel, they slide down the stairs in a suitcase and Rachel gets injured right when her mother, Laura walks in. Laura tells Gaby that Rachel and Juanita won't be having anymore playdates together and Rachel won't go to Juanita's birthday party. Gaby finds out that Laura has been spreading her mouth about Gaby being a bad mother so Juanita is uninvited to several kids parties. Gaby tells everyone that Juanita is gonna have a big birthday party with a bouncy castle and monkey and clown. All the kids beg their parents to let them go and they all reluctantly agree. At the party, Juanita is playing with M.J. Delfino when the monkey malls the clown and scares all the kids. ("Everybody Ought to Have a Maid")

Juanita performs in her school's Thanksgiving play and she messes up her line. Juanita gets upset and says a four letter bad word. For her punishment, Juanita is kicked out of the play, given detention for a month, and has to clean the Cafeteria. Gaby thinks that is going a little to far and yells at the principal which gets Juanita kicked out of school. Carlos tells Gaby she will have to home school Juanita which upsets Gaby. Carols tells Gaby that she needs to stop being so selfish because Juanita is starting to think Gaby is a bad mother. ("Don't Walk on the Grass")

Gaby continues home schooling Juanita which makes it hard for her because she also has to clean the house. Carlos gets Gaby a maid named Ivana so she can pay more attention to teaching Juanita. Juanita misbehaves and she and Gaby continue to fight. Gaby is shocked to find out that Juanita doesn't want to have ice cream with Gaby. Ivana starts tutoring Juanita which starts to fix the mother-daughter relationship. Carlos starts to think Ivana is a horrible maid because the house is a mess when he comes home. He fires Ivana and replaces her. Gaby gets Ivana back and switches places with her so Ivana can teach Juanita and Gaby cleans the house. Carlos catches them and sends Ivana home early. Gaby and Carlos fight and she tells him that she will teach Juanita how to dress and get a boy to notice her but she can't teach Juanita school. Carlos tells Gaby he will make other arrangements for Juanita. ("Careful the Things You Say")

Juanita and Celia go to the Christmas party on Wisteria Lane and Juanita witnesses her sister almost get hit by a plane. ("Boom Crunch")

Juanita goes to the hospital with her parents to see her sister Celia after she got a concussion. ("If...")

Juanita is accepted into private school and the principal says he is glad to have a Mexican student. Juanita is offended by this because she thinks she is white because everyone in her neighborhood was white. Carlos tells Gaby that maybe they should try getting Juanita into a school with more Mexicans. Gaby tells Carlos no because Juanita deserves to be in a good school rather than a bad school with more Mexicans. ("You Gotta Get a Gimmick")

While Gaby and Susan Delfino are talking at M.J. and Juanita's school, Susan reveals to Gaby that for math, they divide the students up by rank leopards, chipmunks, and giraffes. Juanita is a leopard and M.J. is a giraffe. Gaby is worried that Juanita is slow while Susan thinks M.J. is bright. Gaby takes pictures of a leopard's homework, a chipmunks homework, and a giraffes homework. Gaby finds out that Juanita is in the smart group and M.J. is in the "dumb" group. After Gaby and Susan make up after a long fight about which kid is smarter, Susan reveals that in reading they do the same thing with different animals. ("How About a Friendly Shrink?")

Gaby gets Ana to come how to watch over Juanita and Celia. ("The Glamorous Life")

While Gaby stays with Bob and Lee, Carlos calls Gaby and tells her Juanita got her first goal in soccer and Gaby starts to miss her daughters because since Celia has chicken pox, she can't be around. ("The Chase")

When Oakridge is raising money, they have a candy bar sale and Juanita and M.J. both try to sell more to win. Susan learns that Juanita is trying to win so she can make friends so she convinces M.J. to let Juanita win. ("My Two Young Men")

Juanita sees Gaby upset and asks her whats wrong. Gaby tells Juanita that she would be devastated if something ever happened to her. ("We All Deserve to Die")

Juanita and Celia go to dinner with their parents. ("A Little Night Music")

When Gaby makes lasagna for Carlos, she has Angie Bolen test it. Angie puts a note in it. Juanita and Celia try the lasagna and Juanita doesn't like it. She then see's Celia spit out the note. ("The Ballad of Booth")

Teresa Pruitt reveals to a doctor that she accidentally switched a baby at birth which is revealed in season seven to be Juanita. ("I Guess This is Goodbye")

Season 7[]

Juanita's father Carlos Solis's friend Jack tells Carlos one day that Juanita was switched at birth. Carlos is furious with this and tells him not to tell Gaby and to call off all searches for Juanita's birth parents. Carlos tells Jack he wants to tell Gaby about Juanita. Juanita sees Carlos looking at family pictures and see's a picture of Carlos's mother and asks who she is. Carlos tells Juanita that it is her grandmother and he named her Juanita because he couldn't imagine a world without a Juanita Solis in it. ("Remember Paul?")


