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Juicy is a song by Better than Ezra. It was made famous by appearing in the promo for Season 2 and 8.

Season 2[]

Susan walks through a field as apples fall around her, she then walks into a kitchen and when she opens the fridge apples knock her to the ground where she kisses Mike. The scene moves to Bree who cuts an apple that has red gel oozing out of it. The gel falls into water, reforms into an apple, and reveals Gabrielle bathing in a tub of apples, she glances at Carlos being locked in jail. Lynette is juggling apples when Tom throws a suitcase, (indicating that she will be the bread maker) and Edie is shown in the Garden of Eden being tempted by an apple.

Season 8[]

In the Season 8 promo Juicy is played with a slight remix and parts from the show and past promos are used.The slogan was "Kiss them Goodbye"


This is the only song to be played in two promos