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Julia Campbell is an American actress. She portrayed the role of Muriel in Desperate Housewives.



Attended high school at Lake Braddock Secondary School, Burke, Virginia

She did a Jack-In-The-Box commercial in the 1980s that got her some attention because she had this haunted, victimized quality about her that came out in the advertisement. It led to her being cast as an inmate in the sitcom "Women in Prison" (1987).

Growing up as an aspiring ballerina, she was sidetracked at 11 when she developed scoliosis. To treat it, she wore a neck-to-hip brace for 22 1/2 hours a day, setting aside 90 minutes for ballet practice. Her condition worsened, however, when it was discovered that her spine's center curve was 78 degrees off center, and starting to crush her right lung. Campbell underwent corrective surgery at the age of 15, recuperating in a full body cast for 11 months. Due to this condition, she is unable to participate in any activities that may put stress on her spine, such as skiing, horse-back riding, riding roller-coasters, and especially dancing.

Began taking theater classes in high school. She participated in every production, and such experience enabled her to get accepted to Webster University, where she earned her BFA in drama.


  • Body Count (1988)
  • Opportunity Knocks (1990)
  • Livin Large (1991)
  • Between Heaven and the Hangmen (1991)
  • Lone Justice (1994)
  • Romy and Michele s High School Reunion (1997)
  • Diary of a Serial Killer (1998)
  • Bounce (2000)
  • Stephen King's Rose Red (2002)