Bree hits another Juanita Solis

Keith Watson trains Juanita to ride a bike. As Juanita starts to ride down the lane, Bree Van de Kamp gets distracted and backs over her. Bree and Keith check to make sure Juanita is okay. Juanita is taken to the hospital and Bree, Keith, Lynette Scavo, Andrew Van de Kamp, Karen McCluskey, and Paul Young all go to see she is alright. Gaby, Andrew, and Bree have a talk and Gaby is upset with the Van de Kamp's because they both ran over the two Juanita Solis's. Gaby goes to the hospital to check on her daughter and the nurse asks Gaby how old Juanita was when she was adopted. The nurse then thinks Gaby had an affair since Gaby and Carlos are type O blood while Juanita is type A. Susan Delfino brings Juanita a "Get Well" card that the kids in Juanita's class made. Gaby brings Susan aside and asks if she remembers a weekend they spent together eight years before. Susan says she vaguely remembers. Gaby tells Susan that when they met a French guy, she thinks they might have had sex. Susan asks Gaby why she thinks this and Gaby replies that Juanita might be French. Carlos goes to the hospital later on and sees the ripped part of a form. He rushes to Gaby who is trying to leave without being noticed. Carlos asks Gaby what that was all about and Gaby says she might have had an affair. Carlos realizes what Gaby is going through and tells his wife the truth about Juanita. Gaby then breaks down into tears. ("You Must Meet My Wife")

Carlos and Gaby sign papers at the hospital to protect Juanita which will call off the searches for the Solis's birth child. After Bob Hunter leaves Gaby's house after revealing he found Gaby's birth daughter, Gaby calls Juanita in and they play dress up with makeup and fake eyelashes. Gaby tells Juanita she will always love Juanita no matter what happens. ("Truly Content") Gaby and Carlos take Juanita and Celia to meet their biological daughter Grace Sanchez and her parents Carmen and Hector Sanchez. Gaby and Carlos don't tell the kids what is going on though. Juanita and Celia get along with Grace and they play ball while their parents talk. Juanita acts like a brat in front of Carmen and Hector which upsets Carmen because she sees Gaby is not the best parent. Carmen teaches Juanita how to cook and she enjoys it a lot. ("The Thing That Counts is What's Inside")

Gaby makes Halloween costumes for Juanita, Celia, and Grace. Juanita is a dog, Celia is a cat, and Grace is a beautiful princess. Juanita is jealous of how pretty Grace's costume is and asks Gaby to make her a princess. Gaby refuses because she already made her the puppy costume. Gaby takes Juanita, Celia, and Grace trick or treating to the Scavo's house where Allison Scavo compliments the three girls on their costumes. ("Excited and Scared")

Juanita has Thanksgiving with her family and the Sanchez's. The following morning, Juanita comes downstairs for breakfast but her mom tells her that it will be a minute as she is talking with Bob and Carmen about what will happen since Hector was deported. ("Sorry Grateful")

When Carmen is staying with the Solis's, Carmen tells Gaby she is a bad mother since she spoils Juanita way too much which is turning her into a brat. Afterwards, immigration finds Carmen and Grace. The Solis's and the Sanchez's reconcile and say farewell. ("Pleasant Little Kingdom"

When Gaby is missing Grace, she looks at a picture of Grace on her phone. Juanita see's the picture

Saving Juanita

Juanita is rescued by Gaby

and asks why Gaby always looks at it. Gaby doesn't answer. Later Juanita finds a letter that Gaby wrote to Grace to empty out all her feelings. Juanita reads the letter and Gaby walks in right when she finishes reading. Gaby goes to comfort Juanita but she pushes her away saying "You're not my mommy". Juanita runs into the riot crowd outside against Paul Young. Juanita hides in the backseat of Bob and Lee's car. Gaby and Carlos are able to rescue Juanita and they get her safely into their house. ("Down the Block There's a Riot")

To make up for what she has done to Juanita, Gaby takes her doll shopping which makes Juanita happy. Gaby takes her phone out and looks at a picture of Grace and Juanita notices. Juanita is upset and storms out of the doll store. Gaby and Carlos put Juanita in therapy and Gaby makes a joke saying that if either of their kids ended up in therapy, she always thought it would be Celia. Juanita tells the therapist that Gaby loves Grace but Juanita feels nothing for Carmen and Hector. The therapist tells Gaby and Carlos that they need to forget about Grace because Juanita doesn't feel secure around Gaby and Carlos anymore. Juanita has her ninth birthday party and one of the mother's of Juanita's friends asks Gaby if she has other kids aside from Juanita and Celia. Gaby reluctantly says she only has two kids while she thinks about Grace. ("Assassins")

When Gaby buys a doll that looks like Grace for herself, Juanita and Celia find it and they practically tear it apart which upsets Gaby. ("Where Do I Belong?") The school talent show is coming up and Gaby wants Juanita to perform so she makes Juanita do tap dancing. Gaby is horrified when she sees how bad Juanita is backstage. Gaby hides Juanita's tap shoes at the last minute to save Juanita from humiliation. However, when Gaby see's how hard Juanita worked, she lets Juanita perform. ("Searching")

When Carlos kicks out Gaby for talking with Bree. Gaby, Juanita, and Celia move in with Bree. Juanita asks Carlos why he doesn't like Bree and Carlos tells Juanita and Celia what happened with Carlos's mother. Juanita and Celia misinterpreted and think Bree killed Juanita "Mama" Solis. Juanita and Celia become scared of Bree and think she will try to kill them. Juanita and Celia call the police on Bree that night thinking she was going to kill them in their sleep. Chuck Vance, a detective who has a crush on Bree comes over but Carlos clears it all up to protect Andrew since he was only a kid. Carlos takes back Gaby and Juanita and Celia go home with Gaby. ("I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday")

Gaby and Juanita watch a scary movie because Gaby thought Juanita could handle it. Juanita has nightmares and crawls into bed with her parents. Juanita thinks there is a guy stalking the outside of their house at night. To prove to Juanita that there is no scary guy outside of their house, Gaby and Juanita spend the night outside in a tent. Lee McDermott scares them by dressing up as a killer. However, after he leaves, a suspicious-looking man shows up outside the tent and Gaby thinks it's Lee again but it really isn't. ("Then I Really Got Scared")

While Juanita is watching cartoons on her laptop, Gabrielle is busy cleaning the house, and she gets a call from her husband, who is away on a business trip. When she and Juanita are both done talking to Carlos, Gaby notices a man standing in her front lawn, looking through the window. ("And Lots of Security..."

Season 8[]

Juanita barges in on her parents sleeping and Carlos lashes out at her which hurts her feelings. Gaby is upset with Carlos for doing this. While in class, Juanita notices that the class hamster Cupcake is not moving. Susan Delfino, Juanita, and rest of the class take Cupcake to the school garden and bury him which leads to Susan's guilt nearly unraveling. Juanita tells Gaby what happened at school with Susan and Gaby brings over whine for Susan. ("Secrets That I Never Want to Know")

Gabrielle and her daughter Juanita are seen sitting in their car, in the Green Zone. Gabrielle is impatient, especially when she realizes she's behind the wheelchair kid. She tells her daughter to get out, and Juanita reminds her that she's not allowed to until they get into the Green Zone and a volunteer opens the door, something they failed to wait for the last time around. Juanita leaves, and Dana, the PTA president, notices this and whistles at Gabrielle to hold it. Gabrielle and Juanita are seen in the B lot, looking through the fence. Juanita asks her mother if that building she sees in the distance, far from the, is the school. After upsetting Dana, the following morning, Gabrielle is seen getting out of her parked car in the C lot. A frustrated Juanita tells her "Nice, mom". The next day, while trying to get Juanita to class on time, she doesn't notice Dana in front of them and they hit Dana with their car. ("School of Hard Knocks")

Worried about what would happen to Juanita and Celia if the police found out Carlos killed Alejandro, Gaby and Carlos try to convince Bob and Lee to become Juanita and Celia's legal guardians. Bob and Lee are reluctant because Juanita and Celia aren't the most well behaved children. Gaby and Carlos have Bob and Lee over for brunch to prove to them that Juanita and Celia are good kids. Juanita and Celia misbehave the entire time because they think Bob and Lee will take them away. They sneak out and spray paint their garage to say "GAYS R STUPID". Gaby confronts Juanita that night and she says she is worried about her parents. Gaby promises Juanita that nothing will ever happen and that they are fine. ("Always in Control")

Juanita asks why they can’t walk to the bus by themselves, so Gaby says she can’t trust her with Celia. As they reach the path, Gaby notices something that horrifies her. She tells Juanita and Celia to go by themselves, so they quickly run away. ("What's the Good of Being Good?")

Valentine's Day is coming up and Gaby helps Juanita make heart shaped cupcakes for her class. Gaby convinces Juanita to make a special one for her crush which she does. When Juanita doesn't get a card from her crush, Gaby makes one and plants it with Juanita's stuff. The following day, Juanita tries to kiss her crush during recess and he freaks out and cried for twenty minutes. Gaby then has to come clean to Juanita that she put the note in her stuff. Gaby later takes Juanita to see her dad at rehab and she gives him a cupcake she made. ("Is This What You Call Love?")

Juanita and Celia are playing on the swings at Wisteria Lane Park. Gabrielle tells the girls that it's time for them to go home now. Juanita and Celia refuse to return home...they're have too much fun on the swings. Gaby informs her daughters that she's calling their father. She storms off, her cellphone up to her ear. At the rehab center, Carlos is trying to meditate in his room. His cellphone rings and he pauses to answer the call. Gabrielle orders Carlos to return home to tell the girls off, but he reminds his wife he can't return home until his treatment is complete. He has another 16 days left in rehab. "In 16 days," Gabrielle squeals, "I can't guarantee you'll have children to come home to!" Carlos says that he understands how tough it has been for Gaby without him at home. Gabrielle exclaims that she is tending to the girls and running Carlos' business and she is exhausted. Carlos asks to speak to Juanita. She hands over the phone to Juanita, who walks away to speak to her father. Later, Juanita is still, meanwhile, talking to her father on the phone. Gabrielle quickly snatches the phone away from her daughter, thanks Carlos, and says that she has got to call the girls. When Roy Bender is staying with Gaby, Juanita, and Celia and Juanita misbehaves, Roy snaps at Juanita to listen to listen to her mother. Juanita and Celia are scared of Roy because he yells at them and tells them stories of when he was in the military. Roy makes Juanita and Celia do yard work as well to whip them into shape which makes Gaby happy because her kids are behaving. ("Get Out of My Life")

In the opening narration it hints that either Juanita, Karen McCluskey, or Mike Delfino will die in this episode. Carlos gets home from rehab and the Solis's adopt a cat which Gaby doesn't like but Juanita, Celia, and Carlos love. When the cat gets onto the roof, Juanita climbs up to rescue it. Juanita almost falls off the roof but she is able to get back inside through the attic with their cat. Mike however, is shot later proving Juanita and Mrs. McCluskey do not die. ("You Take for Granted)"

Gaby takes Juanita and Celia to see Carlos's drabby new office. Gaby, Juanita, and Celia do not like Carlos's new office. Gaby kisses Juanita and Celia goodbye and leave them with Carlos because Gaby has to go to work. ("Lost My Power")

Juanita and Celia are fighting while Gaby prepares dinner. Gaby tells her daughter's to stop but they refuse. Juanita and Celia were fighting over the TV remote. Gaby blames Celia but she says it was Juanita so then Gaby blames Juanita. ("The People Will Hear")

Juanita appears at the end of the series finale at Renee and Ben Faulkner's wedding while dancing with her sister Celia while her parents reconcile. ("Finishing the Hat")


  • Juanita is the only main character of the series to be introduced during the sequence at the end of season 4 that helped to illustrate the five-year time jump of the series. However, at that time she was portrayed by Kaili Say.
  • Juanita was recast for the fifth season due to the original actress, Kaili Say, having a growth spurt after filming for the fourth season's finale.
  • Juanita doesn't have a special talent like others girls.
  • Juanita Solis is named after her grandmother Juanita Solis.


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